The Case of Being Spellbound: Musings on Movie Crushes

I’ve been wanting to write this post for some time… but seeing how swoon-worthy Gregory Peck in Spellbound I feel like indulging. Besides, one of my longtime crush is having a birthday this Saturday, another one has a movie opening this Friday, and my friend Novia just happened to be celebrating her Monthly [Cillian] Murphy series on her ultimate movie crush, so today just seems as good a time as any. Admit it, we’ve all got our share of movie crushes. Some last only as long as the film you saw him/her in question remains in your memory, but some crushes linger for years.

So what really constitute as a movie crush?

I think a real crush is when you like an actor so much you just can’t get enough of them. You want to see everything he’s ever done, and you’re willing to track down even the most obscure little thing you could find, even if he has only like 5-minute screen time. That’s what I did as a wee girl when I fell for Christopher Reeve in Superman. Or the time I ordered a DVD of this British sit-com Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married all the way from New Zealand because Gerry Butler has a part in it, ahah. Turns out to be a pretty funny show thankfully.

Contrary to what you might think, I don’t fall for actors very often. Well, you know, the whole butterfly-in-the stomach variety. In fact, I was surprised how much I was struck by Peck in Spellbound… It was a big swoon moment as I watched the way he looked at and held Ingrid Bergman… I was um, spellbound by his gorgeous face (and how his ears sort of stick out a bit), the way his dark hair kind of curl on his forehead, his deep voice. There’s also that quiet grace about him that I always find irresistible in a man. So yeah, it’s one of those rare swept-off-my-feet moments that when it happens, I kind of want to cherish it.

I can only think of a few such hypnotic moments. If you read this blog long enough, none of this is a surprise to you. Back in December 2004, it took the second viewing of Phantom of the Opera for me to fall for who else but ze Butler. It was a seduction scene when the masked genius led the young ingenue Christine to his lair. Well let’s just say she wasn’t the only one to come under his spell, ehm. A couple of years ago, watching Mr. Thornton in BBC’s North & South got me swooning over Richard Armitage. It’s a tough role to match as I haven’t been that mesmerized by anything else he’s done since (hopefully his role in The Hobbit would mean he gets more movie roles!)

Another time I recall was in Sense & Sensibility, the moment Col. Brandon was struck by Marianne’s beauty (and her singing) and the way he’d secretly steal glances from her and read to her with such affection, I will forever be a fan of Alan Rickman because of that role. Oh, and I can’t possibly leave out the moment I saw Dalton emerged as Rochester in 1983 Jane Eyre. He fell off his horse and I fell head over heels in love πŸ™‚ I had already fancied him as Bond, but it’s his portrayal as Rochester that did me in. There were other less-intense-but-still-memorable crushes such Gabriel Byrne in Little Women, Karl Urban in The Lord of the Rings, Christian Bale in The New World, Lee Pace in The Fall, Eric Bana in Troy, and Tom Hiddleston in Thor, to name a few.

As far as movie crushes go, seems that I always fall for either a Brit or Aussie. Even if I had no idea where the guy is from, or how obscure he was or how small a part he has in an big ensemble-cast movie, I’d end up being attracted to someone outside of the US. It’s almost a mathematical certainty (well I said almost because I did fall for the California-born Peck instead of he equally-dashing Brit Cary Grant).Β I don’t know if it’s because my first ever crush was my British ESL teacher, but I think the Brits/Aussie actors just have a more charming personality to go with their looks, not just in movies, but also in interviews/talk show appearances. Now, before you hurl anything at me, I’m not saying American actors aren’t attractive, in fact, some are too perfect-looking that it actually becomes a turn-off for me. Bradley Cooper, Matthew McCougnahey, Chris Pine and the suddenly buff ‘it boy’ Ryan Gosling, seem to fit into that category.

A Taste for the Obscures

Henry Cavill and Gerry Butler were unknown when I first noticed them, and a lot of my crushes are not exactly household names yet. As an actor becomes too famous though, sometimes my fascination would wear off. I kind of feel that way about Michael Fassbender now, though obviously it’s not a fault of his that he’s getting recognized for his work. Overexposure can be such a killjoy, that’s why superstars like Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Leo DiCaprio don’t do anything for me.

