Hollywood Fantasy Draft Pitch III: My sci-fi movie’s dream cast

My pal Castor has created quite an addiction with his annual Hollywood Fantasy Draft event. Every year, we movie bloggers get to indulge in our fantasy of creating our own movies with our favorite actors. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, chances are you’ve read my first movie pitch Hearts Want, a romantic thriller starring Timothy Dalton, Helen Mirren and James McAvoy; and the second one which I adapted from a novel of the same name, Last Voyage of the Valentina starring Rufus Sewell, Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron. Yep, I have drafted the leads of X-Men: First Class previously, now you see why I’m super excited for that movie 😀

Starbuck & Apollo in BSG

Well, this time I’m going back to creating an original story like I did with Hearts Want, I’m not going to reveal the story yet except to say that it’ll be a sci-fi set in a post-apocalyptic world of the future. Yes, there’ll be droids and spaceships, etc. but at the heart of it will be a love story. I’m a romantic at heart, don’t cha know, besides, a lot of sci-fi movies I like (i.e. Blade Runner) are actually quite romantic. I also adore Battlestar Galactica series — the contemporary one, not the original — and there are plenty of intertwined romances in that one, and plenty of um, pent-up passion that rival any soap opera. The scorching chemistry between Katie Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber as the star-crossed lovers Starbuck and Apollo is one of the main highlights of the sci-fi series.

Anyway, as I mentioned in my weekend roundup post, I spent hours a couple of weekends ago bidding for the major cast for my movie. I’m happy to say that I get most of the actors I wanted, with the exception of Carey Mulligan who’s my first choice as the female lead, but Castor snatched her! But it’s ok, I actually have another replacement who’s actually one of my favorite actresses and she’s on my list of top five noteworthy young actresses!

So without further ado, let me present you …

My dream cast:

My director pick is Duncan Jones. Originally I went with Matthew Vaughn but I figure he might be too busy (and too expensive) after the success of X-Men: First Class. I feel that Jones might be a better fit for my story having just seen Source Code and hearing all the great things about sci-fi drama Moon. He’s only done two feature films so far but both are very well-received by critics and audiences alike. I just realize that all three of the directors I’ve drafted so far are Brits! And guess what, I just realized Jones is David Bowie’s son, so you can count on having Mr. Bowie to have a brief cameo in my movie 😀

Viggo Mortensen is the most expensive cast I bid for, but he should be worth the money. I need someone of his acting caliber and popularity for my movie. Mortensen is a fine actor with the kind of screen intensity and emotional depth. He also has this quiet grace about him that is unpredictable. Those who’ve seen him in History of Violence and Eastern Promises know he can be quite menacing as well, which is perfect for the role I have for him. He’s also never done a full-blown sci-fi movie, yet.

I hadn’t planned for a Lord of the Rings reunion here, it sort of just worked out that way. Hugo Weaving has always been an actor I admired, he’s my top ten favorite Aussies and his masked performance in V for Vendetta is utterly impressive. He’s also amazing in the little-seen Aussie indie Little Fish where he played a junkie, and this role would require more of that raw performance rather than his cool, bad-ass rendition of Agent Smith in The Matrix.

For the female lead and the protagonist’s love interest, I need someone who is beautiful but with an earthly quality as well as intelligence. I’ve seen Emily Blunt in several films, and she always impresses me. I especially like her performance in Young Victoria so for sure she can handle emotionally-complex roles.

For the movie’s protagonist, I wanted someone who’s young and can handle the fight sequences believably. After seeing Chris Hemsworth in Star Trek and THOR (twice!) within one month, I’m convinced he’s the right man for the job. He’s definitely got a strong screen presence, as well as being very easy on the eyes without looking like a frivolous male model. I also wanted someone who’s a natural leader with the credibility to lead a big group of people to fight for the cause he believes in. In the two films I saw him, he could also pull off the romantic scenes which makes him a compelling ‘romeo’ on top of being a bad-ass fighter.

