Top 10 Favorite Scenes from Marvel Superhero Movies

Summer blockbuster months is upon us and will likely be off to a thunderous start with THOR opening this weekend. I had been excited for this for a while mainly because of Kenneth Branagh’s involvement, that is until the rather cheesy trailers (and the subpar posters) kinda dampened my enthusiasm a bit. But after reading the stellar reviews (currently 91% on RottenTomatoes), I’m really curious to see if it’s indeed a ‘mighty Marvel entertainment’ as the critics say.

In any case, to coincide with the film’s US release this Friday, my hubby and I are revisiting other Marvel features from the past decade and list 10 of our favorite scenes. So, here they are in random order:

1. X-Men – Police Standoff

Just when the good guys think they almost capture Magneto, the tables are turned when Magneto takes control of the weapons of the entire police force. At the core of the X-Men story is the complicated relationship between two former friends Prof. X and Magneto. This very scene shows the contrast of just how far Magneto is willing to sacrifice human lives for his cause and how far Xavier would do to save them. The floating cars being slammed to the ground and the bullets stopping mid-air is just pure geeky awesomeness!

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2. Iron Man 2 – Race Track Fight/Briefcase Suit

The frenetic Monaco race track scene gets even more electrifying the second Mickey Rourke shows up a Whiplash with his cool cybernetic harness, with the whips coming off the arms. When he slammed Tony’s car and it went flying, the whole theater practically went ‘whoa!’ That scene was just full of crazy action, and as if the manic energy wasn’t already ricocheting through the roof, Pepper Potts frenetically threw the briefcase suit to Tony… and voila! It’s definitely the highlight of the entire movie for me.

3. Incredible Hulk – Hulk & Betty

This movie is chock-full of one intense fight after another. So this scene gives us a a chance to get our heart rate down a bit and take things in. It’s a deeply emotional scene with that iconic shot of the Hulk and Betty sitting together on a cliff (apparently this shot is a classic image from the Hulk mythology), and the rain helps set the melancholy mood perfectly.

Betty’s gentleness always does the trick in calming the giant creature and it shows just how much he cares for her and not wanting her to get hurt. He’s not just some hideous green monster, but that within him he’s still a regular Joe… er Bruce to be exact.

4. X-Men – Logan arrives at School of the Gifted

There are sooo many great scenes in the X-Men franchise, but my hubby insisted to include this one at the School of the Gifted as it’s quite a revelatory scene about Logan/Wolverine’s history, and it’s pretty darn funny as well. “What’d they call you? Wheels?” It’s an inventive and playful introduction to the who’s who of the X-Men which tells you that director Bryan Singer’s not taking this whole superhero thing way too seriously. Wolvey’s always been such a prick and obviously grumpy when he wakes up in a strange place, but it’s his snarly personality that makes him so fun to watch.

5. Spider-Man 2: Awkward Elevator Scene

Speaking of playful scenes, director Sam Raimi’s comedic chops work wonders in various scenes of Spider-man, but this one definitely takes the cake. Just the expression of the stranger going into the elevator with Spidey is priceless, but it just keeps getting better and better. “Rides up in the crotch a little bit, too.” Ha! It’s gotta be a fun day at the shoot filming this thing.

6. Iron Man – Cap. America Shield

The scene is known as the ‘Captain America shield in Iron Man 2 Movie,’ but I actually chose this scene before I even knew about the shield being in the scene! What I like about it is how Tony Stark often talks and scolds his robots, and as he struggles to come out of the suit, Pepper shows up with a bewildered look, “What’s going on here?”  To which Tony replies nonchalantly, “Let’s face it, this is not the worst thing you’ve caught me doing.” Robert Downey Jr.’s mischievous personality is just so perfect for the role!

7. X-Men 2 – Nightcrawler White House Attack/

Given the plethora of mutant characters with various unique abilities, Bryan Singer’s done an excellent job in introducing Nightcrawler in this action-packed scene. The setting itself makes it memorable, but the effects perfectly showcase the mutant’s unique teleporting ability. He fails to assassinate the President, but his “Mutant Freedom Now!” message perhaps won’t be easily forgotten by him and his staff.