Anyway, I don’t know where I’m going with this. I guess Gregory Peck just inspired me to just write about other movie crushes in the past. So thanks for allowing me to indulge a bit in between my search for more Peck’s classic movies to watch, ahah.

Now your turn. Please share your own movie crushes… who’s your long-time crush and which one(s) captured your heart recently?

100 thoughts on “The Case of Being Spellbound: Musings on Movie Crushes

  1. Well, I would not know anything about movie star crushes, oh no! πŸ™‚ The tag line for Byrneholics is “just a little intoxicated by Gabriel Byrne” and I think that is what you are–just a little intoxicated by Gregory Peck at this moment in time. Ok. Maybe a LOT intoxicated. I will feed your Peckish desire: “Roman Holiday,” “The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit,” “The Big Country,” and “On the Beach.” Oh my. You are gonna be drunk indeed after these! Thanks for making it easier to say: “Hi. My name is Stella. And I’m a Byrneholic.” Heh heh.

    1. Ahahahaha… I LOVE it, I’ll attend your AA meeting, or I should say ‘BA’ meeting then, though I’d attend every day if the ‘shrink’ is Mr. Byrne himself. But then we have no hope of being cured then right??

      I have Roman Holiday at home, but might buy a few more from Peck collections, just have to see which one. For sure Spellbound will be my Christmas present, he..he..

  2. PrairieGirl

    Well, aside from my usual suspects who I can watch in almost anything (Rufus Sewell, Gerry Butler, James Purefoy), Hugh Jackman left me totally swooning in Kate & Leopold, but strangely not much else he has done moved me much at all. And Johnny Weissmuller in Tarzan strikes a chord in me too. Looking forward to seeing spellbound to see what all the fuss is about… ;-D

    1. I was gonna mention Hugh as an example of a man who fits the description of being VERY crush-worthy for me, yet he doesn’t do anything at all for me. Not even in K&L, imagine! But yeah, I remember my mom used to talk about Johnny Weissmuller, I think she must’ve seen Tarzan in the cinema πŸ˜‰

  3. Ted S.

    I’ve had huge crushes on a few actresses back in my younger years, Michelle Pfiefer, Sandra Bullock and Goldie Hawn and I’ve seen most of their films back in those days. Now I don’t have that anymore, I think Rachel McAdams is beautiful but I’ve only seen two or three of her films. I guess I just don’t go out of my way to see her films just because I have a crush on her.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah I saw those behind the scenes photos of her new film, she’s still looks great in her 50s. Some actresses aren’t so lucky, Carrie Fisher and Kathleen Turner just to name a few that really didn’t age well.

  4. Whahaha great topic Ruth πŸ˜‰
    Thank you for the mention tho I wonder why it didn’t pingback…I click this post because I have a feeling you’ll be talking about wonderful men.

    you have a lot of crushes!! From the black and white, they all look similar. I totally agree on the overexposed actors….I totally loss interest on them. Blond actors also not interesting to see (except for Paul Bettany).

    I am a loyal fan,I might have lots of eye candies but there are only few crushes…in fact I only have 2. It used to be Keanu Reeves,I like his look and personality (not so much in the acting department)…he got pushed to number 2 by Cillian Murphy…and those are my only crushes.

    What’s interesting about my crush over Cillian is that I enjoy seeing his photos, when I am still into Keanu, I only like him in movies…his still image didn’t attract me.

    1. Ha… ha… you’re welcome, Nov. I was gonna mention about this on your post but I thought I’d just surprise you. I don’t normally go for blond guys either, just a preference thing as there are obviously tons of hot blond men.

      Yeah I know you are very loyal, maybe more than me. But I’ve loved GB for about 6 years now, despite all the dismal rom-coms, ahah. I also still like Keanu but not as intensely so. Interesting that you only have two crushes! I think I have my sub-crushes in between my main ones I guess πŸ˜€

      1. you know I like Bennedict now…but he is just an eye candy, but I do adore his acting.

