Friday Guilty Pleasure Flix: CBS’ Vampire Show Moonlight

Happy Friday, all! Time for another guilty pleasure post I’d say… wow, the last guilty pleasure flix post I did was The Saint nearly a year ago.

I didn’t exactly have a specific movie in mind but it just so happens that my friend at work lent me her Moonlight dvd yesterday, so voila! Why limit it to movies as we all have our own guilty pleasure tv shows, don’t we? Well Moonlight was the quintessential guilty pleasure for me, as it’s not exactly the best-written show and it’s often too slick for its own good. But oh man, there hasn’t been a show since that’s as addictive. Every week I’d be tuning in and when it’s over I couldn’t wait for the next episode! Aussie Alex O’Loughlin was the main draw for me obviously, though he isn’t the most expressive actor, he somehow fits the role of the vampire detective like a glove!

A fan-made Youtube video lists 8 Things They Love About Moonlight that capture all the reasons I love the show. The main addictive factor is the romance between the vampire hero Mick St. John and his human love interest, reporter Beth Turner (as in ‘turn her’ get it? 🙂 ) played by the lovely and talented Brit Sophia Myles. Their forbidden romance is the pièce de résistance of any vampire love story and Alex and Sophia got the chemistry thing right, oh la la! Just check out one of my favorite episodes below after Beth took black crystal, an ecstasy-type drug made out of vampire blood:

As if that weren’t scorching enough, throw in the ‘ex-wife’ Coraline (played by Shannyn Sossamon) who’s as psychotic and obsessive as she is sultry. She’s the one who turned Mick into a vampire and somehow came back from the ‘dead’ and masquerading as Beth’s photojournalist, Morgan. The retro flashback scenes of Mick/Coraline are pretty fun to watch and often the sexiest episodes of the show (see below when Mick attempts to expose Morgan’s true identity). There’s also the suave and witty BFF Josef (played with aplomb by Jason Dohring), the seen-all, been-there-done-that 410-year old vampire who works as hedge fund manager by day. His scenes w/ Mick is always full of amusing repartee.

Oh and the soundtrack is pretty great, too. Moonlight‘s peppered w/ awesome songs every episode from The Fray, Evanescence, Jamie Cullum, Lapush, Fauxliage, etc. People have been posting ’em on YouTube and one of my faves is Let It Go by Canadian band Fauxliage.

I was so bummed out when CBS yanked it out in mid 2008, and frankly it was pretty dumb on CBS’ part IMO. As I said previously in my farewell post to Three Rivers (Alex’s show post Moonlight), it’s hugely ironic that it got canceled right at the massive upsurge of the Twilight hysteria. Ever since then, two vampire TV shows have gained popularity: HBO’s True Blood and WB’s The Vampire Diaries. The first cater to adults with its more risqué scenes; whilst the other is geared for teens. That means Moonlight would fit right in between the two as the only vampire show for its demographic on network TV.

Anyway, let bygones be bygones I guess. O’Loughlin is now starring in another CBS show Hawaii Five-O, and I think that one has been more well-received than his previous two CBS shows. But parts of me still miss Moonlight… ah well, at least I’ve got the dvd to go back to.

Ok now your turn, what’s your guilty pleasure TV show(s) or favorite show that’s been canceled? If you’re a fan of Moonlight, I’d love to hear it, too!

43 thoughts on “Friday Guilty Pleasure Flix: CBS’ Vampire Show Moonlight

  1. PrairieGirl

    Never watched Moonlight, but I might be tempted now!

    Of course I was bummed when Eleventh Hour (Rufus Sewell) was cancelled by CBS in 2009. The show was just getting good since they added comic relief with rookie FBI agent Felix (Omar Benson Miller), and with a love interest in the mix, I think it could have stayed the course.

    1. PrairieGirl

      Also really miss The Philanthropist, a short-lived NBC show appearing right after America’s Got Talent two years ago. James Purefoy acting was superb, and I sure didn’t mind that hunk of eye candy coming into my living room every week! The premise was excellent – they showed you the very end of the episode first, so you anxiously stayed tuned to find out everything that led up to it, how and why.

      1. You can borrow Marianne’s DVD if you want and I can tell you which episodes to watch, the juiciest ones 😉

        Yeah, bummer about Eleventh Hour but it’s a good show, so no need to feel guilty about it.

        Oh The Philanthropist, good one. I mean James Purefoy’s got it all, I can’t fathom why that show wasn’t successful. I mean, he even got to use his own British accent while a lot of Brits are playing American on US TV. The pilot was really strong indeed, that’s just too bad it got canceled.

