Trailers of the Week: Trailer 2 of Prometheus & Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Happy Sunday all!

Hope you’ve recovered your festive St. Patrick’s Day! This is quite a big weekend for trailers, and given their epic-ness I can’t help but not posting ’em here.


Woo hoo!! I was already looking forward to this from the start but with this trailer, my excitement just jumped tenfold! In case you haven’t seen it (or you just want to watch it again for the umpteenth time :)), here it is below:

EPIC is the word here, don’t you agree? I thought the first one was good but I was annoyed by title treatment but THIS, it’s nothing but mystifying awesomeness. This looks like Ridley Scott’s return to form and to a genre that he knew how to do so well! If the cast of Charlize Theron, Michael Fassbender, Idris Elba, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapaci and Patrick Wilson didn’t sell you, this trailer surely will.

This has got to be the BEST trailer of all the 2012 blockbusters… it grips me right from the moment we hear Charlize Theron’s narration. It then begins asking a series of enigmatic question…

“An invitation … from whom?”

“What do you mean a life form?”

“They’re changing… changing into what?”

“They’re moving… to go where?”

The last 30 seconds are so damn intense my nerves is stretched to its snapping point… and ends with android-looking Fassbender stating… ‘big things have small beginnings.’ Woof!! Seriously that trailer is so goosebumps-inducing I don’t know if I’ve got the nerves to sit through the entire movie! The eerie background music definitely adds to the whole edge-of-your-seat experience.

Thanks to my pal Ted who sent me the International version, I decided to add this one to the post as well:

As Ted said in the comments, it’s perhaps closer in tone to the actual film, instead of the all-out action flick the US trailer suggest. Still, it promises a hair-raising and ominous journey for the team of explorers when they discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth.

This is poised to be the sci-fi event of this Summer folks! JUNE 8 can’t come soon enough!

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Ok, switching gear now from a futuristic space adventure to a supernatural but earth-bound adventure taking place in the 1800s. You’ve likely seen the International trailer a month ago which shows the US President his bad-ass side and his ax-wielding skills. Well the second one shows a bit more history and background to the story of the 16th US President’s secret life as a young man.

Check it out:

Historical fiction doesn’t get anymore free rein than this one, ahah… but this trailer definitely shows even more promise than the first one.

“History prefers nobility to brutality… prefers soaring speeches to quiet deeds… history remembers the battle, but forgets the blood…”

I like that this trailer shows more backstory of the and the idea of an American president trying to stop vampires from taking over the United States certainly capitalizes on the whole superhero theme, but with a giant twist. Nice to see Rufus Sewell as the villain leader being shown in the trailer, albeit way too quick… “It’s time we have a nation of our own,” he declares. Heh, blood sucking vampires in American politics?? Now that’s an idea 😉 Anyway, Rufus’ character is actually not in the Seth Grahame-Smith’s novel, he’s created specifically for the film.

I’m quite optimistic about this one, I do hope it’ll deliver!

You can read more about these two films on my Anticipated 2012 Part II post.

Thoughts on either one of these folks? Are you excited for Summer blockbuster to arrive?

A Birthday Tribute – 44 Reasons We Love Rufus Sewell

On Saturday, 10/29, one of my favorite actors Rufus Sewell is turning 44! So in honor of his b’day, my pal Becky (a.k.a. Prairiegirl, Roof’s number 1 fan) and I thought it’d be fun to list 44 reasons why we love the guy, starting with Becky’s list…

  1. Believe it … he’s just as hot as a cross-dresser in a skirt and knee-high, high-heeled boots (Taming of the Shrew, TV, 2005) as he is in a sharp Italian suit and Persol sunglasses (Zen, TV, 2011)
  2. He is very generous with his time and attention to his fans.
  3. He has no problem baring his lovely bum (Gone to Seed, (TV 1996), Dark City (1998), Helen of Troy (1999)
  4. Because he had a leading role in one of my favorite films ever – A Knight’s Tale (2001) which also includes a hunky bonus in the form of James Purefoy.
  5. He will compel me to watch a genre I rarely, if ever watch: vampires! (Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, coming in 2012).
  6. He has one of the most distinct, easy-to-listen-to voices ever (narration of 12 of Ian Fleming’s James Bonds books, among many of his voice-over projects).
  7. He has one of the best fan sites, with the best fans, with the best name: The Rooftop
  8. There’s no way you can’t fall in love with him as the benevolent Lord Marke during the Bridge scene in Tristan and Isolde (2006). And that scene is more than halfway through the film… whatever took me so long? [the video of the bridge scene has been removed but here’s a lovely tribute of Rufus in that film]

