Random Thoughts: Man of Steel casting ideas

Upon hearing news last week that Zack Snyder & co. are looking for a middle-aged Superman (though he specifically mentioned 35-40, now since when is that middle aged??!), I immediately conjured up a list of actors previously starring in Snyder’s movies worth considering. But before I posted that list, my blogger friend Sam from Banana Oil Movies came up with an utterly brilliant casting idea that I practically threw my list away! She suggested Eric Bana for the role, and you ought to pay a visit to her post to see her rationale. I can’t believe I didn’t come up with that myself as I adore the Aussie actor and as Sam pointed out in her post, though at 42 he’s 3 years older than Mad Men‘s fans’ choice Jon Hamm, to me he actually looks much younger and I think he’s got the right physique and talent to pull off both Superman AND Clark Kent.

You might’ve seen this fan-created photo of what Hamm might look like as Supes. I personally think that looks like a botched Photoshop job and as this article says, might actually hurt the actor’s chances for the role. Well, I promised Sam I’d attempt to do my own Photoshop job of visualizing what Bana might look like as both the Kryptonian hero and his bespectacled alter ego, so here we go:

Well, what do you think folks? Did I convince you? πŸ˜‰ It didn’t take me long to create the Clark Kent version, but the Superman one is a bit tricky. Christopher Reeve is such a perfect Superman that everyone else just didn’t come close. Even looking at Brandon Routh’s photos, he’s lacking that ‘IT’ factor that Mr. Reeve possessed. He’s obviously extremely good looking and had the quintessential chiseled-look, but yet there’s nothing effeminate about him (Routh kinda look too pretty in the film, though it’s likely the makeup people’s fault). I think the same could be said about Bana in that he’s definitely a man’s man. Plus the guy certainly can act, he can do intense (Munich, The Other Boleyn Girl), great at fighting scenes (Troy), and has a romantic/vulnerable side (Time Traveler’s Wife). He was great in Ang Lee’s Hulk, too, I hope the studios don’t think of that movie’s failure as Bana’s fault, as it certainly wasn’t the case. However, the actor himself might be weary of taking on another superhero role because of that though, which is a huge pity.

In any case, all this casting speculation is kinda fun. While we’re at it, why stop at just the main character? You know who I’d love to see as General Zod, now I’ve got some ideas for Lois Lane. I thought I’d start with those who’ve worked with Zack Snyder before, and since we’re going with a middle-aged hero, I should think we want someone mature enough as his love interest. How about 37-year old Lena Heady (300), or 39-year-old Carla Gugino (Watchmen)? Or maybe Abbie Cornish (Sucker Punch)? She’s 28, which is 5 years older than Kate Bosworth at the time she was cast in Superman Returns.

Well readers, I’d love to hear what you think of these casting choices. Agree, disagree? Let’s hear it!

40 thoughts on “Random Thoughts: Man of Steel casting ideas

  1. AWESOME!! I’m surprised at how much he actually sort of looks like Reeve in the Superman picture. And you gotta love the glasses. Mmm.

    My vote would be for Carla Gugino. Good choice!

    Ok, gotta go post a link to this. πŸ™‚

    1. Glad you like it, I might you are the brain behind this whole idea after all. Finding the right ‘head’ to go with the body is the hardest part, but once it’s ‘on’ I didn’t have to tweak much of his face at all other than adding the ‘curl’… he’s gotta have the curl, right? He’d have to wear blue contact lenses but so did Brandon for SR. Thanks for the fabulous idea, girl!

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  3. Personally I didn’t think all that much of Christopher Reeve’s Superman. I can appreciate what he did with it, but I just never got into the role.

    1. Whoa… really Fitz? I haven’t heard a lot of people disliking his Superman performance, but hey you’re entitled to your opinion. I’m not saying all his Superman films are great, in fact the last 2 could use a lot of improvement. But he personified the role really well and made it iconic IMO.

        1. Well then you two would be happy that Snyder won’t necessarily play homage to Reeve for this reboot. Even though I am a big fan of Reeve, I also want to see a fresh interpretation of the hero.

  4. well, since Snyder said he will look for a 35-40 years old Superman, I vote for Patrick Wilson or Gerry Butler, but I wouldn’t mind seeing Banana Eric in the role. Ryan McPartlin would me a great Superman as well even though he is sinfully blond.

    Vanessa Marcil and Vanessa Minillo would both be great Lois Lanes πŸ™‚

    1. Well if you must know, both of the actors you mention are on my original list of actors who’ve worked with Snyder who should be considered for Superman. For what it’s worth, here it is:

      Gerard Butler (300)
      Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Watchmen)
      Patrick Wilson (Watchmen)
      Billy Crudup (Watchmen)
      Michael Fassbender (300)

      But upon reading Sam’s idea about Bana, I think he tops them all.

      Sorry Dez, but I don’t see either one of the Vanessas as Lois… especially the later, ugh.

