FlixChatter turns 2 today! Thanks for your continued support!

Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s not just another day of the week… It’s FlixChatter’s 2nd Birthday!

Photo courtesy of cakecentral.com

I’m gonna keep a tradition of posting cool movie-inspired birthday cake for my blog-a-versary. One day I just might order a REAL cake for a change!

Phew, I can’t believe it’s been 730 days since I started blogging! I’m not a big numbers gal but ever since I started blogging, I find stats fascinating, ahah. I’m sure you bloggers can identify w/ that πŸ˜€ Well, as of last night, there have been 589 posts and 10, 493 comments on the blog. On FC’s first birthday, there was about 113k views but I’m happy to share that this wee blog’s viewership has since grown almost 3 times that amount. Thanks to IMDb for featuring FC on the hit list a few times (there links to those in the Featured page), most recently this 80s villains one from Ted.

SPECIAL THANKS to my wonderful regular contributors: Becky (my first ever commenter!!), Vince, Mike, Ted, and now Paula G. I truly appreciate the time you’ve put into contributing to FC… and I look forward for more [hint, hint, Vince & Mike :)] Extra special thanks to Ted who’s practically an FC staff now for having contributed more than a dozen great posts in the past year.

I had no idea how long I’d keep on blogging when I started practically on a whim exactly 2 years to this day, but now I can’t imagine not doing it! It’s become so much a part of my day, my source of joy β€” as well as occasional frustrations β€” that I really can’t live without. I’ve been blessed to have met such great online friends, whose own blogs have enriched and entertained me every day.



for all of you loyal readers, subscribers and commenters!

I’d like to call out these top ten bloggers who’ve bestowed the most comments … Castor, Julian, Scarlet Sp1der, Custard, John, Dezzy, Novroz, Rich, Samantha, and Dan. Thanks guys, keep ’em coming πŸ˜‰

P.S. A very special thank you to my dear friends Ronan and Irina, owner of the awesome blog Filmplicity for making this beautiful birthday e-card… how lovely!!! It truly made my week, guys… thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

There’s be blog-a-versary celebrations aplenty all through the weekend as I’m finally going to catch up with some great movie memes that’s been going around the past few weeks, as well as anniversary/milestones/nostalgia-related posts.

Thanks again for your continued readership and support and hope you stay around for more! πŸ˜€

61 thoughts on “FlixChatter turns 2 today! Thanks for your continued support!

  1. Congratulation RUTH and all FC contributors πŸ™‚

    I am glad I found your versatile blog…may you never stop blogging. That was such impressive stat *iri* hehe

    I never notice my own blogoversarry, only my pet’s blog. I should check my oldest post one of these days.

  2. Happy Birthday Flixchatter! I know I’m new to your site, but have been really enjoying the variety of content here and look forward to checking in everyday. Hope you have two more years….then two more…..and so on!

  3. Happy Birthday to you,
    Squashed tomatoes and stew,
    I saw a fat monkey
    and I though it was……

    Oh hold on thats pretty rude!!

    Happy birthday my friend. Without Flixchatter and your good self I wouldn’t have known a ping back from a track back. You made me into the blogging monster I am today.

    I look forward to another great year!!

    Your best mates Scott and Lyn, and the girls

    P.S. when you next get over here, you ARE staying here OK?

    1. Ha..ha… what a cute poem, Custie… but I don’t expect anything less from you, mate πŸ˜€

      Dude, you are already a much better blogger than I am in a fraction of the time! I mean, you with your structured weekly posts, fab icon series and all… plus you’re such a warm-hearted and lovely person. Tweeting gets a whole lot more fun because of you.

      Scott [ok now we’re getting formal], Lynette and the Lawlor girls, you are such an adorable family! I hope to be back to the UK one day. Hope you visit MN soon and experience our crazy weather, ha..ha…

      1. OK we will.

        We were actually talking about emigrating last night whilst watching a program called Haven. Set in Maine, looks a pretty place to live. But I think MN looks cool too, just need to convince Ted to give me a job!! HAHAHA

        Back on topic you have here THE best blog. I hope it never goes away. Somehow you manage to be in the movie blog clique but have none of the snobbiness when it comes to blogging. Amazing.

