Everybody’s Chattin’ and Christmas Break Announcement

HAPPY FRIDAY all! Been a hectic day that I wasn’t able to post this earlier. Well, two things to share with you today, but lets start with what my blog friends have been churning out lately:

  • Well so much all the ballyhoo over Golden Globes’ nominations, that’s sooo yesterday. Check out the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award Nominees over at Mad Hatter’s blog and find out his thoughts are of their picks. I agree with Hatter that amongst a slew of awards being given out without weeks of each other, this is one to pay attention to.
  • Part of the fun of discussing about movies is debating and mulling over the alternate endings of a movie. Sometimes we really enjoy the movie but when it comes to the end, it was like, ‘What??!’ A terrible ending can wreck a movie, but by the same token, a brilliantly-executed one might elevate an otherwise so-so movie. The ScarletSp1der’s Movie Blog begins his first segment of It Should’ve Ended This Way, a collaboration with a couple of other bloggers—including yours truly. Check out the various genre movies being discussed and do share your own ‘alternate endings’ to movies you have seen.

  • Just in time for the TRON: Legacy sci-fi extravaganza opening today, Aiden revisited the original 1982 TRON movie. As I had just seen it fairly recently myself, it’s fun to read what others think of it. Check out his always entertaining and well-written review over at Cut The Crap Movie Reviews blog.
  • You can always rely on John for comic relief when it comes to TV/Movie blogging. If you haven’t been to The Droid You’re Looking For blog, well you are missing out! He’s at it again with his collection of Aliens Throughout History. As he said, perhaps seeing them chronologically will say something to you from a sociological vantage point about what scared and/or fascinated people throughout the various decades. Or you can simply enjoy looking at the fun pictures 😀
  • Akiro Kurosawa is one of the world’s most revered film directors. I’m guilty of actually not having seen any of his work, so props for Marc for his holiday project of 12 Days of Kurosawa to “… become better versed in the work of such a legendary filmmaker (who would have turned 100 this year)” Be sure to check out Go-See-Talk blog on Christmas Day as he’ll post a little blurb about all 12 films!

Now on to the announcement!

I’ll be taking Christmas break all next week to spend time with family in the East Coast. But that’s no reason to take a break from your visit to FC 😀 I’ve enlisted a few contributors to guest post on this blog with a combination theme of Christmas movies and fave movie set in Boston/NY (a classic caper starring one of the coolest movie stars). Those will start Monday, but also come back tomorrow for a special guest post on Five Reasons I’m Looking Forward to the Coen Bros.’ True Grit.

24 thoughts on “Everybody’s Chattin’ and Christmas Break Announcement

  1. univarn

    Have a great Christmas break! Look forward to the guest posts.

    When you get back I’ll sit you down for a long talk about Kurosawa 😛

    1. Hey Sam! Sorry I’ve been so behind on my emails but thanks for sending me Lyra’s pics. Soooo adorable!! You must be exhausted but I bet you won’t trade the experience for anything else 🙂

      Oh, my in-laws live in a small town in New Hampshire, about an hour from Boston. I’ll be visiting NYC for a couple of days, too. I’m very excited as I’ve never been to Manhattan in the Winter time… it looks so magical from the pictures!

  2. Ted S.

    Have fun on your week off Ruth and see some good flix. I don’t care all the award show, even the Oscars, that’s why I haven’t commented on your last couple of posts. I think the Hollywood folks take themselves way too seriously, they forget that they’re entertainers and these award shows bores me to death, they’re supposed to entertain us the viewers.

    Once I get my movie site up, I’m going to contact the Razzies people and ask if they want to broadcast their award show on my site. I’d rather see the Razzies than the Oscars, at least they know how to have fun.

    Oh BTW, I’ve never seen any of Kurosawa’s films either so don’t feel bad. I know that all the famous directors in Hollywood loves his films. I might rent some of his films one of these days.

    1. Hey thanks Ted! And thanks again for your True Grit post!

      Good point about those Award shows, most of the telecasts aren’t even entertaining.

      Glad I’m not the only one who haven’t seen a Kurosawa film. I’m just slowly starting to make time seeing all the classics, so I’ll get to his films eventually 😀

    1. You too Castor! I’ll make sure to catch up on AM posts when I get back and it’ll be just in time for the Hollywood Draft thing part deux, yay! 😀

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