Monthly Roundup: June Movie Watching Recap

Happy July everybody! It’s been a sweltering HOT Summer the past week and looks like the trend is gonna continue. I tell you, I’m glad I live in Minnesota where 90-degree weather is not the norm as I don’t deal very well with extreme heat. I guess I wasn’t meant to live in my homeland Indonesia after all, ahah.

Well, this month I didn’t participate in any blog-a-thon after a slew of them back in May. But one of the main thing I did for the blog is open up a Facebook account for FlixChatter! Well, have you LIKED the page yet? No? Well, what are you waiting for 😉

I always love doing a list post, and this month we’ve got no less than four. Here they are in case you missed them:

This month we also lost a great filmmaker, one of the few female writer/director who have made a lot of impact in Hollywood. Here’s my tribute to Nora Ephron who passed away last Tuesday, June 26 at the age of 71.
Here are my list of movies I saw this month:

Movies I haven’t seen before:

  • Rocknrolla – A fun British action-comedy a la Guy Ritchie with a GREAT cast: I mean Gerry Butler, Idris Elba, AND Tom Hardy in one movie. We need a sequel to this!
  • Sleepless in Seattle – I miss Nora Ephron already. Such an enchanting rom-com we don’t see much these days. Her dialog is just the best!

Favorite JUNE movie:

It shouldn’t surprise you right, considering my glowing review 😀 I was just telling my friends at a barbeque on Saturday how much I want to see it again!

Finally, this is the month The Dark Knight Rises comes out. Nolan, BRING. IT. ON!

So, how many films did you get to watch in June and what’s YOUR favorite?

40 thoughts on “Monthly Roundup: June Movie Watching Recap

  1. Ted S.

    Can’t believe we’re halfway through the summer season already, the older you get the faster time goes by.

    Well the only film I saw in theater was Prometheus which I enjoyed quite a bit. As for home viewing, after seeing Prometheus I was in the mood to watch the original Alien again and I actually appreciated more this time around because of Prometheus. I never a fan of it before. I also watched 21 Jump Street the movie version and I thought it’s the funniest comedy I’ve see in a long time. Don’t care for Channing Tatum but he was perfectly cast in this movie.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll be going to see more films in the upcoming weeks, beginning with TDKR, Bourne 4, The Expendables 2 and maybe Total Recall remake; I have to wait and see if the critics like it or not.

    1. Yeah, half of the whole year has come and gone, time sure flies doesn’t it?

      Glad you enjoyed Prometheus, Ted. I enjoyed it but it didn’t really make that much impact to me though, it didn’t make me want to read about it or watch Alien, etc.

      I’ve heard so many great things about 21 Jump Street so I might give it a shot. I don’t care for Channing either but people seem to love him here. I thought he’s nothing special in Haywire, but maybe he’s better in comedies?

      Yeah, tons of movies coming out this month! I’ll be seeing Amazing Spiderman tomorrow night and then of course TDKR, woo hoo!!

      1. Ted S.

        I do hope we get an extended cut of Prometheus once it hits Bluray later this year, there were so many scenes where I can tell they’ve edited out a sequence here and there just to make the film shorter. Hopefully Scott shot the scenes explaining why the “engineer” was pissed when he saw the humans and try to kill everyone.

        I used to watch 21 Jump Street the TV constantly when I was younger and glad they turned the film version into a action/comedy instead of a serious action/drama like the TV show. It was entertaining, just don’t expect too much out of it.

        1. I used to watch 21 Jump Street too! There wasn’t that many channels back in Indonesia, so not many choices. But I love Johnny Depp, Richard Grieco, etc. in that one. 🙂

          1. Ted S.

            Holy cow! I totally forgot Richard Grieco was in that show, what ever happened to him? I remember Hollywood actually tried to turn him into a big A-list leading man, of course it never happened since he’s such a douche and can’t act. You’ll love the cameo by Johnny Depp, they even tried to get that Asian guy from the TV show to appear with him but he didn’t want to be in it, not sure why.