        I consider you and your contributors friends.All hail the FC!!

        1. Ted S.

          Well Custard if you ever moved over to this side of the world, I’m sure they’ll be jobs for you. Since I don’t know what you do for a living but sounds like you’re into technology, I do web design for my day job and there are a lot of positions available if you’re in that field. BTW, MN is much cooler than Maine, more cooler restaurants and cooler people. Ha ha.

        2. PrairieGirl

          Hi Custard, as a FC contributor, I say thanks for considering me a friend too! I know I’m the least movie-savvy person among Ruth’s guest bloggers, but I do just fine in my own little unsophisticated film world. You’re blog is amazing to me too. Nice to know I have a UK friend now too, and hope to get back there someday again soon.

  4. Yes, I’m mentioned first among bloggers!!!!!! (glows) πŸ˜› Happy birthday FlixChatter and congratulations Ruth on the milestone.

    1. Well Castor, you’ve left more than 400 comments here so absolutely you get first mention!! THANK YOU for having found my wee blog over a year ago, your support is invaluable. We should do coffee again soon now that the weather is nice [well, nice-r] πŸ˜€

        1. I’m so jealous that you and Ruth live so near eachother, I’d love to meet you guys for coffee! Well, if you’re ever in Belfast you have an open invitation to coffee at ours!

  5. Vince

    You are extremely talented Miss RTM and thank you for letting us contributors ride your coattails into sharing our movie geekness (well said, Ted). This is my favorite Movie Blog and I hope it stays online for years to come!

    (The Beatles’ Birthday playing in the background)

    1. Thank you, Vince, now you know what that means w/ that hint right… we need more posts in the Classic Flix section!! πŸ˜‰

  6. PrairieGirl

    What, me, your very first commenter? Wow, it’s nice to see I was first at something for a change, lol. FC is a fixture for me now, kinda like electricity or ice cubes – you just expect it to be there every day, rain or shine ;-D And I’ll be celebrating with you even more with my mini-post and clip to come. Congrats!

    1. Yes you were indeed, Becky. Just check that first post I linked above! I’m so honored that you’ve been so loyal to FC the past 2 years even though I don’t always blog about the genres that you like. But we’ll always be able to chat about our favorite boys, right? πŸ˜‰

      Looking forward to your clip for this weekend!

  7. I’m closing in on my one-year anniversary myself, so I’m not far behind you!

    Congrats. Here’s to the next year (and many more).

  8. Congratulations. I have loved following your blog ever since commenting on your Sharlto post, and i always look forward to reading your comments on my blog. You always welcome peoples opinions even if they disagree with yours. This is something i have tried to follow on my own blog.

    And thanks for putting up with my sometimes emailing for help and for comments.

    1. *Looks at last sentence*

      And once again i wish i could edit my comments on other peoples blog

      Oh, btw does wordpress tell you when your blogoversiary is coming up, or do you just remember the date?

    2. Hi Julian, thanks for being such a loyal supporter of FC. I’m glad you’ve started blogging yourself since then. I look forward to your Morality blog-a-thon w/ Ronan.

      I’ve enjoyed our chat and your insightful comments. With movies and life, it’s impossible to agree on everything, the point of the blog is a discussion, right? πŸ™‚

      No, WP doesn’t alert me when the anniversary is up (I wish they would), I always remember it because it’s the same b’day as my friend’s daughter.

  9. Have a great day, Ruth. Your blog is awesome. You’ve created a magnificent place to come and relax and read some reviews. Here’s to two more years, and tons of great stuff to come!

    1. Thanks Magnolia, my friend from the great land of New Zealand!! You’ve got a smashing blog yourself, good sir. I’ll keep on blogging if you are, too!

