Poster of the Week: Captain America retro poster

Oooh, lookie here! Thanks to my friend ScarletSp1der for the tip on the 15 Questions Meme post. I LOVE this retro poster! It’s perfectly suited for the WWII era the movie is set in. I’m surprised this doesn’t open in the Fourth of July weekend here in the US (its release date is July 22), considering how patriotic the movie is, exemplifying a hero’s valor and courage to fight against evil. For those who read the comics will undoubtedly recognize the inspiration from this comic book cover.

The poster was designed by comic book artist Paolo Rivera (visit his blog)

Typically I don’t like posters that have too much going on, especially those with FHS (floating heads syndrome) like most posters are these days. But regardless of how busy it is, I think it works here and your eye still focus on the main action element of the poster of our valiant hero punching the heck out of Hitler. Chris Evans kinda looks like a young Cary Elwes in this poster, don’t you think?

Speaking of Joe Johnston, my favorite movie of his is The Rocketeer as you probably know (especially in regards to the villain). I really like this retro poster from that film which was set in the late 30s.

I gotta admit I’ve become increasingly more interested to see this movie, though I wasn’t as excited about it before. I’ve never read the comics and I sort of thought the story is pretty cheesy. But I’m looking forward to it now. I think the retro look is a huge appeal for me, and I am a big fan of the actors in the villain roles: Hugo Weaving as Red Skull and Richard Armitage as Nazi officer Heinz Krueger.

What do you think of the poster? Are you psyched about Capt. America?

66 thoughts on “Poster of the Week: Captain America retro poster

  1. I still think that Chris Pine would’ve made a brilliant Captain America. But I’ve liked the trailers & clips I’ve seen so I was probably going anyway. I do dig this poster, I love the vintage vibe and it also makes me think of “Down with Hitler…All the way down sir….”

    1. Well, they’re both sooo pretty, but yeah I suppose Chris Pine can do it. He might not be um, developed enough to play a super soldier perhaps? I do think that Chris’ moobs, er pecks are just too much. That’s why I laughed every time they showed the trailer of the girl touching it right after he came out of the capsule thing-y… I mean, I would’ve done the same thing! 😀

          1. Plenty of times. But i just don’t have the epic moobs.

            If there ever comes a serum that can make one buff, then as a guy with a particularly fast metabolism i will be first in line to get it

      1. Hubs said that’s pretty much how Capt. Am looks in the comic books, he is supposed to be a super-soldier that they push to the outer limits of his capability. (believability? 😉

        Pine would have had to do major training, no question, but I saw him in a movie called Just My Luck and he has the hapless nerd thing down to a science. He was the first actor I thought of when I found out they were doing Capt. Am.

  2. Nice poster. Definitely the best so far. I can’t say I’m all that excited about the movie so far, mostly because the costume kinda looks ridiculous.

    1. Mwahahahaha… the costume looks ridiculous?? I find that hugely ironic good sir, considering your um, gravatar? 😀

      I thought you had been excited about this one. I do think the costume in TV version and the old movie is super cheesy, but I think this new one looks much more practical and rugged looking.

      1. I’m offended! 😀 To be honest, I’m not really all that excited about any movie through the rest of the year. It’s tough to be when you have already seen your two most highly anticipated movie of the year (Tree of Life and Midnight in Paris). I guess Hp 7.2 is up there too.

        1. Don’t mean to offend you Castor, but let’s face it, we all thought Capt. America would be the #1 movie you look forward to 😀

          Yeah HP 7.2 is one I’m anticipating in the next few weeks. But there are still a few movies released towards the end of the year that I’m hugely anticipating, unfortunately those’ll probably be in very limited release 😦

    2. Ted S.

      Don’t worry Castor, you’ll get to see his newer suit after the film’s over. Hint hint, stay after the credits. 🙂

    1. Funny you mentioned The Losers, I just moved it up on my Netflix queue. Looks like fun. I’ll check out that video later today.

        1. What didn’t you like about it, Rich? I’m not expecting it to be a masterpiece or anything, just some fun shoot-em-up with a great cast.

          1. Basically it deviated from the comic a little too much for my taste. Which is why I say if you’ve never read the comic, you might enjoy it if all you want is a fun shoot-em-up.

