Five for the Fifth: 5 Random Questions for the 5th of May

Happy Cinco de Mayo! I was originally going to post this early this morning to coincide w/ the Fifth of May celebrations but got taken over by my Marvel post. But hey, technically here in the Twin Cities and Mexico City, the day’s not over yet for at least another hour 😀

Anyway, I did the first Five for the Fifth post back in January and I’ve been meaning to make it a monthly thing but the fifth day of the month kept eluding me for some reason. The idea for this post is simple, I’ll just share five random things and then turn it over to you to share your take on that given topic (you can do all five or just pick a topic). You with me? All right then.

  • Well, since it’s Cinco de Mayo, I think it’d be appropriate to highlight an actor of Hispanic, specifically Mexican descent. There are quite a few to choose from obviously, there are Gael Garcial Bernal, Diego Luna, Salma Hayek, etc. but the name I kept going back to is Edward James Olmos, who’s so tremendous in the Battlestar Galactica series. His performance as Admiral William Adama is one of the major reasons I adore the series and Olmos’ gravitas and magnetic personality is one of the best things about ’em. Of course, long before BSG, he’s already wowed me in the original Miami Vice in the mid 80s, which was one of my favorite series growing up. He’s got such an undeniable screen presence, I keep waiting he’d get his own show, preferably not on cable though so I can watch it 🙂

    Are you a fan of Mr. Olmos? And if you watched the contemporary BSG series, who’s your favorite character?
  • I just learned today (thanks Prairiegirl for the tip!) that Arnie’s new comeback movie is a drama… well, sort of. According to Reuters, the movie is called Cry Macho in which Arnold Schwarzenegger will play ‘… a down-on-his-luck horse trainer who is hired to kidnap a 9-year-old boy’ and the two will end up developing a father-son bond in the journey. Apparently “…some action elements have been added to accommodate the star” so I guess it’s more of an action-oriented drama but not exactly as bombastic as Terminator, which he’s also been offered by studios. Well, didn’t he warn us he’ll be back?

    Now, what other long-absent actor/actress would you like to see get a comeback?
  • Ok, I may have just made a list of favorite Marvel movie scenes. But I’m actually more of a DC gal as my two all-time superheroes are Superman and Batman (in that order). I’ve always LOVED Supes ever since I was a wee girl, but for Batman, I’ve just started become a big fan essentially after Batman Begins came out. Well the other day I found this spectacular fan-made trailer for a called Batman Complex. He’s combining elements from Chris Nolan’s Batman flicks, Bale’s The Machinist, Inception and Leo’s Shutter Island. If you haven’t seen it yet, check it out below:

    The creator (who goes by themanbatman11 on Twitter) explained his rationale of of the trailer which you can read on the YouTube page. He said the gist of the idea revolves around the whole “what is real?” train of thought and Inception‘s theme that an idea is a truly resilient parasite. Imaginative stuff! What do you think of the trailer? Any other fan-made trailers that have really impressed you so far?

  • Over the weekend when I saw Source Code, I saw a poster of TOP GUN at the ticket tear-off entrance. Apparently this year marks the movie’s 25th Anniversary since its release in 1986 and AMC theaters are featuring it on the big screen with a couple of showings this weekend. Wow, it’s been THAT long? But yet Tom Cruise doesn’t age that much since then it’s just uncanny!
    The Cruister then and now…

    It got me thinking what other 80s classics I’d love to see on the big screen… I think it’d be cool to see Raiders of the Lost Ark with Harrison Ford still in his prime or something like Out of Africa which I actually have never seen. What about you? Any old 80s favorite you wish would get a re-release?

  • Lastly, since I haven’t had a chance to review Source Code, I thought I’d highlight the excellent soundtrack by Chris Bacon. I like this one that plays in the beginning, with the aerial views of Chicago and the long, wide shots of the river as the train is revealed. In the comments on YouTube, someone mentions the eerie and mysterious quality of it that fits the story perfectly. It also has kind of a vintage quality to it, it could’ve been something out of a Hitchcock movie.

