Hollywood’s Fantasy Draft: My dream cast

Happy Wednesday all! In lieu of my scheduled posts that I have yet to finish, let me just take the time to share the mega blog-a-thon project I’m currently participating in. It’s a fantastic game from the genius mind of my buddy Castor Troy of Anomalous Material (a fantastic blog btw if you don’t already know) called Hollywood Fantasy Draft.  It’s like Fantasy Football for movie lovers, yay!

So we get to be a producer and we could make any movie we want, with the cast we want, one round at a time. Oooh, the inner casting director in me is jumping for joy and I must say I’ve been quite obsessed with this super addictive game. In fact, I’ve been mulling over the plot for my movie day and night. The genre of my choosing is romantic thriller set in the UK, but that’s all I can say for now, the rest of my pitch shall be revealed Sunday, Sept. 5! I must say I’m quite happy that I got all the cast I needed (I had initially wanted Christian Bale before Castor snatched him, but come to think of it, I think James McAvoy actually is a better fit for my story after all. So here they are:

Round 1

My director pick is Ridley Scott. He’s one of the hardest working directors in Hollywood and is so darn prolific it’s hard to imagine he’s in his 70s! Gladiator is one of my fave movies of all time, so naturally he gains my respect, though sci-fi fans will regard Blade Runner or ALIEN as his crowning achievement. Even with his already stunning resume, looks like there are still more great projects in store for us from this British auteur, just check out his extensive possible project list.

Round 2

My first actor pick is Lee Pace! Haven’t seen the show Pushing Daisy but those who have know he’s a funny guy, but I like him from The Fall and Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and this talented, handsome, & versatile guy is grossly underused! Well, I hope to change that. Oh, the fact that he can pulls of a convincing British accent is a major plus!

Round 3

Before someone else snatches her, I better pick my fave actress now: Cate Blanchett. The great Cate is without a doubt one of the best actresses of her generation. She really can play anyone believably (even a different gender, i.e. Bob Dylan in I’m Not There) and always shines brightly even in less stellar movies. Since I’m not sure yet what movie genre I’m doing, at least I know it’ll be a good one with Blanchett in it

Round 4

James McAvoy: “McAvoy is quickly becoming one of my fave Brits with his consistently convincing and affecting performances. His role in Atonement won me over and definitely Oscar worthy, and having just seen The Last Station, I’m even more impressed by his immense talent. He’s also proven he can pull off an American action blockbuster with Wanted, and a romantic lead in Becoming Jane. Doesn’t hurt that he kind of resembles Gerry Butler a little, those eyes, man I guess I’ll always have a thing for the Scots :)”

Round 5

Timothy Dalton: The Shakespearean-trained actor has been away from Hollywood for far too long. One of my favorite seasoned thespian, his screen presence and commanding voice are his signature. Most people know him as the gritty Bond, but he’s done plenty of dramatic roles on stage. As he often steal scenes in supporting roles, I’d love to see him in a leading role with a killer script, a great director and equally-brilliant actors.

Round 6

My next pick is Eva Green. The sultry French actress first came to my attention as my fave Bond girl Vesper Lynd. She’s breathtakingly beautiful but definitely not a bimbo. Her flirtatious banter with Daniel Craig on the train was so seductive without either one of them showing much skin! That’s the kind of love interest I need for my movie. There’s something mysterious about her, something unpredictable, which adds to her allure.

Round 7

Ok, my 7th round pick is Dame Helen Mirren. Is an explanation necessary? I think not. The beautiful 65-year-old is one of the best actresses working today (of any age!) I feel like I’ve been seeing her a lot lately: The Queen, State of Play, The Last Station, RED… and I’m constantly amazed by her performance. She’d be a wonderful addition to my cast and a suitable mother figure to 41-year-old Cate Blanchett.

