Five for the Fifth: New Year Edition

Hello folks, welcome to the first Five of the Fifth edition of 2012!

As is customary for this monthly feature, I get to post five random news item/observation/poster, etc. and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic. You can see the previous five-for-the-fifth posts here. So let’s get started, shall we?

1.  A couple of days ago, Indiewire reported that Meryl Streep is to receive the Berlinale’s (German’s equivalent to the Academy Awards) honorary lifetime achievement award, the Golden Bear on February 14. “The Berlin fest’s Dieter Kosslick calls Streep ‘a brilliant, versatile performer who moves with ease between dramatic and comedic roles,’ and says they are ‘delighted to be able to award the honorary Golden Bear to such a terrific artist and world star.'”

Well nobody is going to argue with such a sentiment, I mean after all she’s the only actress who’s got the most Oscar nominations (a whopping 16 times!) and won two. She is once again an Oscar front-runner in her latest role as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. I’m thrilled for Meryl, but I’m also wondering which other actor/actress do you think who also deserve a lifetime achievement award in acting?

2. I noticed this yesterday at my pal ScarletSp1der’s Movie News Monday post, and I thought it’s a pretty cool looking poster.

I almost didn’t recognize Zac Efron in that poster, though I immediately scoffed when I read at some blog saying that he looked James Dean-y (yeah, he wish!) I guess I’ve always thought of him as nothing more than a former Disney pretty boy trying to prove he’s got acting chops. But maybe I shouldn’t judge him too harshly. I heard he was quite good in that Me and Orson Welles movie? And this one might be good enough to rent as well.

So I’m curious folks, how do you feel about Zac Efron? And while we’re at it, which other former Disney matinee idol are you a fan of [besides the obvious that is Ryan Gosling]?

3. I’m still bummed out that Kenneth Branagh isn’t going to be back to helm the Thor sequel. Well, the latest news has it that Game of Thrones director Alan Taylor is on board. According to FirstShowing, Taylor is in talks to direct the sequel written by the first film’s co-writer Don Payne thus keeping it on track for its release on November 15th, 2013.

Since I haven’t seen a single episode of that medieval series, do you think he’s a good choice to helm Thor 2?

4. Now, my pal Castor is on to something (well he always is, ahah). He said in this Upside Down trailer post that he wishes Hollywood would do more sci-fi romances. I totally agree! That’s why I love the sci-fi soap opera Battlestar Galactica… I mean humans + cylons, human + humans struggling to figure out this thing called love is pretty intriguing stuff 😀 Not to mention [forbidden] romances set in a futuristic world like Equilibrium or time-travel love stories like The Time Traveler’s Wife. It doesn’t even have to involve humans, hence my forever love for Wall•E. As some of you might’ve read, my last fantasy movie pitch is a sci-fi romance thriller.

A couple of years ago, this article asked the same question: where are the sci-fi movies love stories? Yet still… there are dozens upon dozens of horror/slasher flicks, but hardly any sci-fi romance movies being made. What say you folks? Are you a fan of this sub-genre? What other genre/sub-genre you wish Hollywood would make more of?

5. Now, last but not least… screen icon Robert Duvall turns 81 today. Funny that I have not seen quite a lot of his films but I saw two of his earlier films in the last month, that is To Kill a Mockingbird and Captain Newman. Other than that, I’ve only seen a handful of his work, including The Godfather, Newsies, Something to Talk About and Deep Impact. Seems like he’s still quite active in the biz, he’s got one TV movie this year and a couple of films scheduled for 2013, one of them is a crime drama One Shot with Tom Cruise. He also had producing credit for Crazy Heart and Get Low which he also starred in 2009.

Now I turn it over to you folks. Are you a fan of Mr. Duvall? What’s your favorite Robert Duvall film(s)?

Well, that’s it for the first edition of Five for the Fifth. Now, please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all!

51 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: New Year Edition

  1. Oh man.. I LOVE Robert Duvall. I wasn’t sure how to answer question #1 and then I saw Duvall’s name and thought, “He’s the perfect answer for #1”.

    Get Low is fantastic; Apocalypse Now is great and his role in it was a classic; he was great in Network and MASH; and the Lonesome Dove mini-series would’ve been much worse without him. I guess I’d have to choose the two Godfathers as my favorite Duvall roles, but I’ve loved him in everything he’s ever done.

