Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Water for Elephants

Happy almost-Friday folks! Wow, I just realize I haven’t posted ANY trailer since the Jane Eyre one last November. Heh, I guess I should be more consistent, but why be predictable? 😉

This movie has been on my radar since casting began, something about the story intrigues me. The movie is adapted from a novel of the same name by Canadian author Sara Gruen. Here’s the gist of the story:

Set in the the Great Depression, the story focuses on 90-something Jacob Jankowski as he reminisces on his youth working at the Benzini Brothers Most Spectacular Show. Upon his parents death, Jacob leaves his veterinary training and ends up becoming a vet at the circus. It’s there that he falls for Marlena, the beautiful circus performer married to the charismatic but vicious animal trainer, August. Jacob and Marlena’s shared compassion for a certain ‘un-trainable’ elephant makes for an unlikely trio and their bond becomes their only hope for survival.

Well I’m certainly glad to see Christoph Waltz in place of Sean Penn who was previously cast. Looks like August is a juicy role worthy of him instead of being a run-of-the-mill comic book villain you see him in The Green Hornet. But it seems to be a Hollywood tradition that a relative newbie is cast in a superhero movie following their award-winning turn. Go figure.

Pattinson & Witherspoon on set

Reese Witherspoon as Marlena shows that she’s a versatile actress, jumping from her typical rom-com genre (as in the generic looking How Do You Know). Robert Pattinson must be delighted to be away from the Twilight set and actually get the opportunity to actually act instead of brooding and sparkling day and night. He looks pretty good here, he obviously has screen presence and he seems to have that melancholy, love-struck look down pat which I reckon works swimmingly for this role as young Jacob. Seasoned actor Hal Holbrook plays the older Jacob. I’m not as familiar with the director, Francis Lawrence (I Am Legend, Constantine) as I am with the screenwriter Richard LaGravenese, who penned the script for The Bridges of Madison County, The Horse Whisperer, Beloved, Freedom Writer and P.S. I Love You, among others)

A couple of interesting trivia courtesy of IMDb:
In a deleted scene of Vanity Fair (2004), Reese Witherspoon plays Robert Pattinson’s mother., but in this movie, they play lovers. Scarlett Johansson apparently turned down the role of Marlena, that’s a good thing in my book as I like Reese better as an actor. I am however curious to see how Andrew Garfield would fare as Jacob. He auditioned for the Jacob role but I guess he’s not considered bankable enough, yet. Just wait until Spiderman comes out and he’ll be in high demand.

Well folks, any interest in seeing this one?

20 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Water for Elephants

  1. Bitchyesque comments directed at the trailer.

    1) Christpoph Waltz sounds like he’s doing an American accent, or hiding his own. Whatever he’s doing, it works.

    2) The trailer looks like they cast Reese Witherspoon because Charlize Theron was busy.

    3) I declare a fatwa on whoever uses Camille Saint-Saens’s “Aquarium” for nostalgic films. It’s great music but it should be vaulted for 28 years.

    1. Hi Paolo! Yeah, Waltz is quite a master at accents, I even forgot he’s German as his American accent is flawless.

      Ahah, Charlize would’ve been great in the role, but that girl is tall… she might actually tower over Pattinson. I know that shouldn’t be a reason not to cast her but I think the fact that they offered it to Scarlett, they’re probably looking for a petite actress.

      I actually like the music in the trailer, but then again I’ve never heard it before so I don’t have the same reaction you do. What is the Jesse James score you’re referring to?

  2. 1) Christpoph Waltz sounds like he’s doing an American accent, or hiding his own. Whatever he’s doing, it works.

    2) The trailer looks like they cast Reese Witherspoon because Charlize Theron was busy.

    3) Hopefully they’re not using the Jesse James score for the movie.

  3. I’m surprised Scarlet turned down the role, considering she hasn’t had any great roles in a while. ANyways, this looks like it could be interesting.

    btw did you ever get a chance to see Franklyn?

    1. You’re right she hasn’t had any great roles, but she really hasn’t wowed me in anything beside Lost in Translation.

      Oh sorry, no I haven’t seen Franklyn. I’ll look it up again on IMDb what that one is about.

          1. I actually own Match Point and enjoy it. I bought it for Scarlett Johansson…but that, of course, comes as no surprise seeing that she is my “movie wife!” 🙂

            Water For Elephants looks interesting to me. Kinda has a similar feel to it as the Majestic or Big Fish had. It may be a rental for me, but I’m not sold just yet.

  4. PrairieGirl

    Not a circus fan, but love Reese. And another baddie role for Waltz (the terrible trainer?) Pattinson looks very good out of his native Twilight. This could be one to see, certainly.

    1. Actually, the circus thing kinda intrigues me, it adds a level of mystique to the story. I think Waltz’s character is more complex than the trailer reveals. As for R-Patz, he sold me on Remember Me so even though I’m not a fan of Twilight, I think he’s a decent actor.

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  6. I generally love Reese but I don’t like her look in this one, platinum blond doesn’t compliment her face 😦

    I’ve been intrigued by the tittle of the film for some time now, since I support everything elephant related 🙂

    1. Yeah, not exactly her best look but I think she can pull it off. Of course Charlize is a goddess, she definitely would look stunning in any haircut.

      I didn’t know you’re a big elephant supporter. Care to elaborate on that, Dezzy, or you just like ’em ’cause they’re just adorable?

      1. yep, I just find them adorable 🙂 and plus they are such intelligent creatures. There was even an elephantmania earlier this year throughout the blogosphere when one of my dear blogging buddies asked everyone to put elephant pictures at their blogs in my honour so you were able to see crazy elephant pics at hundreds of blogs at that time 🙂

  7. Tricia

    If Charlize was cast in it, I wouln’t go see it, she’s like gigantor woman, dont see any talent ior film screne presence at all in her. The casting (rob,reese, chris, frances, etc;) cast is spot on maybe it was fate who knows but thank goodness hollywood bring on the talent, the great endings, drama and pleaseeee the glam!!!! It’s all been gone too long! Reese petite smart, talented and glamorous! Love it!! And the entire cast really is spot on! I’m going to see this one!!

    1. Hi Tricia, welcome to FC. Glad you’re excited about this one. Yes I agree the cast is pretty good. So I take it you’ve read the book? It does have the potential to be pretty glamorous and I always love stories about star-crossed lovers.

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