THIS JUST IN! Second Immortals Trailer

Happy Monday, everybody!

Ooooh, lookie here. As you surely already know, I’ve been anticipating this movie for some time (you can see all my coverage on Immortals here). Last April I put up the first trailer and last night, director Tarsem Singh released the second one via Ryan Seacrest’s website. Check it out below:

[ appKey=MarbachViewerEmbedded&uri=channels/388452/1392282&tbid=237659&p=&height=514&width=490]

I love swords & sandals genre and Greek mythology tales, and having one of my fave British actors Henry Cavill in the lead as Theseus just makes me anticipate this all the more! The trailer definitely is an improvement from the first one and Henry already looks much more expressive and engaging than Sam Worthington in Clash of the Titans. The rest of the cast is ok, apart from Mickey Rourke as the bloodthirsty King Hyperion and Luke Evans as Zeus, I’m not overly enthused about Stephen Dorff or Kellan Lutz. Indian actress Frieda Pinto as Phaedra seems fitting though, she’s such an unearthly beauty and I’m glad to see a person of color getting the female lead in this movie. Both Henry and Luke are two up and coming Brits high on my to-watch list, and I hope I get to meet them next month at San Diego Comic Con! 😀

I was bummed out when I heard news last week that Marvel Studios won’t have a big presence at SDCC this year. But… that disappointment is short-lived when I read reports that IMMORTALS will indeed be in Hall H!!! According to Stars Entertainment website, Relativity Media has announced their lineup for Hall H that includes Steven Soderbergh’s Haywire (too bad one of the cast members Michael Fassbender won’t be in the guest panel), The Raven with John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe, AND Tarsem’s Immortals! Evans’ star power is surely on the rise as he’ll be amongst the panelists for the period thriller The Raven as well. Looks like everyone from Immortals will be present at the Con… AND there’ll be an official autograph signing at the Convention Center, wahoo!

Man, oh man! Just the thought of being able to shake hands with the future Superman just gets me all giddy! 😀

Ehm, now that I got that out of my system… what do you think of the second trailer?

34 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN! Second Immortals Trailer

    1. Hello Michael! Yes I am. How about you? I’m sooo excited because this is my first time. I can’t believe I actually will get a chance to meet the ‘Man of Steel!’ 😀

      1. I know I’m relatively close by, but I’ve never gone (just followed it by those reporting). I really should one of these days (my teen son keeps reminding me). I truly hope you have a grand time in San Diego (which is a great town, btw).

        1. BTW, speaking of the Man of Steel, see this news? This isn’t Meloni’s first connection with a DC superhero, either. He voice Hal Jordan for the DC animated movie, Green Lantern: First Flight (which was the better origin story between it and the recent Ryan Reynolds film).

          1. Oh you’re in San Diego? Perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving me some tips on good restaurants and what to do in the evening after the conference 😀

            That’s a cool trivia about Meloni, I didn’t know that before. So I guess he has some business relationship w/ DC, which might have helped him getting cast in Man of Steel. Thanks Michael!

            1. Sorry for the confusion, but I’m in the northern and rivalrous suburbia of L.A. :p. Although, my wife and I do have family members in the S.D. area. I will steer you to the Blue Water Grill for their fresh fare and (non-fried) fish tacos, though, when you’re down there. The beach areas are always good, Old Town San Diego is nice, and their Zoo is top notch (blows ours in LaLa Land away). I’d recommend taking in a Padres game, but they suck worse than our Dodgers at the moment. HTH

              1. Ahah, rivalrous suburbia, that’s funny! Thanks for the recommendations, Michael. My hubby loves seafood so we might check out Blue Water Grill. We don’t have a lot of time in SD though as we’ll spend most of our time in SF and then drive down from there to SD with a couple of stops in Monterey and St. Barbara. Can’t wait!

  1. Ted S.

    I can’t say that I’m as excited as you Ruth, looks way too much like 300 and I’m not a huge fan of that film. Maybe a rental for me.

    Have fun at the comic con!

    1. I understand, Ted. This isn’t for everyone and if you didn’t care for 300 then you probably won’t enjoy this one. I’m excited mainly for Tarsem and the cast, if it had different filmmaker/cast involved I might have a totally different opinion.

  2. Thanks Ruth! This looks great to me. My action movie checklist is quite simple.

    i’m so happy for you going to Comic Con! i’ll be following along at home, a situation that no doubt best for all concerned 😉

    1. What’s your action checklist? Cute guys in amazing physique? 🙂

      Yeah, I’m sooo excited for Comic Con. It’s my first time and it’s only for 2 days so I’m gonna make the most of it!

  3. Looks alright to me, but i’m not heavily anticipating it.

    And i hope you have lots of fun on your con trip(My fondest con memory is getting a questioned answered at a Nikita panel) 🙂

      1. It was answered by the creator along with Maggie and 2 other main cast members. I wanted to ask a question on the Vampire Diaries panel, but the long was really long and there wasn’t enough time

        1. Oh cool, good for you! I bet the line for Immortals would be super long as well, so I better queue up well in advance. It’s a good thing it’s in the afternoon. So what else did you get to see over there, Julian?

          1. Well the Vampire Diaries had a comic-con exclusive trailer for what was the rest of season 2. It was the New York comic-con, so it didn’t have the movie/tv panels of the San Diego one.

            I would love to go to the San Diego one, but i just don’t have the money. I know if i did i would make sure to try to catch a glimpse of a certain red headed actress 🙂

            1. Ha..ha.. yeah. Deborah will be at SDCC btw, with the True Blood cast. I think it’s on a Friday which I technically could attend if I were a fan of the show. I’ll say hello on your behalf if I happen to see her 😀

  4. I am way excited for you to be at CC. Everytime someone mentions comic-con I think about the fact that you will be there! I hope that you do indeed get to meet Henry Cavill! How amazing would that be?!

    Looking forward to Immortals too!

    1. Sadly it turns out the Immortals cast’s panel is on Saturday which I don’t have ticket for 😦 I’m soooo bummed out about this… hiks…

        1. I would have but everything was sold out by the time I was able to purchase the tickets, the only available days were Thursday & Friday.

  5. I want this to be good but after being burned so many times by trailers this year. I reckon it looks a bit style over substance….

    Thanks for sharing Ruth!!

    C to the D

    1. Well it probably WILL be very stylish indeed because it’s a Tarsem movie, but I hope there’ll be a good story to balance it out as well.

  6. I don’t have to say anything about IMMORTALS, you know it all, Flixy 🙂 I believe I’m the biggest supporter of the film around the net 🙂 and Tarsem needs to hire me as his personal promoter 🙂
    Love the cast, especially Dorff and my dear Luke Evans besides our Henry Cavill!

    1. Hey Dez, it turns out I won’t be able to see Henry but Luke will be part of the panelist on Fri for The Raven so at least I have a chance to see him. It’d have been great to see Tarsem also 😦

        1. Oh really? That’s cool Dezzy! Yeah, I might try to get into The Raven panel on Hall H to see Luke, there’s John Cusack too but I don’t really care about him. Wouldn’t it be nice if Luke’s buddy Henry is there to support his friend? 😀 😀

  7. FUNK

    Man, each trailer is better than the last, can’t wait for this one to hit the screens, won’t be soon enough. Nothing quite like ancient Greek myth’s on the big screen.

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