Just for Fun: Supply your caption for the latest Harry Potter photo

I’ve never done this before in this blog, but I thought it might be fun to see what you creative folks can come up with 😀

I can’t wait to see the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows come November, and the second trailer is supposed to be up sometime tomorrow. With less than two months away, the promos for this is in full swing with a throng of new stills released almost every week. But when I see this photo of multiple Harrys, I can’t help coming up with my own captions.

  • Harry, didn’t I tell you no cloning yourself at Hogwartz??!
  • What is this, the Potter version of the Von Trapp family or something??

Now your turn! Don’t pull any punches, I’m sure you’ve thought of something the second you see this 😀

17 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Supply your caption for the latest Harry Potter photo

      1. I think he definitely has a look on his face that says “Oh bollocks, do you think the others will notice what I’m wearing?”

        What I really want to happen here is for the Go Fug Yourself girls to write a dialogue for this picture. They are dialogue GENIUSES.

  1. tmkett

    where’d you take this-a some Harry Potter convention in your town??
    What I’m wondering is why the one next to the blue outfit looks so… disturbed… Shouldn’t being next to that guy make him feel better about himself??

  2. Ted S.

    Just saw the new trailer and looks like they’ve added a few things that weren’t in the book. I’m definitely excited for the movie.

    1. Hey Ted, just saw your comment right after I watched it. I didn’t know you’ve read the books. Some people are disappointed with the movie after reading ’em, is that the case with you?

  3. Mike B.

    At least all the Harry’s are wearing clothes! Unlike some of the characters in that Twilight series I get dragged to by my daughters …

    1. Ahahahaha… you poor thing, Mike. That bit when Edward said, ‘Doesn’t he own a shirt?’ was hilarious. Too bad the entire movie is devoid of anything remotely amusing.

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