        1. PrairieGirl

          And I have Eleventh Hour on DVD, so that’s some comfort.

          Speaking of JP, I’ve got Vanity Fair (2004) for this weekend. Stars him and Reese Witherspoon. It’s only rated 6 on IMDb, but just to see him in the male lead the whole movie will be a treat.

          Well, I just gave Marianne Tristan and Isolde, so it will be an even trade for Moonlight!

          1. Oh I remember him in that. Lucky Reese to be surrounded by cute male Brits, aside from James, there are Gabriel Byrne, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and if you look closely, Rob Pattinson even had a brief part.

            1. PrairieGirl

              You’re right about all the other handsome Brits – they just kept coming, one after another! And yes, at the very end R Patt appeared as Reese’s long-lost grown-up son. Seeing him was quite an eye opener, it must have been one of his earliest roles.

  2. When i found out TSCC was canceled i was not happy. Also Reaper is another show that i feel got a unfair cancellation.

    And speaking of vampires, i wanted to do a vampire related blog post at some point…not sure when i will have time for it tho

    1. Yeah, I quite enjoyed Sarah Connor, too. I mean, Lena Heady might not be as bad ass as Linda Hamilton but I thought she did ok. Plus there’s Summer Glau!

      Let me know when you’ve got your vampire post. Best of luck with your studies, Julian.

  3. Ted S.

    I’ve never heard of that show Moonlight, probably because it’s not my cup of tea. The new Hawaii Five-0 is definitely my guilty pleasure show at the moment, although the last few episodes were quite lame. Not sure how long I’m going to keep watching it if they keep doing those really cheesy storyline and Dane Cook was on the last episode! I can’t stand that guy, I almost turn it off when he first appeared in that episode.

    I hate to admit it but I can’t get enough of Three and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen is playing himself in that show.

    1. PrairieGirl

      Hey Ted, I love Two (not three ;-)) and a Half Men too! I like all the cast members in that show. And yes, his character is himself, but after what I’ve seen lately in the news about him, his character in the show seems tame!. And talk about being current, it was just “cancelled” a few days ago (production was shut down for the year) it remains to be seen if it will come back.

      1. Ted S.

        Yeah I saw Sheen’s many interviews the last few days and wow, I think he’s definitely was high on something. I do hope he and CBS resolves their issues since I want to keep watching the show. Ha ha.

          1. I just wish he’d go away, frankly. Sadly people are supporting him, I mean he’s got over a million Twitter followers within 24 hours. Seriously people, don’t encourage him!!

            1. PrairieGirl

              I have a feeling a lot those Twitter followers are voyeurs – they’re just following him to see when and how he will self-destruct …

    2. You’re not into vampires, Ted? I guess I’m always fascinated by that genre. I didn’t know you like Five-O, too, high five! Oh I agree the Dane Cook episode was weak, I can’t stand him either, I hope they won’t bring him back. I like Steve and Dano though, fun bromance 🙂

      Y’know, I saw a couple of the Two-and-Half-Men eps and I gotta admit they’re pretty funny, I like Melanie Lynskey whose character is obsessed w/ Charlie, she’s way too good for that show though.

  4. oooh thanks for the linage Ruth!! I am glad I inspired a post over here.

    Now to a guilty TV pleasure…..hmmmm

    Over here in the UK we have many reality talent shows, Britains got talent and x factor. As much as I try and avoid them every year I get sucked back in and lose half a year to them.

    I havent ever watched Moonlight but I am going to hunt it out.

    I am worried to mention any shows we watch at the moment that we love because pretty much always after I say I like something it gets axed (I am looking at your Journeyman and Dollhouse!!)


    1. No, thank YOU! I realize I haven’t done a GP post in a while but it’s fun to do.

      Y’know, I’m not into reality tv show anymore, I used to be hooked on Idol and Survivor but it gets old after a while. Now I only have time to watch one or two shows a week anyway.

  5. Vince

    Nice post RTM. I’ve never seen the show but your thoughts on it reminded me of my guilty pleasure many years ago: Dark Angel. Given the 2nd season sucked but I can honestly categorize that “Guilty” on that one. Ok, now I’m embarassed.

    1. Ahah, Dark Angel! Yeah I was hooked into that in the first season. I was so impressed with Alba but now, not so much. That show was by James Cameron, so how bad could it be? 🙂

  6. Hold up. Jason Dohring was in Moonlight? …Hmmmm.

    I only watch one current television show, and I suppose it’s something of a guilty pleasure, since I tend to try to avoid TV.
    But it’s funny, and charming, and, well, there’s Nathan Fillion. Yep. I totally heart Castle.

