Random Picture of the Week: Holy Bat Pool!

Have you all seen this? Saw this yesterday and I just had to share.

Holy Bat Pool! Apparently there is a ‘real’ Wayne Manor in Illinois. From above, it looks like a real swanky estate that Wayne family could live in. According to this article, the Hinsdalle, Ill anonymous homeowners painted the 30-foot-wide Batman emblem at the bottom of the swimming pool 20 years ago for their son who’s a huge fan of the DC comic character.

I bet some diehard fans of the caped crusaders have actually charted a chopper just to get a look of this ‘Bat signal.’ Perhaps there is a real Dark Knight living amongst us near Chicago a.k.a Gotham? 😉

Click picture to see it on Google Map

7 thoughts on “Random Picture of the Week: Holy Bat Pool!

  1. Google Maps rock! That is class. Wish I had a Bat pool. Or a cave. All I have is a garage that smells like a cave and an average size bath. No Bats.

  2. PrairieGirl

    Can anyone say “trademark infringement?” Wonder if they’re paying royalties :-D. I think I’ve been working around lawyers too long 😉

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