THIS JUST IN! The Dark Knight Rises full trailer is here!

Woot woot! The moment all Nolan fanboys/girls have been waiting for is here! It’s been over two-and-a-half years since The Dark Knight was released in Summer 2008, and now we’ve got the first official glimpse as to how the Batman trilogy will conclude next year. Well, it certainly looks pretty bleak with our hero getting all banged up and Gotham in utter disarray. Check it out below:

Man, I got goosebumps by the time Hans Zimmer’s score came on as the title’s revealed. All right folks, I’m gonna say it: this looks epic!! Ok, now that I’ve got that out my system…  now it’s quite obvious from the official poster that the fight between Batman vs. Bane won’t end well for our tormented hero… his cowl is all smashed up on the floor as Bane walks away. There are even more glimpses of him in a far-from-triumphant state as Bane looks down at him, muttering something about giving him permission to die… and at the end the tagline clearly says: this is it… the legend ends here. That’s quite a fascinating contrast to the title which (seemingly) implies that our hero is to rise above his enemies. Well, will he?? Of course that is for all of us to figure out come next Summer, a friggin’ long seven-month wait (thanks a lot Nolan!)

Btw, Ted and I also saw the 6-8 minute prologue in front of MI4 at IMAX on Friday. Here’s Ted’s reaction to the prologue:

I’ve seen the prologue on IMAX twice now and I can’t get enough of seeing the action on the six-stories-tall screen. Nolan said the reason he shot the film with IMAX cameras was because he wanted the audience to experience the golden age of cinema when films were being shown on Cinerama or 70mm screen back in the 50s and 60s. I think he accomplished that with The Dark Knight and now The Dark Knight Rises.

If there’s a true IMAX theater near you, I highly recommend you check it out on the tall screen. With that said, I thought the prologue wasn’t as good as The Dark Knight‘s opening scene; it felt rushed and yes Bane’s voice was hard to understand but the montage after that scene was great. It’s nice to see Catwoman in full costume and the new Bat jet. I’m quite sure they’ll fix Bane’s voice before the film opens next summer.

Yep, I think we’ll take another trip to IMAX next Summer, Ted! I also agree about Bane’s voice… seriously, you’d think it couldn’t get any worse than Batman’s intelligible growl?? Yes, Tom Hardy’s Bane cuts an intimidating figure but if we can’t understand a darn thing he’s saying, it’ll just be downright comical!

Anyway, I’m not as thrilled as the guys about Catwoman, I mean I don’t really have any strong feeling one way or the other about Anne Hathaway, I just think she lacks the sultriness of Michelle Pfeiffer in Batman Returns but I’ll defer judgment until I see the movie. As I mentioned here a long while ago, I much prefer Marion Cotillard in that role. She’ll be playing Miranda Tate in this one, which according to Wikipedia, miss Tate is a Wayne Enterprises board member eager to help a still-grieving Bruce Wayne resume his father’s philanthropic endeavors for Gotham.

So folks, what are your thoughts on this trailer? Are you as excited about this one as I am?

39 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN! The Dark Knight Rises full trailer is here!

  1. Ted S.

    Yeah it’s great to finally see the trailer in HD and can hear what the heck people were saying, those crappy bootleg trailers were awful. It should be awesome seeing it on the IMAX screen next summer, the down side is we have to wait 7 months to see it!

    If I heard it correctly, I think Bane said this to Batman “Once Gotham is in ashes, then you have my permission to die.”

    BTW, were you able to get to see The Artist screening?

    1. Yeah I know, that’s why I generally avoid bootleg trailers though I couldn’t resist peeking at this one, ahah. We should go together again Ted, this will be worth seeing in IMAX. I’m glad I didn’t get a headache seeing MI4 on IMAX, I was a bit afraid of that as I’m not used to it.

      Oh, the screening is tonight. I CAN’T WAIT!! Thanks again my friend!

  2. I guess hathaway can’t please everybody 😛 But as for me she convinced me she will make a fine Catwoman. As for the trailer as a whole, i liked it. I am a bit worried about the inclusion of so many characters, but i have faith that Nolan will be able to pull it off regardless.

    1. I think if you’re already a fan of hers, no doubt you’ll like her in that role. Yeah, I’m not worried about the number of characters, I think he had an ensemble cast in Inception too and it was totally ok.

  3. Oh my God! I got goosebumps just seeing the poster! I’m not going to see the trailer now since I’m the computer lab at school. I’m pretty sure there’s going to be a lot of ‘ooh’s and ‘aaah’s with some ‘dang!’ or ‘wth?!’ if I see it now, so I think it will be wise to see it when I get home later 🙂

    1. So did you see it yet Wulan? Yeah some trailers are best seen at home as I got too excited as well, I practically clapped when that score came on… sooo darn epic!! 🙂

  4. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Nice write up and photos!

