Trailers of the Week: Trailer 2 of Prometheus & Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Happy Sunday all!

Hope you’ve recovered your festive St. Patrick’s Day! This is quite a big weekend for trailers, and given their epic-ness I can’t help but not posting ’em here.


Woo hoo!! I was already looking forward to this from the start but with this trailer, my excitement just jumped tenfold! In case you haven’t seen it (or you just want to watch it again for the umpteenth time :)), here it is below:

EPIC is the word here, don’t you agree? I thought the first one was good but I was annoyed by title treatment but THIS, it’s nothing but mystifying awesomeness. This looks like Ridley Scott’s return to form and to a genre that he knew how to do so well! If the cast of Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapaci and Patrick Wilson didn’t sell you, this trailer surely will.

This has got to be the BEST trailer of all the 2012 blockbusters… it grips me right from the moment we hear Charlize Theron’s narration. It then begins asking a series of enigmatic question…

“An invitation … from whom?”

“What do you mean a life form?”

“They’re changing… changing into what?”

“They’re moving… to go where?”

The last 30 seconds are so damn intense my nerves is stretched to its snapping point… and ends with android-looking Fassbender stating… ‘big things have small beginnings.’ Woof!! Seriously that trailer is so goosebumps-inducing I don’t know if I’ve got the nerves to sit through the entire movie! The eerie background music definitely adds to the whole edge-of-your-seat experience.

Thanks to my pal Ted who sent me the International version, I decided to add this one to the post as well:

As Ted said in the comments, it’s perhaps closer in tone to the actual film, instead of the all-out action flick the US trailer suggest. Still, it promises a hair-raising and ominous journey for the team of explorers when they discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth.

This is poised to be the sci-fi event of this Summer folks! JUNE 8 can’t come soon enough!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Ok, switching gear now from a futuristic space adventure to a supernatural but earth-bound adventure taking place in the 1800s. You’ve likely seen the International trailer a month ago which shows the US President his bad-ass side and his ax-wielding skills. Well the second one shows a bit more history and background to the story of the 16th US President’s secret life as a young man.

Check it out:

Historical fiction doesn’t get anymore free rein than this one, ahah… but this trailer definitely shows even more promise than the first one.

“History prefers nobility to brutality… prefers soaring speeches to quiet deeds… history remembers the battle, but forgets the blood…”

I like that this trailer shows more backstory of the and the idea of an American president trying to stop vampires from taking over the United States certainly capitalizes on the whole superhero theme, but with a giant twist. Nice to see Rufus Sewell as the villain leader being shown in the trailer, albeit way too quick… “It’s time we have a nation of our own,” he declares. Heh, blood sucking vampires in American politics?? Now that’s an idea 😉 Anyway, Rufus’ character is actually not in the Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel, he’s created specifically for the film.

I’m quite optimistic about this one, I do hope it’ll deliver!

You can read more about these two films on my Anticipated 2012 Part II post.

Thoughts on either one of these folks? Are you excited for Summer blockbuster to arrive?

33 thoughts on “Trailers of the Week: Trailer 2 of Prometheus & Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

  1. When i first saw the teaser for Prometheus i wasn’t that excited about. However, the full trailer has won me over. Also it seems like Fassbender’s character may be a psycho.

    And Abraham Lincoln looks awesome

    1. I saw some sites saying that Fassbender is an android, yeah perhaps a psychotic one 🙂

      Glad you share my enthusiasm about that Abe Lincoln one.

  2. Ted S.

    Yeah I hope Prometheus doesn’t disappoint, I try not to get too excited about a film after an awesome trailer, too many times the actual film sucks. I’m quite sure this one won’t. I get the feeling this not really a prequel has the same set up as the original Alien film but of course now Scott has bigger budgets and way more advance in technology.

    Check out this new UK trailer if you haven’t seen it yet:, I think this trailer probably captured the mood of the actual film, whereas the US version made look like it will be an all out action flick.

    I’m a little bit more open about seeing Lincoln after I saw the latest trailer, the teaser was awful.

    1. Well-said Ted, I do hope the film itself lives up to the great trailer!

      Wow, I quite like the International version, it’s not as action-packed but just as eerie. Thanks for that Ted, I am even more pumped up about this flick, if that’s even possible, ahah.

      Yeah, the Abe Lincoln trailer is much improved from the first one.

      1. Ted S.

        I prefer the UK trailer to the US, to me the US version was made for the audience with short attention span, while the UK really builds up the tension.

        1. Ahah you’re right Ted, I guess the US moviegoers have such a bad rep huh? I like the Int’l trailer better too, it’s less sensational but just as creepy.

  3. jackdeth72

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Standing by with a blanket for Ruth’s Heebee~Jeebees. And a Paper Lunch Sack for her and others’ Hyperventilation.

    ‘Prometheus’ looks to rock out loud. Unless its audience passes out to over stimulated senses. Its solid cast seems to pull the plow well and easily.

