Conspicuous trailers of the Week: Alien comedy PAUL & The King’s Speech

Since I didn’t post any new trailer all last week, I thought I’d make up for it this week. Both have British actors in the lead roles, but they can’t be more dissimilar from each other.


I’ve been anticipating this flick for a while now, as I’m a big fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. They’re back together again since the comedy hits Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz. Last April I dedicated an entire upcoming-flix-spotlight post with some stills and behind-the-scene video.

The concept just sounds like a hoot and tailor made for real-life BFFs: Two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S. (to attend the San Diego Comic Con, no less) encounter an alien named Paul outside Area 51 and ended up helping him run from the US government. Now tell me that doesn’t have the perfect recipe for comedy! And with a cast that includes Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader, Jane Lynch, Seth Rogen (as the voice of the alien), AND Sigourney Weaver, what’s not to love? The last time Weaver was in a sci-fi comedy was the wonderfully zany Galaxy Quest.

Now the teaser trailer definitely got me even more excited! I was laughing right from the moment that Dr Evil & Mini Me dance song came on… I don’t know but I’ve always found that song hilarious ever since Austin Powers!  This promises to be a stellar entertainment for geeks and non-geeks alike. Too bad we have to wait until March 18 of next year!



I first heard of this movie when Hollywood Spy posted a photo of Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter in a period costume. I’ve always liked period drama based on the English royal, something about them just fascinated me. This time it’s based on the true story of King George VI (the father of the current queen Elizabeth II), who unexpectedly and reluctantly assumed the throne when his brother Edward abdicated the throne. Plagued by a dreaded stutter and considered unfit to be king, George “Bertie” sought the help of an unorthodox speech therapist named Lionel Logue. Through a set of unexpected techniques, and as a result of an unlikely friendship, Bertie was able to find his voice and boldly lead the country through war.

The cast also includes major British and Aussie thespians: Geoffrey Rush, Guy Pearce, Michael Gambon, Timothy Spall and Derek Jacobi. Oh, Jennifer Ehle also has a small part as Logue’s wife Myrtle. All you Jane Austen or Colin Firth groupies would recognize her as the Elizabeth Bennet to Firth’s Mr. Darcy in the famous BBC miniseries Pride & Prejudice.

The King’s Speech‘s got all kinds of buzz around film festivals this year, including winning the Top Audience Award at TIFF. Firth is now considered a shoo-in for Best Actor and the film itself a major contender in next year’s Oscar race. Oscars love awarding actors who portray real-life heroes and especially those with disability (Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man, Jamie Foxx in Ray, Geoffrey Rush in Shine, etc), and the fact that a lot of people think Firth was robbed of his Gold Statuette last year, perhaps 2011 is his year. I really like this trailer, it’s a tearjerker but looks funny as well. That scene where he stuffed his mouth with marbles and told to enunciate reminds me of Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady. I might try to catch this in the theater around Thanksgiving. It’s released in the US on November 26th.

Well, anybody else anticipating either or both of these films?

28 thoughts on “Conspicuous trailers of the Week: Alien comedy PAUL & The King’s Speech

  1. Finally, the PAUL trailer! I am….what’s the word? Oh yes – EXCITED!!!!!!

    Although I DO wish that was another collaboration with Mr. Wright, I’ll still take what I can get.

    1. Yeah, I was hoping Edgar Wright did this but hopefully Mottola delivers.

      Btw, I tried leaving a comment on your RED post but it kept giving me an error. Anyway, this is what I was going to say:

      I LOVE this movie! It’s a whole lot of fun and waaaay more entertaining than Expendables in a heart beat. Ha…ha… yeah, glad nobody said ‘I’m too old for this shit!’ because they aren’t! Helen Mirren… WOW, I just love that woman, but I like pretty much everyone in this (well expect the snarly Dreyfuss), and Karl definitely should star in MORE action films 🙂

      1. I’m really, really, really torn on “Paul”. I’m a gigantic fan of Pegg and Frost, and Edgar Wright. But I struggle with Greg Mottola, the director (basically I don’t like the whole Jonah Hill/Seth Rogen/Judd Apatow gang and Mottola works with that crew).