  1. He really mixes up the type characters he plays, and does them effortlessly, even though most don’t know this… everyone thinks he is only a period player or the bad guy.
  2. He’s had three films set in one of my favorite places, Italy. Dangerous Beauty (1998, Venice), The Tourist (2010, Venice)  and, of course, Zen(TV, 2011, Rome). It’s hard to think of a better combination than Rufus AND Italy.

    Rufus as Aurelio Zen
  3. Speaking of The Tourist, another classy bonus along with Ruf in the film was Timothy Dalton.
  4. Even though Eleventh Hour (TV, 2009) only lasted one season on CBS, and Ruf’s part of Dr. Jacob Hood could have had been written with more impact and emotion, I have all eighteen episodes to see him in almost every scene on DVD whenever I need another dose of Dr. Ruf.
  5. Because I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him in his very first role in a film, Twenty-One (1991). As Bobby, he’s one, very, very convincing drug addict.
  6. He has the most amazing, expressive, wide green eyes.
  7. One of his most quoted sayings is “my favorite day is a happy accident.” My favorite day was discovering Rufus!
  8. He makes me laugh out loud when he is woken from a sound sleep by the Italian prosecutor, Nadia Pirot in Zen, the Cabal episode. She asks him if she woke him, and he says, not entirely convincingly, “no, no, I just got back from the gym.”
  9. He looks protective and caring holding a newly-acquired puppy.
  10. He’s as comfortable on a theater stage as he is in a film or on TV.
  11. He can play an addict, a working-class bus driver, renaissance royalty, a Dark Ages king, an adventurous entrepreneur, a scheming knight, an inconsiderate ex-boyfriend, an early American statesman, a detached husband, a brilliant scientist, a Medieval stone mason, an honest but slightly flawed detective, and a vampire… whew!
  12. He has a wonderful sense of humor.  When asked the question, “Looking at your own life, what would most like your legacy to be? Answer: I’d like an omelet named after me.” 😀
  13. He’s hot, hot, HOT in an elevator. (Taming of the Shrew, Zen)
  14. He keeps getting better with age. A very happy 44th birthday, Rufus!
  15. All right, those high check bones certainly deserve a mention. His features look as if they’re carved by Michelangelo!
  16. The soulful and emphatic way he narrated the 9/11 poem Out of the Blue
  17. He was swoon-worthy as Kate Winslet’s crush in The Holiday… he’s a cad yes, but a juicy one at that!
  18. His sexy, throaty voice to match that smouldering look.
  19. I read an article describing his character in Zen as possessing an enigmatic charisma, the same can be said about Rufus himself.
  20. I love how self-deprecating and humble he is. In his interview with Telegraph for Zen, he was asked if he fly economy? ‘Absolutely!’ he says with no hint of shame.
  21. Some men can pull off wearing eyeliners, and Rufus is one of them, as displayed in his drag outfit in BBC’s The Taming of the Shrew.
  22. I kind of like the name Rufus. It actually means “red-haired” in Latin.
  23. Speaking of hair, I LOVE his dark, wavy hair and he looks good w/ pretty much any hairstyle.
  24. Even in a brief cameo (i.e. The Tourist), he still manages to steal scenes and made even a banal movie worthwhile.
  25. He was a vile count in A Knight’s Tale but he you really can’t take your eyes off him… whenever he’s on, he made me forget about the leading man Heath Ledger.
  26. As many British actors do, he’s got stage-cred on top of his movie career. He earned rave reviews in his performance in Tom Stoppard’s Rock and Roll, which he played both at the Royal Court Theater in London and on Broadway.
  27. He looked like a Greek god in the miniseries Helen of Troy… he’s perhaps too ridiculously good looking as Agamemnon, but hey, I’m not complaining!
  28. His dark, almost exotic look makes him versatile enough to play people of different ethnic groups believably.
  29. He proves to be a capable romantic leading man in Dangerous Beauty. I’d love to see him in a sweeping period drama like that again in the future.
  30. There’s a regal air about Rufus that I don’t find in other actors of his caliber.
  31. He’s got an exquisite taste in automobile. Check him out looking like James Bond in his vintage red Alfa Romeo Spider convertible!
  32. He can pull off both a clean-cut look and a full beard one, such as the one he’s sporting in The Pillars of the Earth miniseries
  33. He was perfectly cast in one of the most underrated sci-fi, Alex Proyas’ Dark City
  34. He’s got such an expressive, melancholic eyes… perfect for romantic roles, thus I cast him as a British suitor in my fantasy romantic drama Last Voyage of the Valentina.
  35. I love his professional attitude… it’s as if no job is too small for him. No matter how low-budget the movie, he always gives his all.
  36. And lastly, since this job is not on IMDb yet, I’ll take the time to announce Rufus’ latest movie project!