    What movie soundtrack of a recently-released movie impressed you lately?

Well, that’s it for May’s Five for the Fifth. Now please pick a question out of the five above or better yet, do ‘em all!

31 thoughts on “Five for the Fifth: 5 Random Questions for the 5th of May

  1. Ted S.

    I always remember Edward James Olmos as Gaff in Blade Runner, I’ve seen him in some other stuff but he’ll always be Gaff to me.

    Arnold’s new film sounds interesting but I hope he won’t go back and do another Terminator film, that franchise has run out of gas. But since Justin Lin’s Fast Five opened to a huge box office number, I’m sure he can convince some movie studio to finance the new Terminator film.
    This may not be qualify as a comeback but I’d like to see Clive Owen’s film become a hit, I think he’s great actor but his films the last few years has been decent to bad.

    Saw that Batman Complex trailer last week, it was good. As for films from the 80s I want to see in theater? My number 1 choice is Blade Runner, would love to see that film on the huge screen. My 100″ screen is not big enough. 🙂 I’d vote for Raiders of the Lost Ark too.

    Well I only saw one movie in theater this year and that’s Fast Five, the soundtrack was okay. I’m looking forward to X-Men: First Class, the soundtrack from the trailers were quite good, not sure if the music will be in the final film.

    1. “My 100″ screen is not big enough.”

      No one likes a boaster Ted!!

      When it comes to AV size DEFINITELY is everything and now my 92″ feels very inadequate!


      1. Trust me, Custard, once you’ve seen his projection screen, he ain’t boasting, ha..ha.. it’s the very definition of home cinema!

        Seriously guys, my screen is only about half of what you’ve got!

      2. Ted S.

        Ha ha, I know I’m a spoil brat. Do you have a projector too Custard? I love my projector, makes me feels like I’m in a movie theater, without all the annoying people.

        BTW, hope your site is back to normal again, I haven’t look at it yet.

        1. Yeah I have a projector Ted. I would never go back to watching films on a TV now. Now we have kids we aren’t able to get to the cinema as much as we used to, so this is our own little cinema. Love it very much.

          Along with my sound system too. Not that special, but sounds super. Handy having a sound engineer as a Brother!!

          Yeah site is fine now….LOL That was quite a moment when I killed it

          1. Ted S.

            Yeah same here, I started using projector back in 2005 and never watched a movie on regular TV since. That’s cool that your brother is a sound engineer, I have a pretty decent sound system, nothing to brag about. Ha ha.

            Good to hear about your site.

    2. Hey Ted, I’m not too enthused about Arnie’s comeback either, and yeah, enough w/ Terminator! I think Clive is still making lots of films, though you’re right he hasn’t been in anything good lately. The last film I saw him in was The Boys Are Back which was pretty good, but it’s no Children of Men.

      Blade Runner would look great on IMAX I bet, I’d watch it just for the visuals. Well you know how I feel about First Class, Ted, I should check out the soundtrack, too.

      1. Ted S.

        I know, Arnold’s too old for that role now and apparently they’re going back to do a time traveling plot again for the new film. Why can’t they come up with a new concept for it, T-4 could’ve been great but McG totally screwed that up.

        I’m curious about Clive’s upcoming action thriller, The Killer Elite, hopefully it will be good. The last film I saw him in was Duplicity, pretty below average film.

  2. Not a huge fan of Olmos or Battlestar Galactica. My favourite Mexican in the film industry is definitely Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu. Wasn’t too impressed with Biutiful, but films like Amores Perros and Babel are masterpieces.

    I’d really love to see Nicole Kidman doing something really good again. I recently saw The Hours and absolutely loved it, and her monologue in Eyes Wide Shut is fantastic, so I’d like to see her doing more stuff like that.

    That Batman Complex trailer was really impressive. It seems like most of the good, original trailers are fan-made.

