Pixar’s BRAVE Japanese Trailer and Poster

Thanks to my pal Ted who tweeted me about this one. By now you’ve likely seen the US trailer for this latest Pixar animated feature, which is more whimsical in nature. But this Japanese version reveals a lot more footage and definitely a much darker tone.

Check it out:

This looks more in the vein of Hayao Miyazaki’s work for Studio Ghibli which churned out quite a bit of fantasy heroines such as Princess Monokone and the recently-released The Secret World of Arrietty. So it’s definitely much closer to those in spirit than the fluffier Disney’s Princess films. I have a feeling this film will perhaps appeal more to adults than little kiddies.

The TV spot that Castor posted last month shows a bit more serious side of the film, so I’m guessing perhaps Pixar’s next US trailer will reveal the more solemn, mystical tone as well? So I guess this is more akin to the brooding Snow White and the Huntsman than the droll Mirror, Mirror, which is the two upcoming Snow White adaptations coming out later this year. After all, the full synopsis did promise us a story of epic battles and mystical legends for the Princess Merida. Her fighting spirit certainly matches that of her fiery red hair!

I also like the Japanese poster that shows more of that frightening forest, which is fitting as in Japan this movie is called Merida and the Frightening Forest. Not sure if that is the official title for that market or it’s more of a case of lost in translation 🙂 One thing for sure, I’m glad that this doesn’t look like it’s another Princess trying to find his soul-mate type of story, at least I hope that bear won’t suddenly turn into a prince!

BRAVE is scheduled to hit US theaters on June 22, 2012

Well, what do you think of this trailer folks?

38 thoughts on “Pixar’s BRAVE Japanese Trailer and Poster

  1. Ted S.

    I think the trailer definitely catered towards the Japanese audience, it has the look and feel of a dark Samurai movie. I was thinking of taking my niece to see it but now I’m not so sure since she gets scare pretty easily, the film might be too intense for her.

    1. Yeah definitely catered for that market but given the popularity of those Ghibli animation, it’ll have International appeal as well. Yeah I think little kiddies might be spooked by this though.

  2. I’m more excited to see this now because of this trailer. The North American version is all like ‘I’m Pixar’s perfunctory first heroine! Feminism!’ while this trailer is past the gender divide and sees Merida more as an individual with her mystical connection to nature. It’s about her journey as opposed to what’s on her way that’s hindering said journey.

  3. That trailer’s amazing! Out with the not that great attempts at comedy and in with the mystical forest and threat of war stuff. It looks like a whole different movie! Amazing how much difference a trailer can make on the first impression of a film. That poster’s gorgeous too. With this and The Hunger Games, I’m loving the fact we have two great female heroes with bows and arrows to look forward to at the moment! Thanks for posting these!

    1. “…I’m loving the fact we have two great female heroes with bows and arrows to look forward to…” You and me both, Pete!!

  4. I’m looking forward to this one. I think it will be up to the standards of Pixar’s great body of work and it’ll be interesting to see what they with the 3d

    1. I think this would be a good flick to take the whole family, matey. That is unless your girls are easily spooked as it does look pretty dark.

  5. it will be the best film of the year, like HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON was last year 🙂 And I hope Scottie won’t wet on me from up above me 🙂

  6. My wife and I are really looking forward to this one. Trailer looks great, and we’re happy they’re not revisiting a played out tale (cars) (toy story). I think Pixar is best at creating new and original tales that kids and adults alike can enjoy.

      1. Sorry for the late reply…yes I read Japanese a little.
        It said: “Mori no Mahou” wo Tsukate wa naranai, it’s a bit difficult to translate to English (at least by me) it goes something like: the magic/spell of the forest must be used.

        The other one is
        Watashi wa nigenai : I won’t run away!

  7. WOW! Absolutely awesome trailer for the movie!!!!!!!!!!!! How the F did we not get this trailer yet?? It’s like light and day between our trailers and the Japanese one. You know I was a bit hesitant to get behind this but now, I’m totally on board.

    I just wonder if that’s a cultural thing. The US previews are much more childish and lighthearted but we know the Japanese are much more willing to see animations as being for adults and kids alike.

    1. Somehow I knew you’ll like this one Castor, as in the trailer post you were hoping it’d be a bit darker and less humorous 🙂

      I think the culture is a big factor as you’re right, that animation/manga appeal to people of all ages in Japan, it’s not regarded as child’s play like here.

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  9. Thanks for posting this, Ruth! Wow, it definitely upped my level of excitement for the film big time. I love the classic idea of princess finding her prince, but I’m with you on wanting some new and different out of a princess story, and it looks like Brave will have more to offer than a fluffy love story. Ha, funny comment about the bear.

  10. I know a lot of people are making a big deal about this being Pixar’s first female leading character, but to be honest, I’m just more stoked about a brand spanking new Pixar film that’s not a sequel! We haven’t had one for ages and this is just upping my expectations big time.

    1. Well technically there is only one Pixar sequel so far and given the not-so-good review on Cars 2 I don’t think there’ll be too many of those. But yeah, original stories are always the best.

  11. Hi, Ruth and company:

    The Japanese clip of ‘Brave’ rocks!

    A very intriguing juxtaposition and contradiction that works!

    Much more sinister tone than I would have expected. Much more ‘Grave of the Fireflies’ anime than the usual Pixar.

    Though I do appreciate the color contrasts between Merida’s flame red hair, and blue dress opposite the deep, lush backgrounds and forests one expects from old school Disney.

    PS: Any and all are invited to peruse and opine upon my latest guest review of a B&W minor classic from the 60s over at FRC.

    1. Yeah, the sinister tone is quite surprising that’s why I think this might cater more for adults which is fine by me. I LOVE the coloring of this film, that fiery red hair just stands out nicely against the deep, dark surrounding.

      Another awesome review you got there at FRC, I’ve already dropped my comment.

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