Everybody’s Chattin’: October Edition

Welcome to October, folks!
Wow, where did September go?? It’s certainly been a hectic start to the Fall season—or Autumn as some prefer to call it—for me. After a crazy busy week covering TCFF, this weekend I have a friend staying with us for the weekend from my home country Indonesia. I was out pretty much all weekend hanging out with her and our mutual friends, spending our time mostly outdoors marveling at the beautiful Fall colors! My friend took this gorgeous pic of a Maple tree, isn’t that lovely? So needless to say, we didn’t really see any movie this weekend, nor did I have much time to blog. From 8 movies down to a big fat zero this weekend is quite a contrast, I know 😀

But no fret, I figure it’s as good a time as any to highlight some awesome posts that my friends wrote this past week. I promise I’ll make this Everybody’s Chattin’ post a monthly feature from now on, with perhaps a bonus one if I feel like there are more posts to highlight in a given month.

  • My good friend Terrence a.k.a The Scarlet Sp1der just celebrated his 29th birthday on Sunday. Wish him a happy belated b’day if you haven’t already and check out what films he’s excited for this month.
  • Kid from The Kid in the Front Row mused about the elusiveness of cinematic greatness on Castor’s blog. That post was featured on IMDb last week, I suggest you check it out if you haven’t already.
  • Speaking of cinematic greatness, sometimes some films that win an Oscar can be so polarizing. And one of those films in recent memory is Crash. Take a look at this well-written review by Sam @ BananaOilMovies and share your thoughts on the movie.
  • Nostra @ My Film Views has this awesome ongoing series called ‘The Many Faces Of …’ where he highlights different actors for their versatility. This past week’s choice happens to be one of my personal favorite, Dame Helen Mirren!
  • I love lists, and Tyler from Southern Vision just did a nifty one called Top Ten Favourite Film Titles. What are some unique film titles you can think of?
  • Bonus post: My best mate Scott from Front Room Cinema is back from his island vacation! Welcome him back by checking out his Weekend Roundup and a list of movies filmed in the Canary Islands.

What to expect on this blog for this week: The monthly Five for the Fifth, Review of Machine Gun Preacher (long overdue, I know) and a Top Ten List inspired by one of the panels I attended at TCFF.

Now before you go off to check out these great posts, first let me know what movie(s) did you get to see this weekend?

46 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’: October Edition

  1. PrairieGirl

    I saw the film Princess Kaiulani (2009), who watched her nation of Hawaii annexed as a territory of the US in the late 1890s. She tried what she could to prevent it, but of course, we all know how it ended. It was interesting because it is based on historical events.

  2. Ted S.

    September did go by pretty fast and I can’t believe summer’s gone too. I was a bit busy with last week since starting the new job but I did see one movie over the weekend. I got free rental at Red Box so I rented Transformers 3, I think if they cut out all of the annoying human characters, it could’ve been a decent flick. But because everyone was so annoying, especially the leading man Shia, it was another dreadful Transformers flick.

    1. I watched this, too, last Friday with my kids, Ted. After reluctantly reaching the third in this series, I’ve come to realize that the first ‘Transformers’ flick is the least annoying of the lot (which is saying something). Overly long and way too chaotic (and not in a good way, mind you), there’s 157 minutes I’ll never get back.

      1. Ted S.

        I agree even though the first one wasn’t that great, it was at least entertaining for the most part. For a while there I thought I was watching another film since the Transformers were no where to be seen in this one. They spent so much time on plot that didn’t make a lick of sense and of course the annoying Shia and his girlfriend were icing on the cake.

    2. I know, Summer always flew by around here, but fortunately it’s going to be a relatively warm October according to some weather folks, fingers crossed!!

      Good thing you got a free rental Ted, though sounds like even that is not worth your time.

  3. Over the weekend I did the following:
    The Killer Elite (2011): in a theatre, surprisingly entertaining w/ Jason Statham, Robert De Niro, and Clive Owen doing good work (and having little in common with Sam Peckinpah’s ’75 film except the title)
    Apollo 13 – Blu-ray Disc: still a fave of mine, and now my kids
    Insidious – DVD: hey, it’s October and horror flicks dominate my viewing habits during this time of year 😉

    I’ll check out your links, Ruth. Thanks.

    1. Ted S.

      I was thinking of seeing The Killer Elite but totally forgot about it. Might just have to wait till it comes out on Bluray since it tanked at the box office. They might release it on DVD/BD in about 2 to 3 months.

    2. Despite my love for Owen, I had no interest in seeing The Killer Elite. But based on your good word on it I might rent it. Oooh, Apollo 13 is a good one, been ages since I saw that but I remember really liking it. I’m not a fan of horror, so my blog will remain horror-free even around Halloween 😀

  4. Thanks for the linkage Ruth! Yea right now is luscious outside with great weather and amazing colors. I also was lucky to spend most of the weekend outside, hanging out with friends and watching some football.

  5. This is a beautiful photo – I love the Autumnal colours. We experienced a mini heat wave here in the UK so I was out enjoying the weather. I did not think I would be wearing my shorts in October!