I’ve been a fan of James Purefoy for quite some time. He seems to be somewhat typecast in period action pieces like Iron Clad and Solomon Kane, perhaps because of his astounding turn as Marc Antony in HBO’s ROME. But I know this gorgeous and soulful Brit is capable for more! I need a strong male character who’s powerful enough to go against the grain, but also one with the good sense to choose where to place his allegiance.

The fact that Romola Garai is not a household name is beyond me. The 29-year-old Brit is not only drop-dead gorgeous but is massively talented to boot. You’ve likely seen her in Atonement as the adult version of Briony (who’s played by Saiorse Ronan as a kid). People talk about Ronan and Vanessa Redgrave (who plays the older version of the same character) a lot but Garai is equally compelling as both of them in that role. She is also great in Amazing Grace and in the BBC miniseries Daniel Deronda. I don’t believe she’s done a sci-fi flick yet, so she’ll be playing a role she’s never done before in this movie.

Ever since I saw Idris Elba in Rocknrolla as Gerry Butler’s BFF, I immediately notice the magnetic quality about the tall, London-born actor. He’s also great as Hemdahl in THOR as someone who’s revered but loyal and compassionate. Elba has a natural swagger about him but he also has a comedic side that’d work well as comic relief in my movie.

I first notice Thandie Newton in Mission: Impossible II as Tom Cruise’s love interest. She has kind of an otherworldly look about her — beautiful, mysterious but also can appear vulnerable. She’ll play Viggo’s lover who later has a change of heart towards the end of the film.

Now, as you know I like to cast a seasoned actor in my movies 😀 This time we have another James Bond actor who’s reportedly already retired, but I hope that Sir Sean Connery would agree to do a small but important cameo in this movie. Not only will we’ll give him a hefty paycheck for a mere few days of work, but the filming location will be in the Scottish Highlands which should appeal to him on a personal level.

Possible Additional Cast:

  • Karl Urban
  • David Bowie

Well, what do you think of my picks? Would you be interested to see a movie with this kind of cast?

44 thoughts on “Hollywood Fantasy Draft Pitch III: My sci-fi movie’s dream cast

  1. PrairieGirl

    Excellent cast, Flixy! Very happy to see veteran Sean Connery in it. And you know I’m especially fond of James, and your readers can look forward to a guest post tomorrow from yours truly on JPs special day ;-D

    1. Thanks Becky! Well, when I thought of the Scottish Highlands location it just came naturally to have Connery here.

      As for James, well he should be in more movies, obviously. And yeah, your b’day tribute is awesome!

  2. Absolutely! Though I’m curious to know what the dream budget would be. Hemsworth will be quite pricey after the success of Thor, and Viggo would be no cheap get either. Many stars take less money to work with a great director in an ensemble piece so it could be pulled off. Jones is a great choice behind the camera because he could (and has) pulled off great sci-fi at a lower budget. I’m also anxious to see more of Idris as he was my favorite character in the film. Do you have a title yet?

    1. Hi Markus, well it’s called FANTASY draft for a reason right, he..he.. The dream budget would be about $80 – 100 mil which would go to a few of the actors and the set pieces. That’s why I drafted Duncan as he probably can work within a relatively small budget. My vision for this movie is to focus more on the story and characters, so no 3D conversion crap or stuff blowing up every two seconds.

      No, I don’t have a title yet. I’m calling it my Untitled Sci-Fi Project, he..he… When I reveal the plot on Monday, perhaps you’d be so kind as to suggest one? Thanks for the comment, Markus!

    1. Thanks Castor! And kudos to you for creating something THIS addictive 😀 I hope my pitch makes it to AM, he..he.. now that’d be a real honor!

  3. Jack Deth

    Hi, rtm and all:

    Excellent choices!

    I sometimes post on an All Sci-Fi site


    and a topic was broached on sequels.

