Favorite Pics from Movies Set in New York City

Happy Tuesday, all! Today’s post is in honor of my friend Terrence of The Focus Filmographer who’s traveling to NYC for a much-needed vacation.

Y’see I’m guest-posting over at his blog today with my review of MIRAGE (1965), a classic noir thriller set in New York City starring, you guessed it, Gregory Peck. Click on the image below to go to the review post.

There are tons of great photography of New York City in that film, so I thought it might be fun to post some of my favorite still photos from movies set in the Big Apple. Of course these are far from a comprehensive list, just a few that I could think of as I’m posting this.

Anyway, you probably know which stills these are from, but if not, just hover on each image and you should see the ALT tag revealing the film name.


So before you head down to read my review, please share your favorite movie(s) set in New York City. Photo links are welcome, too! 🙂

44 thoughts on “Favorite Pics from Movies Set in New York City

  1. Well, mine naturally is Sweet Smell of Success. It’s just how James Wong Howe captures the city with that flawless cinematography of his that makes the city appear so rancid and deplorable. And I just love it.

    (BTW, I recommended it to you a while back. Seen it yet?)

    1. Y’know I actually did see some stills of SSoS, but no I haven’t got a chance to see it yet. I wonder if Amazon on Demand has it. It’s kinda hard for me to get movies now as I haven’t signed up for a Netflix replacement since we canceled it around Christmas. I’ll be sure to let you know when I do! 🙂

  2. You have some great stills here Ruth, great selelction of films.

    I live here so I am always fascinated with how New York is shot. The main thing I look out for is getting a glimpse of the see at as I normally do not see it – in other words the non ubiquitous shots of Central Park (although it looks lovely on film) Times Square (pass through every day to work) and so many of the other sights oft associated with the city.

    I do like downtown Manhattan and all its wonderful neighborhoods that frequently escape the tourists’ eyes.

    As for a personal favorite, I am not sure I can whittle the list down. I think The Naked City from 1947 was somewhat groundbreaking in its use of location shots.

    The question then becomes are we talking about Manhattan or the Greater NYC? Brooklyn is a fantastic site for some great film as well. My dad’s home borough even has its own picture studio (Steiner)!

    1. Hi Iba, as someone who lives in NYC you must be much more critical when it comes to seeing films set in your hometown. Yeah I tend to generalize NYC as Manhattan which is obviously false, and having just visiting the city less than a year ago I do think Brooklyn is awesome indeed. That bridge is so iconic. I’d have put the Manhattan still image from Woody Allen film but I haven’t seen the movie so that’d be cheating 🙂

      1. Funny anecdote from a Friends With Benefits screening me and my sis in law attended. We were watching a scene and then paused, looked at each other, and were like – “There is NO way they could have gotten from Midtown to SoHo that fast!”

        So yes I guess I am a bit picky 😀

  3. Very nice! I love this idea. The first one I thought of was from Some Like it Hot- the iconic scene of the subway train rushing by, right up Marilyn Monroe’s skirt. And I just watched The Odd Couple last night, which has a lot of NYC scenery.

    Then there’s the devotion to the city by Spike Lee, Scorsese, and Woody Allen. Although those are more modern.

    1. Oh yeah, I came across that pic too as I was working on this post, but I haven’t seen that movie. That’s perhaps the most iconic pic of Marilyn. Oh The Odd Couple is one I’ve been meaning to see, love Matthau. He’s really good in Mirage as well, there’s a scene of him I included w/ my review. NYC is so beloved by filmmakers, but seems like no one loves it more than Woody 🙂

    1. No, that’s the NYC FAO Schwartz store I believe. I almost put pics from Nolan Batman movies before realizing Chicago was the sub for Gotham!

  4. Wonderful images Ruth. New York city is such a fascinating place, one I’d love to visit one day. Of course, I love the way Woody Allen shoots it, particularly in Manhattan but these images above bring back so many great memories of so many great films!

    1. You’ve been having a Woody Allen love fest on your blog, Dan. Yeah, nobody seems to love NY more than him. I immediately thought of that iconic shot from ‘Manhattan’ but I haven’t seen it so I can’t include it here.

  5. Great subject and selections, Ruth. For some reason I recall the haunting final scenes from Sidney Lumet’s FAIL-SAFE for the great city of New York. Thanks, Ruth.

  6. Paul S

    You’ve already posted three of my favourite New York set movies in When Harry Met Sally, Sleepless’ and You’ve Got Mail. If only they made romantic movies like those nowadays.
    I’d also like to mention Addicted To Love, In The Cut and even Kate and Leopold.
    Is there a common denominator here?.

  7. Ted S.

    NYC is my favorite city in the world and I always enjoy watching films set in that place. I love 70s flicks so my favorites films set in NY are The French Connection and Death Wish, even though those films came out years before I was born, it felt like I was there in the city while watching the films.

    I have an idea for a James Bond film where the climax will take place in NYC during New Year’s Eve. Come to think of it, Bond hasn’t been back to NY since Live and Let Die and that film came out way back in early 70s.

    1. Great idea about filming Bond during NY Eve, Ted! Though I kind of like the European setting of Bond films, but there’s nothing wrong with revisiting NYC again if the script calls for it.

    1. I just had to include that still from Superman 3. It’s a guilty pleasure kind of flick especially the part when Supes went bad. He’s kinda sexy, ahah.

  8. Woody Allen movies of course, have plenty of NYC great scenery. Friends With Benefits have some great spots on the city too (although I know you didn’t like the movie).

    1. Indeed Andina, though it seems like he’s now been enamored w/ Europe as a lot of his movies are set there instead of his hometown. As for FWB, yeah I’d have to take your word for it as I won’t ever watch that movie 🙂

    1. I quite like Serendipity, it’s just lovely to look at and Kate & John actually have a sweet chemistry. The idea is more of a fairy tale but it’s executed pretty nicely I think. I just love that ending on the ice skating rink!

  9. Nice collection of pics. Mine would probably focus more on the grittier side of New York — stuff like Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Dog Day Afternoon, 25th Hour, etc. But there are soooo many great movies to choose from!

    1. Yeah I suppose I’m more of a romantic so the pics generally have a love story associated w/ ’em. I haven’t seen the movies you mentioned hence the exclusion 🙂

  10. A fantastic set of pics, Ruth. New York is such a beautiful city. I went was I was about 15 so I’m well overdue a trip back! It has certainly made a great backdrop for many films.

    1. I think NYC is one of those cities you could visit every few years and still find something new to appreciate and explore. No wonder filmmakers are enamored w/ it. Thanks Claire!

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