Round 8

Gerard Butler
I know what you think, predictable casting, huh? But I have a good reason, no REALLY 🙂

If you’ve seen him in BBC miniseries The Jury where he plays a forlorn alcoholic, that’s the type of dramatic performance I’m looking for from him. Besides, as I mentioned here I’ve always wanted top pair GB and Eva Green as a couple, and the fact that he resembles James McAvoy just makes the casting all the more perfect!

Round 9

Daniel Henney
There’s hardly any male heartthrobs of East Asian descent here in Hollywood, but from what I’ve seen so far (Wolverine, CBS canceled show Three Rivers), the Korean-English actor would fill that deficit VERY nicely 🙂 He’d make a fine detective partner to Lee Pace’s character.

I will add a couple of additional cast to play Mirren’s father and Dalton’s late wife: Michael Gambon and Julia Ormond respectively.

Well, what do you think of my picks so far? Would you be interested to see a movie with this kind of cast?

41 thoughts on “Hollywood’s Fantasy Draft: My dream cast

  1. Oh, Lee Pace, Blanchett and McAvoy – I hope they would have a threesome scene in it as well 🙂

    I’ve never seen this Henney guy, but you got me interested when you mentioned him some time ago over at my HOLLYWOOD SPY.

    1. Oh you and your naughty thoughts, Dez, only in YOUR movie they’ll do that 😉

      I’ve mentioned Mr. Henney quite a few times here, he’s a model but has been quite successful as an actor in Asia. Check out this clothing commercial he did with Gwyneth Paltrow in this post: http://wp.me/pxXPC-gc

  2. I don’t like Gwyny because she is just so talentless and empty (kinda like the fresh mrs. Jude Law, Sienna Miller) but I loved the colours in this add and off course Henney is rather magnetic 🙂

    1. Oh Dez, I don’t think she’s that bad. She doesn’t project ‘warmth’ I agree, but I think she’s a pretty good actress. Yeah, the commercial is quite well made, though I hardly noticed as my eyes were glued to the um, magnetic Henney 😉

  3. Julian

    While i don’t recognize everyone you picked, the ones i do(Like James McAvory and Helen Mirren) seem like good choices to me. Although, if a movie intrigues me, there are very few actors/actress’s that will make me uninterested(Hence why i want to see The GOod Girl even though i generally don’t watch movies with Jennifer ANiston in it, for example)

    Well hopefully if my career goes as planned this will happen in real life. But as for now, it is only a fantasy. I will be using a movie idea i’ve had for a while, called Redemption of a Sociopath. Basically, in this world a procedure has just been perfected that makes sociopaths feel guilt(I learned in a psych class that there brains aren’t wired to feel guilt, which started this whole idea). The story focuses on one sociopath who is put through the procedure, and who now has to deal with what she did in her past. Sociopaths interest me as characters because i feel they are the closest thing to pure evil in the real world

    Main character- This one was a close call, as i had two possible actress’s in mind, Deborah or AMy Acker. In the end i choose AMy for one main reason, experience. Amy Acker had displayed great versatility in Angel and Dollhouse. In those 2 shows, she played about 5 very different roles(sci-fi and fantasy can allow that). While i think Deborah is a great actress, the actress playing this role would have to hold the movie together, so AMy’s experience edged out Deborah in this case.

    Therapist- Nelsan Ellis. I was originally thinking of Liam Neeson, but i decided to inject some diversity into the cast. He is another one i was introduced to through True Blood(I actually think most of the actors/actress’s on True Blood are pretty good, even if i don’t always like the writing on the show). Like Deborah, i believe he has shown great versatility in his role. But more importantly, while his character is technically a therapist, he has given other characters advice and support, acting like a therapist for a few other characters. While i may be overestimating his range, i would at least try to get a audition from him.