        I haven’t loved my CM as long as your GB but I have feeling it will be a long love.

      1. well Cas, I have mentioned it in my actors I always watch post πŸ˜‰

        I used to drool over him whenever I saw his movie…handsome beyond believe. I never thought any actor can pushed him aside, I was wrong.

  5. I have a terrible crush on Cate Blanchett. Anything she does I love……even Crystal Skull….(runs from tomato pelting) she was at her most stunningly beautiful best in Benjamin Button. She’s the female equivalent of Gary Oldman to me and can be something completely different in each role. So now I can’t tease you so much about ole Gerard cause you know my weakness!

    1. I LOVE Cate, she’s probably my actress crush. I agree she does look great in Crystal Skull w/ that black, sleek haircut. I still haven’t seen ‘Benjamin Button’ though I’d only see it for Cate, not Pitt. Ha..ha.. you can leave the Gerard teasing to Ross, though I personally think he’s got a hidden crush on that guy πŸ˜‰

  6. Hi, Ruth and company:


    Hands out paper lunch bags for the ladies in attendance so they don’t hyperventilate. πŸ™‚

    Sad to say that not many screen actresses today do much for me crush-wise.

    Kate Beckiinsale caught my eye early on as ‘Hero’ in Brannagh’s ‘Much Ado About Nothing’. There was something refreshingly honest about her. Though her latest leather clad ‘Underworld’ films fall short. Leave leather to the pros, like Diana Rigg’s ‘Mrs. Emma Peel’ from the 1960s TV import, ‘The Avengers’.

    Emma Thompson and Helen Mirren both have held sway over me for years. Just for their elegant style and non compromising attitude. That Myrna Loy employs flawlessly and instinctively.

    1. Mwahahaha… you are too funny, Jack. I wish I had one when I saw Gregory in his bedroom in Spellbound, ahah. I think my heart literally skipped a bit in that moment, he..he..

      I remember you love Kate B. Well she is lovely indeed. I saw her at Comic-con and I kept nudging my husband as he was taking so many pictures of her. Her film choices are questionable though.

      I like both Emma and Helen so I’d say you have a refined taste, my friend πŸ˜€

  7. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Catherine Deneuve on screen. She sort of became legendary in my head in a matter of seconds, and I’ve been preaching the Gospel of Deneuve ever since.

    I also find that a lot of the time, it’s tied to acting ability. Blanchett is a beautiful woman but I find her so much more attractive (and enjoy her work so much more) because she’s so good in all of her roles. Naomi Watts is a stunner but she’s also willing to take on just about any role. Just a few examples.

  8. I fell in love with Russell Crowe just from looking at a picture. And I tend to fall in love all over again if I see him on-screen. I don’t care how puffy everyone else thinks he is. I thought he was hot in Body of Lies. Sigh.

    I’m on board with your Fassbender love, and Tom Hiddleston is the other new face that I’m most interested in these days. Will there be a Top Five shake-up in the works? Who knows …

    Fun post!! I MUCH prefer Cary Grant to Gregory Peck, but it’s all good. πŸ™‚

    1. Which picture was that? Did you remember? I’m w/ you about the weight thing. I still love GB even during his puffy days when he quit smoking (i.e. in The Ugly Truth, though I hated the movie). He’s back to being his svelte self again now though because he’s taken up surfing for his new movie.

      Actually, I’m kind of over Fassbender a bit now. He didn’t wow me as Rochester as much as I thought I had hoped and now the media frenzy surrounds him kind of turn me off a bit. I even find myself liking McAvoy more in First Class than his Magneto, imagine that. Hiddleston however, is lovely. He’s got such a big smile that I think is adorable. Plus, he’s got that stage actor thing going for him, like Dalton.

      Y’know I thought I’d prefer Cary Grant, too. It’s weird how that works. I think Gregory pretty much trumped Clark Gable now as my fave classic actor πŸ˜‰

          1. LOL I know this probably sounds odd, but I generally prefer guys, regardless of how hot, with some clothes on, unless we are actually personally on a no-clothes basis.

