Hollywood Movie Draft Pitch III: Untitled Sci-Fi by Duncan Jones

As part Anomalous Material’s Hollywood Fantasy Draft blog event, I posted my dream cast last week. Now check out the movie pitch below… tentatively titled …

The Renovaré Project

(Renovaré is Latin for “to renew” or “to restore”)

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In the year of 3020, a fraction of the earth population are now living temporarily in a distant planet. A young military protégé on a mission back to earth discovers that everything he knows about the apocalyptic event is not what they seem.


This untitled sci-fi drama is a mix of NBC’s The Event and the ‘V’ miniseries with elements of Equilibrium thrown in. It’s a story of overcoming unspeakable deception and the courage to fight against insurmountable odds in the name of humanity and love. Because of the nature of the storyline, the film will have more of an open-ended conclusion. I envision this to be a two-part or trilogy series.

It’s a post-apocalyptic setting… most of the world as we know it has been destroyed by a catastrophic meteor shower two years prior. Humanity is facing extinction on earth as only a select few of surviving humans are now living temporarily in a distant planet called Bhumi, a dystopian society that are far more structured and sterile-looking environment where diseases are rare and conflicts are minimized as the citizens have been “programmed” to obey and please authorities without question nor protest.

The Bhumi authorities are in fact an alien colony called the Luciens who are responsible for the meteor attacks. They are a highly-intelligent and technologically-advanced creatures who have shape-shifting abilities. They live off of minerals similar to what exists at the earth core, and their government is totalitarian in nature. They’re a slow-breeding race, so their population only numbering in the hundred of thousands. On top of that, the shrinking mineral resources on their planet slow down their reproduction ability even more.

A new leader in their society, who goes by the name Damien, wants to solve that problem, as well as create a perfect world of hybrid race of Luciens-humans who’d submit to him. The Luciens can’t simply invade earth because the high air pollution in the earth atmosphere endanger their health in much bigger impact than they do humans. Therefore, instead of a full-on invasion, the Luciens think it’s more effective to do it strategically and in phases. They’d obliterate most of the earth population (using their own bombs that are made to look like meteor attacks), sparing only those they deem intelligent enough to match their kind. These men and women are the chosen ones who were ‘rescued’ and trained months before the catastrophe happened, as they possess the skill set needed for the Renovaré project. The purpose of that is two-fold: One, to help rebuild earth once the effect of the meteor shower have subsided; and two, to be mated with their own kind to start the ‘perfect’ breed. The Luciens’ shape-shifting power enable them to blend in with humans and they use their supreme intelligence to gradually brainwash various earth leaders into believing meteor attacks are imminent and the only way to save what’s left of humanity is to create a temporary living quarter in a different planet.

The Luciens’ grand vision of the new earth

All the human survivors now living in Bhumi have been brainwashed to think that Renovaré‘s main mission is to reset the world as we know it to improve or make it better. The film’s protagonist, Joshua Prescott, has been made leader of one of the ELITE team of the Renovaré Project because of his intelligence and military prowess. The team created by Bhumi’s new government to clean up and rebuild a new, better environment on earth. Bhumi is a relatively-small planet that will not big enough to accommodate Bhumi’s targeted population of the hybrid race, but they have to make sure the climate is ready for them to move in. It’s whilst on a mission back to earth that Joshua slowly learns the truth about what he’s been conditioned to believe…  and suddenly he’s faced with a darker reality that is even more bleak than he’s ever thought or imagined.


Duncan Jones
The 40-year-old British director may be a relative unknown to most moviegoers, but in just the past 2 years, he’s directed two critically-acclaimed movies. His directing debut Moon won Best British Independent Film in 2009. I feel that he’s got the chops to create an emotionally-engaging sci-fi flick that is heavy on the plot and character-development and less about the bombastic action sequences. I also think he can handle the romantic aspect of the story, based on what I’ve seen in Source Code.


Chris Hemsworth is Joshua Prescott, the film’s 31-year-old protagonist. Prescott is an aerospace engineer who’s also a pilot, tall and handsome in a grizzled kind of way, and a charismatic leader. He had just proposed to his long-time girlfriend Lena Bouvier when he’s recruited by the Luciens for the Renovaré project.

Viggo Mortensen is Bhumi’s Commander in Chief Damien and the film’s main villain. He’s the leader of the alien beings who are highly-intelligent and has shape-shifting abilities. Damien has the appearance of a man in his late 40s, charismatic with a quiet grace but is relentlessly ambitious to create a perfect ‘breed’ between his own kind and the ‘best’ of the human race.

Emily Blunt is Lena Bouvier, Joshua’s fiancée who survives the meteor strike and is a member of the remaining resistance group who knows about the Luciens and that they are behind the meteor attack. She is a nurse who’s in the middle of a night shift when the attack happens, but fortunately her father gets to her in the nick of time to bring her to safety.

Hugo Weaving plays Lena’s father, Léon Bouvier, a scientist who has been skeptical about the real cause of the meteor attack. Deeply distrustful of the government that grows increasingly strange in the months leading to the catastrophe, he builds a secretive underground scientific chamber for his research as well as hiding place. When Lena’s mother is killed in the attack, he grows even more vigorous in his quest to uncover the truth.