        In short, I can’t remember being this conflicted about whether or not I want to see a movie.

        RE: the three of them making another movie, the Wiki page for the “Cornetto Trilogy” shows that they’re planning on a third one but it looks like it’s off in the distance.

        1. Heh I’m not a big Apatow fan either, so I guess I understand your trepidation about Mottola. But at the same time, with this cast, it might not be so bad John. I’d say give it a chance 🙂

          You’re not the only one excited about the Cornetto Trilogy. From the look of it, that looks like another fun one from the British trio!

    1. Doesn’t look like your kind of film? Care to elaborate a bit Peter? I’m like you though, even though something isn’t exactly my cup of tea, I might give it a chance if the cast is appealing.

  2. I also loved the trailer for THE KING’S SPEECH. I’ve also posted it two or three weeks ago over at my place and I was amazed by the great reactions from the crowd, didn’t know Americans would like this kind of drama.
    Isn’t the cast in it just super marvelous??? 🙂

    1. I love period dramas, especially about royal families. This is a bit different as it isn’t necessarily about romance though. Yes the cast is marvelous and yes I know you posted it a few weeks ago, Dez, I did credit you properly this time 😀

    1. He..he.. you’re right. Kinda like Malkovich in Secretariat, I guess it’s nice that they play it ‘straight’ every once in a while 🙂

      1. Also, because i have a stuttering problem myself, i am slightly more motivated to see The Kings SPeech than i probably would otherwise.

        ALien does look like a riot, but hopefully the cast isn’t wasted in that movie

        1. I had no idea you have that problem, Julian, I hope you’re working on overcoming it. I heard that actress Emily Blunt had a stuttering problem when she was a child and acting actually helped her overcome it.

          The name of the movie is PAUL, not Alien… you probably know that, but just in case 🙂 I don’t think they’ll be wasted, usually the Brit duo are good about choosing their projects.

          1. I try to, but it can be difficult. I’ve heard about acting helping with that problem. If i remember correctly, the actor who played xander on Buffy had a similar problem, and auditioned to help overcome it

            And i meant paul…got the title wrong.

  3. The King’s Speech doesn’t look half-bad. I’m usually not into those type of period movies but the story seems more compelling than your usual kings and queens movie. Colin Firth certainly has the type of flashy role that critics and audiences love to buzz about so he will most likely get another Oscar nomination.

    Paul looks like it has the potential to be hilarious. Looking forward to it!

    1. I always like a good story of people overcoming their disabilities and looks like Firth captured that really well.

      As for Paul, well, the fact that they borrow your name for the title it’d better be good eh? 🙂

  4. PrairieGirl

    So my question is, why does Paul look like ET’s cousin? But then I answered it for myself – cuz ET is so darn cute! And Paul even speaks English ;-D. The trailer made me laugh out loud, so it’s certainly now on my list.

    And The King’s Speech looks like a winner for Firth, maybe it was a blessing in disguise he didn’t get an Oscar last year, just from the trailer his performance looks much more worthy this year. Will watch this one for sure for the actors AND the compelling story.

    1. ET’s cousin, good one Becky. Yeah I thought he looks cute, but I probably would still have the same reaction as Nick Frost in the trailer if I saw one 🙂

      I didn’t think Paul was your cup of tea, but I’m glad both of these appeal to you.

    1. Well I’m glad you heard it from me, Colleen 🙂 Paul is such a fun concept that’s tailor made for Pegg/Frost, I’ll definitely be seeing that in the theater.

  5. Definitely can’t wait for The King’s Speech. It got all kinds of love from the festivals, and really haven’t read many bad reviews for it. Rather interesting is that news came out today saying that it’s getting a strict rating in London, mostly because Firth has to say the word f*ck 42 times repeatedly for speech therapy.

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