            Mmm, Virtuosity-era Crowe …

  9. Vince

    I’ll always love the Olivia de Havilland, Joan Fontaine and especially Gene Tierney. I remember in the 80s being obsessed with Emmanuelle Beart after seeing Manon of the Spring.

  10. The only way I can properly respond to this is with a post of my own. Stop by WSW next Tuesday and you’ll see.

    Congratulations. You’ve inspired me.

    1. I hope you’re not gonna think I’m racist or something ’cause I only list white folks here, ahah. I’m Asian as you probably know and with a crush you really can’t choose who you’ll be attracted to.

      1. NOOOO!! Are you kidding? No way! Nothing like that at all. It’s just that this is a topic I wanna discuss at greater length.

        God, have I gotten that rep now?

        1. He..he.. don’t worry, it’s just me being a bit paranoid as one time I wrote a post about actors I would cast more that got linked by IMDb and I got tons of comments that say where are the colored people, etc, etc. Geez, people are so oversensitive these days.

          I definitely be popping by your post Rich, thanks for the heads up!

  11. Actually for me, i didn’t really get the hype for Fassbender at first but now that i have seen him in more roles i can understand the hype more.

    As for my crushes, my main one right now is Deborah Ann Woll. I liked her when she first appeared on True Blood at the end of the first season, but i really fell in love with her in the second episode of season two of true Blood. The range of emotion she portrayed just amazed me, and i’ve been wanting to see her in more ever since πŸ™‚

    And Dakota Fanning will count as a crush once she reaches legal age(She is 17 currently). I actually felt a bit guilty about enjoying a particular scene from the Runaways when i realized she was 16 at the time. Isabelle Furhman is also another i will put iny my list of crushes when she’s old enough.

    As for older crushes, Kidman and Union would count(I actually put a movie on my instant que because it has Union in it). I also like Jolie a lot more than most movie bloggers.

      1. I’d be very surprised if you hadn’t mentioned miss Woll, Julian.

        Hey, your comment is fine. You didn’t say anything inappropriate. Besides, I’ve liked actors much younger than I am, but I try not to indulge in them, ahah. Henry Cavill is one, and also Andrew Garfield. I think you know I loved Aaron Johnson’s performance in Nowhere Boy, but he’s like almost half my age! Funny that his girlfriend or fiance is actually much older than me though.

        I used to like Jolie, but again, the overexposure is a huge turnoff.

  12. Paula

    This is a great post Ruth…i’ve had so many movie crushes over the years…I might have to steal this topic…i have a classic list and a current list LOL

    I can understand a crush wearing off a little when the actor becomes popular. I first fell for Fassbender in Inglourious Basterds & nobody had a clue who he was, it was like a fun little secret. It was more difficult to find stuff about him, there was like one website about him, and yeah, it led to some interesting viewing πŸ˜‰ i used to be like that about bands when i was younger…once they got popular, I’d stop listening to them LOL

    But I wouldn’t want him to labor in relative obscurity forever, either…he’s such an amazing talent, it just wouldn’t be right. I hope he continues his pattern of picking the blockbusters ~and the indie stuff, even though him being in a movie is usually enough for me to watch it (except for Hunger, I’ve wimped out on that, and I’m not 100% sure Shame is for me either.)

    1. Thank you Paula, I just couldn’t help myself. Been thinking about it all week, ahah. Talking about our movie crushes is so much fun, I don’t know why I hadn’t done it before!

      Yeah I know what you’re saying about an actor’s popularity. It’s funny that I used to wish so desperately that Gerry would get offered a ton of roles, as it was impossible to find anything on him like 4 yrs ago. Now he’s all over the tabloids and stuff and his role choices were questionable, so it was disappointing. He was good in MGP though, and his next two roles sounds interesting. I’m like you though, there are some movies I still refuse to see, i.e. Gamer. And his upcoming 3D action stuff w/ McCougnahey doesn’t interest me at all.

  13. I think my first cinematic crush was Kate Winslet back in the days of Titanic. However, that didn’t really mean I had to see all her movies or anything. Even to this day, I have only seen the aforementioned Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and bits of a few of her other movies.