Romola Garai plays Saffron, the Lucien girl chosen by Damien as Joshua’s mate in Bhumi. She is one of the few female members of Damien’s ultra-secretive science program and is fiercely loyal to him and his cause. She’s been instrumental in the brainwashing process of Joshua and his team.

James Purefoy is Seth Jones, the leader of the earth’s resistance group in Europe. He lives in the same Scottish castle ruin where Lena and the remaining earth survivors dwell in. He’s a British air-force pilot whose family is killed during the meteor attack and shares Léon’s conspiracy theory of what happens on earth. He has feelings for Lena and after two years being heartbroken about Joshua, she finally opens up to him… that is until Joshua suddenly reappears.

Idris Elba plays Andrew Cudjoe, a former executive of a Global Natural Resources Corporation based in London. Because of the company’s main focus in mining, processing, and energy operations, the Luciens have surveyed his company for information even a year before the meteor attack. Andrew is Vivien’s husband, but they were separated when she got recruited by the Luciens. He’s now become Seth’s right hand man in the resistance.

Thandie Newton plays a sculpture artist Vivien, whose beauty catches Damien’s eye. She has been Damien’s lover in the past two years though like Joshua, she too has been haunted by dreams of a man she doesn’t remember. She has become attached to Damien but somehow can’t shake the feeling that there is something strange about life in Bhumi and that Damien might be keeping something from her.

Sir Sean Connery plays an ailing Protestant pastor Charles Wilby, whose son is also recruited by the Luciens. Even though he’s injured in the meteor attack, he’s been ministering the group of people to remain hopeful of a better reality despite the circumstances. He dies shortly after Joshua tells him that he’s met his son who’s one of the engineer in Bhumi’s central station.

Jamie Bamber – Michael, Charles Wilby’s only son
Sean Bean – A Lucien general, Damien’s right hand man
David Bowie – Cameo as a Lucien cleric


Two years after the meteor strike, a dozen group consisting of about 24 people are sent to survey various areas of earth. They’re tasked to make sure earth is ‘ready’ to be rebuilt and report back to Bhumi’s authorities. All the human survivors now living in Bhumi have been brainwashed to think that Renovaré’s main mission is to ‘reset’ the world as we know it to improve or make it better.

Joshua Prescott is the leader of Faction 316 consisting of eight men to survey the area of formerly the UK, and set up their station in a Scottish moor. In their sixth day, they come across a group of survivors living in the basement of a castle ruin. They survive on canned foods and water they’ve managed to collect just before the meteor strike. Prescott and his team have orders from the Renovaré general to execute survivors because of threat of meteoric ‘poison’ that will potentially contaminate the area and endanger the lives of the survivors who’d later occupy the space. Prescott normally have no problem obeying orders, as he believes that sacrifices have to be made for the greater good. But when he meets Lena, a beautiful woman who’s rumpled and scrawny given the circumstances, it’s as if he’s seeing the woman in his dreams, so he’s unable to kill her and her friends. He orders his team not to harm the group.

Apocalyptic depiction of a future London by German artist Marco Bauriedel

It turns out there are imperfections in the Luciens’ memory erase program. On some individuals, the procedure has ‘leaks’ in that the subject will recall bits and pieces of their past in the form of dreams. In the last few months leading up to the mission, Joshua has been dreaming more frequently of Lena, but he has no idea who she is. The fact is, Joshua and Lena had gotten engaged just months before he’s recruited by the Luciens and had his memory wiped out. In Bhumi, Joshua has been involved with another woman, Saffron, a Lucien chosen by Damien specifically for him, yet he can’t help feeling drawn to Lena. Joshua doesn’t remember Léon even though he was pretty close with Lena’s father prior to being recruited. This convinces Léon even more that something has been done to these human recruits that causes them to lose their memory.

Seth sees Joshua as a personal rival as well as a threat to his group. The next day, he and a few of his loyal men launch an attack against Joshua, which results in several of Seth’s group getting killed in the process. Léon begs Seth for cease fire and tells him that that he believes Joshua is the key to knowing the truth about what really happened. Joshua is the only one who can provide proof of the Luciens’ existence, besides, the resistance is no match to the much more well-equipped Renovaré team. Seth reluctantly agrees.

Meanwhile, Joshua’s dreams of Lena are getting more intense ever since he came back to earth, to the point that he would wake up weeping uncontrollably. Frantically, he goes back to see Lena and Léon and find them in the middle of a praying session with Charles, whose condition is getting worsened because of the injury he sustained during the meteor attack. Yet his eyes are still full of hope as he reaches for Joshua’s hands to calm him down. He tells him about his son Michael who’s about the same age as Joshua and proceeds to show him a torn picture of him that Charles carries with him at all times. Joshua recognizes Michael as one of the engineers working at Bhumi’s central station and when he informs Charles this, the ailing 75-year-old makes Joshua promise that he’d make things right and help the survivors find the truth. The next day, Charles dies.