    As for Thor 2, it’s always tough imagining a TV director making the jump back and forth to film, so it’s awfully tough to say. But I will say that if you were going to choose any show on TV to harvest a director for something like Thor 2, Game of Thrones would be the perfect choice.

    1. Well I’m glad I sort of helped you come up w/ the answer John 🙂 Yeah he would be a good candidate for Lifetime Achievement Award or maybe a Cecil B DeMille award.

      So I take it you watch Game of Thrones? I figure it’s kind of a similar genre in a way, Thor is the PG-13 version of course 🙂

    2. Have to go with The Godfather and To Kill A Mocking Bird as my favorite Duvall films!
      I think more sic-fi romance films would be great; in addition to that, I’d love to see more modern mob movies as well.

      I’ve never seen the show or heard of Alan Taylor. Not sure if tv to a super hero film is a good fit. Something to look for!

      Don’t think I’ve really seen Zac Efron in action, so I can’t say; and other than Ryan Gosling, don’t know another Disney idol

      In terms of lifetime achievement in acting, I would say that Brad Pitt is an actor worthy of that recognition!

      1. Hey Raul, welcome to FC!

        Modern mob movies, yeah that’s a genre I’d love to see more of, too. I know they’ve been working on the Untouchables prequel for a while, not sure when (or if) that’ll get off the ground.

        Brad Pitt?? Sorry dude, I’m not a fan plus he’s way too young to get such an accolade. Clooney in 10 yrs maybe, but Pitt, not so much.

  2. 1. Many older actors deserve a lifetime award for their contributions to movies. What about Christopher Plummer for one? 🙂

    2. I don’t really have an opinion of Zac Effron, I haven’t seen any of his movies except for a few bits of Hairspray. I’ll give him a chance but it seems like he is headed down the path of Nicholas Sparks movies… He probably needs to mix it up and make a hard-hitting action movie to change the perception of him

    3. Haven’t seen that show either but it seems the fans are pretty die-hard. Not too happy about Patty Jenkins being kicked out to the curb though.

    4. Well I guess I already answered that question ah! 😀 The problem with the genre is that Hollywood isn’t willing to commit to it so the movie that are actually made aren’t anywhere near great and so people don’t really show up and that keeps the vicious circle going.

    5. Robert Duvall is all kind of awesome but you are right, I haven’t seen too many of his more recent movies either, including Get Low. He had a small cameo in Crazy Heart.

    1. Mr. Plummer is quite underrated so yeah, I’d love to see him getting more recognition.

      I’d think beefcake Channing Tatum is more of Nicholas Sparks boy? I mean that trailer for The Vow is pretty much another version Dear John right? I’d rather watch Efron than Tatum any day. Totally agree about him trying a more hard-edged role, if he has the chops that is.

      We both should team up and make our own sci-fi romance movie, Castor!! 😀

    2. Ted S.

      I agree Castor, Christopher Plummer deserves one of those lifetime awards, he’s great actor. He can play a villain or good guy and you believe in his character.

      1. I know! Capt. Von Trapp is my all time fave characters. He was also in the dreadful Dracula 2000 as Van Helsing, ahah. He had a big fight scene w/ Gerry Butler who played the prince of darkness of course. It’s worth a rent just to see that!

  3. PrairieGirl

    You know, I certainly can take or leave Zac Efron and not sure I’ve even seen him in anything other than Me and Orson Welles, which I saw just last weekend. But they are right, he was VERY good in that film and I quite enjoyed it. Christian McKay also did a superb job as Welles. Also, my new friend, Ben Chaplin was in it also ;-D

  4. Another set of interesting questions, Ruth.
    1. I like Castor’s pick of Christopher Plummer, but I’m going to say someone who has been around for decades, worked in TV, stage, and film (all extraordinarily, at that), and still amazes me: Cicely Tyson.
    2. Zac, who? 😉
    3. I’m with you as I’ve still not seen ‘Game of Thrones’.
    4. I’m all for more sci-fi in general. Adding the love element to it is more than welcome.
    5. Y’know, I didn’t know this was Robert Duvall’s birthday. I think that’s so cool. Not only for the fact I’ve enjoyed his work for so long (since kid-dom), but that he shares the same birthdate of my mother.

    Always a fun post and comments with this one. Thanks.

    1. Sorry Michael, I had to IMDb-ed who Cicely Tyson was, and wow, she was just in The Help as Constantine. I love her performance in that one.

      Oh so happy birthday to your mother then, she’s in great company as it’s also Diane Keaton’s birthday today.

