Brandon Routh’s major starring role post Superman is another comic-book hero

With the casting of Henry Cavill as the new Superman, I often wondered how the previous big-screen Kryptonian hero Brandon Routh feel about this. Is he upset? Disappointed? Relieved? I know that various news reported that he was vying to be invited back to reprise his role of man of steel, but he just seems like a level-headed guy that I can’t imagine him moping around over this news. Whatever the case may be, it’s curious that a new poster of his new movie, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night was released in the same week. I wonder if the marketing power behind this thought that maybe there’ll be some residual buzz for Routh as he played Superman before? I’m just theorizing here. In any case, he’s playing yet another comic-book character, albeit a lesser-known one. That is unless you’re Italian as apparently Dylan Dog is a very big deal in Italy (according to this ItsJustMovies article).

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Just from that test screening review, I learned quite a bit about the character as I’m not at all familiar with this story:

The original character was created by Tiziano Sclavi in the mid-1980s and is a recovering alcoholic nightmare investigator living in London. The world in which he lives is filled with monsters — such as vampires, zombies and werewolves from the movie world — who secretly live all around us. Dylan almost always wears the same clothes: a red long-sleeved shirt, black jacket and a pair of blue jeans. In the comics, he has an assistant named Groucho who is a former celebrity impersonator who became frozen into the character he once impersonated. Dylan and Groucho drive around in an old black-over-white VW convertible bug.

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Funny that his ‘costume’ still has the red/blue colors in it. Oh and the Superman connection doesn’t end there. Remember Sam Huntington, who played Jimmy Olsen in Superman Returns? Well he plays Dylan’s assistant, Marcus. Well, I’m not exactly going to be rushing to see this on opening night, maybe a rental on a slow night . The stills—and this poster—look kinda cheesy. And no offense to Routh, but he hasn’t sold me on his acting ability, yet. No, I don’t hate Superman Returns, he’s not exactly to blame that the movie underperformed, but I don’t know if he helps alleviate the problems, either. Nonetheless, it has enough going for it (such as this scene) that I actually bought the dvd. But his guest stints at the NBC series CHUCK, as well as other things I’ve seen him in, just hasn’t convinced me he has the chops. So anyways, I guess the reason I’m posting this is that I’m glad he’s doing another comic-book movie and not back as Superman. I think Henry Cavill is a far more convincing actor and so I’m happy with Snyder’s decision.

Anybody interested in seeing this one? And while the Superman news hasn’t cooled off yet (probably won’t be for a while), what’s your thoughts about Brandon Routh as Superman?

18 thoughts on “Brandon Routh’s major starring role post Superman is another comic-book hero

  1. That’s really funny. Poor Brandon Routh. Ever since Superman, I kept waiting for him to achieve some sort of stardom. And then he fell off my radar. And then I saw what he’d been doing: an episode of NBC’s short lived horror show, “Fear Itself”; Zack and Miri Make a Porno; and a good (but minor) role as one of the seven evil exes in “Scott Pilgrim”.

    The funny thing is, I don’t have any issues with Routh as an actor. But I definitely liked him more as a second fiddle (Zack and Miri; Fear Itself; Scott Pilgrim) than I did when he was Superman.

    That having been said, I like comic book movies because I’m nerdy like that, but there are just too many of them these days. Thor, Captain America, they’re already re-booting Superman/Spiderman/X-Men when they’re only a few years old… It’s all too much, in my opinion.

    1. Yeah, I kinda feel bad for the guy, too. But I guess a lot of Superman actors have not had much luck with their career afterward. I don’t believe in ‘curses’ but for whatever reason that seems to be the case. I have yet to see Scott Pilgrim but the evil exes are what make me interested in watching it.

      Some actors are indeed better as second fiddle, and sounds like Routh fits in that category. He…he… I’m a comic book geek myself and yeah, I think there are so many superhero movies out there. But I’ll just pick and choose which one I want to see. The two GREEN superheroes don’t appeal to me (Hornet and Lantern I mean), but I do like DC heroes.