    I suggested that a sequel to the 1950’s classic of Sci-Fi B-movie, bad cinema, ‘The Giant Claw’ had already been sequelized with low budget schlockmeister, Larry Cohen’s ‘Q’ from 1982. Where the winged serpent’s egg is found in the upper reaches of Chicago’s Chrysler Building by down on his luck junkie/musician, Michael Moriarty.

    I took the premise one step beyond with the premise that Q’s or The Giant Claw’s eggs made their way down the Mississippi just in time for Katrina to rip through New Orleans while the egg(s) were beginning to hatch.

    A covert team of scientists, led by Michael Ironside, Powers Boothe and Courtney Vance send a team of shooters including Jeremy Renner, Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin to destroy the spawn of Satan while the storm and clean up is taking place. Backed up by Summer Glau, Devon Aoki and Michelle Rodriguez.

    Just a thought.

    PS: You can’t do better than Connery, Emily Blunt and Idris Elba. Who made his mark as Stringer Bell in HBO’s ‘The Wire’ and has been rockin’ every role since.

    1. Hi Jack, glad you like my picks.

      I’ve never heard of that Giant Claw movie but wow, what a cast for the sequel! Powers Booth has such a commanding presence in the Atilla miniseries, I’m surprised that guy isn’t more famous. I like the Firefly reunion w/ Fillion, Baldwin & Glau, but I’d probably recast Renner 🙂

      I’ve only seen one episode of The Wire but wow, Elba’s American accent is impressive. But I like his native Hackney accent so he’ll get to keep that in my movie.

  4. Ted S.

    Cool cast but I’d swap out Emily Blunt for Rachel McAdams. 🙂

    BTW, I’m gonna go see X-Men: First Class early tomorrow morning. It’s gonna be my only time to see it this weekend because I have too many things going on. I promise I won’t spoil anything before you see it.

    1. Well of course you’d do that, Ted, I think every single one of your movie will have Rachel in it, ahah. Unfortunately she’s already snatched up by the other bloggers… er producers.

      Ooooh lucky you! So you’re taking Friday off then? I already coerced Ivan to go see it after work even though we have to be up early Saturday for his triathlon 😀

      1. Ted S.

        No, I’m going in late. Friday’s are pretty slow at work and I have like a 3 hours meeting in the afternoon. Like I said before, I try to avoid seeing new films on opening night, the last movie I went to see on opening night was The Dark Knight at the IMAX theater and it was packed!

        1. Wow, I’m jealous! Though I don’t know if I can watch a movie that early. Let me know what you think but no spoilers please! 😀

          1. Ted S.

            Don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you, although I skimmed over a review of the film on another site and the idiot writer spoiled the movie by telling his readers which character(s) made a cameo in the movie.

    1. Wahoo! Glad to hear. I’m so honored you’ll go on opening night. I’ll be sure to send you an advanced screening ticket even 😀 😀

  5. mcarteratthemovies

    Did you see Idris Elba in “Thor”? For once I thought he was perfectly cast. He can seem a bit standoffish in the wrong part, but as the Gatekeeper he was phenomenal.

    1. Yep, twice. I’ve seen two different sides of him, the intense side and the comical side, and he’s convincing at both.

      1. Hmm… I have only seen him in a couple of movies, actually. My favorite role from him was as Stringer Bell on The Wire. That’s what made me a fan right there.

        I have been meaning to check out his BBC show, Luther, as well. I have heard some pretty good things about that.

  6. There are so e names here i’m not too familair with, but overall i think its a good cast.

    And i’m trying to get a bit more work done on my pitch before posting my cast

        1. Ah I see. Well you’ll learn a lot about James tomorrow 😀

          As for Romola, she’s an awesome actress. It’d be worth checking her work, she’s gorgeous, too 🙂

          1. Oh btw how long is your pitch?

            Cause i’m pretty sure mine is longer than it should be(I am trying not to over-specify the dialogue, but i am having trouble with that)

  7. Bamber, Blunt, Purefoy, Thandie, Viggo and on top of all Hemsworth, it’s just too hot for me to handle!
    Speaking of too hot to handle, I’m having an almost too hot cast written about over at my place in about half an hour.

