007 Chatter: Seven Things I’m Excited about Skyfall

This was originally written back in June inn anticipation for Bond 23, a.k.a. Skyfall coming on November 9th, 2012, Ted. Well, today is the day so I think it’s fitting to resurrect this post as I’ll be seeing SKYFALL tonight!

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Well folks, in lieu to a Bond list or review, this month’s 007 chatter is a quick update on the upcoming Bond 23, Skyfall. I’m obviously excited for this movie, hence my 007 Chatter [which will continue post the movie release btw] and I’ve also bought the latest EMPIRE magazine with Daniel Craig on the cover. He looks dashing and cut with that Tom Ford suit, floppy ears notwithstanding 🙂

EMPIRE got to visit director Sam Mendes and crew to the Pinewood Studios where they were filming. Mendes revealed that “Casino Royale woke me up again to the possibilities of Bond. It seemed for the first time to be a real person in a real situation.” I definitely agree that Martin Campbell did a smashing job rejuvenating that franchise and Craig’s gritty, no-nonsense performance was right for the time. I’ve always been a believer that Timothy Dalton was ahead of his time as he would’ve garnered the same kudos had his Bond films were released a decade later.

Anyway, here are just 7 (+1) Things I’m excited about Skyfall based on that article, on top of all the awesome things one can expect from a Bond movie, such as exotic locations and all the action stuff of course.

• Not only has Mendes assembled an awesome Oscar-caliber cast, he’s also got an amazing crew for his film. Most notably cinematographer Roger Deakins, whose work in Road to Perdition, The Village, etc. are absolutely beautiful, so we can count on Skyfall being a gorgeous looking film. In fact, EMPIRE itself admitted that the scene of Bond’s arrival scene in Shanghai below as one of the most beautiful Bond scene they’ve ever seen.

Chris Corbould, the SFX expert who did Chris Nolan’s Batman films and Inception, will be doing the special effects work on Skyfall. Mendes praised his work in those movies and he realized how important it is to get the action right in a Bond film. At the same time, being a director known for his dramatic work, Mendes also knows that all the actions means nothing without a compelling story, “Thrills and action are what’s necessary here, and that’s what I intend to supply, as well as a kind of emotional engagement that maybe you haven’t seen before in Bond. You’ve got to give him an arc, not just a mission.”

Javier Bardem as Bond villain Silva. Most people know Bardem can do menacing, but he told MTV that his character is more than just Bond’s enemy, “I think the character — it’s complex — he’s not an easy guy. He’s not only a villain, it’s more than that, hopefully, that’s what we tried to achieve.

I really think Bardem will be a formidable foe for Bond and the Oscar winner will likely bring something fresh to the table than what we’ve seen in any Bond villains of the past. I think if he has some history with Bond it’ll make it more complex and threatening rivalry than simply a deranged maniac trying to rule or destroy the world.

• We will see Craig’s more playful side as Mendes suggests that the film is ‘more playful than the last two’ as in Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, with more nods to classic Bonds like Goldfinger. Considering how dark and dull ‘Quantum‘ was, a lighter tone in Skyfall is definitely welcome, I mean Bond has got to have brawns AND wit!

• Two of Bond’s trademark elements are back: The Aston MartinDB5 will return, after being replaced by BMWs and FORD Mondeo (??) in previous films. Of course this new one Craig will be driving will be more fully-equipped than ever now that Q is also back!

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

Yep, the gadget guru is back in the form of a younger but certainly just as talented Ben Whishaw. The actor’s got indie cred with films like I’m Not There and Bright Star, but he’s also been in Knight & Day and Layer Cake, the latter perhaps is the connection to the Bond film as it starred Daniel Craig?

• The saying ‘clothes make the man’ seems like words that James Bond lives by. So the producers naturally hired the perfect man for the job,TOM FORD as the designer of choice. Skyfall’s costume designer Jany Temime is working with the American fashion icon in coming up with the dapper but fluid look of Bond, “They wanted that the suits moved with him and he does have a great body so it would be a pity not to show it. Check out the video journal below on their style inspiration:

Gorgeous, but kick-ass Bond girls! You know I can’t stand lame, whiny or ridiculously implausible Bond girls like Tanya Roberts and Denise Richards [sheesh, even typing her name makes me cringe!] So I definitely welcome the casting of relatively unknown beauties like Naomie Harris and French/Cambodian Bérénice Marlohe. I’ve never heard of the latter, but Harris was good in 28 Days Later and she projects intelligence and strength on top of being drop dead gorgeous.

Location. Location. Location. It’s not just a real estate mantra. I think Bond producers realize that the exotic location are part of the Bond films’ charm. Check out the production videoblog below that takes us behind the scenes of some of the film’s major shooting locations, including China and Turkey.

I’m also glad to see Bond’s home city being featured prominently in Skyfall. As quoted by MTV blog, Craig said, “Sam and I wanted to make it British… And it’s not some flag-waving thing that either one of us is interested in. It’s just about basing Bond in Britain…It was very exciting just to get out on the streets and show London for what it is. We made it look very beautiful and very dark and sinister at times, but it’s Bond’s home.” 

I LOVE London! It’s one of my favorite European cities out of over a dozen I’ve visited all my life! From the trailer I think Mr. Deakins has captured the city beautifully!

Ok, so those are just some of the latest updates on Skyfall. Are you as excited about this movie as I am?

