2nd Blog-a-versary Special: FAMILY MAN’s ‘Anniversary’ Clip

Happy 2nd Anniversary, FlixChatter!

In honor of this special event, I want to share one of my favorite scenes, from one of my favorite movies ever. It is from the warm-hearted, laugh-out-loud film The Family Man (2000), starring Nicolas Cage. IMDb sums it up in one sentence:
A fast-lane investment broker, offered the opportunity to see how the other half lives, wakes up to find that his sports car and girlfriend have become a mini-van and wife.
Jack Campbell (Nicolas Cage) has a crucial decision to make: stay in New York City with his college sweetheart, or move to London where a prestigious career in finance awaits. One Christmas Eve, after his high-powered career brings him back to New York, he is confronted with a “glimpse” of what his life would have been like had he  chosen love over money. He struggles and improvises in ever-amusing ways to play the part of husband and dad he’s been thrust into with his newly acquired family.
Here’s Jack “forgetting” his wedding anniversary:
(I love that in the restaurant scene he’s attired in the same Zeena sport coat Kate presented him the morning of their anniversary.)
I care for only a few Nick Cage roles (Moonstruck, Adaptation, Matchstick Men), but Jack in The Family Man tops them all. The way the committed bachelor plays the initially resentful, confused and befuddled husband is hilarious. And he gradually evolves into a man who’s confident with his new life and learns to appreciate and actually enjoy his new-found family, and finally becomes reluctant to return to his old life. From beginning to end, his performance is masterful.
All the loyal readers, lurkers, commenters, bloggers, and contributors really make FC seem like one great big happy family. So again, happy anniversary/birthday!
Here’s to the next two years of the equally engaging, beguiling blog spearheaded by Ruth, FlixChatter 😀

14 thoughts on “2nd Blog-a-versary Special: FAMILY MAN’s ‘Anniversary’ Clip

  1. I’ve never seen this movie nor does it look like the type of film I’d care for, but I respect what it means to you in relation to FC’s second anniversary, and if Nic Cage is in it it can’t be that bad, right? RIGHT?!

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hi magnolia, The Family Man won’t appeal to everyone. It’s theme is It’s a Wonderful Life but in the opposite sense. And yes, Nic is fabulous in it. I like his comedy roles better than his dramatic ones.

  2. What a lovely anniversary tribute, Becky, thanks so much! I remember liking this movie when I first saw it, one of Nic Cage’s best roles IMO, as his character undergoes quite a drastic transformation. You’re right, Nic is better at comedy I think, especially dark satires like this one. I also like Tea Leoni a lot, whatever happen to her? I hope she gets more compelling roles in Hollywood as I always like her on screen.

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hi Ruth, congrats again on two years! You know I’ve loved TFM forever, so was delighted you gave me an excuse to feature part of it as a guest post. 😀 Yes, this has got to be one of Nic’s very best. I love Tea too.

  3. I have grown to like this movie and seen it 3 or 4 times already. One of those few roles in which Nicolas Cage isn’t going over-the-top. Again, happy b-day FlixChatter!

    1. Thanks Castor! Oh you like this too? Glad to hear. Yeah I like Nic’s nuanced performance, he really should do this kind of thing more often instead of banal action stuff like Drive Angry, ugh.

    2. PrairieGirl

      Hi Castor, so glad to hear you’re a TFM freak like I am! The movie and especially this clip seemed so fitting for the entire FlixChatter “family” – it really seems like we’ve become a good one in the last two years.

  4. Ted S.

    I always meant to see this film but never actually watch it, probably because it was directed by Mr. Hack of all Hacks Brett Ratner. I might rent it when the holidays are around the corner.

    1. OMG! Brett Ratner directed this one??! I had no idea!! It’s actually pretty good, Ted, totally different from his silly action stuff like Rush Hour. It’s very story and character-driven and Nic and Tea are both really good in it. Even Don Cheadle in the beginning scenes are good, too. You should give it a shot.

    2. PrairieGirl

      Oh yes, Brett Ratner did direct this, he lobbied long and hard to be hired to direct it (he loved the script) and didn’t let up on Nick Cage until he relented to play the role of Jack Campbell. This anniversary clip is his favorite of the whole film. (I don’t know anything about his directing, but he definitely hits a home run with TFM.) At first glance it seems cheesy and formulaic, but turns out all the characters are totally rooted in real life, and they all bring out charming subtlety you don’t expect. It would be a great rental any time of the year. btw, it was really great meeting another member of the FC family last fall at the screening of Nowhere Boy with your friend and Ruth and Ivan, and the Beatle bop at Brits Pub afterwards ;-D

    1. If you like Nic Cage, I think you’d enjoy this, Julian. Yes, he’s great in what you said, looney and villainous roles (one of my fave roles of his is Castor Troy!) but I do enjoy seeing his good side and more nuanced acting in this one.

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