  14. my movie crushes are always obscures πŸ™‚ and then they always become stars, I think I have visionary powers πŸ™‚ After Henry Cavill, Fassbender, Butler, it’s now happening with Luke Evans and Eddie Redmayne πŸ™‚

    1. Ah right, I noticed Eddie Redmayne in the Marilyn trailer. He was also in Pillars of the Earth. Can’t wait to see Henry and Luke tomorrow in Immortals!

  15. Love this post Ruth!

    My first movie crush was Errol Flynn. I grew up watching classic films. I think because of him I still love a good movie swordfight. My longest crush has to be Sean Bean, ever since I saw him in the movie “Stormy Monday”. Of course, I also fell 100% under the spell of Richard Armitage after watching North & South back in 2005. Like you, I’m very much looking forward to The Hobbit.

    What can I say, I also tend to fall for those charming Brits.

    (or Aussies in the case of Errol Flynn) πŸ™‚

    1. Oooh Errol Flynn is a good one. He’s sooo good looking and the perfect Robin Hood! Have you seen Rocketeer? Timothy Dalton’s Nevile Sinclair is supposed to be channeling Flynn as the movie star character.

      Richard is just PERFECT as Thornton. I watched it the 3rd time with my girlfriends and they all fell for him too πŸ˜€

      1. I’ve never watched Rocketeer! I’ll have to now to see if Dalton is Flynn-like.

        Whenever I’ve had a bad week, or am feeling sad,I have to watch Richard as Thornton, he’s the perfect “medicine” πŸ™‚

        1. You must see it! Pls let me know once you do, ok? Dalton is so awesome as the villain, there is even a scene of him rehearsing a swordplay and with his mustache and dark hair he really reminded me of Errol Flynn.

          So true about Mr. Thornton… this is kinda weird but I LOOOOOVE this shot of him sleeping on his desk, somehow it just made me swoon uncontrollably, ahah.

          I think it’s seeing such a tough guy looking so vulnerable just breaks my heart. And basically any shot of him in that Quail, like this one is VERY swoon-worthy πŸ˜€

  16. I’d definitely have to say I have a crush on Kate Winslet going all the way back to Heavenly Creatures. A friend took me to the local art house way back in the day to see this little flick from New Zealand by unknown horror comedy director Peter Jackson. Immediately I was struck by her poise yet girlishness. She still has that girlishness today which I just adore. In addition to being strikingly beautiful and a talented actress (she could have been an actress during Hollywood’s golden era) she was never afraid of making fun of herself or baring her body on screen. She’s just fearless with her body. Especially in light of being called overweight by Hollywood and the press to the point of having to endure a magazine (cough**cough ** GQ) digitially slim her down on their cover. Ask yourself, how many actresses would have chose her career path after Titanic? Hideous Kinky, Holy Smoke, Quills, Enigma, Iris… anyone? Johnny Depp and Christian Bale are probably male equivalent to what she’s done with her career.

    If you’ve ever seen her in an interview there is a genuineness to her that you can’t help but fall in love with. Watch her talk about her weight and get emotional over her husband, then Sam Mendes, on Parky’s “chat show” from the UK.

    How many young women can actually look up to a Hollywood actress as a role model in this day and age of Lindsey Lohan’s and Megan Fox’s? Not many.

    Recently she saved Virgin mogul Richard Branson’s grandmother from a house fire while staying as a guest at his mansion. Is there anything she can’t do?


    1. Ahah, you’ve got some serious crush there Dave. But yeah, Kate is one of the most beautiful actresses working today, and one of the most talented. She kind of has that classic look that’s timeless IMO.

      Btw, I was gonna put this photo on my recent Kate post but decided it might be too risque for my PG blog, he..he.. She looks stunning in those Vanity Fair photos.

      I did hear about that fire thing at Branson’s house. That’s fascinating!

  17. teehee

    Great idea for a post Ruth and great execution as ever!!

    We all know my crush huh? I am just a little TOO in love with Ryan Gosling for it to be normal. Especially for a straight male!!