  5. 1. I don’t really know…maybe Michael Caine perhaps? And speaking of actors getting awards, did you know Helenha Bonham Carter got royal honors?
    2.I just recently saw Me & Orson Wells and Efron was actually pretty good in it. Not amazing, but better than i expected him to be. I am interested to see how he does in Paperboy, as that i think it will be a good test of of his acting chops.
    3. Haven’t seen Game of Thrones yet so i can’t really comment on that
    4. Idk…i mean i liked Wall-E, but i don’t know if i am a sci-fi romance fanboy yet.
    5. Speaking of Duvall,i’ve been meaning to rewwatch The Godfather at some point but i keep forgetting. I haven’t seen a lot of Duvall’s work either, but perhaps someday i may go on a Duvall marathon.

    1. Oh yeah Michael Caine, good one. No I didn’t know about Helena, which award was that?

      Another vouch for Me & Orson Welles, cool I’ll rent that one for sure. Robert Duvall’s quite a prolific actor, so best of luck on that marathon Julian 🙂

  6. Ted S.

    1. Along with Christopher Plummer, I would also like to see Max Von Sydow gets the award. He never really played a leading man but he’s great as supporting character, I think the last film I saw him in was Minority Report and he’s great in it.

    2. Don’t really care for those Disney kids and I didn’t even know Gosling was one of them.

    3. I’ve never seen Game of Thrones either. It’s going to be a huge task for Taylor, going from directing a small budget TV show to a $150mil blockbuster. Hopefully he won’t screw up the film and then ruin his career as film maker in the process.

    4. I love to see more sub-renre from Hollywood, that’s why I thought Solaris is a great film, both the original and remake. It’s sort of romance mixed with a little bit of Alien theme.

    5. Robert Duvall is one of the greats in Hollywood, I can’t even say which film of his is my favorite. The two Godfather films are on there and Open Range which he starred with Kevin Coster, it’s a great western.

    1. Hear, hear for mention of Duvall’s work in westerns, Ted. ‘Open Range’ is a great one, alright. So, too, was his work in Walter Hill’s productions, the TV miniseries, ‘Broken Trail’, and the film ‘Geronimo’.

      1. Ted S.

        Wow I totally forgot that Duvall was in Geronimo, I love the scene where he told Matt Damon’s character where he’d been shot, that was funny.

        I’ve seen Broken Trail though, maybe I can find it online somewhere.

    2. Sydow was quite sinister in Minority Report, oh and don’t forget Emperor Ming in Flash Gordon, ahah.

      Oh I forgot about Solaris, that’s one I’ve been meaning to check out. I like the girl in it, Natascha McElhone, she was also in The Truman Show.

  7. 1. Mt top 3 choices would be: Judi Dench, Charlotte Rampling, Helen Mirren
    2. Zac – he is all right by me; seems to have managed post-Disney career okay.
    3. I still have not seen Thor 1, but I like Branagh and his directing so it probably would have made sense to keep him on.
    4. I like TTTW, the novel. But never thought of sci-fi romance as a genre per se. I usually separate them. One can have the other in it.
    5. I have never thought of Duvall in terms of favorite films. My mom loved him in The Apostle with Farrah Fawcett.

    1. Oh Dame Mirren and Dench are two of my favorite actresses. Both of them deserve a lifetime achievement award, surely.

      You should check out Thor 1 soon, I just bought the Blu-ray, might rewatch that soon. I also love the music by Patrick Doyle, same guy who did Sense & Sensibility score (the movie version).

  8. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Interesting Five for the Fifth column!

    #1: Lifetime Achievement Award: Either Robert Duvall, Harry Dean Stanton or James Garner.

    Just from their bodies of work alone, From character actors do great stars rise! And Duvall and Stanton epitomize those hard fought for values. James Garner comes under consideration for his work in film and television. Especially Blake Edwards’ The Americanization of Emily and his characters of Brett Maverick and Jim Rockford of The Rockford Files .

    #2: I’ve never been much of a Zac Efron fan, but whoever is driving in the poster really needs a pack of Luckies rolled up in the left sleeve of his Ban Lon shirt!

    #3: With Kenneth Branagh’s credentials, he can direct darn near whatever he wants and I’ll watch. His direction and humor were two of the best things about Thor .

    #4: Would love to see Spielberg do a minimum CGI film on the Hurtgen Forest Campaign during WWII. One of the least talked about, most frightening, meat grinder campaigns of the war.