      1. yes, but the problem with Eric, as much as I love him, is that all of his movies become flops for some reason.

        Oh, you’re just jealous on Minnillo πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

        1. Yeah, his box office prowess needs work, but when a movie flops it isn’t necessarily the actor’s fault. I think he delivered his best performance even if the movie itself isn’t the greatest.

          Now, why would I be jealous of Minnillo?? Don’t know anything about her personal life but from what I’ve seen her in, I think she should just stay in modeling or hosting some beauty pageants.

            1. Ok, ok, I’m convinced! πŸ™‚ Well one thing for sure if they’re ever making a Superman musical they should tap Patrick for sure… he’s got a beauuutiful voice!

  5. Ted S.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Eric Bana as the new Man of Steel, he has the physical to play the role. He’s been around for a while but not too well known, like Bale before Batman.

    As for Lois Lane, my vote goes to Rachel McAdams, I’m in love with her and she’ll be perfect in that role.

    1. Yes Ted, exactly! Glad you think so, too.

      Oh McAdams would be great. I was going to expand the list (not just those who’ve worked with Snyder) and was considering Kate Beckinsale or McAdams. You’re in love with her, eh? Well get in line… my friend Castor loves her too πŸ˜‰

  6. Wow! Nice work with the Bana pics!! Love it! Ok, I’ll give you the win on this one. Bana does win over Caviezel as my top candidate as well. You and Sam convinced me. I’ll have to call Snyder and Nolan and tell them to change today πŸ˜‰

    do you really really think that Hamm is going to be offered the role? I heard though that he may not be overly enthusiastic to accept it. I’ll be disappointed if they do choose him…I’m not that excited about his acting (The Town, etc.)

    Nice Post as always. And my vote for Lois Lane also goes to Rachel McAdams, btw!

    1. Thank you Scarlet, it was a fun assignment πŸ™‚ Well aren’t you a good sport. You know I like Caviezel a lot but the thing with Superman is, whoever is cast has to be believable as both the hero and the alter ego, and I just don’t see him as Clark.

      Oh I don’t know if Hamm has been offered the role or anything like that, it’s just it seems that everyone really wanted him for the role but after seeing that photo that idea leaves me cold! I don’t think I want to see Superman who looks like THAT 😦 My friend who watches Mad Men can’t picture him as Clark Kent, either.

      Why, two votes for McAdams already… I’m guessing someone I know will say the same thing once he sees this comment πŸ˜‰

      1. I haven’t seen Outlander. I remember when it came out, but forgot to watch it. I will have to watch that one. He does have the Superman look…and the planetary background helps!!

  7. Good article and good job on the pics. I do agree that the Jon Hamm photo may hurt his chances a bit considering he otherwise could possible pull off the part.

    I hadn’t even thought about Lena Heady for Lois Lane, but that is about perfect casting for the role.

    My personal pick for Supes? Brendon Fraser. If memory serves correct, he was once in the running for Superman Returns.

    That said, I’m certainly willing to consider Eric Bana. He more than has the acting chops and I totally agree– for whatever it’s worth, the failure of Hulk was not his fault.

    1. Ted S.


      Fraser was indeed in the running when Brett Ratner was developing the new Superman film before Bryan Singer took over the project. Ratner wanted Fraser for the Superman role but the studio didn’t agree with him.

    2. Hi Paradoxx, welcome to FC! Thanks for the compliment… I just had to do it after seeing that Jon Hamm photo… especially the hair! I think the curl works better on Bana’s forehead πŸ˜€

      You know, I like Brendan Fraser, but his film choices stink lately… he hasn’t been in anything worth watching for as long as I can remember, which is a pity as he had so much potential. Plus, I’m not sure he still has his Tarzan physique now.

  8. I’m still gunning for Jon Hamm as Superman personally. Fits the right age for what Synder is apparently looking for, is already working with him on Sucker Punch and frankly is one of the best actors to emerge in the last five years.

    It must be said however I am a tiny bit obsessed with Mad Men, but even from the way Hamm acts it’s clear he can add a bit of class to the role, his way with words, the battered forlorn look in his eyes, the eternal conflict of dual identities and trying to fit into a world he doesn’t really belong in – despite being a stand alone figure a lot of people look up to. All the qualities needed for The Man of Steel in my opinion.

    Plus he’d be the absolute double of Alex Ross’ Superman in stories like Kingdom Come.

    Lois Lane is a bit harder to call, but I’m throwing Rachel Weisz into the mix – even though she’s also my choice for Catwoman if she appears in Nolan’s third Batman film. If Mark Strong wasn’t already the bad guy in every film going I’d recommend him for the role of Luthor also.

    1. Yeah well Andrew, you’ve got lots of people in your corner… practically everywhere I read people are shouting Hamm for Superman as if it’s a political campaign! I’m still not convinced about his acting skills but he does look the part (just don’t see him in that Photoshop-ed pic, ha!) I guess it shouldn’t be long before the cast is revealed… I’m definitely keeping my eye and ears open for that. There’s as big a chance they’ll go with a complete unknown, just like the previous two when they were cast.