One of the Renovare’s team’s earth-bound stations

Joshua now feels torn between his allegiance to Damien and a life he’s grown accustomed to in Bhumi, and his strong feelings and deep empathy for Lena and the resistance group. Despite what he’s learned on earth, he still can’t fathom that Bhumi is ruled by an alien race as they look and behave just like humans. A week later, right before he makes a quick trip to Bhumi to report to Damien, Andrew finds Joshua behind Seth’s back and tells him about a strange visit he encountered in his office just weeks before the meteor attack and how his guests were very interested about the iron ore-grade commercial mining operations in various parts of the world. He doesn’t know what it all means, but figures that it might provide a clue to the origins of the Luciens. Joshua notices a tattoo of a woman’s face on Andrew’s arm, she is the splitting image Damien’s lover but he refrains from saying anything.

Back in Bhumi, Joshua and Saffron are invited to dinner by Damien at his compound. Damien is very fond of Joshua and tells him of his grand vision for earth. Joshua does his best to pretend everything is ok, but every time he looks at Vivien, he can’t help wondering her connection with Andrew. He also feels incredibly uneasy to share a room with Saffron because of his feelings for Lena, and refuses to sleep with her. In the middle of the night, he leaves his room to get some air in a secluded lake. He finds Vivien there and Joshua uses the opportunity to ask her about Andrew. Sure enough, Joshua’s description of Andrew fits the picture of the man in her dreams. Joshua tells Vivien what he learns from earth and Vivien breaks down in tears and Joshua consoles her in his embrace, telling her to make sure to keep this a secret for now. At this point, Saffron sees the two of them and thinks they’re having an affair.

The next day, Saffron confronts Joshua and threatens to tell Damien about the affair. Joshua denies it but Saffron refuses to believe him, and in a moment of panic, he lunges at her and accidentally knocks her unconscious. That night, he drugs Saffron and takes her to earth to be examined by Léon. Indeed he finds an alien DNA in Saffron, thus proving his theory. Joshua goes berserk realizing he’s been utterly betrayed and lied for the past three years, and immediately wants to return to Bhumi to kill Damien. But Lena stops him, telling him that being brash about this might actually cost them dearly. Damien is so powerful that he not only would kill Joshua but could also wipe out the surviving earth population. Right now, the human population controlled by the Luciens in Bhumi outnumbered the survivors, so the only way to fight against the alien colony is by setting the humans free of the Luciens’ ‘spell.’

Joshua realizes there is not a lot of time before Damien finds out about Saffron and his team members to grow suspicious of his activities on earth. It turns out there is a mole on his team who saw Joshua sneaks Saffron to earth. He alerts Damien immediately unbeknownst to Joshua who’s on the way back to Bhumi. Damien is furious and in his wrath, he trashes Joshua’s compound. Vivien tries to provide an alibi for Joshua but Damien accuses her for conspiring against him and in his rage, he chokes her to death.

City Chase by Tiger 1313

Damien orders his subordinates to capture Joshua who’s still en route to Bhumi. Joshua notices there are three military planes trailing him, and an intense air chase ensues. Joshua’s plane is hit but he manages to land about twenty miles from his earthbound station right in the middle of a thunderstorm. But by now he can’t go back there because members of his Faction are loyal to Damien. He has no way of contacting Léon to run away, so he must kill his former team mates because they know the location to the resistance group’s hiding place. He gets into a shootout with members of his Faction, which leads into a chase across the hilly Scottish moor. Joshua is the best-trained shooters in Bhumi, so he manages to kill them all but he does get shot in the left shoulder. Seth ends up finding him unconscious just a mile outside of the compound and brings him inside. When Joshua wakes up the next day, Lena has treated his wound and tells him Seth rescued him. She tells Joshua she was terrified of losing him again. Though he still doesn’t remember her, he falls for her all over again and they share a kiss.

Léon is ecstatic that his future son-in-law has returned and he tells the group a new hope has arrived. The resistance group welcomes Joshua with open arms, and even Andrew who’s been Seth’s best friend, proclaims that he could be the group’s new leader. Joshua suddenly realizes Seth isn’t amongst the crowd. Joshua searches for Seth to thank him for saving his life, but finds neither he nor Saffron are in the compound.


Joshua and Lena marry in a small ceremony. There is a new hope for the resistance group now that Joshua is on their side. But it’s no time for celebration as they have to move to a different hiding place in case the Luciens find out their current whereabouts. There’s also a whole new uncertainties concerning Seth and Saffron.

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What do you think, folks? Would you be interested to see a sci-fi movie like this one? If you have any ideas/suggestions about the plot or title, please let me know.

77 thoughts on “Hollywood Movie Draft Pitch III: Untitled Sci-Fi by Duncan Jones

  1. The backstory seems a bit complicated, and i’m not sure the audience would get all of it from the movie. But i would give this one a try.

    I might have more thoughts later, but i have to go to bed.

    Also i look forward to your opinion on my pitch. I do have to warn you that it is rather long. I was planning to get all my ideas down and then to shorten it after, but i didn’t find anything i could really cut without messing up the story.