    #5:Robert Duvall caught my attention as a kid watching To Kill A Mockingbird . Which led me to track down his work in Captain Newman, MD and countless episodic TV shows. Specifically Combat!, The Outer Limits and The Twilight Zone . Before Mr. Duvall had a chance to really break out in Badge 373, The Outfit, The Godfather and The Great Santini / Plus his work in television mini-series, Lonesome Dove and Broken Trail .

    A character actor’s character actor, second only to Harry Dean Stanton!

    1. Jack,

      I loved Harry Dean Stanton in Wim Wender’s Paris, Texas. A top 10 movie for me. The scene he does with Nastassja Kinski in the sex booth is absolutely heartbreaking. Repo Man was pretty great too. Him and John Hurt are two of my absolute favorite charcter actors.

      While I really like Garner (I grew up with the Rockford Files) I respectfully just can’t see him in the same category as actors like Caine, Duvall, DeNiro, Streep, Hoffman, Nicholson and Hackman. Then again I probably haven’t seen him is as much as you. Do you have any recommendations other then the afore mentioned The Americanization of Emily? What did you think of the remake of Maverick with Mel and Jodie? I thought it was great to see James again and a lot of fun too.

      BTW how do you do italics in the comments? I’m stumped as it won’t let me even copy italicized words.

      1. Hi, Dave and company:

        James Garner’s been around and part of the business since Hector was a pup. I grew up watching him in Maverick and other ABC/Warner Brothers Western TV shows before discovering Combat! The Gallant Men and The Rat Patrol

        Garner was also a Go-To-Guy for many WWII films of the 1950s and 60s, Especially Darby’s Rangers, Up Periscope, The Great Escape and 36 Hours . When not playing soldier, Garner was also a comedic leading man in Boys Night Out and Move Over Darling and a few more before films like Grand Prix and Marlowe .

        Garner has been around the block more than a few times and has earned his accolades without creating a fuss. Making films that made money for Hollywood. Playing with rare exceptions, decent, easy going, honorable men.

        I thought it was great seeing Garner playing Mel’s dad in Maverick And later having fun with Clint Eastwood, Tommy Lee Jones and Donald Sutherland in Space Cowboys . After all these years, Garner has still got it!

        To italicize. Use your keys and put an ‘i’ in between for Italics. Or ‘b’ for bold. Then type the word you want italicized. Then use your keys with a backslash and either an ‘i’ or a ‘b’.

        Hope that helps rather than confuses.

        1. Hear, hear. Great points, Jack. Garner has been highly underrated as an actor, let alone a producer, for so very long. He made it all look so very easy that many people took him and his performances for granted. Some of his TV film work, like ‘Streets of Laredo ‘, ‘Promise’, ‘Decorations Day’, are remarkable. I highly recommend reading his recently released memoir, THE GARNER FILES (I wrote up a review of it a short while back, in case you’re interested).

          1. Thanks for the reply Jack. Yeah I couldn’t find the page in WordPress that would tell you that html worked on here. Thanks.

            I missed a lot of his TV stuff other than The Rockford Files. I watched a little Combat! and Rat Patrol in reruns back in the 70’s but I was pretty young then. I still haven’t seen The Great Escape. I know… I’ll have to check some of that stuff out. Cool. So little time. Right now I’m power watching David Mitchell and Rob Webb in their British sitcom Peep Show and thier sketch show That Mitchell and Webb Look. Good stuff. “That’s a numberwang!” You Tube it.

        2. Hi, Dave:

          To italicize. use your pointy parentheses keys immediately right of the ‘M’ key
          on your QWERTY keyboard.

          Use the one pointing left to begin. Type in an ‘i’ for italics or ‘b’ for bold. Then use the pointy parenthesis pointing right to close it off.

          Next, type what you want italicized. Hit the left pointing key. Use a backslash ‘/’ and ‘i’ or ‘b’ plus the right pointing parenthesis.

  9. The last time I saw Mr. Duvall in anything was the Handmaids Tale and he was a villain of sorts in that one probably the strangest novel and adaption of Margaret Atwood but then again any of the adaptations from her books are strange. She is a clever writer I give her that and the actors who get involved have been interesting. Elizabeth McGovern who is now in Downton Abbey also an actor I hadn’t seen around since this film. The late Harold Pinter wrote the screenplay as he was in Mansfield Park a film directed by Patricia Rozema.