    Movie wise, I saw The Thing, which I will be writing a review for Top 10 Films as part of Dan’s 31 Days of Horror 😀

    1. Hi Claire, I’m still wearing my Summer dress today, nice to see you can still be wearing shorts, too! 😀

      I don’t like horror but that’s cool that you’re taking part in Dan’s blog!

  6. Hi, Ruth and company:

    Nice laid back topics today!

    I followed your link regarding Dame Helen Mirren and commented over at Nostra’s ‘My Film Reviews’, Thanks much!

    Also caught ‘The Killer Elite’ at a Saturday matinee. De Niro is showing his age, Clive Owens looks ridiculous with a mustache and should stick to playing Dwight in the ‘Sin City’ films.

    1. Hi Jack, long time no see 😀 I’m happy that we both share our love for Dame Mirren. Ha..ha.. I have zero interest in seeing The Killer Elite, it just doesn’t appeal to me from the trailer.

  7. Lots of great things people are chattin about! thanks so much for the mention! Regardless of how the movies I want to see perform, October is going to be a great month! 🙂

  8. Over the weekend, all I saw was Disney’s Mulan. I was quite disappointed by it as it’s really quite childish and formulaic. It’s not nearly as good as the last Disney flick I saw, Tangled.

  9. HAHA Thanks for the linkage my BFF!! You are truly too kind to include my silly little list in your great group of posts….

    Did you say the the post from ‘Kid’ got featured on IMDb? I didn’t think that was possible any more now they have cut it down to 5 links…fair play!!

    Soon be Xmas!!

    1. You’re welcome, matey.

      Oh yeah it’s still possible, my hubby’s post on Steve Jobs was featured a month ago or so on Labor Day weekend, so it was nice to get hits 4 days in a row! 😀

  10. Thanks for the linkage Ruth. Much appreciated! I’m actually rapidly approaching my 200th post and I’ll be doing some links for that so I’ll be sure to mention you!

    It’s Autumn over there in America but here it’s Spring. Don’t get so envious, though, IT FEELS LIKE WINTER!

  11. Thanks a lot of for the link Ruth, really appreciated. If you have any other people you would like to see in the series, just let me know and I’ll see if I can do it!

    October will be a fun movie month for me as they are playing the first Indiana Jones in a local cinema and will also attend a one day festival on which I will see 5 movies I’m very interested in.

    1. Hey Nostra, did you do one on Johnny Depp yet? That should be an interesting one 🙂

      You’re in the Holland right? What festival are you referring to and what movies? Sounds exciting.

      1. Nope, that would indeed be an interesting one. Noted down!

        Yes, i’m in Holland. It’s the PAC festival which is basically one that is done by one of the big movie theater chains over here previewing movies which will come out here later this year. I will be seeing The Help, The Ides of March, We Need to Talk About Kevin, La Piel Que Habito and Drive. All in one day! 🙂 Can’t wait to find out what that feels like….

        1. Awesome!

          So where are you in Holland? I’ve only been to Amsterdam once visiting a distant relative. I’m from Indonesia so my mom & grandma speak Dutch fluently, I wish they had taught me some too 😦

          Wow, that’s an amazing lineup of film! I’m curious to hear how you can watch FIVE movies in one day. The most I saw in a day is 3 and my head was spinning, ahah.

          1. I’m on the edge of Rotterdam, which is more to the south (only about an hour drive though). Well, you won’t get too far with Dutch and almost everyone speaks other languages over here, so you are not missing out on it 😉

            Yeah, it’s a lineup which looks promising. I’m wondering as well how I will make it, but seeing that Drive will be the last one they are showing it will be the reason for me to try and get through the day. There are some small breaks between the movie to go out and relax a bit, but it’s an experience I am looking forward to!

  12. Thanks for the link love!! We actually managed to watch 2 movies over the weekend … the “classic” Top Gun and a very weird late eighties rom-com starring RDJ called Chances Are. Capsule reviews on both of them due in the next couple of days …

    1. Man I haven’t seen Top Gun in ages, must be fun to see how all those actors have aged now, though Cruise still looks pretty darn good. Which one is Chances Are?? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that.

  13. It’s hard to believe it’s already October. I am loving the nice weather here now, and I have been taking advantage of it as much as I can. We had nothing but rain for the last couple weeks, so this is a welcome change.

    I was able to catch one movie over the weekend — the original Psycho — which was absolutely terrific.

    1. I might’ve asked you before but where do you live? The weather’s been sensational here in MN, I mean it’ll be close to 90 in some parts of the state, what October?? 🙂

      I haven’t seen the original Psycho, but I still have lots of Hitchcock flicks to catch up on.

      1. I’m in Chicago. Forecast calls for 70’s and sunny all week!

        I was actually in Minneapolis a few months ago for a mini-vacation. Great city, friendly people. It was a nice little “getaway”.

        1. Oh right, I remember now. Yeah isn’t this weather incredible?? Glad to hear you had fun in Mpls, next time you’re in town we should do a meet up 😀

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