    Looking forward to seeing Tom Hardy as Bane. Also Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I’m not a fan of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman. Would much rather see Beth Reisgraf (Parker from TNT’s ‘Leverage’) as Harley Quinn seeking revenge for the death of the Joker.

    I don’t Marion Cotillard’s popularity. I thought she was okay in ‘Inception’, but that’s the only film I’ve seen her in.

    1. Wow, glad to hear from a guy’s point of view about Anne as Catwoman. Well I suppose I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt, who knows she might surprise me.

      Marion was great in Midnight in Paris, oh but she was phenomenal in NINE. She’s the best thing in that movie IMO.

  5. No surprise that I think it looks awesome. Tom Hardy is crazy scary in this. With him, JGL & Marion Cotillard all from Inception, it reminds me of how the Old Hollywood directors would work with the same actors for a bunch of pictures, or how Orson Welles always worked with most of the same people with the Mercury Theatre. Some of the best movies were made that way 🙂

    1. Yeah, once again the villain is gonna top the hero w/ scary Hardy. Yeah, a bit of favoritism going on here but Nolan likes to work w/ the same actors repeatedly. Not surprising though, I’m reading Peck’s biography now and he worked w/ Henry King & William Wyler several times as well.

        1. Hi, Paula, Ruth and dirtywithclass,

          Excellent point about directors and the preferred stable of actors. That was the way Hollywood worked in the old days. Almost to the point that the director became a brand name, because the audiences had a very good idea of what to expect. Hitchcock leaps to mind. As does Hawks, Ford, Welles, Wyler and Billy Wilder.

          Clint Eastwood had his own stable of talent to choose from throughout the 1970s and 80s. It’s nice to see the young Turks gaining popularity by using people they know can deliver through past efforts.

          1. Sorry I’m late with my reply…Christmas is a crazy time…I tend to like the “repertory company” way of working because when people are comfortable with each other, I think they can relax and do their best work. All of those Jack mentioned are great examples. The only drawback I can see is the potential for stereotyping…but I don’t think that’s gonna happen with Dark Knight Rises…for example, Eames vs. Bane.

  6. If Marion Cotillard is the cat woman, guys will be drooling all over her, with that catwoman leather outfit. Agree with you, Ruth, not so sure about Anne Hathaway being cat woman.

    1. I think Marion has that inherent elegance about her, but given her recent pregnancy it probably just won’t be possible timing-wise for her to fit into that skintight Catwoman outfit.

      1. Cotillard could have done it I think. She was filming something two weeks after giving birth. Her wardrobe was not forgiving and you never would have known she’d just had a baby. Those French! 😉

        1. I know, right? It’s not enough that she is ridiculously gorgeous. Yeah I think even if she didn’t become as svelte as Anne, I still think she’s far more sultry.

  7. Saw this on Friday night before Sherlock Holmes. Good trailer that does a nice job of making you intrigued without giving anything away. I do think the effects are a bit dodgy with the football field crumbling down like that.

    1. I thought the football field crumbling looked ok, I kept thinking, wow, lucky QB! 🙂 Nolan’s good in keeping the mystery, that’s why his trailers are always so fun to watch.

        1. Ahahaha… I meant to say wide receiver. Oh he is a real football player, that’s interesting. How cool that he got to be in Nolan’s Batman movie!!

  8. Ruth, you’re completely spot on – this looks epic! The previous two films were excellent and I expect nothing less of this one.

    It’s great to see some familiar faces plus Tom Hardy, JGL and Marion Cotillard. I’m not sure about Anne Hathaway just yet, though. Whenever I see her I just think ‘romcom’…

    1. Hi Claire, epic is the word!! I do hope Nolan can match the astronomical hype of this, I’m guessing he would though given his reputation. I’m definitely optimistic about this one, Anne Hathaway’s casting notwithstanding.

  9. I got so excited when I saw this trailer on AM, wasn’t even aware that it was out. have to say I am even more excited now that I’ve seen the trailer. It did seem to be lacking something. Couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe just the rest of the film. It is always such a tease to see only a little bit of a film I’m hotly anticipating. I think I’d almost prefer to see no trailers and just wait for the theatrical release next year. Oops, too late. I could never have waited. I’m way too impatient. Can’t wait to see the new MI. Will read your review 2moro. Going to try one more time to watch the Hobbit trailer and then it’s off to bed. Thanks Ruth.

    1. Hi Ronan, yeah I don’t think I could bear not watching trailers either. I can avoid reading/looking at those on-set pics but trailers I can’t resist! I look forward to your thoughts on MI4.

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