Weekend Roundup: Snowstorm makes for a cozy home theater viewing

Hello all, happy Monday! Well, well, well, Winter definitely arrived like a lion here in the beautiful state of Minnesota. Yes I still call it beautiful despite the grumbling of crazy weather swing from gorgeous Fall weather of mid 60s to a major snowstorm with about 8 inches of snow when it’s said and done Sunday morning. Beautiful because I absolutely ADORE snow-covered tree branches and I’m fortunate enough that my house have a lot of windows that overlook a bunch of trees behind our deck.

Take a peek at this cute photo of Fall colors meet Winter white taken last Saturday in Bloomington, MN, which is only within a half hour drive from my house.

Photo courtesy of Dailyme.com

Well, suffice to say we didn’t get to the cinemas this weekend, but then again I had zero interest in checking out the hit movie Megamind which earned top spot at the box office two weeks in a row (per BoxOfficeMojo). I guess the Denzel’s train movie isn’t so Unstoppable after all with a distant 2nd finish with $23 mil, but I guess that’s not exactly a flop either. Next week it’ll be a battle between Harry Potter and Disney (with Tangled)… well, I’m guessing it’s not so much a battle as HP7 probably reign by a pretty wide margin. You know I’ll be seeing Harry, Hermione & Ron battling evil Voldemort on opening night, though the modern take of the Rapunzel story of Tangled does look pretty good (especially voiced by Chuck‘s Zachary Levi). I might just wait for that on the dvd though.

In any case, I did do quite a bit of blogging this weekend and all of last week. There was the Groovers & Mobsters Bond event, have you read my Living Daylights write-up yet? And my fave Scot Gerry Butler turned 41 on Saturday, check out the two-part b’day tribute here and here if you haven’t already.

We also got to watch a couple of Blu-rays over the weekend. As promised and following everyone’s recommendations here, my hubby and I finally watched Master & Commander. Thanks to all who recommended this & Ted for lending the movie to me, it’s more than worth seeing. I agree with Prairiegirl’s comment that despite zero romance and the pretty dire setting in a warship during the Napoleonic Wars, I too was glued to it in its entirety. Russell Crowe’s performance is definitely a major highlight and what makes it so enjoyable, but I’ll write more about it when I review this movie. I see why this is one of Sam’s top five Russell Crowe movies! I think if I were to make a similar post, this might very well be make it to my top five!

The other one I saw last night was a completely different movie, Date Night. I was kinda bummed out that Michael Fassbender Roman thriller Centurion had a ‘short wait’ on Netflix, but it ends up being a good thing as I didn’t want to see another intense, battle-filled action flick. Castor said he enjoyed Date Night and I quite like Steve Carrell so I put that on my queue. It’s pretty entertaining, despite a bunch of plot holes as many as yellow cabs in Manhattan. But then again, it’s not a movie where you expect a whole lot of logic. You see it for Tina Fey and Carrell’s brand of comedy and to um, appreciate Mark Wahlberg’s workout efforts 😉 The scenes with Fey, Carrell & Wahlberg are hilarious, easily the highlight of the movie. It won’t end up as a comedy classics but it’s definitely worth a rental.

Well, what movie[s] did you end up seeing this weekend?

34 thoughts on “Weekend Roundup: Snowstorm makes for a cozy home theater viewing

  1. PrairieGirl

    Funny, I saw Date Night too, and agree with your assessment. Also saw a 1956 comedy starring Charles Laughton called Hobson’s Choice. Quite a well acted film, with a great story too. Since I heard that he was Rufus Sewell’s inspiration to go into acting, I’ve been interested in finding out more about CL. Was VERY surprised to see that’s he’s nothing like I imagined – more like Orson Wells and Alfred Hitchcock than his other leading-man contemporaries of Clark Cable and Cary Grant. But he does some very good acting in the film.

    1. Vince

      Have you seen Night of the Hunter? It was Charles Laughton’s one and only directorial film – it is regarded as an obscure noir classic.

      1. Oh I still have the dvd, sorry I haven’t got around to seeing that Vince. I can bring M&C Blu-ray if you want to see it, I’m sure Ted doesn’t mind.

        @ Prairiegirl, funny that you see Date Night, too. Ha..ha.. why am I not surprised you have something Roof-related. I didn’t even get to see any GB flick, just on Youtube for um, research for my b’day tribute 😀

      2. PrairieGirl

        Hey Vince, Haven’t seen NOTH, HC was the first CL movie I ever saw, but was reading that NOTH was the only film he directed. Did you like it? I’ll have to find out more about and maybe get it in my queue. Does rtm have a NOTH DVD?

  2. Vince

    My favorite scene in Date Night is when the kids wake up the parents at 4:30AM doing body slams on the bed (that scene is pretty realistic!)

    I’m looking forward to seeing Master and Commander!

    1. Y’know, I was thinking about you when I saw that movie. Vince & Kristina must be in the same boat as these guys… I wonder if the 1-2-3 rule thing work with Ian or Elliot? 🙂

      M&C is really great, no wonder it won Best Cinematography… it should’ve won Best Sound Editing, too.