    I would love to see Ferris Bueller’s Day Off revived. Matthew Broderick, Alan Ruck and Mia Sara were all terrific in that movie and it seems like they should have gone somewhere after that, but their subsequent careers are quite disappointing.

    I loved Clint Mansell’s soundtrack for Black Swan. It was like a revival of that great classic ballet music, but with a sort of ominous twist. Groovy.

    1. Oh yes, I saw both Babel and 21 Grams and they’re both tremendous. Not that interested in Biutiful though.

      Kidman’s still quite prolific so I won’t count her needing a comeback. Plus she just got an Oscar nomination last year for Rabbit Hole.

      Y’know, I don’t remember much about Ferris Bueller, though I think I did see that one. River Phoenix’s Jimmy Riordan was more memorable to me.

      Haven’t seen Black Swan yet, but the music used in the trailer sounded good.

  3. Funk

    Favorites characters in the latest series of BSG are Katee Sackhoff as the hotshot ace Thrace Starbuck and the crusty hard drinking XO Saul Thig played by Michael Hogan, more than a few episodes I thought they should have received and Emmy or Golden Globe award.
    80’s movie I’d like to see at the big screen once again would be, Richard Attenborough’s, “Gandhi”, 1982.
    The most recent movie soundtrack that worked for me was from the movie “Amazing Grace”.

    1. Hello Dave! So you’re a fan of BSG too, huh? Saul is great, I agree. I enjoy his complicated friendship w/ Bill Adama, as well.

      Gandhi is a great choice for a re-release indeed.

      Hey, glad to hear you like Amazing Grace soundtrack. It’s just as inspiring as the movie!

  4. I was gonna have some clever answers to your questions but it turns out that I’m too tired for my brain to work properly…so all I’m gonna say for now is that I like the Batman Complex trailer! 🙂

    1. Hey Vanessa, always nice to hear from you. Glad to say you enjoyed that trailer. I thought it was amazingly-made I just had to share.

  5. Happy Cinco de Mayo!!

    Being in Southern Britain we don’t have much to do with this celebration, it reminds me of Handy Manny on the Disney channel for some reason.

    I was a huge fan of BSG and Olmos, or ‘the old man’ was amazing in that. Loved his broody ways, very cool.

    I can’t believe Arnie is coming back. Why oh why??? He really meant it when he said ‘I’ll be Back’ tut tut

    Don’t talk to me about 80s films….I have got that base covered…Top Gun rocks….’Highway to the danger zone….’

    Talking about soundtracks…Do you remember that awesome Watchmen trailer with ‘The Beginning is the End’ by The Smashing Pumpkins as the theme? Did that actually make it into the film? If not WHY NOT??


      1. Dezzy, you’re right, I’m not crazy about Jake G. and the reason I saw Source Code was because of the great reviews and Duncan Jones’ direction. But y’know, to be fair, he’s actually pretty good in this one, though it doesn’t mean I’d go and watch his other movies now, ahah.

    1. @ Custard – Yeah, I’m not too enthused about Arnie’s comeback either Custard. Oh well, we don’t have to watch his movie, right?

      Glad you’re a fan of BSG and Mr. Olmos, there are plenty of characters I love in that one, but he’s one of my top faves. Jamie Bamber who played his son Lee is a Brit but his American accent is amazing, he’s one of my fave BSG characters as well, along w/ Starbucks and Balthar.

      Oh I love you for putting that trailer up there Custard, that is one of my all time fave trailer and Watchmen is one of my top 5 2009 movies and that Smashing Pumpkins song is one of the 25 things I’m thankful for: So yeah, I LOVE that one 😀