    1. It seems complicated in the pitch but in the movie it’s probably easier to digest. I went into extra details here to explain the bigger picture, but what moviegoers really need to know about the Luciens are that they need earth resources and they need humans to increase their population. So it’s not that they ‘hate’ humans, they just have their own agenda and the ‘lesser’ humans don’t fit into their plan.

      I’ll check out your pitch later. Thanks for your feedback, Julian.

    1. I wouldn’t even know where to begin, Ted, but perhaps w/ your help? 😀 Btw, you said in your email this sounds like a cross between Total Recall and Dune? I haven’t seen either movie, but now I’m curious.

      1. I third that real screenplay request and express relief that I am not alone in not having seen Total Recall. Dune is epic but a bit boring in places. Definitely worth the time though as it put the sci-fi genre in a broader context.

        1. Why thanks everyone for thinking that I COULD actually write a screenplay 😀 I’ve been meaning to take a class on it, but who knows when and where I could do it.

  2. You are such a talented lady aren’t you Ruth? Sometimes I read your blog and actually feel a little hate for you and your talented mind!! HAHAH JOKE

    Love this great story, really well thought out. Cast is great. I am more than a little in love with Emily Blunt too so I am a happy bunny. Not really a fan of Thandie Newton though. I don’t know why, just annoys me. Wouldn’t stop me watching the film though.

    Great Job matey, LOVE IT!!


    1. Oh Custard, you always say the the kindest thing… thank you, good sir, I’m verklempt 😀

      I’m so glad you like it, it kind of went over my head a little as the more I go deeper into it the more questions I have on how to tie it all together, he..he..

      As for the cast, well I figure people are gonna have issues with one or two of them, can’t please everybody I suppose. At least I haven’t heard people spewing hate about the main cast: Viggo, Chris & Emily. And if any consolation, Thandie won’t be in the sequels 🙂

      Thanks again for your lovely comment!

      1. Can the tagline be: ‘Again… Viggo Mortensen is still the King!’ ‘The King is most certainly alive and well! or ‘The king is back in the building!’ You could use other LOTR related funnies of course. The lay of Lucien 😉 Or not 🙂

        1. Ha..ha.. Yeah Ronan, I’ll be sure to tell my marketing ‘people’ to milk the heck out of Aragorn er, Viggo in promoting this movie 😀

  3. Sure, I’d see it. Finally saw Thor over the weekend, and enjoyed Hemsworth and Elba. I’m not overly impressed w/Romola Garai, but it’s cool that you’re including her.

    1. Hey Sam, glad you finally saw THOR. I really enjoyed it, I mean it’s the first movie I saw twice in the theater this year!

      Which movie have you seen Romola in? I thought she was excellent in Atonement and Amazing Grace, which were totally different role that she pulled off quite well. I like the fact that she is drop-dead gorgeous but not at all a bimbo.

      1. I think I actually haven’t seen her in a movie … I saw her onstage as Cordelia opposite Ian McKellan as King Lear. She was sort of weird and spastic.

        Actually, I take that back. I saw her in Branagh’s As You Like It … she was ok there.

        I just finished reading Atonement a while back, so maybe I’ll get around to seeing that eventually. 🙂

        1. Oh you’ve seen Mr. McKellen on stage?? Wow, how neat! Well perhaps that’s what Romola’s role required her to be?

          I highly recommend Atonement, and if you like McAvoy, you’ll love him even more in it.

          1. Yep. McKellan was incredible. And no, I wouldn’t say that Cordelia should be weird and spastic, but hey, I’m not the Royal Shakespeare Company, so maybe I’m wrong. 😀

            I think I added Atonement to the old queue … I’m interested to see it. I do like McAvoy, but he’s totally wrong for the role, so I find that interesting.

  4. Mike

    Wow. Period. The scope of this concept is as big as the cast. I personally love apocalypse sagas so this would be right up my alley. Ummm, CG companies would love this flick too $$$.

    1. Thanks Mike. Yeah I think there’ll be a lot of CGI involved to create the sets and the action sequences, but there are a lot of stuff filmed on location as well (in Scotland) and that big shootout between Joshua and his former team mates will NOT be CGI. So it’ll be more gritty on earth and very slick when they’re in Bhumi.

      1. Ten bucks?!?! NEVER!*

        *(I go to matinées for $4 or $5)

        I was sold once you had the cast and the director. I’d definitely see it based on that group. I’m not sure I’d get to the theater to see it- I’d probably wait for DVD/Blu-Ray- but I would definitely see it at some point.

  5. Vince

    I love the cast – something for everybody! The Plot is excellent as well and I’m a sci fi nut. You can’t go wrong with your ensemble. Vin Diesel and Michael Bay are absent. This can be good!

    1. Thanks Vince… well I’m glad you think there’s something for everybody, that’s what I hope. I love sci-fi romance thriller, any love story set in space w/ romances between various beings like in BSG, I’m a sucker for that.

      Ha..ha… no, you won’t see Riddick in this one and Michael Bay will NOT be consulted for the action sequences. I kinda think that Duncan Jones is the anti-Michael Bay.