    Other Atwood novels adapted to screen

    1. Stella,

      I would love to see Atwood’s Cat’s Eye adapted for the screen. The Cordelia character has haunted me for over 20 years ever since I read it. I was a big fan of 1984 (no surprise that my favorite film is Gilliam’s Brazil) and I found The Handmaid’s Tale there moved on to Cat’s Eye. Have you read it?

    2. Hi Stella, I’m ashamed I haven’t caught Downtown Abbey despite my love for period dramas… and Dan Stevens!! I will definitely rent the episodes and catch up w/ that series that way. It’s definitely right up my alley!

  10. I recommend these must see Duvall performances besides of course Apocalypse Now and The two Godfathers… Tender Mercies, A Civil Action, The Great Santini and Lucas’s THX1138. After seeing THX1138 we should have gotten a good sense of how cold and distant his future actors performances were going to be. Surly American Graffitti must have been an aberration. Also check out lesser Duvall movies like The Apostle, Get Low and True Confessions.

    Zac isn’t on my radar as I haven’t seen anything he’s been in yet. I get a John Stamos vibe coming from him. Lol. But then again look a what Timberlake pulled off in The Social Network. And speaking of Stamos… wow… look at Elizabeth Olsen’s performance (you go girl) after the low expectations that her sisters set.

    I really liked the chemistry between Clooney and McElhone in Soderberg’s Solaris. You could really feel the longing there. Well I could anyway. Maybe I was just longing for Natasha…. yeah that’s probably it. Her accent gets me every time. *gush* Kelly Macdonald and Elaine Cassidy (Felicia’s Journey, Disco Pigs) are another two that do it for me.

    1. Great recommendations Dave, thanks.

      Ahah, John Stamos vibe, that’s not exactly a compliment. Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by Timberlake’s performance in TSN, but it could be just Fincher’s direction and good script 🙂

      I’ll check out Solaris one of these days, who knows I might warm up more to Clooney 🙂 Ha..ha.. I think a person’s speaking style certainly adds to one’s charm. I was ok about Matthew Macfadyen until he opens his mouth, I was like, wow, he sounds lovely 😀 Now with Gregory Peck you get the WHOLE package, the looks, the voice, the body… AND add talent into the bargain, I’m done for.

  11. Hmmm…

    1. Congratulations, Meryl! I’m not sure who has already received awards but if I could I’d give lifetime awards to Ian McKellen, Clint Eastwood and Helen Mirren. I know Christopher Lee received the BAFTA Fellowship last year, which was definitely deserved.
    2. I’ve never actually seen Zac Efron in everything – I’ve never seen any of the High School Musical films or Hairspray – so can’t comment, sorry!
    3. I really enjoyed the first series of Game of Thrones. It will certainly be different to Thor but I think that Taylor will do a great job, especially if Payne is onboard too.
    4. I loved The Time Traveller’s Wife and I agree with you and Castor, there should be more sci-fi romances. The would bring a complete new dimension to the usual soppy rom-coms that are so very, very common in film.
    5. I’m not that familiar with Duvall but he was great in True Grit.

    Hope you’ve had a good week, Ruth! 😀

    PS. Helena received a CBE in the New Year’s Honours (Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire). She’ll recieve it from the Queen later in the year 😀

    1. Ooh, those are great choices Claire, I’d think Clint should have gotten several by now considering he’s also a competent director/producer.

      I really should rent TTS, can’t believe I haven’t since I LOVE Eric Bana, he looks so hunky in this film too.

      Thanks for the info about Helena, good for her!

  12. Come on Ruth, get on board with The Efron.

    He is what hollywood stars used to be like in the good old days, he can act, sing, dance and above all he is a bloody nice chap.

    I am risking my MAN POINTS in saying all this, but I do not care. Efron is great!!

    1. Ahahaha, wow matey I had no idea you’re so into Efron. Well I’m willing to give the chap a chance by watching Me & Orson Welles. I just tend to be skeptical when a boy is THAT pretty, but based on your recommendation I’ll be more open minded 🙂

      So you’ve met this chap? How do you know he’s a nice guy??

  13. Robert Duvall is the man! I still hold a grudge against Jack Nicholson for stealing the Oscar that should’ve gone to him for ‘The Apostle.’ Incredible movie; absolutely unforgettable. He’s had a wonderful career, so I suppose that answers another question of yours as to who should get a lifetime achievement award.