  6. Hey Ruth, sorry I havent been on ina a couple of days, Irina and I are on Holiday in Rome for a week. I am thinking of doing a little Italian themed post while Im here, if I have time. We are going to the Vatican today (sooo excited) so not sure if Ill have time but Ill try. Love this idea for a post I have answers to some of your questions. Firstly, Irina and I were talikng last night about The Breafast Club and how Molly Ringwald was such a huge star in 80s and we were wondering what ever happened to her? Has she done any movies since then? Any ideas? Moives I would love to see back on the big from the 80s would be ll of the Indiana Jones flicks, because they rock and would be class on the big screen. Apart from that most great films from the 80s, as I was born in 83 so missed most of them 😉 A recent movie soundtrack which really impressed me (me and the Academy and every other film fan right?) was the soundtrack from The Social Network, which we watched on DVD just before we left for holiday. It is so cool and current, I think it is the best stuff Trent Reznor has done, even better than his NIN stuff. I also want to see more of Whoopi Goldberg on the big screen, whatever happened to her after Sister Act? Whoopi rocks, bring her back! Thanks for this post Ruth, another fantastic idea from one of the most imaginative bloggers around.

    1. [Waving profusely] Hey Ronan!! Thanks for taking the time from your holiday in Rome to say hello. I have such fond memories of Italy. I hope you enjoy your time at the Vatican as well, when I went there it was a Wednesday which is the day the pope was giving a public mass. Yes you should blog about it, and I’d love to hear more about your vacation.

      Not sure about Molly Ringwald, haven’t exactly followed her career, but yeah she was huge in the 80s. I like her in 16 Candles.

      Thanks again for stopping by and your kind words, Ronan. Hugs to you and Irina!

  7. Sorry to say,i don’t know who Mr. Olmos is.

    next question:
    That was a great news!! thank you for sharing it Ruth. I would love to see Arnie back in action again.

    The trailer is quite good…too bad it’s a mute trailer for me,my computer is having another breakdown…only on its sound driver.

    I would love to see another Indiana Jones movie…but without any alien involved.

    I am going to pass on the last question 😦

    1. Hey Nov, did you ever watch Miami Vice back in the 80s? Mr. Olmos was in it.

      An Arnie fan, are you? Well, I’m sure lots of people are excited about his comeback, I just hope he choose good projects.

      Ha..ha.. yes, Indi without Alien involved sounds good, Nov. That comment just made me laugh, thanks for that.

      1. Ah yes…I forgot to ask that when I wrote my previous comment…who is he in Miami Vice? I only remember the main actors (I forgot his name)

        Dezmond said there is a rumor of twins sequel…that would be fun.

        Yeah…that Indi is a bit disappointing, I like it till they found that long skull

  8. I can’t say I’ve seen much with Edward James Olmos in it. I’m not sure I’ve seen anything, actually.

    As for mostly retired actors making a comeback, I’d LOVE to see Gene Wilder have a proper swan song. He was so funny and so great in the 70’s, then decent in the 80’s, and then his wife died and he shifted his focus toward (I believe) charity instead of acting. If he could get just one more role that reminds everyone of why he’s such a likable comic actor, it would make me very happy.

    A teeny tiny part of me wishes that “The Fox and the Hound” would get a re-release on the big screen. I’m not a Disney guy, really, but it was the first movie I ever saw on a big screen. I think it’d be great to see it again that way.

    1. Oh Gene Wilder is such a hoot! He’s so funny in The Producers and The Woman in Red. Is he in Blazing Saddles as well? My friend Becky loves that one, I might have to give it a watch. I have no idea about his wife… that’s good that he’s able to channel that grief into something positive.

      I haven’t seen The Fox and the Hound, but there are indeed lots of Disney classics I’d love to see again on the big screen, such as Bambi that you mentioned on your Mother post.

  9. Absolutely loved BSG! It’s a tough call to pick out a favorite character, but I’d either go with Starbuck or Batlar. Whether you hated him or not, Baltar was able to bring so many themes and plot-lines to the forefront fairly easily.

    1. Hey Red, glad to see another fellow BSG fan. Thanks to my friend Vince I became quite addicted to it on its last season. Yes, Starbucks and Balthar are two of my faves as well. James Callis was deliciously evil at times but he’s so much fun to watch.

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