      1. DC?!?!

        Everybody knows Marvel is the best!

        (I’m kidding, I’m kidding… I do prefer Marvel but have zero rooting interest in it, if that makes sense)

        1. I’m a DC girl all the way. Sure Marvel has more characters but DC has Superman AND Batman, so I’d say it’s quality over quantity 😀

  2. The premise of Dylan Dog sounds ok to me, but i would have to see a trailer before giving my final opinion on it.

    And as for brandon, i am ambivalent to him

    BTW i was wondering, how do you post a link within text on wordpress?

    1. Yeah, I think a trailer is a good way to gauge my interest level in a given movie. So far I’m not super interested in this. I really want to like Brandon, but he just needs to beef up his acting skills more than his muscles, y’know.

      To post a link within a text, you simply highlight the text you want to link to and click the LINK icon that looks like a chain link. Or if you’re in the HTML tab when you’re posting, this is the code sample: Henry Cavill as the new Superman

  3. Ted S.

    I saw the trailer of that Dylan Dog film like a year and half ago, I think they’re still trying to find a distributor to release it here in the states.

    I didn’t mind him as Superman but he didn’t have much to do in Superman Returns, to me the film felt like Singer was reliving his childhood dream of making a Superman film. If you watch Donner’s Superman and then watch Singer’s, you’ll notice it’s an exactly the same film. I feel bad for Routh though, maybe he’ll find some good roles down the road.

    It’s strange, everyone who was involved in making Superman Returns, their career sort of faded. What happened to Kate Bostworth and Kevin Spacey? Of course Singer is not doing that well either.

    1. It was a teaser trailer, wasn’t it? I think I read somewhere that it’s not the official one. I’m not surprised it hasn’t found a distributor yet.

      Yeah, the script was just bad in SR, that’s why I don’t blame Routh for how the film turned out. I think the general consensus is that people are sympathetic towards Routh, which can work in his favor if he can find a role to really sink his teeth into.

      Hmmm, I guess the Superman ‘misfortune’ isn’t just limited to the actor…

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  5. the film can already be found around the Internet 🙂 I can’t say I enjoyed it. But Dylan Dog was a huge hit as a comic in my country too back when I was a kid 🙂 although it wasn’t really for kids since it features Dylan naked and showering in almost every episode 🙂
    Brandon is too plastic for this role, and any other role, I’m not surprised that he kinda disappeared after SUPERMAN.

    1. So the film leaked online then, Dezzy? I’ve actually never heard of this comic before, but I guess it must be huge in Europe. Do you read TINTIN, too? I LOVE reading that growing up, even today I still read ’em from time to time.

      It sounds to me that the role requires someone kind of dark and edgy, neither of which I associate w/ Routh.

      1. I’m guessing they took Routh because he’s handsome as Dylan and … well, cheep enough 🙂 I’m guessing he doesn’t get more than 100,000 per role and possibly even less and when it’s a European production the actors do it just for the sake of job and role.

        I didn’t read TINTIN, it was published in my country before WW2 but not after that 🙂 As a kid I loved ASTERIX, LUCKY LUKE, PRINCE VALIANT …. and Mickey Mouse off course 🙂

        1. Ah, my brothers and friends love Asterix & Lucky Luke. Aren’t they making a movie on Asterix? Perhaps they should adapt Lucky Luke as well 🙂

  6. I didn’t mind Routh’s “Superman.” A bit robotic and perhaps lacking in charm, but certainly not bad especially given the shoes that he was asked to fill.

    1. Yep, you’re right. Chris Reeve was a Juilliard-trained actor who was the perfect Superman. It certainly takes a great deal of charm AND talent to pull off such a role.

  7. BRANDON ROUTH – is the best Superman by far, he’s handsome looks, physique, face profile – is just exactly the image of Superman, in the Comics or even in the imagination of little kids, he is the real face of superman hero. I saw the new superman Cavill, he looks so rugged, he should do something else like incrible hulk is perpect for him and not superman role. sorry.

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