  6. PrairieGirl

    Great story! Will I have to wait for the sequel to see my guy James (Seth) being more prominent in his resistance-leader role?;-D

    1. I hope this appeals to you in some way, Becky, as I know you don’t like sci-fi stuff.

      As for James, well he’s gonna have a decent screen time in this but yes, in the sequel he’d have more prominent roles. There’ll be a lot of brooding, longing look as well as bad-assery from him as Seth. As you know, I have a penchant for unrequited-love stories and scenes of pent-up passion, ha..ha..

      1. PrairieGirl

        As you well know, I will always make an exception to see ANY of Ruf’s, James or GB movies, so I would certainly count you as part of that group – I would for sure see any and all of YOUR films!

        P.S. Free passes to the premier would be nice ;-D

        1. Why thank you, Becky, you said as if there were even a chance I’d ever have one of my concepts made, but hey, they say never stop dreaming, right?

          But yeah, if dreams do come true, you’ll get more than just premiere passes! 😀

          1. PrairieGirl

            Oh, my, more than just passes? Like a meet and greet with one of the cast?… oh, now THAT would certainly seem like science fiction!

  7. Are we taking for granted the fact that Luciens and humans are capable of cross-breeding? You mention that the Luciens breed slowly to begin with, plus the fact that Earth’s polluted atmosphere has a severely adverse affect on them. Is Lucien-human compatibility a plot point within the movie? Is underpopulation even a concern among the Lucien people, or just Damien?

    1. Excellent question, Rich. Well, I was gonna have Vivien be pregnant with Damien’s child, but he realizes it too late as he’s already killed her.

      I wasn’t going to make the Lucien-human compatibility a big plot point, it’ll just be assumed that there is not a huge issue and the co-breeding is entirely possible. The polluted atmosphere is a concern that’s why they pretty much hit the reset button for earth and start over by destroying them w/ their bombs (that makes it look like a meteor attack).

      The underpopulation is a concern for the Luciens but Damien is power-hungry so he obviously has a grand vision of a race who submits to his authority and him alone.

  8. I have only read the first part and cast description so far but this sounds really fascinating and well-written. I will give it a more thorough read tonight with the rest of the pitches, this definitely sounds up my alley! 🙂

    1. Glad to hear it, Castor, I hope it appeals to sci-fi fans out there.

      I try to make it shorter than my last 2 pitches that’s why I didn’t have the Act 1 – 4 parts of it (as that will be decided at a later stage). I just hope people get the gist of the basic premise and what the Luciens are all about.

      1. Ok got a chance to read it all. I’m a bit confused in regards to the traveling between Bhumi and the Earth, most notably at the end of your pitch. You say he is traveling to Bhumi but gets shot down, would he be in space if he was on his way there? Also, if the mole contacted Damien, wouldn’t he be able to reveal the location of the survivors? Lol I’m probably nitpicking 😛

        1. Oh, you’re not being nit-picky at all, Castor. I realize I was in a hurry writing this so some of the details weren’t clear. I’ve changed that sentence about the air chase now. So to answer your question, yes Joshua was en route to Bhumi from earth, but when he sees three Bhumi military jets trailing him, he reckons something is wrong. Sure enough they starts shooting at him so he flies back towards earth, which is when his plane gets hit.

          As for the mole, he only sees Joshua sneaking Saffron out of Bhumi, but doesn’t know the exact location of the survivors’ hiding place. Hope that makes sense.

  9. You had me at “Equilibrium” , but looking good so far. Still waiting for that title!!! hint hint ! Love the clean simple look of the Earth bound stations. There’s never enough intelligent sci-fi to suit my taste. Avatar while entertaining….just didn’t cut it.

    1. Hi Markus! Glad to see a fan of Equilibrium, I’m a huge fan of that movie though I was telling another blog that I wish they tone down the fight scenes as it became too much for me.

      I raked my brain and just couldn’t come up w/ the title. I was gonna use something with the Luciens but the story isn’t just about them, and I want something simple but iconic like Star Wars, y’know. If you think of something, pls let me know.

      I agree that intelligent sci-fi is hard to come by, I think BSG is right up there though.

      1. You should give it a watch, Markus. I became addicted after my friend Vince lent me his pilot dvd. Haven’t got around to watching Caprica though.

  10. Wow!!! reading that long really makes my eyes spin!! and I don’t think I got all the story right…will try to read it again using my mobile later.

    I have 1 question,did you name it Bhumi as in Bumi?? 😉
    (I am too lazy to change my blog account)

    1. Hi Kame 😀 So you got your PC fixed then Nov?

      He..he.. I knew somehow you’d comment about the Bhumi thing. Yep, it is Bumi, which is a Sanskrit word for earth. Someone asked me on Twitter (he’s Indian) whether it’s Hindi. I just think it’s a perfect name for a planet much like earth that is livable for humans.

