Scene Spotlight: Spiderman’s Upside Down Kiss

Many of you on Twitter probably have seen the first official photo of Andrew Garfield as Spiderman. In fact, fanboys/girls everywhere were all bursting with geek-gasm yesterday with the release of two major superheroes in their uniform (the other one was Captain America). At first I wasn’t too enthused about the upcoming Spiderman reboot, but since Andrew Garfield’s been cast, my interest just went up tenfold! And you know what, I’m liking what I’m seeing so far. It’s dark and brooding, certainly nowhere near as blissfully cheery as the first official photo of Tobey Maguire in the web suit (you can see both images in this Cinematical article).

The hype meter will soon be off the chart for this Spidey reboot, as practically every week we’ll be hearing of some kind of ‘first look’ from the movie. I’ll try not to get too caught up in all that but today, I thought I’d highlight one of my favorite scenes from the original franchise. For me, one of the most beguiling thing about Peter Parker’s story is his humble upbringing and the fact that he’s just a regular bloke, not all beefcake heroic looking like most of his Marvel superhero. And there’s the earnest, heart-tugging love story between the geeky high-schooler and the most popular girl in school, Mary Jane. In the reboot, the love interest will be Gwen Stacey instead of MJ (and some paparazzi shots have emerged on the set of Garfield and Emma Stone).

Now, I wonder how the romance part will pan out in the new one, as I think Garfield and Stone have big shoes to fill. Maguire and Kirsten Dunst have great chemistry in the Sam Raimi flicks, especially in this unforgettable upside-down kiss in the rain after the hero saved the day. Rain always makes things extra romantic, and apparently the heat of the moment is so strong Mary Jane is not at all shivering. 😉 This scene is not only memorable, it’s a classic! [Sorry I couldn’t find a hi-res clip without the last part at the end of the movie]

Whoof! Now that’s some scorching hot kiss, don’t cha think? Though from various interviews, Maguire often said how miserable the shoot was as his sinuses kept filling up with water during the kissing scene. So the fact that it appears sexy on screen is quite a feat! I’m really curious what director Marc Webb will bring to the table. But given how delightfully quirky his first film is (500 Days of Summer), I’m certainly hopeful.


Well folks, are you at all looking forward to this Spiderman reboot? Thoughts about Andy Garfield in the suit? Let’s hear it.

23 thoughts on “Scene Spotlight: Spiderman’s Upside Down Kiss

  1. Tobey McGuire has always had that really boyish countenance and Kirsten Dunst unkempt, bored performances always kept the love flame from igniting so I never thought the romance between the two was much to talk about. I think Garfield and Stone can easily surpass that 😉

      1. Darren

        Yep, but Dunst as a red head? There’s something there…

        Seriously though, I can’t believe the remake cast Emma Stone as the blonde Gwen Stacy. Ah, well…

    1. Yeah, I suppose the chemistry is more between Spidey than Peter Parker with MJ, and this scene definitely showcased that. I guess Kirsten isn’t the most expressive actress out there, but she certainly doesn’t seem bored in this scene, ahah

  2. I do like the upside-down kiss, we need more original and creative kisses in the films, and more kisses generally speaking. But I hope there won’t be a kiss between Sally Field and Martin Sheen in the flick.

    1. Amen on more kisses! Ha..ha.. yes, this kiss is definitely creative, Dezzy 😉 Oh I forgot Field and Sheen are on this. Yeah, let’s just reserve the romantic stuff between Garfield and his female co-stars, he..he..

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  4. Ted S.

    After the last Spiderman flick, I’m sort of loss interest in the series now. I don’t even know why they’ve decided to reboot it, I mean the original film came out in 2002! Why not continue the series with him as an adult and just recast the actors. We already how he became Spiderman, why do it again?

    The new film is a rental for me.

    1. Y’know, I was exactly in your corner the first time they announced this. Whether they continue the series or reboot it, whatever, I didn’t care. But as I said, casting Garfield peaked my interest and after seeing him in a few things, I’m definitely on board. It remains to be seen of course if Webb (wow, what a fitting name for a Spiderman director!) can elevate (or even match) what Sam Raimi had done with the franchise.

  5. Now, I am quite the Spider-fan but I was thoroughly disappointed with Spiderman3. I still own it, along with Spiderman 1, Spiderman 1 collector’s edition, Spiderman 2, Spiderman 2.1, and Spiderman 3 collector’s edition! haha

    But when I heard abt the reboot, I first was upset. They were going to go ALL the way back to the beginning?? But, Raimi took some liberties from the beginning that I’m glad that this new film is avoiding. This film will not be a part of the series, but the beginning of a new one.

    One BIG thing that I mentioned on my site today too, is the fact that in this film, Parker will be using webshooters of his design instead of webbing magically expelling from his wrists! In true life, like a spider, if his webbing was organic….it’d come from his butt! ha!

    I am excited to see Garfield as Parker now more than ever. I have my concerns about Emma Stone, but I will hold my judgment until the film comes out! Can’t wait!!! Thanks for this post, Ruth!

    1. Spidey 3 is definitely the weakest, I agree. Yeah I heard about that webshooter thing. That’s cool, but I’m already psyched about the cast so details like that don’t matter much for me. Ha..ha… had to laugh about your ‘organic webbing’ remark.

      Glad you like Garfield, too. I have high hopes about the film now, but yeah, I’ll reserve my judgment until the film comes out.

  6. I actually saw Tobey in a movie called ‘Brothers” recently. His best performance so far, imo

    As for the spider-reboot, i will give it a chance but i don’t have very high expectations

    1. Brothers was definitely a striking performance by Maguire…but it bothered me, quite a bit actually (Accomplishing its possible goal), but I wont watch it again.

      I just hope that Garfield brings a lot of his persona into the character as Maguire did. Many of the little mannerisms and lines were adlibs of his that they kept because they worked so well in Spiderman.

      1. Never seen that one but not sure if I will. I like Maguire in Seabiscuit and respects him as an actor but I’m not always excited about his projects. Garfield on the other one, might become one of my all time faves if he continues to play his card right.

  7. I’m really looking forward to this new one. I was a big Spiderman fan as a kid, and while I enjoyed the Raimi movies, I never thought Tobey Maguire was quite right. Wrong body type, a little too whiney, just wrong.

    Andrew Garfield looks much more how I would have envisaged Peter Parker from the comic books, so I’m keen to see how he tackles it. Love the new costume, too.

    My only hope is they get the balance between the two sides of the character better. A little less Peter Parker and a little more Spiderman would be a real improvement. 🙂

    1. Well I like Tobey but I’m definitely excited for new talent and Garfield certainly fits the bill. Yeah, I can totally get behind the idea of more Spidey and less Peter Parker, too. Count me in for opening night 😀

  8. Perfect scene right here even though it may be a bit corny! It still is a great symbol of love between a normal person, and a superhero. I just hope that Marc Webb can at least make something as good as this hopefully.

    1. Well, obviously you’re speaking from experience Ross… no I have no desire to kiss someone upside down as I don’t think I’ll ever date a gymnast or circus performer, ahah.

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