    But when it comes to regular crushes, I am truly in love with Christina Hendricks, as you know, for two very good reasons πŸ˜‰

    1. Thanks Scott, sorry I mentioned your boy Gosling again as being my anti-crush, ahah. I don’t think I’ve had a huge female crush, the only one I could think of is I kept thinking how absolutely gorgeous Emily Blunt was in Jane Austen Book Club. If you like her you should check that out. She plays a French teacher sporting a black bob haircut and impeccable fashion style.

      Yes, yes I know of your infatuation w/ the voluptuous miss Hendricks πŸ˜‰

  18. For me with Peck and Spellbound, it was when he’s first introduced. That profile, I swear. (I didn’t completely fall in love with him until Roman Holiday.)

    As shallow as it may sound, I get interested in an actor once I see them shirtless. After that, I watch a serious movie or two that they’ve done. Doesn’t work with every actor however. (Can’t generally apply it to Matthew McCougnahey. Too much shirtless, not enough serious.)

    1. Funny, I saw Roman Holiday first and though I thought he was gorgeous beyond belief, it didn’t quite have the same effect as when I saw him in Spellbound.

      You are too funny, Anna! I’m actually the opposite. I prefer modest guys, so the shirtless thing is fine if the context is appropriate (i.e. 300) but not gratuitous. But even so, I prefer movies where Gerry has his shirt on πŸ™‚ Matthew is a good example of one I CAN’T stand… he’s such a show off that it actually becomes repugnant. I can’t imagine Peck being shirtless actually.

  19. Okay! Time to reveal mine! πŸ˜€ (a very fun post, Ruth)!

    I’m a little surprised that there aren’t as many guys responding on this post as I thought there would be.

    Scarlett Johansson! (long time crush)

    Kate Beckinsale, Sandra Bullock, Emily Blunt, Salma Hayek, Zooey Deschanel, Aishwarya Rai, Jennifer Aniston, Isla Fisher, and Eva Mendes!!

    haha! Can I have them all??!!

    1. Hey when are you gonna do the Scar-Jo defensive post? πŸ™‚ As you know I really can’t stand her now though initially I liked her in Lost in Translation.

      Apart from Deschanel & Aniston, I like all those actresses you mention. Aishwarya Rai is sooooo beautiful. Have you seen Bride & Prejudice? She is absolutely stunning. Way too pretty to play regular gal ‘Lizzy Bennett.’

  20. Oh, I love this topic! I have a lot of crushes- they usually change every couple months! Mentionable names: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert Pattinson, Henry Cavill, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Fassbender, Clive Owen, Rufus Sewell. Right now Fasbender πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you like it, Aziza. Ha..ha.. every couple of months?? My you’re fickle πŸ™‚ We share our love for Cavill, Owen and Sewell, yay. Hail to the Brits, tee hee.

  21. This one’s kind of an odd one, but I had it bad for Franka Potente (Run Lola Run). I even tried to learn German after that, that’s how bad it was. Of course, when she began appearing in American movies, I found out that she spoke English so I gave up trying to learn German. It’s good to know that if I ever meet her, she can tell me what a creep I am in my own language.

    1. Hey Russell, welcome to FC! You’ve got a really nice site, I’ll be popping by to see more.

      I like Franka as Lola, it’s such a great film, and she certainly looks good running. Believe it or not, not every attractive people would be fun to watch in constant running mode. Wow, you took up German? That’s awesome. I was mildly interested in Gaelic when I fell for Butler the first time around but not to the point to taking up learning the language πŸ™‚

      1. Thanks for checking out my site, I really appreciate it! And you have an awesome site yourself, and am glad to have found it.

        But it was a rather pathetic attempt on my part to take up German, I basically bought a set of instructional cassette tapes. I listened to all of them, and as a result, I now know how to say the word “German” in German.

  22. Well, I never sought out all movies by one actor, so I guess I don’t have any crushes. There are however some actors I will watch in any movie. A lot of action stars like Jason Statham, Schwarzenegger, The Rock and Vin Diesel. Also a big fan of Nicolas Cage and Natalie Portman. There are probably more, but can’t think of them right now.