    Main characters love interest- Thomas Decker. I think he gave a terrific performance on the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I imagine the character would be another one of the therapists, and i think his performance on SCC showed he can play conflicted/brooding well(i imagine him and the main character bonding over there respective guilt). I also think he managed to play happy and in love well, which is important since i consider his character would be one of the ways the main character begins to enjoy life. Again, i may be overestimating his range, but i would give him a chance.

    Villain- It took me a while to come up with someone for this role, as said actor/actress would need to be able to play a revenge type villian well(the main character killed someone close to him or her before getting the procedure, so thus he wants revenge on the main character). My main choice is Alexander Skarsgard, also from True Blood. he has given a consistently good performance as Eric, but the reason i thought of him is because this season his character is out for revenge, and so far he has managed to portray that well. Again, i would have him audition first

    My other possible choice got this role is Zoe Saldana(a suggestion for my dad). While i don’t think Zoe is a bad actress, and she seems to have a knack for tough action girls, i’m not sure she would give the role the depth i’m looking for. I would probably have her audition before signing her up

    Other possible choices would include Amanda Seyfried and Michael Cera(i might have them in other roles that come up, such the victim that the villain wants revenge for). I eagerly await your opinion on my others, as well as anyone else who wishes to comment on them.

    Also, once a bloger picks a person for this game, does that mean said person can’t be picked by someone else(in your post you said another blogger claimed Christian bale)?

      1. That’s what I was about to suggest, Castor.

        Julian, as for your last question. Yes, once another ‘producer’ drafts an actor, it’s off the table.

        1. Julian

          gahh, i noticed another typo i made. It should say “opinion on my choices.”

          Anyways, i eagerly wait your feedback on my movie and cast

          1. I’ll read it again more closely later Julian, but unfortunately I’m not familiar with the True Blood cast as I’ve never seen the show. I did see Sarah Connor and I agree that Thomas Dekker is pretty good, he’s kinda pretty but not as sweet looking as Zac Efron (which is a GOOD thing). Oh please, no Michael Cera! Unless you plan on having him play a druggie or something or someone totally unrecognizable.

            Btw, not sure if Liam Neeson’s already drafted, but he’d be great as the lead to anchor the movie and adds gravitas. As for Saldana, I’m not sold on her being a great actress yet… but maybe she just needs a solid script and a good director to guide her.

            1. Julian

              Well i don’t have the full cast planned out(only the principal characters). And i realize that my cast is mostly unrecognizable to someone who doesn’t watch a lot of tv, but somehow they all just seemed to fit. I was thinking of possibly switching out Amy with Amanda, but decided against that because i’ve seen Amy play many different roles with believability, and considering that the actress would have to play the character both before and after the procedure, this role would require a very versatile actress, and from what i’ve seen of AMy, she has that versatility. Although there is the benefit of not having to worry about my picks being taken considering none of them are big movie stars.

              And if i do have Michael Cera, i would have him play something totally different from his usual akward teen roles. I don’t actually have all the characters planned out yet, but him, along with Amanda are two people that might appear after i have my movie fully casted. The two leads from Supernatural are also two actors that might make a appearance when i finish making all the roles

              And i’ve come to the conclusion that Liam is great in just about anything. I might still have him in the movie, although someone might have drafted him already(wouldn’t surprise me). If he’s not, i might cast him as the creator of the procedure. he would primarily appear with the therapist, overseeing the results of his procedure. And i’m pretty sure he would bring the same talent to the role, and he would be a recognizable face to movie watchers.

              And i think for the purposes of the draft i will go with my original choice of Alexander Skarsgard. Considering that she was only a maybe, i think it would be unfair of me to keep her from another blogger who might want to draft her.

              1. I’d have to take your word for it about Amy. But yeah, if you cast Cera, it’s wise to have him do something against type. I’m only familiar with one of the actors on Supernatural, I remember his face but not his name right now though 😦

                Btw, Liam has indeed been drafted by Novroz (http://bokunosekai.wordpress.com/2010/08/27/hollywood-fantasy-draft), a fellow Indonesian blogger friend of mine.