    I’m siding with dirtywithclass regarding Fassbender being a psycho in the making.

    My other questions are:

    Who’s playing the prototype Ash Android?
    Where’s the cat?

    1. Ahah, love your comment, Jack! Heebee jeebees is right about this one, so darn creepy but in a good way 🙂 I’m really curious about Fassbender’s character but that’s the beauty in this trailer, it doesn’t give anything away.

  4. I’ve shared PROMETHEUS trailer today too 🙂 Great minds think alike!
    I’m not overly into the film itself, but the trailer is what trailer should be – stunning, gripping, mindblowing, from the start to the end! One of the better trailers we’ve seen in a long time.

    1. Woo hoo, Dezzy! It may very well be THE best trailer we’ve seen so far this year. Mindblowing is right, I couldn’t stop watching it!

    2. PrairieGirl

      Oh, Dezzy dear, no mention of our delectable Mr. Sewell in the new ALVH trailer? What has become of you, darling? ;-D

      1. he;’s in it? I was trying to catch him in the first trailer, but I haven’t even watched the second one. I have too many Native American friends and won’t watch anything about Lincoln in respect for them.

  5. While the Prometheus trailer is nothing short of awesome, I’m largely unimpressed by the Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter one. The VFX look kinda suspect to me and the premise, while fun-sounding, doesn’t really make me want to run to the theater to see the movie. Probably a rental for me….

    1. Did you see Wanted, Cas? I’m kinda optimistic for this Abe Lincoln as I thought the action sequences in Wanted was pretty good and of course there’s the Rufus factor 🙂 I think that alone makes it worth seeing on the big screen.

  6. That Prometheus trailer is disgustingly good. Must stop myself from over-watching it! With this and Dark Knight Rises, Summer’s looking beautiful already!

    Still not convinced about Abe the Vamp Hunter but this trailer does look slightly better then the last.

    1. Ahah, me too Pete. I’ve watched it half a dozen times already. That music is almost hypnotic for some reason, the way The Dark Knight was when it was first released. Yes, bring on Summer movie season now!! 😀

  7. PrairieGirl

    Well, I can see by the new ALVH trailer that I have a lot to learn about vampires; apparently some are harder to kill than others, and they can leap higher than a gymnast on a trampoline… ;-D

    1. Ahah, well they must all be members of vampire cirque du soleil or something 🙂

      Btw, nice to see a glimpse of Rufus in the trailer eh Becky? I had been waiting for that. I wish we saw a heck of a lot more of him in the actual movie!

      1. PrairieGirl

        Hey there, yes, what a teaser, still just a glimpse of him, but at least he has a line in this trailer! You’re right, we better see a whole lot more him in the film. Hope you’re enjoying your day off ;-D

  8. Thanks for the international trailer Ruth, I had only seen the American one at the weekend. I much prefer this longer one – looks great!

  9. Believe it or not, I’m actually more excited for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter than Prometheus. Maybe it’s more the subject content, not to mention I just starting reading the Abe Lincoln book 🙂

    I will admit that I’m intrigued by both trailers, though, and the cast of Prometheus would be enough alone to get me to see it in theaters. Thanks for sharing, Ruth!

    1. That’s cool, Kris. What do you think of the book so far>

      Yeah, there’s definitely a lot going for Prometheus isn’t it? The cast is great but so far they’ve done great marketing to get the buzz going, let’s hope the actual film will deliver!

  10. OH YES! the new Prometheus trailer. LOVE it. Can’t wait to see what Ridley Scott delivers.

    (By the way, I added your page to my blogroll. Hope you don’t mind)

  11. I’m of the same mind of Kristen above in that I’m far more interested in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter than I am Prometheus.

    Prometheus looks absolutely amazing visually. And it looks like it will be moderately interesting. However, I’m not as taken with it as most people seem to be and won’t bother at all to see it in theaters. Will just rent it when it’s available.

    Abraham Lincoln, however, looks awesome. As ridiculous as the premise is, the movie looks like it will be tons of fun. It just looks so damn cool. Furthermore, it looks like Bekmambetov is taking a step back towards his roots. Moving back towards the visual flair and tone he had with the movies he did back in Russia. That’s a good thing in my book. Of course, he’s still incorporated some “Hollywood” in there. I’ll definitely be checking that one out.

    1. Bekmambetov certainly has experience with vampire movies and the trailer does look very promising! I do hope it’ll have a lot of humor instead of taking itself too seriously though.

  12. …someone told me there are seven different versions of the trailer. I’m going to have to seek these out.

    I hope the great marketing campaign is symptomatic of the quality of the final film.

  13. Wow! thanks for posting that UK trailer! I hadn’t seen it before now! THE scifi film of the year looks even that much more incredible! Can’t wait.

    I saw the Vampire Hunter trailer and I’m still not sold on it. But it was neat to see Rufus in the trailer!

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