      1. finally finished rereading it
        hoping this comment will go thru as I often refused by your comment form 😉

        great story, Ruth, you are such good writer. Do write a book like Nick 😉

        Sangsekerta is rooted from Hindi if I am not mistaken. I think it’s a great choice to use the word … it sure catches my attention.

        my monitor is unstable, sometimes it behaves nicely like last night, sometimes it behaves so bad by giving me black screen. I need to buy new monitor but it has to wait till next month. I am now hoping it always behaves nicely

        1. THANK YOU Nov! Sorry you’re having issues w/ your computer… it’s such a pain to be able to only use your mobile.

          Well I’d love to write a novel out of this if I have the talent for it… alas my first attempt for a novel is pretty much squashed by this blog. Maybe one day I’ll pick it up again but to start something new is so daunting. Thanks for thinking I could do it though 😀

  11. 5 words: GIVE ME THE SEQUEL…NOW!! haha!

    I loved reading this Ruth. I would totally watch this. As opposed to the type of movie I thought you might write (I like a good romance here and there, but this was GREAT)! I am so glad you went with the angle you chose.

    Nice addition with all of the artwork. very appropriate and helped set the atmosphere (no pun intended!)

    Glad to see some tragedy (Vivian, Léon’s wife, Wilby!), conflict, and happiness. A well-rounded sense of realism! Loved it!

    Any further thoughts for your title?

    1. Why thanks T! I realize it’s quite ambitious to create a pitch that require a sequel but lots of movies these days seem to be tailored for a trilogy so why not? 😀

      It was fun finding the futuristic concept art, man there are sooo many talented artists out there, it’s amazing how fantastic these renderings are.

      Glad you like the plot… I don’t think there’s gonna be too much jubilation in this story, but it’s not a complete downer like The Road either. Just like life, there’s sorrow and joy in our lives, too, right?

      Oh, I’ve decided my title will be RESTAURO (Latin for rebuild/renew) which is also the name for the earth rebuilding project that Joshua is involved in.

  12. well, you know I love postapocalyptic stories and sf films, so I like this idea.
    Nice job, Flixy!
    And I was surrounded by very very warm feelings imagining Hemsworth and Blunt, two of my dear dear creatures, as a couple in your film. They could be the hottest couple ever. Which means we need lots of hot scenes between them as well 🙂

    1. Glad you approve, Dezzy!! 😀 Ha..ha… surrounded by warm feelings, you are too funny! Yes, I think both of them would look lovely together and I’m sure they’d have much better chemistry than Blunt with Matt Damon in Adjustment Bureau. What’s ‘hot’ enough for you Dezzy? This movie is PG-13 😉

      1. well, we must see at least one scene with Blunt showering and at least five to six scenes with shirtless Hemsworth 🙂 Preferably with him and Purefoy working out in a gym shirtless together. That’s PG13 I reckon.

        1. Ha…ha.. Dezzy, you’re so full of naughty ideas! But in post-apocalypse earth I don’t think they have the luxury to take even one shower let alone six times 😀

  13. Hello. So as promised here are my honest thoughts. Firstly, I loved the concept. I like it how you call the alien planet “Bhumi” and earth as well “Earth”. The film works on a number of levels with good action, drama, romance, mystery, and twists. Add to that the sci-fi element and it is pretty good.

    Now for the things that I could not understand.
    1. How do they travel between Bhumi and Earth. While reading it comes across as if people from Bhumi just pick their bags up and soon they hae reached Earth.
    2. The fact that humans can stay on earth and the aliens cannot must have a stronger explanation. After a meteor shower it would not be inhabitable for a few years. 2 years seems to short a time. Also if the aliens are a superior being why can’t they have some sort of protective clothing/breathing device to enter earth. Also its important why they would use bombs on earth that would result in them not going to earth for a long period of time when their aim is to settle there.
    3. I fear Anthony Hopkins role is underused for someone of his calibre. He should have a much stronger presence even if he dies early. Otherwise maybe another well known star can be used who is not as iconic as him.
    4. The love triangle between Joshua, lena and the third person I feel is a little bit of a cliche. Maybe in Indian films if not in westerm so not sure.

    Other than that I think the movie idea has a lot of potential. I personally would keep it to a sequal rather than a trilogy at the expense of it dragging, but then thats me.

    Wishing you all the best.

    1. Hi Raghav,

      Sorry I finally got a chance to look at your questions more closely. First, thanks so much for taking the time to read it, and second, these are all valid questions! I was going to include all the details about transportation, etc. but afraid that it’d be too long a pitch. Anyway, I’ll try to answer your questions to the best of my ability:

      1. How they travel from Bhumi to Earth? By spaceships, as I alluded in the second to last paragraph. I wrote ‘military planes’ but it should’ve been ‘military spaceships’ Let me address the distance between the two planets, Bhumi is located about 1/5 closer in distance between earth and Venus at its closest possible opposition (which is the point when the planets are at their closest approach to each other). These spaceships are built by the Luciens and they’re super fast, kind of like a bullet planes if you will, that can travel 100 times faster than the fastest jets we have now) so they can travel from Bhumi to earth in a matter of hours.