                Well, from what I’ve read, Skarsgard will bring in the ladies I think 😉 You keep saying ‘she’ but he’s a guy right??

                1. Julian

                  I tried to find some scenes with AMy Acker in them on youtube(without music in them), but i couldn’t find anything. And yes, Skarsguard is a guy. Typos plague me yet again.

                  ANd it figures someone would have gotten Liam already. Oh well

                  When i have more of the cast done i’ll email you. I’m actually thinking of starting my own movie blog mainly because of yours(that, and Castor inviting me for for the draft thing). Just wanted you to know that

                  1. Hey, please do that Julian, I’d love to see it. Yeah, you absolutely should have your own movie blog!!! You have my full support, man, that’s awesome.

                    But for this movie pitch thing, you can just submit it to his blog.

  4. Ted S.

    Good list Ruth, it’s always nice to see the true James Bond on someone’s list. 🙂

    Ridley Scott is one of my favorite directors too but his last couple of films were quite awful, Body of Lies and Robin Hood, I didn’t care for them. I wish somehow he would abandon the Alien prequel and start working on either Brave New World or Blood Meridian. I think Brave New World will be great with him directing, it’s very similar to Blade Runner and Leo is perfect for the lead role.

    If you don’t know about Blood Meridian, check it out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blood_Meridian, one of my favorite books. Russell Crowe will be perfect for one of the leads in this story.

    1. I’ll check that out Ted. Well, I don’t know if Russie would still want to work with Ridley again, I heard there were um, tensions around the time they were filming Robin Hood?

      Blade Runner is such a cult favorite that it might be good for Ridley to revisit that genre.

    2. Ok, I just read the gist of the story on Wiki. WOW, I don’t know how they’re going to film that. “Blood Meridian is a catalog of brutality, depicting, in sometimes explicit detail, all manner of violence, bloodshed, brutality and cruelty.” — well, as I told you before, my tolerance for violence is low, and this isn’t something I’m interested in, plus the Western genre isn’t my cup of tea in general (though I’ll watch it if the story/actors interest me).

      Btw, glad you’re agreeing about Dalton being the ‘true’ Bond 😀

  5. Great list. Particularly for Ridley Scott. Gladiator is one of my faves. The only one I’m not too sure about is Gerard Butler. He sure is a good-looking man, but I just can’t forgive him for his shocking Irish accent in P.S. I Love You. It was just that bad, haha.

    1. And the guy is IRISH, most of his family are Irish but moved to Scotland. It’s forgivable for me though, ’cause his character is so darn charming.

    2. Btw, I forgot to ask, are you playing the game also Olive? I don’t think I saw your name in Castor’s draft tracker?? I know you probably won’t cast Colin Farrell, right 😉

  6. I don’t really understand what Fantasy Football is and how it works, so its one of the reasons I haven’t participated in this Hollywood Fantasy Draft game.

    Anyhow can I have a guess.

    So its a romantic thriller set in the UK. And according to you Lee Pace and Daniel Henney are police detectives. Are there gangsters involve. Cause I think Timothy Dalton is your mob boss (I think he kinda looks good playing one. He has played one before right?) here and that Gerard Butler could be the obvious muscle. James McAvoy could be a runner, in way over his head. Not sure where the romance fits…but that’s just the kind of idea I get from looking at the cast.

    1. I’ve never played fantasy football either, but Castor’s game is pretty easy to follow (he’s good at explaining things), and you can still pitch your movie even if you don’t participate in the drafting process.

      Btw, nice try on guessing the plot, but nope, not that obvious 🙂 I for one don’t see GB as the ‘muscle’ as the movies I saw him in prior to 300 are more on the dramatic side, a wounded/broken soul of sort, so this isn’t a physical role at all for him. As for the romance, there will be three love stories intertwined with each other as their paths crossed. And that’s all I’m going to say for now 🙂

      P.S. Dalton WOULD be perfect as a mob boss, but no, I’d like to see his ‘softer’ side, tough but not callous.