8. Spider-man – Upside-down Kiss 

Yes, I’m a unabashedly romantic superhero geek. This scene just won’t be complete without at least one kissy-kissy scene 🙂 I love it so much I dedicated an entire post for it. After the many attempts to rescue her, Spidey’s rewarded by this passionate kiss by Mary Jane. Though according to actor Tobey Maguire, the extremely elaborate film shoot is more like a punishment, ahah.


9. Spiderman 2 – Train Rescue Scene

My hubby and I agree, this scene in the second installment is perhaps one of the best in the entire franchise. Alfred Molina as Doctor Octoppus is by far one of my favorite superhero villains (I smell another post coming) and his scenes with both Peter Parker and Spidey are the heart and soul of the movie. The fight scene involving a speeding train is downright spectacular it just left us breathless. But it’s the mesmerizing ending of that scene that packs such an emotional punch. After Doc Ock destroys the brakes, Peter uses everything he’s got to stop the train as his mask rips open. When the train finally stops, he collapses in exhaustion and helped by the passengers who finally discovers the hero is really just a boy. Powerful stuff.

10. X-Men 3 – Magneto’s Golden Gate Bridge scene

Another Magneto scene, this time he’s in his most bad-ass. He uses his metal-manipulating powers to rip the end of the Golden Gate bridge from its base and perch it onto Alcatraz to give him access to to give him quick access to that island. According to IMDb trivia, that scene cost $35 mil (a sixth of the film’s budget). As if it wasn’t awesome enough, Magneto’s witty quote seals the deal: “Charles always wanted to build bridges.” Brilliant!

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Honorable Mention

I’ve mentioned it in this thankful post that I love Stan Lee’s cameos in Marvel movies. He’s the Hitchcock of the comic world as far as cameos go, appearing in various movies based on Marvel Comic characters he helped create. Because of his affable nature, his cameos are a welcome appearance instead of being annoying or indulgent.

Well, certainly this isn’t meant to be a comprehensive list given the copious amount of film adaptations out there. So please add your thoughts on our picks and feel free to list your own favorite scenes from Marvel movies.

58 thoughts on “Top 10 Favorite Scenes from Marvel Superhero Movies

  1. Fine compilation, rtm. Though, to be honest, I so despise anything regarding X-Men 3. Brett Ratner ruined… ruined I say… what Bryan Singer built so well with the first two installments. I, on the other hand, have a distinct fondness for Richard Donner’s Superman (1978) film and that wonderfully staged helicopter sequence. Though the effects are outdated, it continues to work because you’re invested in the characters and there is old-fashioned but excellent craft on display throughout by the filmmakers. Thanks for this.

    1. I don’t blame you Michael, X-3 is a disappointment compared to the first two. There are some good parts though, such as this golden gate scene. Oh I LOVE Donner’s Superman, that’d be at the very top of my DC list… this one is for Marvel 😉

  2. Ted S.

    I like your choices, the bridge scene was the only good thing in X-Men: Last Stand. I don’t even remember that scene from Hulk 2, I said Hulk 2 because that’s how I viewed that film, it’s not a reboot in my opinion. I would add the military attacking Xevier’s mansion scene in X-2, love it when Wolverine started kicking butts.

    1. Glad to hear, Ted. Yeah, the bridge scene is really awesome, too bad the entire movie isn’t the case. I really enjoyed Norton as Hulk, but this quieter scene just stands out so much amongst all the intense action stuff.

  3. Hi Ruth and Hubby!!

    Great choices, both action and quirky, love it.

    Its nice you mentioned Stan Lee too. I do love watching for his cameo, always makes me smile. My fave was when he was Hugh Hefner…cracking!

    Very geeky post (as promised)


    1. As he’d testify, it’s about 80% me, ha..ha.. but he did insist on including #4 and #9 which I totally agree.

      Oh I love the Stan Lee cameos, it could’ve easily made the list. That Hefner one is a hoot, I thought for a second there he was the real Hef!