  14. I always love these “fifth” posts Ruth! and thank you for the kind linklove.

    Okay. Here we go:
    1. Congrats to Streep. (well, not knowing who has or hasn’t, I will still toss in a vote for Denzel Washington).
    2. I’m not a big Efron fan. I hope he develops into a good actor, but I find him to be rather unbelievable and young still. Slightly better than Taylor Lautner.
    3. I’m glad for Taylor and Thor 2. I’d much rather see Branagh, but I think he will do just fine!
    4. Sci-fi romance is a great genre! I thoroughly enjoy it. I’d like to see more. I also like good scifi thrillers (like Moon).
    5. Happy bday Mr. Duvall. So many roles that I enjoy. Even the small ones like Secondhand Lions and John Q.

    1. Hi T! Though I have yet to see Efron in anything I have no doubt he’s way better than Lautner. He’s as expressive as a piece of rock!

      Yeah I’d rather see Branagh too for Thor 2, but I guess the likes of him just don’t like to do sequels, and he’s not the kind of director who’d do things just for the money. So that actually makes me respect him more.

  15. I’m so pleased to see Meryl getting recognised for her contribution, she is an incredible talent.

    1. Ian Holm, Sir Christopher Lee, Steven Spielberg, Robin Williams
    2. I don’t really have an opinion on Efron to be honest, he’s not really on my radar. However my friend mentioned him today in conversation saying that he seems to have gone off the boil a bit. It’ll be interesting to see if he can make the transition from teen idol to credible actor.
    3. I haven’t seen any Game of Thrones episodes, though I know a few people who were extras. It is filmed in my home town of Belfast 🙂 We’re only people hairy and scary enough. Well, us and the Scottish 😉
    4. I like sci-fi (just got a brand new sci-fi poster book today at a swap shop!) and I like romance so I guess I would probably enjoy the mix. I missed the Time traveller’s wife but the story did seem intriguing. I hear the book is a real weepy. Does Blade Runner count as sci-fi romance? I’ve seen that. I also like comedy dramas like Midnight in Paris and it would be nice to see more mature animated features like Ghiblis Princess Monokoke or Whisper of the Heart which is currently featuring as a Scott’s Blu-ray review over on FRC
    5. It’s a funny thing. There is something about Robert Duvall that always appealed to me. I haven’t seen that many of his films but he just always comes across as a decent kind of guy. He has this aura about him which is difficult to describe. Comfortable to watch with a hint of unpredictability. An exciting combo.

    1. Hi Ronan!

      I think Spielberg might already got some Lifetime Achievement awards by now.

      Yeah Efron isn’t generally on my radar either, I just saw that poster and wondered what people think of him.

      Wow, that’s cool that you know people who are extras on Game of Thrones! Did you also apply Ronan? Ahah, hairy and scary enough… too funny! I think Irish people have beautiful eyes, most of actors I love generally have Irish ancestry… Butler, Peck, [Cillian] Murphy, [Gabriel] Byrne, Fassbender, etc. all have gorgeous eyes! 🙂

      That’s a fine description of Mr. Duvall, Ronan. Thanks for participating!

  16. 1. I seem to be one of the few people who isn’t a fan of Meryl Streep. She’s a great actress, but I never really enjoy watching…don’t know what it is about her.
    Picking someone for a lifetime achievement award for another actor…wouldn’t know who I would pick!

    2. I don’t mind Zac Efron, but haven’t watched too many movies he’s in besides High School Musical (with two kids I was forced to watch it, I swear) and the body switching one (17 Again?). He was ok. I think Timberlake is doing pretty good although I won’t call myself a fan.

    3. I’m like you, have not seen Game of Thrones, so really can’t comment.

    4. Any new genre mixup is fine with me…I’m a huge fan of sci fi movies related to time travel, so would like to see more of those!

    5. Robert Duvall is an amazing actor and he’s been in so many great movies. I always immediately have to think of his role in Falling Down.

    1. Hey Nostra, I’m not a HUGE fan of Meryl. I appreciate her work but I don’t consider myself her biggest fan the way I am w/ Helen Mirren for example.

      I think more time travel movies is a OK in my book, too. There are so many possibilities to explore in that sub-genre.

  17. Lonesome Dove mini-series was the most memorable Robert Duvall experience I’ve had. There was some kind of special chemistry that took place between the performances of Duvall and Tommy Lee Jones, to say nothing of the excellent screenplay of a Pullitzer Prize winning novel, remarkable ensemble cast and the brilliant soundtrack of Basil Poledouris. When anyone mentions Robert Duvall, this is what I think of and the LD music plays in the background. Also has one of my top 10 favorite movie scenes.

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