      Rachel Weisz is a good contender, though I’m not exactly fond of her of late, but that’s just me. As for the villain, I hope they go with someone else other than Luthor!

  9. I didn’t have a problem with ANg lee’s hulk, i just think hulk fans wanted more smashing than the movie delivered. I’m not as excited off the superman movie as you, but i think Eric could pull off the role.

    Lena i think gave a good performance in the Sarah COnnor Chronicles, so i would mind her in the role. Amy adams and Kate beckinsale are also 2 actress’s who i think could pull it off. I think the actress i would like to see most in the role is Amy Acker. I know that i’ve already suggested her for wonder woman(although if she does end up getting the role for the new tv show she would probably have to beef up a bit. She’s a great actress, but she is definitely on the skinny side) but i feel she needs a more mainstream role, and i think being in such a hotly anticipated movie would really benefit her career. And unless if wikipedia is lying to me, but she is 34 so she is old enough for the role

    And what role did Carla play in watchmen?

    1. The issue I had with Lee’s Hulk was it got to be too darn heavy, too much psychobabble for a superhero flick. Where is the fun??

      Ahahahaha… I was waiting when you’ll suggest either Amy or Deborah for Lois Lane… is there a You Tube clip of Amy you can send me? I’m curious now as you seem to like her a great deal.

      Carla plays Sally Jupiter a.k.a Silk Spectre, the mother of Silk Spectre II played by Malin Ackerman.

      1. Well, we will just agree to disagree on ANg Lee’s Hulk

        I actually didn’t become a AMy fan until recently. I first saw her when i somehow ended up seeing the 5th angel after watching the first season, and while i enjoyed her performance, it didn’t turn me into a fanboy of hers. And then i saw Dollhouse, and sometime after that finished i had a idea for a blog entry dedicated to acting in a sci-fi or fantasy show can be more difficult than it looks, mainly because those are the only two genres where a actor or actress can end up playing two completely different characters on the same show. And then i started thinking of actors and actress’s who have given good performances in sci-fi and/or fantasy shows(some who have managed to switch characters in the same show, and those who have given a strong performance as one character, like Deborah) and then i thought of Amy Acker. And that is when i realized between ANgel and Dollhouse, she has played 5 different characters in just two shows, and she managed to keep each character unique. And that is when i realized how versatile she is, and how she doesn’t seem to have gotten much recognition for it.

        Unfortunately i haven’t been able to find any amy acker scenes on youtube except in fanvids, but all 5 seasons of angel are available for the instant netflix que(IMo the 5th season best shows her acting skills)

        And if they go with a middle aged love interest for Supes Deborah would be too young for the role, which is why i didn’t suggest her

          1. Thanks for sending me the link. Yeah I can see her as Lois, though I can’t really tell if she’s really a great actress or not just from that clip. But I think she is too young if they’re going for a middle-aged Superman. In any case, I guess we’ll just have find out who they pick, but I’m more curious who they’ll pick as Man of Steel!

  10. PrairieGirl

    Almost have me convinced with Bana, except… I just cannot see Superman with a 5 o’clock shadow, nor Clark Kent with a 5-day shadow! If they were both completely clean shaven, he’d get my vote… maybe time to open him in Photoshop just one more time? πŸ˜‰

      1. Sorry Becky but I’m with Julian on this one. It was tough finding the right photo that’d go with the glasses so when I saw this one that worked I just went with it, I actually didn’t even notice the 5 o’clock shadow and it’s definitely an easy one to ‘fix’ once filming starts. Btw, did you see Superman 3, he’s got some serious stubble there and I thought he looked kinda sexy πŸ˜‰

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  12. Eric Bana would have the look of Superman. Great pick!! I’m a bit divided on how charismatic and effective he is as a leading man though. He can be quite good at playing tormented characters but it could end up being a The Hulk snorefest as well.

    As for your Lois Lane picks, I like them but let’s face it: Lena Headey or Carla Gugino have absolutely zero chance because the filmmakers will go with someone younger. They would be perfect in terms of the fact that they aren’t big stars and wouldn’t overshadow the actor playing Superman.

    1. YAY Castor, glad you agree! I’ve heard people say the same thing about Bana’s charisma, but to me he’s got some serious screen presence. I can’t take my eyes off him in Troy and he’s not even the main guy. As for Hulk being a snorefest, I think the writing/direction is responsible for that.

      As for miss Lane, I hope they pick someone in the late 20s or 30s, I mean I just couldn’t buy Kate Bosworth winning a Pulitzer with a toddler when she looks no older than 24!!

    1. Whoa… now that’s more like it Mark. Thanks for sharing! All he needs is a glass of Scotch on his other hand and he’ll be set. Reminds me of Supes in his drunken stupor in Superman III… yes, bad ass indeed.

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