45 thoughts on “007 Chatter: Seven Things I’m Excited about Skyfall

  1. Hell yeah I’ve honestly never been this excited for a Bond movie. The girls look great, Bardem looks great in that pic particularly and the whole bleeding thing will look great with Deakins as DoP. And Mendes is the most exciting director to tackle the franchise as far as I’m concerned. Loving how very British it all looks. Especially Bardem in Brit cop uniform.

    1. Yep, yep. I think I’m more excited for this than Casino Royale as now I’m sold on Craig whilst I had doubts on him when he was initially cast. He..he.. it’s all VERY British, I mean it’s Bond for goodness sakes, it has to be! 😀

  2. “floppy ears notwithstanding”

    HA!! I never noticed that. You’re funny…

    Im so PSYCHED for this film. You’re teachin’ me up, too, Ruth. I didnt know the FX guy was the same on who did Inception! Uhhh… thats a hell of a line item on his resume! 😀

    I’m excited to see Bond in China, excited for the return of the DB5, excited to see Bardem as a villain, but also VERY excited they intend to return some of the fun to the movies. QoS’ biggest drawback was it was so god awful serious and cold. I know why they did it, but it would have been nice if it could have been lightened up somehow.

    How early is too early to be frothing at the mouth with excitement over this movie? Cause I am already… and its months away…

  3. Ted S.

    Oh yeah I’m super excited about this film. Deakins will make the film looks spectacular and hopefully Mendes can give us some emotional storyline along with great action sequences.

    Bond vs. Anton Chigurh? Hell yes, hopefully we’ll see a cool hand to hand combat between the two, there hasn’t been a good fight scene in a Bond film since From Russia with Love.

    I also like the fact that Q is back in the franchise, which means it will have some funny moments.

    1. I know you do Ted, I mean I’d be worried if you weren’t 😉 Yes, I wasn’t aware about Deakins’ involvement until recently so that is VERY cool indeed.

      Ahah, well I haven’t seen Bardem as Chigurh but from what I heard he’s one scary villain. I hope he’ll be more um, sophisticated in this one though, and has more dialog w/ Bond, y’know. Yep, excited about Q for sure!

      1. Ted S.

        Actually I thought he’s quite sophisticated in No Country For Old Men, but Chigurh was kind of crazy. Like you mentioned, I hope his character and Bond had some sort of a history together, then the eventual mano-a-mano showdown would be even more epic.

      1. Seen slightly more than two, I think I’ve seen the entirety of the Pierce Brosnan run, both of Daniel Craig’s, ‘Dr No’ and most of ‘Goldfinger’ (my father turned off the TV when we were watching it, I think he thought I was a little too young to be enjoying a Bond film).

  4. I’m slightly disappointed with the Bond Girls’ characters names in this one… haha!

    Somehow the names “Severine” and “Eve” are comparatively bland next to the likes of Pussy Galore, Holly Goodhead, Plenty O’Toole, Xenia Onatopp, Honey Ryder, Strawberry Fields, Mary Goodnight, or Vesper Lynd.

    1. Ahah, I never thought of that but you’re right, they do sound boring compared to the ones you mentioned, but glad they weren’t as lame as ‘Christmas Jones’ ugh!

  5. I really can’t wait for this one. I hope it will be much, much better than Quantuum of Solace which was really a bad movie, despite Craig’s best efforts.

    1. I was sooo disappointed w/ ‘Quantum’ too, won’t even watch that again but I LOVE Casino Royale. Hope this is more like Craig’s first outing as Bond.

  6. There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know, like some crewmembers and Tom Ford involvement in the production.
    I’m excited about the film because the trailer was really good, too. It didn’t give away much. And of course, it’s always awesome to have Javier Bardem playing a villain! Finally, I believe in Sam Mendes.

  7. Awesome run down Ruth! Definitely looking forward to Skyfall. Well, even more now. Can’t wait for a full length trailer!

    The cars… the beautiful cars!

  8. Ted S.

    It definitely lived to my expectations, I’ll have to see it a few times but it might be my favorite Bond film ever! It’s not perfect but Mendes and his team really nailed most of what Fleming was going for in his novels.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah it looks great on the big screen, they opened up the aspect ratio from wider 2.39 to 1.90 so it would fit the tall IMAX screen as much as possible.

  9. Ruth, as you know I was just as excited for this film as you were, and it definitely delivered. All of the points that you mentioned were things that I was definitely looking forward to seeing, and we got to see more than that. No doubt it’s one of the best Bond films, and definitely a favorite of mine among my favorites this year.

  10. Morning Ruth. I would like to apologise for no shows all last week in your comment section. I was really busy at work and didnt have the time to pop around everyone. All is back to semi normal this week. I hope you can forgive me!!

    Great post by the way

  11. Having finally seen the film I can see what everyone is getting excited about. Certainly one of the best Bond films ever for a number of reasons..notably Bond himself, the development of the relationship between him and M, Javier Bardem’s performance, some good humour, great action, and a brilliant throwback to classic Bond with the introduction of an old favourite!

    1. Glad to hear you’ve seen it now Dan! Yeah, it definitely would make my top 10, I absolutely love Judi Dench as M and she’s better than ever in this one. I agree Bond’s relationship with M is one of my favorite part of the film. Craig is now my close second fave Bond, I still carry a torch for Dalton though, it’ll be hard to top him in my book. Just because his films weren’t as spectacularly written and production values weren’t as good, his performance alone stands tall amongst the rest for me.

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