      It’s fun to get my geek on 😀

  4. The Nightcrawler White House attack was spectacular when I first saw it. I think he’s one of the better characters in that film even though I’m not a huge fan of the X-Men films.

    Terrific list Ruth – the upside down kiss shows your romantic, sentimental side! 😉

    1. It is, isn’t it? It was very well-done and really keeps you in the edge of your seat. Not a fan of the X-Men franchise Dan? So you’re not anticipating First Class then? That’s one of my most anticipated movies of the Summer. I bet there’ll be some scenes I can include for Part II of this post next year 😀

    1. There are plenty of good ones in Iron Man movies, but I just kept thinking of this one w/ the robots. I just LOVE that cheeky quote, makes me laugh every single time.

      Hey, please come back and let me know when you have your 100 list ready ok? I love your Kings Speech review btw.

  5. oooh, that police scene from XMEN was truly remarkable!
    I also loved all the scenes with Mystique and Cyclops.
    And I loved a scene from WATCHMEN when Rorschach gets into jail and say to other prisoners: “None of you seem to understand. I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with *ME*! ” 🙂

    1. Glad you agree on that scene, Dez. Yeah, I love Cyclops too because of Marsden! So sad when he’s gone in the early part of X-3 😦

      Watchmen is DC comics Dez, but count on at least one or two scenes from that one when I make my DC list.

  6. Aw, this was a very nice post. In concept I want to put in writing like this additionally – taking time and precise effort to make a very good article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and not at all appear to get one thing done.

  7. Way to go Ruth…sweet list and nice call on the honorable mention:)

    I’m quite glad the X-Men standoff takes the top spot…it’s so well done. I suspected Spider-Man scenes closer to the top but you actually called some light on the better and possibly more overlooked Marvel scenes…wouldn’t expect any less from you:P

    1. Hey Marc, thank you! Well, a Marvel list just won’t be complete without the creator, right? Stan Lee just seems like a fun guy.

      Um, my list is actually not ranked, it’s hard enough to pick just ten scenes, y’know. If I had to pick my top 3 tough, the Spiderman train scene would probably be among them.

      1. Sorry, for my confusion. Your phrase “here they are in random order” seemed to contradict with the big blue numbers…so to me the big blue numbers took precedence:P

  8. It is basically a list from 4 movies 😉 X-men, Hulk, Spiderman and Ironman. Nice post, nevertheless.

    X-Men – Police Standoff was indeed the best of all,it deserved to be in number 1.

    1. Well I had other movies on here before but didn’t make the cut, nothing worth mentioning from Fantastic Four and though I like the first Blade movie, I couldn’t remember much about it and haven’t seen the rest of the franchise.

      Btw, I didn’t really rank this list… it’s a random one.

  9. Cool list. For me i would the mystique/wolverine scene from X2 when she changed into the different X-woman on top of Wolverine. So sexual yet so twisted at the same time.

    Her fight with wolverine in the first one was pretty awesome too…and her short convo with Nightcrawler.

    Actually i think i just found all the mystique scenes awesome -P One of the few good things about X3 was seeing Rebecca without makeup or clothing on the big screen -)

    And speaking of Big Screens, i’m going to see Thor this Friday in theaters with my dad(He was a fan of the comics before the movie even got off the ground).

    1. Ha..ha.. why am I not surprised you like Mystique. I don’t blame you, Rebecca is gorgeous even covered up in blue 🙂 I think the scene where she turns into human form is pretty memorable, too, I hated how Magneto just left her there all naked and vulnerable.

      I’m gonna try to see Thor this weekend, too. That’s cool that your dad’s a big fan of the comics, that’ll be a good father/son bonding time then.

      1. Well, apparently i fail at smiles. But yes, she is one pretty lady in any color. Magneto is not a good judge of beauty.

        And i’m going to try to gt my dad to post a review of it. He just recently got a blog, and i’ve been trying to get him to post a movie-related entry for a while…but my efforts have been in vain so far.

        1. Ha..ha.. you crack me up Julian. All you have to do is type a colon (instead of dash) plus the right bracket to make this 🙂

          Yeah I think Magneto is too wrapped up in his rage to appreciate the good things in his life, unlike his friend Xavier.