    1. I’m so over Jason Statham after Expendables. Nic Cage huh? Well, he’s got some cool movies in the past, I mean I LOVE Face/Off, The Rock, and even his rom-com It Could Happen To You. But now he seems to have stopped making any decent flicks.

  23. Toni Colette and Kate WInslet as well as Emma Thompson I adore as people and actresses as they aren’t afraid to be themselves. My male crush tastes Richard Armitage, Tony Curran, Peter Capaldi, Gerard Butler, Rufus Sewell, Kevin Kline, Bill Nighy, JJ Feild, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman and there are so many more I could put there you would think I spend all my time drooling over them πŸ™‚ no I just admire them from afar though I have only met one of these Colin Firth.

    1. Hi Stella, oooh, I’m so glad to see GB and Rufus amongst your crushes. Don’t you think it’s about time those two do a Jane Austen adaptation? I mean come on!! πŸ˜‰

  24. I love this post, Ruth! πŸ˜€

    I had a crush on old Michael Fassbender back in 300. It’s funny that now everyone has started noticing him, too! I think you’re right about the over exposure thing, though. He’s a great actor but I’ve gone off him a bit now.

    Your explanation behind the Butler thing is great – I loved that scene, too!

    At the mo I’m still liking Karl Urban – love him in The Bourne Supremacy – though I have a new soft spot for Tom Hiddlestone, too πŸ˜€

    1. I hear you Claire about “The Fassbender.”
      But I still am crushing on him.

      As for others, I am all over the shop and it comes and goes with the tide πŸ™‚ The list is too long to even go into …

    2. Thanks Claire. Oh yeah I noticed Fassbender in 300 too, though I went to see it because of Butler of course. He’s the 2nd most memorable characters in it for me. Yay on Urban and Hiddleston. Seriously, if I made my own Ocean’s type movie with the ensemble cast, you’ll definitely be seeing a mix of hot Brits/Aussies πŸ˜€

  25. My classic Hollywood crushes include Robert Mitchum in Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison, Gregory Peck in Spellbound and Duel in the Sun,Cary Grant in Notorious, and Rock Hudson in Pillow Talk.

    My modern actor crushes include Matt Damon in the Bourne series, Tom Hardy in Inception, Henry Cavil in The Tudors, Ewan McGregor in Down with Love and Moulin Rouge, Hugh Jackman in the X-men series, Gerard Butler singing Point of No Return in Phantom of the Opera, Colin Firth in Bridget Jones’s Diary and Pride and Prejudice, and Ralph Fiennes in The End of the Affair. Wow I only have one American on my list. I must have a weakness for accents.

    1. You’ve got great taste, lady! πŸ˜€ Btw, I’ve been reading about Duel in the Sun, I can see why you’ve got a crush on Peck in that one, woof! Even reading the reviews and description of his character made me um, fan myself, ahah.

  26. Unsurprisingly, my favourite movie crushes are all foreign actresses. Perhaps the number one pick would be Harriet Andersson in the 1950s and early 60s. There were three films in which she looked so indescribably beautiful and cute that I almost fell in love: Summer with Monika, Sawdust and Tinsel, and the much more serious, acclaimed film Through a Glass Darkly, in which she plays a woman suffering from mental illness who clings to her family for love and companionship as she slowly loses her mind. Disturbing stuff, but easily one of the best actresses of her generation.

  27. Oh Ruth, what an article….where do I begin πŸ™‚

    I think the long time crush would have to be Lauren Bacall from ‘Key Largo’ and Marilyn Monroe from ‘The Misfits’…both amazing.