    I first heard about this project from Leo Gregory’s tweet, a British actor who has a supporting part in the film. Rufus will co-star with Gabriel Byrne and Toby Stephens in newcomer George Isaac’s directorial debut.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rufus has agreed to play the maverick law enforcement official. Byrne signed on to play the sadistic crime boss. And Stephens is all set to play Riley, a criminal trying to play both sides of a dangerous situation.

    I LOVE the cast and UK crime thrillers sounds awesome!! Check out the on-set picture of Rufus in London, click on the photo to see more pics. I’ll be sure to blog about this once we hear more about this movie.

So happy, happy birthday, Rufus!! Please join me in wishing this talented actor many happy returns!

Five for the Fifth: 5 Random Questions for the 5th of August

Happy Friday the Fifth, everyone! I haven’t been consistent with this supposedly monthly posting, as the last one was back in May, but I’m going to try to do this once a month (yeah I know, I said that last time, too :D) Well, the gist of the post is that I give five random news item/trailer, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic (you can do all five or just pick a topic). Ok, let’s do it shall we?

1. First thing first… This was all over the news yesterday so granted most of you have seen it, but I just had to post this Man of Steel‘s first look here as I’ve been a longtime fan of Henry Cavill.

Oooo… my initial reaction of course is pure glee… As I’ve said in this post, the first time I saw Henry on screen in The Count of Monte Cristo about a decade ago, I already thought he’d make a good Superman. Now here he is… in his full Man of Steel glory! Yes it’s a publicity pic, not exactly in the midst of a scene as the project hasn’t begun filming yet, but it’s enough to give us a taste of the tone of the film, which judging by that costume alone and Henry’s expression, it’s going to be a lot darker and perhaps even enigmatic.

I think the costume looks awesome, like The Amazing Spiderman‘s suit, I like the darker colors and the textured look, the crotch area is too dark to make out if he’s wearing that red underwear, which I’m guessing he’d still have those on. I hope it’d be in the muted red tone like his boots, or better yet, the suit would look more like this Jim Lee’s illustration. I agree with a lot of people’s comments about the hair though, should go easy with the hair gel! I wish they’d kept it more natural as obviously in real life Henry can definitely sport the iconic Superman curl as you can see in this picture!

Well, now that you’ve seen this first look, does it alter your view about Man of Steel in any way?

• Now switching from the good ‘ol hero to a bad ass prince of darkness… I’ve mentioned before that Rufus Sewell has been cast as the villain in Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter, just a reminder, here’s the plot of the movie: “President Lincoln’s mother is killed by a supernatural creature, which fuels his passion to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers.”

You’ve got to be at least intrigued by that right? Well, for one I’m thrilled to see Rufus nab a prominent role in a relatively high profile project. In this interview with the Wall Street Journal blog, he shed a light to what his character called Adam:

WSJ: So you’re a smart vampire then.