            1. Ahah, well Grieco was just eye candy material, he can’t act. Oh, the Depp cameo is the only reason I’m interested in seeing it. Dustin Nguyen didn’t want to be in it?? Heh, if Depp didn’t mind, what’s HIS problem? I actually saw a movie of his w/ Cate Blanchett of all people, he played her lover. It’s called Little Fish, an Aussie indie.

  2. It’s been far too long since I’ve had a visit to your site, Ruth! Hot summer for you, freezing cold winter for me!
    I got to see about twenty films (which was not as much as I was hoping, but I got caught up in a series called Hell Girl. Nearly through two seasons!).
    Probably my favourite of the month was Shame. Then Howl’s Moving Castle (I love my Miyazaki).
    I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE BRAVE! Seeing it as soon as I get back from my holiday!
    Have a great July!

    1. Oh my, so I guess all the heat from down under is now in the Northern Hemisphere, Ruth! It’s HOT HOT HOT everywhere in the States, but not the good kind, it’s over 100 degrees heat index which is just overwhelming.

      Twenty films! That’s a lot for me, I just can’t seem to find time to watch movies on weeknights.

      Hope you get to see Brave soon. Where’s your holiday? Well wherever it is, enjoy!

  3. I LIKED IT!!! Your FB page I mean. You can like FRC if you wish too matey!! I would be honoured at your presence,

    I got slightly confused by your above comment… thought the heat had gone to your head and you were talking to yourself. LOL

    Gosh I want to see BRAVE!!

    1. He..he.. matey, I’ve LIKED your page from the first day I opened my FB page. You must have sooo many fans that you didn’t know one of them is me 😀

      Oh I can see where you get confused. The homeland I’m referring to is Indonesia, which is the tropics y’see. People assume I’m used to this sweltering heat but I actually don’t like it. Minnesota is my adopted home as I wasn’t originally born here, and I LOVE the four seasons!

    1. I wish I had seen many more, but it’s been busy this month that I couldn’t watch anything on weeknights. Plus I took a weekend off to visit my friend in Chicago and didn’t see any movie all week.

    1. I finally bought the Blu-ray, Sati. I really enjoy the movie the second time around and the behind the scenes stuff is awesome, I wish more movies included this kind of thing in every BD/DVD. It’s got interviews and actual footage of them filming. Yeah, I like Mark Strong a lot in here, it’s the second time he and Butler are in a movie together, they did a British miniseries called The Jury.

  4. Interesting wrap ups Ruth 🙂

    let’s see, I finished 13 episodes+christmas special of Dr.who 2005, 10 episodes of Nobuta wo Produce (both reviewed) and 18 episodes of Black Books, review in few hours from now. Thor, Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz, Prometheus, Help. I guess that’s all. I have been into TVseries lately

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah you have been into TV series, but those are good ones. I’m curious about Black Books, will check out your review for sure.

      So you saw Thor for the first time? What did you think?

      1. Hahaha I bet Black Books is not what you think it is…the title gives wrong impression 😉

        Sorry…I didn’t feel as excited as most people toward Thor, I guess superheroes really have lost their powers on me. It was just a fun movie to fill my day when I was too lazy to think while watching. i hope you know what I meant 😉

        1. I hear ya Nov. I think my tolerance for superhero movies are higher than you. I don’t get tired of ’em, and I LOVE Thor, especially Loki, that’s why I love Tom Hiddleston 😉

          I’m even more curious about Black Books now, I know it’s probably not about books, ahah.

          1. I know you still love superheroes Ruth 🙂
            I am waiting for your review on the latest Batman before deciding to see it or not 😉

            Hiddleston does look interesting there, I like to see more of him rather than more of the one who played as Thor.

  5. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Busy couple of weeks here. Got a guest review of the first season of ‘Batman: The Animated Series’ off to Terrance and was working on a recent post to you when the power went out Friday night around 11pm. Thankfully, Firefox saved it and kept a major headache at bay, when power came back on Saturday around noon. BG&E was on top of their game this weekend!

    My outdoor cats now think I’m wonderful! For the new scratching posts they now have. That fell from trees during the storm. Strangely, they prefer Mimosa to either Pine or Oak.

    Got my Ida Lupino fix for the month from TCM. Fantastic actress, writer and director! Also got a re-watch of ‘Some Like It Hot’ and Robert Mitchum in ‘The Hunters’ on DVD.