  3. IIRC, from the comic books in the day representing Capt. America’s origin story, the costume had a more militarily retro-look like in the poster, publicity stills, and upcoming film. I believe the more sleek uniform appeared later after CA was revived decades from his frozen North Atlantic stasis. I figure when the character arrives in The Avengers film come 2012, Captain America is going to be in the more modern uniform.

    I like the poster, too. Good post, rtm

    1. Hi Michael, yeah my hubby was telling me the same thing yesterday that Chris Evans is the only superhero in The Avengers who’ll have a new suit. Whedon must be hoping desperately that all the individual superhero flicks do well as their success would affect his movie a great deal I’d think.

  4. Ted S.

    Yeah it looks cool and I’m actually looking forward to see the film in theater. Still not sold on Chris Evans yet but hopefully he’ll prove me wrong.

    I think the reason why they didn’t schedule it to open on July 4th is because Transformers owns that date, remember the previous two films opened huge on the 4th of July weekend?

    1. I never thought of Evans as a good actor, but in this kinds of roles I think it won’t matter much (he sure has the pecks to make up for ’em) 😉

      Meh, I wish all the more that they had come out on July 4th, I sure as heck won’t be watching Transformers. Can’t even stand those dumb trailers anymore!

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah I won’t be seeing the new Transformers flick either but the young boys and girls will be flocking out to see it and it’ll make a ton of money again. I still remember the summer of 1999 when Star Wars Episode 1 came out and a lot of studios moved their films out of that summer line up because they knew Star Wars will dominate.

        I think it’s a good move by Paramount to release it late in the summer, it’s only competition is Cowboys & Aliens which opens a week later. No other competition in August so it should make more money for them if it’s a good film.

        1. Yeah, that’s why Michael Bay will continue to have a job! At least Star Wars still have a good story, but this one is just a bunch of metal clanking with yet another hot babe waiting to be rescued, ugh.

          Can’t wait for Cowboys & Aliens though.

  5. Funk

    Wow, that is one most excellent poster, and what really caught my eye, was, And Featuring the Howling Commando’s, I grew up reading the comics of Sgt. Fury and Howling Commandos, so I just hope they get some good action sequences. With the Howling Commandos on board, I will make it a point to see it now, even if they are regulated to a small part. Great post!

    1. Hey there Dave, somehow I knew you’re gonna like it. That must bring lots of nostalgia if you grew up reading the comics. Have you seen The Rocketeer yet? If you like retro superhero-ish action movie, that’d be a good one to see.

          1. Funk

            Wow 20 years, just seems like yesterday, hopefully Itunes gets it soon, then I can get it.
            I liked Billy Campbell in it, he was really good in the TV series “Crime Story”..

            1. He was in Crime Story?? I only remember Dennis Farina from that series. I LOVE that show, I used to watch it a lot with my brothers when I was still in Indo. We only got a handful of American shows like Miami Vice, Magnum PI, etc.

              1. Funk

                Yep, Crime Story is pretty top notch, I watched it last summer and it was still so darn gooooooood. Great music, Great Cast of good guys and bad guys, and Great Cars..

    2. The Howling Commandos never even occurred to me until I saw this poster. Will (SLJ) Nick Fury be part of them, I wonder? Probably not…

        1. That’s exactly what I mean. In the comics, Nick Fury led the Commandos during WW2, and he was kept alive by super-science (different from Cap). We don’t know for sure yet if movie-Fury was around in WW2 as well.

  6. I think I’m the only one who doesn’t like the poster, it looks like it was painted by a kid 😦 But I’m watching the film, ’cause we all know I’m not missing anything with Chrissy Evans 🙂 Although I’m not sure how I will survive Hayley Atwell, never liked her.

    1. Really Dezzy?? The designer is a Marvel-exclusive artist, so definitely not a kid.

      Ah yes, I know you’ll watch this for Mr. Evans. I’d have to agree w/ you with Hayley Atwell though, I’ve never been impressed by her either, but she keeps getting great roles.

  7. Jack Deth

    Hi, Ruth and company:

    Neat poster!

    Looks like the artists got his or her motivation from a 1960s, Johnny Romita, Marvel comic cover.