RS: Well, yes actually. I’m a 5,000 year old vampire who has seen it all. And the big thing for me was to decide how he was supposed to talk because you can’t do an Aramaic twinge – because if they cut the scene that explains where you came from you just look stupid. So I just picked Old Hollywood – rather, old American, like Roosevelt. He’s a man’s man, cigar room dealmaker who also happens to be the king of the vampires.

Sounds like they’ve got the perfect man for the job. I always thought Rufus is devastatingly handsome in an otherworldly kind of way. And I often vampires as being rather elegant, which suits Rufus well, too. Btw, I found out from the article he was up for the role of Lestat in Interview with the Vampire, that is until Tom Cruise expressed serious interest, that is 😦 In any case, looks like the vampire genre is still going strong even as Twilight is coming to an end (thank goodness!)

So my question to you is… who’s your favorite cinematic vampire?

• Y’know, I wasn’t a big fan of Dominic Cooper, perhaps because I thought he was terrible as Willoughby in the 2008 BBC version of Sense of Sensibility. But I slowly warm up to him after seeing him in An Education and Captain America. Now, he’s got a movie coming out in August called The Devil’s Double that’s likely to show his chops as a serious actor. Check it out:

Cooper is playing a dual role of Saddam Hussein’s son Uday and his body double, army lieutenant Latif Yahia. The story is based on Latif’s memoir of the same name. After reading some reviews, including this one by AP, I know this is not my cup of tea at all. Not sure I can endure it even if I’m curious to see Cooper pulling off a dual performance. I haven’t seen too many movies like this, the only ones I can think of right now is Leo DiCaprio in The Man in The Iron Mask.

Which other actor(s) have you seen who played two different roles in the same movie convincingly?

Ok now, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised about this given the name of the franchise, but STILL! According to Deadline, Die Hard 5 (yep there was a 4th movie if some of you missed it, ahah) is in the works and 20th Century Fox is frantically looking for a director after the initial helmer left the project. Apparently Bruce Willis is eager to reprise his role as John McClane which will be set in Russia.

What I’m surprised about is the names being considered: Joe Cornish (Attack the Block), Justin Lin (Fast Five), Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising) and John Moore (Max Payne). Now, the first three are pretty talented bunch, but whatever, I’m kind of tired of seeing another Die Hard movie. I like the first 3 but I think it’s time to give it a rest, no?

Well, do you feel the same way I do or are you excited to see Die Hard 5?

• I saw this video a few days ago and was really bowled over by it. It’s called The Beauty of Pixar, created by a law student and a movie buff from Brazil, Leandro Copperfield.  Based on the description on the Youtube page, he apparently spent 11 days re-watching all 11 Pixar feature films and then took 500 hand-selected scenes and made an amazing tribute to the best animation studio on the planet.

Amazing editing, isn’t it? He said that he’s not a professional editor nor has done anything related to movies, which makes this all the more impressive!

So, the question is an easy one (but might be tough to answer)… What’s your all time favorite Pixar movie?

Well, that’s it for this month’s Five for the Fifth. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all! 😀

Flix Casting News: Rufus Sewell, Christian Bale & James McAvoy

It’s been ages since I posted a news post but today I learned three exciting casting news of three of my favorite actors I’d like to share with you all.

Rufus Sewell cast in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Thanks to my pal Castor who tipped me about this news yesterday. This is awesome news! My pal Becky who’s a die-hard Rufus fan has been dismayed about the demise of the Aurelio Zen detective series and there’s been no news on an upcoming project. I’ve actually heard about this bizarre-plotted project when they were still casting the lead role of the 16th US president, which went to someone I’ve never heard of, Benjamin Walker. [On a side note: Interestingly, Walker had been performing in the rock musical on stage called Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson as another US president]

Anyway, the plot certainly gives you a pause… “President Lincoln’s mother is killed by a supernatural creature, which fuels his passion to crush vampires and their slave-owning helpers.” Huh?? Yep, and it’s based on a historical fiction of the same name by Seth Grahame-Smith, the same author of the equally wacky Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. According to various tweets on the movie, Sewell has been cast as Adam, the lead vampire villain that’ll be hunted down by the prez.