          Oh I hope your dad’ll agree to post his review. Let me know once he’s got it up, I’d love to read it.

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  11. The bridge scene is pretty cool, but why wouldn’t Magneto just drop the bridge on the complex? Would’ve made things alot easier. 🙂

    I know it’s not fashionable to like Daredevil, but I do, and a couple of my favorite Marvel scenes include Bullseye killing the old lady with peanut, as well as the introductory fight scene between Affleck and Garner. Cheesy? Absolutely, but oh well.

    1. Ha..ha.. yeah, well he ought to have consulted you first, Red.

      I have not seen Daredevil but my hubby hated it. I’m not judging you for liking it though, I’ve had my share of bad movies I love too 😀

  12. I’m guessing you haven’t seen or didn’t like the Blade movies. The standout scene for me is the vampire club with blood pouring from the sprinklers from the start of the first movie.

    1. Director Stephen Norrington’s Rave sequence at the start of BLADE is one of the greatest superhero entrances… ever. Overall, I admire Guillermo Del Toro’s BLADE II more as a film, but that scene is simply awesome.

      1. @Andy & Michael

        I mentioned below to Novroz that I’ve only seen one Blade movie. I remember liking the movie and Wesley Snipes in it, but I can’t remember much about it. Haven’t seen the rest of the franchise, it’s just too bloody for me in general. I guess my tolerance for gore continues to deplete over the years.

  13. Very cool list!

    I have to admit that I don’t really like superhero films much, but there are often individual scenes that are pretty awesome, and you’ve named many of them here!

    1. Thanks Jack and I’m glad you enjoyed the list despite you not liking superhero films. Is there one particular superhero movie that did impress you though?

      1. Yeah, the first two X Men’s were real childhood favourites, I must have watched them a dozen times each. The third one was a massive disappointment though and since then I haven’t revisited the original two.
        But I have fond memories of them…
        So they’re definitely some of my favourite superhero films.

  14. These were all great choice segments Ruth! Wait until you see Thor and get ready to add a few other scenes to this post! 🙂

    I love Marvel and you picked some of my fav scenes. In addition to I think I’d have to add the whole Spiderman bite/transformation/websling practice/wall crawling discovery scene in the first Spiderman film. Tobey Maguire was amazing in that! A fun vision of what it might truly be like.

  15. Now you’re talking my language!! All fantastic scenes. You are so right about that Spidey scene, when I saw it the first time I couldn’t believe they were going to let people find out who he was, and then the way people react is just so perfect.

    Great picks. Great post.

    I do hope you voted for my team in the Marvel/DC debate 😉

    1. Katie, so sorry for my late respond to your comment. Oh yes I’ve voted… as I said, I’m more of a DC girl. I might do a DC list in the near future, too.

  16. Nice list. All of these were definitely nice scenes. I especially liked the Spider-man scenes. That train scene was absolutely great. The kissing scene is iconic in its own right. I even agree about the elevator scene. Some funny stuff there.

    Wolverine I just like seeing on-screen anytime really. Just love the character.

    I really do like that Night Crawler scene too. He’s such a badass there. That whole fight scene also has this real Bourne-like feel to it for me. I mean obviously not the whole teleporting and whatnot, but there’s just this whole Bourne feeling I get from it, in a real good/badass way though.

    1. Thanks JL, glad you like the list, it’s fun to do. I like Wolverine character, too. It’s too bad the film version didn’t live up to the hype, and now that Aronofsky’s no longer involved, who knows what’ll happen to the project.

      He..he.. Night Crawler is quite Bourne-like in that scene, that’s true. That’s what would happen if Jason B has teleporting ability, ahah.

  17. Interesting list. Its been awhile since I’ve seen any of those movies.

    Have to say though I can’t stand the Spidey upside down kiss. Its dripping in cheese. And after the kiss as Spidey swings away, MJ kinda starts to jump a bit, I can’t help but cringe.

  18. Great list, Ruth! I can’t argue with any of your choices at all. That White House attack at the beginning of X-Men 2 is probably my favourite.

    Still, no room for Howard the Duck? 😉

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