    Having been a fan of ‘Captain America’ and ‘Sgt. Fury And His Howling Commandos’ as a kid, I’m curious to see how much of the film feels right and how much is going to be messed up.

    I’ve no doubt that Hugo Weaving can pull off The Red Skull. The proof will be in how well the facial make-up works. Chris Evans shouldn’t have a problem with Cap. Though I don’t remember seeing Cap with Doggy Straps, Pistol and ammo belt in the comics.

    Always thought that the late, great Robert Culp would have make a superb Sgt. Fury when ABC briefly kicked around the idea of a weekly ‘Howling Commando’ series in the post ‘Batman’ 60s.

    1. Hi Jack, I’ve added the link to the artist’s blog, Paolo Rivera, who’s a Marvel-exclusive artist. So I’m not surprised if he got the inspiration from another Marvel comic book cover.

      I hope this movie meets your expectation, it’s quite challenging for the filmmaker to try to please comic fans as well as try to make it accessible enough for people who haven’t read the comics.

    2. Funk

      Hi Jack, good to know there are still some Sgt Fury fans out there these days. It would be great if the Howling Commandos in this movie end up stealing the show , and then get to do a movie on their own, but that is wishful thinking. Did see in IMBD that Neal McDonough will be playing Dum Dum Dugan, McDonough played Lt. Buck Compton in HBO’s “Band of Brothers”.
      A 60s showing of Sgt Fury would have been good, to complement Combat and the Gallant Men for sure. I must say I wasn’t all that thrilled about seeing Cpt. American, but now after seeing the Poster, with it’s wide supporting cast, I’m more up for it now than I ever was.

  8. PrairieGirl

    Love the style of the poster, it’s very faithful to the WWII time period, but still, it’s a little crowded ;-D

    1. Yeah, I bet the artist got direction to put a dozen more things in the poster! 😀 It is busy but I think it was designed well enough that at least we know where to focus on.

  9. I usually get my geek on at aintitcool Ruth, but I got my first look at this awesome poster right here on Flixchatter! Love the throwback look they have going on and I actually can’t wait for this one to finally come out. None of my buddies want to see Cap with me dammit! It’s nice to see a little creative juices flowing for something as simple as a poster.

    1. Hi Markus!! I’m glad I can be the source of some geeky news for you once in a while 😀 Your buddies don’t wanna see this one? What do they want to see instead, Transformers??

  10. Awesome retro poster – wish it was for sale!
    You are too right, Joel – July 4th would have seemed more on point as a release date.
    I am more looking forward to this than The Green Lantern that is coming out this weekend.

  11. Thanks for the shout out! I liked the poster quite a bit! I laughed reading your FHS note! hahahhaha

    I can’t wait to see this film for 2 major reasons: 1- Hugo Weaving as Red Skull, 2- it’s the last Marvel movie before getting to The Avengers in 2012. Can’t wait to see how they continue connecting the films together.

    I have to say, Chris Evans looks like he will play a good Capt though. The trailer makes it seem so to me, but time will tell. 7-22-11.

    1. Yeah, The Avengers is certainly the one to watch next year… I’m real curious to see how they connect the films, too, T. I’m warming up to Evans a bit more now, I used to think he’s just a pretty boy but he has that likability about him.

        1. Not yet, it’s pretty far up on my queue so I might get it next weekend. From the trailer he looks like the one providing comic relief for the movie.

  12. Happy Monday Flixers (Yes I know it is Tuesday, but I am slightly behind this week!!)

    How is the blogging hangover after the weekend of birthday festivities?

    Great poster this one. I do love that era. I was born far too late. Great find!

    1. Yeah I like that one too, Irina, I put that poster on my Super 8 review post.

      The movie looks rubbish? I certainly hope it won’t be. Ha..ha.. why superheroes like tights so much? To show off all those muscles I suppose… and those moobs 😀 😀

  13. Here’s my lack of comic book hero knowledge but I wasn’t aware Captain America was set during world war II. That does intrigue me as I love films set during the period. I also love this poster. I’m finally looking forward to this film! 🙂

    1. Hi Richard! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention about that comic book cover on the post, I’ve added it w/ a link to your post. Thanks!

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