    1. He..he… see, I didn’t need much convincing to see it this weekend 🙂 You’re right I’m not a big Bettany fan, but yes his character is really compelling and I like his friendship with Aubrey. All in all a wonderful piece of cinema.

  3. Ah, I envy you on snow and real winter, Flixy. Believe it or not, it should be the same here in Central Europe (which has temperatures very similar to your part of USA) but we are having around 73*F every day which is the hottest November I remember. I’m walking around my backyard in a T-shirt. I hate it, I’m a winter type of polar-being 🙂

    1. Ahahaha… funny that you actually envy a Minnesota Winter, Dez, now that’s one I don’t hear often. But I hear ya, I much prefer cooler weather myself even though I’m from a Tropical country. Of course I wouldn’t mind being able to walk around in a t-shirt come January or February… Winter is certainly a love and hate thing here for MN folks 🙂

  4. I saw several other friends of mine in MN posting pics all weekend long on facebook about their snowy weekend! It does make for plenty of movie watching at home I’d imagine! Glad you enjoyed Master and Commander. Wow! top 5, huh?! Impressive.

    Well, you already know what movies I saw this weekend…and the disappointment that ensued. I must say, that I really enjoyed Waiting for Superman though!

    Looking forward to your review of Master and Commander.

    1. We were too lazy to get our camera that morning but the trees looked so lovely with the snow falling on them, it feels very Winter Wonderland-ish 🙂

      Yeah, I like the character Jack Aubrey a lot… and Crowe’s performance is amazing. I’ll talk more about it when I get to reviewing it.

      Sorry again that you wasted $ to see Skyline, but thanks for the warning! 🙂

      1. enjoy your Winter Wonderland. It’s just colder than normal down here in NM. I’ll be surprised if we see any snow. It usually disappears the day after anyways….

        While it is $ lost, I figure it’s my duty to protect the innocent! haha my mission statement (of sorts) page speaks to the role I must fulfill as a superhero! LOL.

        *my biz cards actually say: “Writer, Creator, Editor, Producer, Guide and Protector for all Movie Enthusiasts!” hahaha

        Have a great day!

  5. Ted S.

    I was so disappointed that the film didn’t make a lot of money in theaters because the studios were hoping it could be a franchise for them. If you like the film, you should check out the novels the film was based on too. I read most of the books and was hoping to see some of them make it to the big screen.

    I think the audience felt they got robbed because the trailer made it look like it was Gladiator on the sea.

    1. I don’t generally like sequels but this is one I don’t mind seeing the follow-up. There are many rich characters that you end up caring for. I haven’t got time to read books (what with keeping up with this blog, work, AND watching movies!) so I’d just have to take your word for it.

      That is ludicrous to expect EVERYTHING Russell does is similar to Gladiator!! Man, do people forget that the point of acting is to portray VARIOUS roles? I respect Crowe for his versatility and the fact that he can be Maximus AND Jeffrey Wigand convincingly.

  6. That pic is lovely. We got grey skies and high winds here in the UK last week! Surprise, surprise. Sunny today though thankfully – stock up on vitamin D while it’s shining!

    1. Yeah, isn’t it? Interesting that there’s still some leaves left a few days ago!

      Hey good for you to get some sun, Dan! I was so blessed that when we were in London for 6 days, we only had 1 day of cloudy skies + rain!

  7. I want to see snow too 🙂 there will never be snow in Indonesia ;p

    I watched a Ghibli animation called Laputa this week, will write my review on nov 18th because 17th belongs to my Indonesia banget post.

    1. Well if there’s snow in Jkt I’d be REALLY worried, Nov. We did get a brief ice storm when I was in high school though, I remember the Hard Rock Cafe roof was damaged or something. It was bizarre!

      I’ll check out the review when you have that up, Nov.

      1. hehehe if Jakarta has snow, we have come to the second ice age 😉

        I had that ice storm about a month ago, the wind is so strong, I couldn’t even open the door because the wind will push it inward.

  8. Good that you got to see Master & Commander, it’s one of my favourite films ever! And Date Night isn’t half bad – I watched it on a flight a couple of weeks ago and was a perfect way to while away 90 minutes or so. Over the weekend, I watched some DVDs that have been languishing on my shelf for the last few months, including The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. The films left in the cinema were only okay, so a night in was in order!

    1. Hey Olive! How’ve you been? How’s Pacino in Merchant of Venice… did you enjoy the play?

      I’m so glad I finally got around to M&C… it’s just an all around great film! Yeah, Date Night is worth a rental and even better free 🙂

      Looking forward to more posts from you now that you’re back.

    1. Nah, you won’t be when you’ve got to drive in icky, slushy snow… chugging along as you desperately try to get to work without getting into an accident! 🙂

      Which part of the country are you at, John?

      1. I’m in St. Louis, but I grew up in Madison WI. Unfortunately, we don’t get a lot of snow here and the heat is oppressive for about 1/3 of the year. I’m kind of a big baby about the heat.

        1. Ah I see now why you miss the snow. I’m originally from a tropical country but I’ve come to love the four seasons, yes including the snow & cold. And I personally prefer cold than hot myself… I got heat rash when I went home visiting family a couple of years ago. Imagine that! 😀

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