    1. Oooh, I’d love to read your post about ‘Batman: The Animated Series’, I’m sure my hubby does too, he really likes that one. Hey thanks for the Jack Lemmon post, oh boy, good thing you didn’t lose the post!!

      Outdoor cats?? Are you talking about real cats?

      Oh, I was reading about Ida Lupino at my friend Paula’s blog, yeah she sounds like a great actress. A great movie watching month for you Jack, glad to hear!

      1. jackdeth72

        Hi, Ruth:

        Should be hearing something back from Terrence this week.

        I was about half way through with the post. I heard some branches snapping outside and was just going to click on ‘Save As Draft’ when the screen and house went dark. Very pleasantly surprised that it saved!

        Of course, real cats!

        Mom Cat: Solid Midnight. Fluffy tail with three daughters.
        Sheba: Midnight, like her mom.
        Myrna: Small white dot on her chest. Very white whiskers.
        Rowena: White Spats and Gloves.
        Big Guy: Solid white body. Black tail. Moves slowly. Like Pauly Cicero in ‘Goodfellas’.
        Dexter: Tan tabby. Black stripes.

        They like to chase squirrels and dig up moles.

        1. Oooh, your cats sound so gorgeous! Could you email me a photo of ’em? Or you can share it in the comments. I LOVE cats, I used to have one growing up named ‘Gendut’ (that’s fatty in Indonesian). Her mom and dad were Jack & Jill (Nope, NOT the Adam Sandler movie!), they were characters from an Australian soap opera ‘Return to Eden.’ 😀

  6. markuswelby1

    Prometheus & Ted were my two for the month and surprisingly I had the most fun with Ted. I never ever thought a foul mouthed teddy bear film from the creator of Family Guy (not a big fan) would trump my love for Ridley, but strange things happen huh?

    1. I wasn’t that interested in TED because of that foul language, but I might rent it. Yeah, I wasn’t in love w/ Prometheus either Markus, probably won’t make my top 10 of the year.

  7. I’ve recently read a bad review on BRAVE on someone’s blog and wanted to strangle the guy 🙂 especially since he inspired most of his readers and commentators not to see the film. Pure ebil!

    1. Oh geez, I’d strangle him too! It’s one thing if he didn’t like it, I mean to each his own you know, but why discourage others to see it?! There is nothing there that would poison kids, seriously! Pure ebil is right.

  8. Due to all my wedding preparation, I suspect I’m going to miss Brave in the cinema which is a shame! Also not going to see Dark Knight Rises until August! Hope I’ve got time to keep popping by, sorry in advance if I’m not around as much for the next month and a bit!

    1. Hey Pete, you only get married once (well most of us anyway) so cherish it, man. Don’t worry about movies and blogging, you can always catch up w/ them after your festivities 😀

  9. You need to step up your game, dear. I have watched more movies than you did and you know how busy I am as of late! 😉

    Just this 8 or 9 days, I saw:

    – Ted
    – Brave
    – Hara-Kiri
    – Harold & Kumar: Christmas whatever
    – The Grey
    – Easy A (rewatch)

    1. Ahah, indeed I should. That’s great that you could watch that many movies in about a week Cas, so you must’ve watched even 2 movies in a day? 😀

  10. June flew by way too fast! Looks like you saw some good movies, Ruth. What did you think of Life in a Day? That has been in my Netflix queue for a while.

    1. Oh I think it’s interesting, though there were some scenes that were hard to watch. I like the fact that there were personally shot by people from all over the world, but of course that means the quality isn’t always good. Still, it’s worth a rent, surely.

  11. Cool Facebook page!
    I can’t wait to see Brave, it comes out in August in UK!
    Oh my god, everyone is going crazy over Batman, I am sure it will get record box office numbers and people will rave about it even if it won’t be good- it’s a pretty interesting phenomenon!

  12. Great post, Ruth! You certainly had a FANTASTIC month! I’ve had a very busy one so haven’t gotten to watching all the movies I’d like, but hopefully I’ll have more free time next week. I hope I’ll make a trip or two to the cinema, at least.

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