      2. As for why the humans can stay on earth and the Luciens can’t is because the air pollution in the atmosphere have a much more severe reaction to their genetic structure. They technically CAN visit earth for a short period of time, but to stay and settle here, it would endanger their health faster than it does humans. They don’t require protective helmets to visit earth, but they would get sick real fast when exposed to the polluted air (let’s just say within days the pollution will attack their respiratory system). But even if they could just inhabit earth without any of these issues, the ambitious and power-hungry leader Damien doesn’t really want to live together with the earth population they deem ‘less intelligent’ than their kind, thus he’d rather co-breed with the best of us and create a whole new race.

      They use their own made bombs to destroy earth to make ’em look like a meteor attack. These bombs would do two things for the Luciens: One, destroy the earth surface and architecture (so they can rebuild it in their own designs) as well as the population that they haven’t already selected; and two, neutralize the atmosphere to make earth more habitable for them. But that neutralization would take some time to take effect, I’d say 2 years is sufficient. So by the time the story starts, some of the humans crew in the Restauro projects have actually been going back and forth to earth to build their stations beforehand, but they just haven’t begun the actual mission yet until now.

      3. You mean Sean Connery, right? I didn’t cast Mr. Hopkins in my movie 😀 In any case, I I can see how you may think his role is insignificant, but even though his role is more of a cameo (w/ a total of 10-minute screen time), it’ll be a memorable one as it’s the first moment of ‘epiphany’ for the protagonist when Connery’s character told him about his son who disappeared but was actually recruited by the Luciens. There’ll also be some flashbacks between him and his son Michael that I haven’t mentioned in the pitch.

      4. Love triangles can be a cliched concept, I agree. It depends on how it’s treated though. In this circumstance, there is more at stake between the three of them than just the romance thing, there is also a bit of a power rivalry thing between Seth and Joshua as before Joshua arrived, Seth was the leader of the group, so he’s not too happy by how quickly the group accept someone new… especially when that also means losing someone he’s been trying to get close to for some time.

      Yeah, I think a sequel would probably be sufficient. Though in a trilogy, the Lucien universe could be explored a bit more.

      Hope my answers are sufficient for you, Raghav, sorry it took me a while to answer but I didn’t want to just wing it 😀

  14. Great work Ruth, If i remember right you kept it a lot shorter this time? If its so its a good thing. Lengthy pitches are hard to stay focused on.

    You have a clear and concrete that is well executed. This kind of setup might not be my primary cup of tea but if you edit a trailer with good action sequences my fiancé will drag me to the cinemas. She is also a huge fan of this kind of cinema/TV-work.

    I also like the epic scale of it with the drama and romance elements.

    For improvement I think you should read Raghas comment because there are some question marks there but I’m not that into the story to point them out to you.

    Overall its a great presentation as usual with the pics and design,

    Good work!

    1. Hi Joel, thanks man, glad you like it. Yes it’s shorter but as you can see, I couldn’t go into much detail like I did in my first one.

      Yes you’re right, the trailer is key, I wish I knew how to make those fake ones, it’d be great to use some of the shots/scenes from other sci-fi movies and edit ’em to make it your own. Oh, your fiance likes action stuff, huh, good for her!

      Glad you think it feels epic, it certainly is ambitious but I’m not envisioning this to be a $200+ million movie like Avatar.

      I’ve replied to Raghav’s questions, I should’ve included them in my pitch but then I’ll get flagged about the length, he..he..

  15. Pingback: Hollywood Fantasy Draft III: The Movie Pitches — ANOMALOUS MATERIAL

  16. If I may I have a suggestion. Why when presumably it could be anywhere on Earth would Joshua be placed back in the same place as his ex partner? Seems a bit coincidental unless perhaps he volunteered for the mission after recognising reconnaissance pictures or maybe just place names from his dreams? Impressive pitch which I think could be as good as anything made today.

    1. Hi Chris, welcome to FC! Oh good question. Of course in movies, coincidence/serendipity, etc. does happen… but the way I envision this is that Joshua and Lena were actually living in London before the ‘meteor’ attack, so Joshua was placed by the Luciens to survey and clean up parts of the UK because he’s more familiar with that area. The survivors came from all areas in the UK and Ireland, but as they travel from one area to another within the two years to find a livable shelter, they somehow find the resistance group who’ve been staying in the castle ruin near where Joshua’s station is. I like your theory too, but if his dreams are essentially his memories, he hadn’t been to that castle so he wouldn’t have a memory of it.

      Thanks for your great feedback!

  17. I know I’m a bit late, but i would definitely go see this! There will have to be a fair amount of exposition, but no more than any other sci-fi property. I too assumed there will be a sequel or two. And again, like your other pitch, I think it would also make a good novel. Awesome job!

    1. Hi Paula, well better late than never 😀 Thanks for your feedback, girl, glad you like this one. Yeah, the exposition is what I struggle with but I figure in the movie it would be easier to digest visually than reading the explanation on a pitch.

      If only I had the chops to make a novel out of it… I might try to make a screenplay out of this one or Hearts Want, but I’d have to take some classes first.