  10. Congratulations Ruth, 2 years old, that’s good going. I hope when I get to be two years old that I’m half the blogger you are. I promise to come by more often this year and show some more comment love, you’ve always been so generous on that front at Filmplicity and I have to echo Custard when I say you continue to make me a better blogger. I also hope that the next time you visit Europe you come and visit Irina and I in Belfast. You and Ivan will be very welcome.

    1. THANK YOU, Ronan! Sheesh, we all know you are a much better writer, mate. Your reviews are always insightful and a great read. What I love about blogging is we can always learn from each other and becoming friends in the process. If only we can have a bloggers meet-up or something but we’re all so far away from each other 😦

      Well, whenever you’re in MN, be sure to let me know, too!

  11. You mean your blog is just two months younger than mine? I thought yours were older.
    Big Congrats! Everyone is looking hot and gorgeous at the Birthday gala party, and you’re looking superb in that Ellie Saab dress, Flixy πŸ™‚

    Now, when’s Gerard Butler popping out of the cake?

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hey Dezzy, you just made me chuckle out loud – LOVE YA! As for the last line of your comment, oh, if only! And ust think, if it wasn’t for Flixy we would have never met. You definitely have become my favorite flirt ;-D

      1. a flirt indeed /snortsbigtime/ and I never seem to manage to lure you into my place πŸ™‚ You just share your kisses at Flixy’s!

        What made you chuckle? Butler? πŸ™‚

        1. PrairieGirl

          Oh, you’re wrong, Dez, I do wander over to Hollywood Spy often enough, but must confess I’m more of a lurker there. I will try and be more loyal and leave some insightful… ahem, I mean ordinary… comments.

          Oh, of course, the image of GB jumping out of a cake right in front of Flixy really tickles my giggles!

  12. Jack Deth

    Congratulations on your second year in blogdom, Ruth!

    Excellent, laid back site where one can learn while reading or posting.
    This relative newbie hopes you have many, many more!

    1. Hi Jack! I really appreciate your readership and wonderful comments. You’re always welcome here… that’s the fun thing about movies, there’s ALWAYS something we can talk about!

  13. Funk

    Happy Birthday/Anniversary FC, a most outstanding site, that I look forward to everyday. I have my baseball sites, my news sites, and of my movie sites this is #1. Thank you for the enlightenment!

    1. Awww Dave, how gracious of you. Thanks for your lovely comment and for your continued readership. Hope all is well in the ROK!

    1. Hi there Joel! Thanks for the blog-a-versary ‘gift’… I’ve already left a comment but would read in details tomorrow. Again props for including THREE of my fave actors in one movie, WOW, if only we could get it made for real!

  14. THANK YOU everyone for your kind well wishes!!

    @ Katie – Thanks girl!

    @ Novia – Terima kasih! I remember my anniversary as it’s the same day as my good friend’s daughter’s b’day. You’ve been blogging longer than me, right?

    @ Markus – Thanks for coming over regularly, I really appreciate it. Hope you stick around for more πŸ˜€

    @ Michael – Thanks for your support!

    @ Luv – Thanks!!

    @ Hatter β€” Thanks Hatter!

    @ Thanks Rich! When is your anniversary? This month? Well, keep on bloggin’ man!

  15. I completely missed this momentous occasion yesterday! My sincerest apologies! HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Flixchatter! TWO years! Quite the accomplishment!!!!! Congratulations!

    I am truly blessed by knowing you and am so glad that we both have a passion for God and for movies!!!

    Keep up all the great work! I only hope to be as accomplished as you! Having a great following of wonderful people, getting posts published via imdb, producing fantastic graphic designed artwork, and providing great subjects for movie lovers to write and read about!

    Happy Blog-o-versary my dear friend!!

    1. No problem, T. I know we’re all busy πŸ˜€

      I’m glad to have known you as well, I think the best part about blogging to me is getting to meet all you fine people!!

      I am humbled that anyone would ever want to read my ramblings about movies… so THANK YOU!

    1. Glad to hear, Luv. It’s FlixChatter’s logo color… I hope to get a custom template for my blog by end of year and you’ll see this color more prominently πŸ˜€

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