Guest Post: Waiting for Superman Mini Review

As promised, here’s the Waiting for Superman mini review. For mini-coverage of the event itself, check out this post.

Special thanks to my guest blogger Ted S. for taking the time to write this concise and straightforward review!

I think most people who are interest in seeing this documentary know what it’s all about so I won’t go into explaining the story. I thought the film was good, it was well directed and I learned a few new things when it comes to the educational system in the US. You’ll get to know some of the families who want their kid to get a better education and by the end of the movie, you really feel for some of the families whose kids didn’t get drafted to go to these boarding schools.

The film jumps from telling the story of these families to the politics of the education system in our country. To me the film seemed to put all the blames on the system. That is my problem with the film, it was so one-sided and it tends to get a bit preachy towards the end. To me, a good documentary needs to tell the story from both sides, in this one we only hear from the poor families and how bad the system is. I’m no expert in educational system nor do I know how it works, that’s why I wish the filmmaker would go deeper into it. The film seems to have more questions than answers; but maybe that’s the point of the movie.

I do recommend the film, you might get angry at how bad the educational system is in this country or you might think it’s just another propaganda film from the leftists. I’d leave that up to you to decide.

Director: Davis Guggenheim
Runtime: 111 Minutes


Has anyone else seen this documentary? Would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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