    1. YES he was, and he was awesome! Thanks for reminding me, apparently I left his name out and actually misspell his name in the tag too, it’s fixed now.

      Five-O is on the same time as Castle. For whatever reason, despite my love for Fillion, I couldn’t get into that show.

      1. PrairieGirl

        I love NF too, and really tried to love Castle like you, rtm, but it just doesn’t work for me, even though I was hoping it would. But now I have Harry’s Law (same day, same time as Castle AND Five-O). Now what self-respecting female would trade NF for Kathy Bates??!! What is wrong with me? ;-O

          1. PrairieGirl

            Yes, O’Loughlin too. It was like when I moved to California to get away from winter, but after only one year there, I missed winter! Go figure…

  7. I loved watching LEGEND OF THE SEEKER which was canceled.
    I’ve never watched MOONLIGHT but back when I featured Alex in one of my polls, many of his lady fans mentioned that they loved that show.

    1. Oh I never got to see that show, I only saw the pilot on iTunes. Looks pretty good, lots of eye candy for you eh Dezzy?

      Yes well your readers got good taste obviously 😀

    2. Yea I watched a couple of episodes (I never do that) of Legend of the Seeker simply for the eye candy. Definitely very good in that regard 😉

          1. No I actually stopped after the second episode, so I guess I answered my own question that The Cape was NOT worth watching after all 🙂

  8. moi,j’ai aimé et j’aime encore moonlight!!!
    l’histoire et les acteurs tout était vraiment parfait et magique!!!!
    alex o’loughlin et sophia myles étaient …..comment dire
    tellement beaux et si vrai ensemble!!! que c’était vraiment un réel plaisir à chaque épisode!!!
    jason dohring aussi était époustouflant!!!
    aujourd’hui je regrette vraiment cette belle série c’est vraiment nul de l’avoir annulée!!!!
    bien que j’aime hawai five o je dois dire que sophia myles
    me manque si elle pouvait faire partie du casting!!
    ça me conviendrai mieux!!
    si vous n’avez pas vu moonlight je peux vous dire que vous ne savez pas ce que vous ratez!!!!!c’est juste magique!!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Michlela, glad you enjoyed Moonlight as well.

      For my English-speaking readers, here’s what she said thanks to Google translate:

      Me, I loved and still love moonlight! The history and the players everything was really perfect and magical! Alex O’Loughlin and Sophia Myles were … .. how to say so beautiful and so true together! It was really a pleasure [to watch] every episode! Jason Dohring was so amazing!
      Now I really regret this beautiful show [has been canceled], it really sucks!!

      Although I like Hawai Five-O, I must say that [I miss] Sophia Myles and [wish] she could join the cast!
      it would suit me better!

      If you have not seen Moonlight, I can tell you that you do not know what you are missing !!!!! it’s just magic!

  9. Darren

    I’m not sure if you’d call them “guilty pleasures”, but my “one season wonders” include Caprica and Firefly. My real “guilty pleasures” tend to (luckily enough) be long-runners like Nip/tuck (soooo guilty) or 24 (“who are you working for?”)

    1. I’m really curious about Caprica as I LOVE BSG! Ha..ha.. Nip/Tuck, of course… is that still going on now? As for 24, I used to watch that religiously up until the 2nd season but got so tired of the whole premise.

    1. When the last season of Heroes started, i was sure that i wanted it to be the last one, due to the sporadic quality of the seasons in between. But i actually found myself wishing it got renewed at the end

  10. AT

    I loved Moonlight, though I never felt guilty about it! It was and still is my favorite vampire show. Alex O’Loughlin was brilliant, Sophia Myles was perfect, their chemistry together was off the charts…oh and of course the snark of Jason Dohring and the mystery of Coraline. Plus, the whole connection to the French Revolution was fabulous. It’s a pity they canceled the show just as it had really found its voice.

    1. Hi AT. Ha..ha.. yeah I don’t feel too guilty either. It was a fun show, I love the romance between Beth & Mick (I call ’em McBeth) and yep, I love Dohring’s snarky remarks as Joseph. It was the perfect blend of drama & humor, w/ some action thrown in tho I always laugh when they turn into vampires. It’s really a pity CBS didn’t give it another shot, instead they gave Alex a stupid hospital show after that, ugh! Good thing Hawaii Five-O is still running but I still much prefer Moonlight!

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