THIS JUST IN: Immortals Trailer

I was in the midst of writing a news post when this IMMORTALS trailer arrives. It was yanked out for copyright issues earlier today, but now it’s back on. So let’s just get to it, shall we?

Well, considering how many times I’ve blogged about this movie, you probably know I’ve been anticipating this one for ages. The trailer looks stunning, but I guess I’m expecting it to look a lot more unique. After all, the director promises “… Caravaggio meets Fight Club … It’s a really hardcore action film done in Renaissance painting style…” as I mentioned in this post.

Hmmm, I’m not really seeing what he described and its resemblance to 300 in terms colors scheme and even camera angles/movements are so obvious that some movie sites even saying it’s like watching a 300 sequel. Yes I know it’s from the same producers and I’m not saying I don’t appreciate the visuals of the Zack Snyder’s movie, but I’m just expecting Immortals to have its own look as the Indian director is known for a distinctive visual flair as evident in The Fall. It could be just a marketing strategy on the studio part though, given what a smashing success 300 was given its relatively low budget. So hopefully, the actual movie won’t turn out to be too identical to 300, or Zeus forbid, Clash of the Titans! Surely the acting and storytelling style has got to be better than Clash.

So yeah, this one’s still got enough going for it to make a fan of swords & sandals genre like me REALLY want to see this. For one thing, Henry Cavill looks pretty convincing as Theseus, so I’m sold on that front and even more excited to see him as Superman.

Well, what do you think, people? Are you sold on this one?

30 thoughts on “THIS JUST IN: Immortals Trailer

      1. I just checked the rotten tomatoes rating for Thor, and its at 95%(I also remember reading a pretty god review of it on ign). I think its possible that the trailer was just put together badly.

        Oh, did you see my last blog post(The documentary one)?

  1. Sign me up!! I like it. Looks good to me. But as we all know by now I am very easily pleased!

    If it has men in skirts, swords and magic then I am in for the long haul!!

    Thanks for posting Ruth!

    1. “If it has men in skirts, swords and magic then I am in for the long haul!!” You and me both Custard! Either skirts or kilts I’m game 😉

      1. that, my friend, is 100% correct 😉
        I will watch anything with him in it tho I might not like the movie. I even going to watch NOW despite the fact I hate the main actor n the story is TOO predictable (will not watch it if Cillian isnt in it)

          1. Haha, disconcerting is not the word I would use. It’ll make me think twice about buying a Venus fly trap before I star in a straps n’ scandals epic that’s for sure 🙂

    1. Irina

      hahahah it does, doesn’t it!!!!
      It looks cheap to me. The costumes are just plain ridiculous.
      But I loooooooove Greek mythology, so definitely give it a go.

  2. ah, don’t get angry with me, Flixy dearest, but I hate it when every time a historical film arrives, and it’s not as often as it should, you people start comparing it to GLADIATOR, 300 or CLASH OF THE TITANS.
    I really don’t like that. Films of the same, in this case quite unique, genre always have to have similarities. It’s normal.

    But I see this one as unique and magnificent just judging by the trailer, even though I predict the immature fanboys will trash it just for being of the historical genre. Historical things usually make them feel inferior in their ignorance.

    1. I understand where you’re coming from, and believe me, I’d rather NOT make the comparison to 300 or any other film. But I really can’t help it after seeing the trailer, I really expected something that’s singularly different, just like The Fall was, but instead it reminds me of something I’ve seen many times before. But that is just my initial reaction and as I said, I still have confidence in Tarsem that the final outcome will look entirely its own. Btw, I don’t see this as historical in any way shape or form, just a fun fiction of a mythical story.

  3. Wow…three words say it all, ahem….Oh Hell Yeah:)

    For all the hype you’ve been giving it Ruth I hope your opinion of it fares better than I did waiting and hyping The Expendables:^P

    1. Well I’m just a guilty in hyping Expendables, but NOTHING can be worse than than one, Marc, especially when we’ve got a visionary like Tarsem. Besides, Rourke was practically the best thing in Expendables anyway.

  4. Paula

    Thanks for posting the Incredible Disappearing Trailer! Yeah i am still sold on it, but slightly less so now that i’ve seen this. i love the mythology stuff & Henry Cavill’s presence is a definite plus, but like you, i was hoping with Singh’s involvement it would be more unique-looking. I will be probably see it in the cinema though 🙂

    1. Hi Paula, ahah yeah it took a while to finally see the trailer that can be embedded. I’ve swapped it w/ the HD version now, looks much better, we can see Henry in more details 😉 I’m not knocking this trailer, in fact, it’s more of a compliment to Tarsem that I think he’s capable of doing something we’ve never seen before. Oh yeah, this is one to see in the cinema for sure!

  5. As stated many times, yea this really looks like 300 visually but then Tarsem has never been too shy about ripping off other movies. It also definitely feels like Clash of the Titans although better. Henry Cavill seems like a better lead than Sam Worthington 🙂

    1. “…Tarsem has never been too shy about ripping off other movies” Huh?? Really? What makes you say that Castor? But yeah I agree Henry looks a heck of a lot more expressive than Sam was in both Avatar and Clash.

  6. Ted S.

    As I mentioned before, I’m not a fan of 300 and this looks exactly like that film. But who knows maybe the actual film will be good. I thought the trailer of Clash of the Titans was great but the film itself was awful.

  7. Funk

    Man O Man, this looks like it’s going to be gooooood one..
    11 11 11 won’t be here soon enough.

    Thanks for the posting the trailer. It made my day!

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