      Thanks for your lovely feedback, doll 🙂

  18. Sorry it took me so long to get around to reading and commenting Ruth. I am really impressed with the scope of the vision you’ve created here. I’m wondering how long you spent etching out the finer details and coming up with the characters? How do you manage to have a husband and a job and a social life and a blog all at the same time?!? How do you do it? Can I have some of whatever it is you’re taking? I like the concept art. Are those original pieces that you had commissioned? There is a house round the corner from us that looks like that Restauro earth-bound stattion. I think you should write a cameo role for Arnie. He could be an ex-politician who is trying rebuild his movie career by financing Damien 🙂 Are you seriously thinking of making a screenplay? I think you should. I would definitely see your film. But then I would say that. I think other people would see it too though, there is definitely an audience for this type of film after Avatar (hope you don’t mind the comparison). I want to know what happens next!

    1. Hey Ronan! Oh don’t apologize… I know everyone’s busy… THANK YOU for taking the time to read this whole thing. He..he.. you make me feel as if I were a superwoman, Ronan… man I struggle every day to be able to keep up this blog. Well I tell you that my house is quite a mess so something’s gotta give, right? I must say my hubby is quite understanding as well for putting up with the amount of time I spend blogging, ahah.

      As for the story, well, it’s funny but I actually came up with the idea about 2 months ago when Castor first made the announcement for the 3rd fantasy pitch. But it’s sort of evolved into this one you just read. In fact, that whole 3rd act was done the night before I posted it, so I sort of made stuff up as I go, ha..ha.. Coming up with the names are fun, the name of the protagonist, Joshua, is from the Bible of course, and Damien is from that horror movie The Omen which is perfect for the villain I thought. As for Lucien, I actually got it from my desk calendar with French words on it… in the month of June there’s Lu cien written on it and I thought hmmm, Luciens as the name of an alien race sounds good. Some people think it has to do with Lucifer but it actually is pure coincidence, but hey it’s fine if people want to make that connection 🙂

      Oh there is actually a house that look like that Restauro station near you? That’s cool! The story is set in Scotland so not far from your neck of the woods. No, the concept art images I found via Google search, there are lots of futuristic concept arts from super talented artists all over the world, there is no way I have the resources to ‘commission’ anything of the sort.

      As for the Arnie idea, it’s tempting but I’ll pass… I don’t think I want to have such a cheater be anywhere near my movie!

      Oh boy, I don’t know if I can make a screenplay… I’ve never done one nor do I have the skills to write a screenplay. I’d love to take a class for it and hopefully find someone to train me. I’d hope that if I were to actually pitch this to Hollywood producers, they’d have a screenwriter who knows how to turn this concept into a screenplay.

      Thanks again for reading and I’m so honored you want to see this movie 😀

  19. You’re welcome Ruth, thanks for taking the time to write it. You make want to complain less about not having having more time to do more stuff. I read a quote today which said: ‘Time is our treasure which we use to buy eternity’. Deep huh.

  20. And I thought my story was complicated…. whew that was a read. Well done Ruth. However, this “short” pitch doesn’t do the story justice (and not in a bad way). It is a wonderful baseline for a full story but it definitely needs to be a trilogy (or maybe books first). Also, in the actual movie/book the backstory shouldn’t just be given out like that. Hint to it throughout the book(s)/movie(s) and make it a big reveal and everything. I’m sry if my comment is confusing. I’m writing the thoughts as they come to me

  21. Wow this is so complex I had to read the plot twice. But that’s a good thing. I really love it, I can see it in a Battlestar Gallatica kinda style. I know Thor would bring on the ladies but I think you need someone less mainstream. 🙂

    1. Hey thanks for reading Chris. Ahah yeah I figure it’s a pretty layered story, it took me quite a while to come up w/ it and researching about it. I figure it might work better as a mini series. Ahah well, Hemsworth was not mainstream yet when I cast him but you’re right I might find someone less mainstream and maybe not so hunky, ahah.

        1. Well, I generally prefer actors who aren’t so well-known, which at the time he wasn’t. But he still might work, as this is quite a physical role.

  22. Wow Ruth this is awesome! Very complex and intricate, I can’t even comprehend how you put all of these together. I really like the cast and Viggo as villain, one thing I’m not a fan of is casting of Purefoy, he annoys me for some reason.

    1. Thank you Sati!! I think I might’ve made the plot a bit too complex for my own good, ahah. I did enjoy Battlestar Galactica a lot and this might work more like that series or maybe a 6-part series on cable or something. Ahah, I didn’t know you’re not fond of Purefoy! But no comment about Idris?? I’m flabbergasted 😀 I’d definitely give him prominent screen time and his character is more of the intellectual type as I know he can be just as compelling in more cerebral kind of roles.

  23. What scares me, Ruth, is that you’d let this story line escape without a copyright! Some one is going to dive in and steal your idea. Goodness, girl, you are talented. Don’t share it, own it!
    I will pay to see the film! LOVE your cast, btw. Duncan Jones. Hmm. He’s someone I need to check out. I don’t know much about him.

    1. Hi Cindy! THANKS so much for reading this and your kind words. Well since you said it I’ve put a small copyright line at the end of it, probably too late by now though, ahah. I’m glad you like the story and the cast. Duncan Jones directed Moon and Source Code, I’ve only seen the latter which is a very good sci-fi movie, I highly recommend it.

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