    1. My dear Dezzy, you’re too absorbed in that Bamber pic to realize that he’s not in my cast 😀 I only used that photo as I mentioned the hot chemistry in BSG. But the rest should be hot enough for you, he..he..

      I’m looking forward to your post!

  8. With Idris and Viggo of course I would love to see it.
    Emily Blunt and Romola Garai are nothing to balk at either.

    Great choice of director in Duncan Jones.

    Also a big fan of BSG, the “soap opera in space” that it was 😉

    1. Glad to hear! Garai is really underrated, I hope to see more of her in Hollywood movies.

      As for BSG, I normally don’t like soap operas but the writing of BSG is really good! That’s why I was bummed out that 17th Precinct wasn’t picked up by NBC, that sounds kinda like a BSG reunion.

    1. Ahah, funny how you said Duncan Moon instead of Duncan Jones. I didn’t know he changed his name after his first film, John 😀

  9. Awesomness (except for Thandie Newton, for some illogical reason I really dislike her).

    Good to see BSG fans out there, I loved it. I still haven’t watched the last episode though, because it got such a bollocking from everyone I know!

    This Hollywood Draft thing is so great.

    1. Hi Anna, glad you like my cast. Well, I’m not gonna hold it against you for disliking Thandie, there is always going to be an actor/actress you’re just not fond of for whatever reason.

      The last episode of BSG is good, I think you should give it a go.

    1. Well he’s really talented. I’m really impressed by Source Code, that’s why I think he’d be perfect for a sci-fi epic 🙂

  10. Emily Blunt already makes it a winner for me! But I like the fact that you are calling on Connery to return and plan a cameo from David Bowie.

    I must applaud your daring-ness in picking Jones as the director. A way to make the point that not only seasoned directors can make blockbuster worthy films! Nice job!

    1. You’re a fan of miss Blunt, eh? Well I don’t blame you 🙂 Connery would be an expensive hire but it’ll be well worth it I think. Wait ’till you see the role I’ve got for him. He’ll have about 10 minute screen time but very memorable.

      As for Jones, I think he has the chops to make an intelligent sci-fi that feels epic without the mega budget of $200 million.

  11. For some reason Emily Blunt looks very much like Marion Cotillard to me! I know they are very different and I can tell them apart when I compare their pictures side by side, but I always get confused when I see just one of them (it’s like Ben Stiller and Adam Sandler.. you know what I mean?)
    I only know Thandie Newton because of her OLAY skincare commercials 🙂
    I know it’s a bit predictable to like Viggo Mortensen, but I think he is great!
    I had no idea Duncan Jones was David Bowie’s son! Bowie must be very proud of him 🙂 It will be lovely to have Mr. Bowie in your movie as I had a crash on him for a while after seeing him in Labyrinth.

    1. Hello Irina, how are you? He..he.. I never thought of that but yeah, she does resemble Marion a bit, even though Emily’s got such distinct lips that are immediately recognizable IMO. Ha..ha.. Stiller and Sandler look alike? Hmmm, I don’t know about that, they look pretty different to me.

      Thandie in OLAY commercial? Must be in the UK only.

      I had just found out about Duncan’s relation to Bowie when I did this pitch, too. I was flabbergasted, but then I thought it’d be awesome to have Bowie make a cameo. He always strikes me as a bit extra-terrestrial looking, in a good way I mean.

      1. Rachel Mcadams? You must be mixing up her with Amy Adams? We had a small clash about her when he tried to snatche her from me. hahahah

        I have finally read about your cast. Its very interesting casting. Many names I hardly know but I’ll check out. Also I like Battlestar Galactica a lot even though I have only seen one season so far. Its kind of heavy mindset and and very smart which makes it hard for me to sit through longer sittings of it. Great work I’ll now dig in on your Pitch!

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