    For a relatively recent crush it USED to be Amy Smart….you know from ‘Road Trip’ and ‘Scrubs’ but then she went ahead and did ‘The Butterfly Effect’ and when she played the druggie….it totally RUINED it for me…

    And most recently movie crush would have to be….Christina Hendricks….ah πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Russell! Ha..ha.. glad you enjoyed. It’s really an indulgent post for me as I really was so smitten by Gregory, ha..ha.. I figure well, someone else must’ve felt the same way πŸ˜€

      Ah, miss Hendricks is very crush-worthy, I’m sure she’s quite popular w/ the boys for two big reasons πŸ˜‰

  28. mona

    Loved this post. feel silly to write a comment.
    But 4 weeks ago approx, saw Zen on PBS and I was hooked. Rufus Sewell has become the object of my attention to such an extent it is really funny.
    I have been scouring the web for any titbits of info and feel really strange. My attention span is usually limited and I have felt great contempt for people who have crushes.
    Just my 2 cents

    1. PrairieGirl

      Oh, Mona, oh, you are so a woman after my own heart! I have a terrible case of Rufusitis too. You won’t feel strange at all, especially after going to The Rooftop [], where we all have the same addiction. Also, search Flixchatter for all the posts rtm has had for him, and go to my You Tube channel [PrairieGirl1000] for another fix of our endless crush on dear Rufus πŸ˜€

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  30. This is the best thing ever! I have like a history of liking fictional characters, and actors. A tad bit too much. Like I have a habit of looking back at my life in terms of phases of various actors I liked.
    First there was Leo Di Caprio when I was like 5 and saw Titanic. Then Daniel Radcliffe once Harry Potter rolled around (I’m still not over him, he’s kind of epic), then Josh Hartnett, then Tom Sturridge, then Andrew Garfield and currently it’s Matt Smith. One of the notable people who have stayed throughout is Ryan Gosling, and Fassy after Inglorious Basterds. And when I go crazy over an actor, it’s complete devotion to the point of me planning my wedding to them (blame Notting Hill for that). Yes, I too think that I need help.

    1. Hello Nik, welcome to FC! Glad you share my um, illness of falling for movie characters/actors, ahah. Oooh I LOVE Andrew Garfield as well, but the thing is with me, I feel a bit guilty if the actor I like is a lot younger than I. So a lot of my crushes are usually older than me, or in the case of Mr. Peck, he’s already dead!! I think I’m beyond cure as it stands now πŸ˜€ Thanks for sharing your own crushes.

  31. Lindsey

    This was a great discussion. My first crushes started on TV but as to movies, I never thought anyone could top Timothy Dalton’s brilliant, brilliant Mr. Rochester or Christopher Plummer’s Captain Von Trapp, and Rickman’s Colonel Brandon deserves an honorable mention but no movie character enthalls me like Rickman’s Snape. Go figure. From day one I was totally there.

    I thought Fassbender was going to slide into that sweet spot in my brain but somehow it fizzled perhaps because he played Rochester (wonderfully) but just wasn’t Dalton whose portrayal I’ve loved for decades. We’ll see. LOL I also really liked Byrne in Little Women and Stigmata

    1. Hi Lindsey, oh my you are a girl after my own heart! I LOVE Timothy Dalton’s Rochester… I mentioned that several times here on my blog, he really was brilliant in that role and oh did he make my heart go pit-a-pat! Cap. Von Trapp was my crush when I saw Sound of Music as a wee girl. Oh and Col. Brandon… don’t get me started on that one. I will forever LOVE Alan Rickman because of that role. Brandon is one of my all time fave period drama heroes (

      I’m so glad you feel the same way about Fassbender’s rendition of Rochester. I think it lacked bite and in no way would replace Dalton’s portrayal as my favorite. I’m also a big fan of Gabriel Byrne so girl, you are a woman of exquisite taste! πŸ˜€

  32. Hi Ruth! Great fun little post!

    I agree it is tough when the actor goes and gets famous, I just wrote that about Fassbender, how tough it is now to write about him and review his films now that he isn’t obscure. That’s why the old schools are sometimes easier!

    Thanks for coming by I Think, Therefore I Review to chat, too!

    1. Hi Kristin, glad to see you drop by.

      Y’know I think I’m just weird in that I don’t like actors who are too famous, so maybe it’s a good thing that I knew Gregory later as he really was quite popular back in the day wasn’t he? I mean, he even got Oscar noms 4 times in his first 5 years of his Hollywood career and all that. So as far as contemporary actors, I still prefer the not-as-well-known actors.

      Thanks for indulging me with Peck, I hope you get to see Gentleman’s Agreement soon. I’d love it if you review that one, too πŸ™‚

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