Oo-kay.It’s really not my cup of tea but it’s one of those things that’s so outlandish it’s bound to get you at least curious enough to check it out, and with Sewell’s involvement is certainly a big plus. Sewell’s done all kinds of roles under the sun but most people identify him with playing bad boy roles, so as my guest blogger Becky said, ‘he’s back to his old tricks again’ But hopefully a pretty high profile role like this would open more doors to bigger roles in the future!

I’m also curious to see Russian director Timur Bekmambetov’s second Hollywood movie since Wanted. One thing for sure, this guy knows how to create an exhilarating thriller with plenty of ridiculously fun action sequences. This time with fangs 🙂 Anyway, according to Variety, this movie is set to be shot in 3D starting in March, is scheduled for a June 22, 2012 release.

Christian Bale in Zack Snyder’s side project The Last Photograph

I’ve also heard about Christian Bale possibly doing this movie for quite a while, but I had no idea the idea of the story came from Zack Snyder around the time he made 300 and had been written by his 300‘s co-screenwriter Kurt Johnstad. Per Playlist, “…the plot revolves a photograph that becomes the catalyst for a journey two men undertake through war-torn Afghanistan”.

Bale would play a journalist and the sole witness and survivor of an attack on a group of Americans in that region. I’m not usually not a war movie fan, but something about the story intrigues me. I’m not too keen on the rumor that Sean Penn is being considered for a role of an ex-special ops soldier who’s on a quest to free a kidnapped family member. Hey may be a good actor but I just can’t stand the guy and he just comes across so darn smug and grouchy.

If only Bale had been the one Rachel McAdams' nuzzling up to

Anyway, back to Bale, considering he’s busy shooting for the third Batman movie, I’d imagine this one won’t even begin to shoot until 2012. I’m still bummed out that he dropped out of the still-untitled Terrence Malick romance drama and got replaced by Ben Affleck. Heh, no offence to Affleck but he’s no Christian Bale! And I’ve been longing to see the recent Oscar winner in a romantic role, especially since the last time he’s all lovey dovey was in a Malick film The New World.

Even just reading the description of the movie… ‘a powerful and moving love story‘ makes me want to see it real bad! I hope Bale would get tired of doing all that intensely serious stuff soon and do something that appeals to the more sunny and tender side of him [fingers crossed]

James McAvoy cast in Welcome to the Punch

Last but not least, one of my fave Scots has also been quite a busy bee with Robert Redford-directed The Conspirator out this weekend and of course, my highly-anticipated X-Men: First Class out on June 3. He’s also on high demand. On my HANNA review, I mentioned that he’s being courted by his Atonement director Joe Wright to re-team with Saiorse Ronan in Anna Karenina. Not sure if he has accepted the role or not but apparently he’s signed on to this crime thriller called Welcome to the Punch. The Playlist said the movie is in the vein of Michael Mann’s Heat meets The Last Boy Scout (well I hope it’s more like the first).

Here’s what the article says about the project: “It involves a London detective, Max Lewinsky (the role we imagine is earmarked for McAvoy), whose old nemesis, an armed robber known as Red Diesel, reappears after five years away—but it’s only the tip of a massive conspiracy.

McAvoy doing his best DEXTER pose

The script’s mostly very strong, a gripping cop thriller with a scope and a level of action that’s quite uncommon for the British film industry…” I’ve never heard of the filmmaker Eran Creevy, but he was nominated for a BAFTA for his directorial debut Shifty. Ridley Scott with his Scott Free Production Company is also co-producing this project.

This sounds intriguing and I can see McAvoy in the role, the 31-year old Glasgow native hasn’t made a bad move so far. I’ve seen him in five movies so far and he’s always been excellent in all of them. Just a bit of trivia, McAvoy has technically been in the same movie as Sewell. They both were part of the BBC miniseries ShakespeaRe-Told, a modern retelling of four of the Bard’s stories. Sewell was in the Taming of the Shrew episode (you can see a clip of it here) and McAvoy in the Macbeth one.

Well, what are your thoughts on any of the news listed above? What particular casting news caught your eye this week?