      1. Ahah you should participate next time Addicted 🙂 I’m sure we will have another draft a few months down the road but given the headache of the logistics, I think I will limit it to 24 participants or so next time.

        1. Oh Castor, you should do this draft thing a couple of times a year, you are really feeding into my casting director aspiration! But not too often though as it’s so darn addictive. My brain can’t switch off from figuring out the plot!! 😀

  7. PrairieGirl

    Stellar cast! Looking very much forward to seeing the characters, plot and title all come together. Of course, Rufus Sewell is the only great actor missing, but I’m sure you’ll be casting him as your leading man in your next blockbuster!

    1. As I told you in person, if I were going to have Rufus, I’d like him to have the lead role… so it wouldn’t work in my storyline as I have it now. But yeah, if I were a casting director for real, he’d be one heck of a busy dude 🙂

      1. PrairieGirl

        Speaking of busy, I think he’s just about done filming Zen now, and IMDb shows him next in Ushers, but I really don’t know if that’s been confirmed yet. I sense a RS dry spell? I’d think that after POTE, he’s got to be in great demand now – let’s hope! And yes, I wish you were a REAL casting director too!

        1. Oh I hope his dry spell doesn’t last long. Man, it’s mind boggling he’s not in more movies. Perhaps we and the ladies at the Rooftops should do something about this! 😉

  8. Vince

    I thought I could come up with a better or just as good of a director choice… But no – Ridley is THE choice. He can handle that cast no problem. And the film will look beautiful as well. If Minghella were still alive, he would do it justice as well.
    Win Win.

    1. Why thanks for your blessing, Vince! I just think Ridley should do a solid contemporary thriller with a heart set in his native UK, and I know he can handle the love story part as well as make it suspenseful and riveting. The scenery would be one of the ‘star’ of the story, and London’s got so many great, iconic locations (one would be filmed in the tube for sure! :))

      My second choice of director was Martin Campbell (Casino Royale, GoldenEye, Mask of Zorro), but yeah, Minghella is a terrific suggestion. Alas, the rule is for LIVING people only.

  9. Hehehe we both are very predictable in case of Cillian and Gerald 😉

    Hmm..romantic thriller? I never heard of something like this before, can you give me an example of movie with that theme?

    I thought you’re going to make McAvoy as the leading role. I haven’t seen Dalton in a long time

    1. It’s GeraRd… 🙂 And yes, predictable, but also with good reason, ha!

      Oh, I’m sure you have seen some romantic thrillers, it’s a pretty common sub-genre. Ok, I got this from this site (http://www.ehow.com/about_6713051_difference-romantic-suspense-romantic-thriller.htm), it’s talking about a novel genre, but can be applied to movies as well: Romantic thrillers are a part of the genre of romantic suspense and deal largely with crime, intrigue, scandal, verging on scaring or thrilling the reader.

      I think Woody Allen’s Match Point & Cassandra’s Dream can be considered romantic thrillers, so are Out of Sight, The Constant Gardener and the upcoming Angelina Jolie/Johnny Depp movie The Tourist and Matt Damon’s next movie Adjustment Bureau, to name a few.

      Dalton is my leading man, as I said, he’s been absent from the cinema for far too long… that’s why I’m hoping to change that. But no worries, this is more of an ensemble-cast flick, so the other actors will get a decent screen time in the movie.

      1. ups…sorry for the mistake 🙂

        The Constant gardener is a romantic thriller? I have the book on my shelf for about a year now, I better start reading it soon.

        So, both of us are making thriller 😉 I sort of wish this fantasy movies of ours will come true one day.

        1. “I sort of wish this fantasy movies of ours will come true one day.” Ha..ha.. don’t we all, Nov 😉 I did tweet Daniel Henney and told him that I picked him, I doubt he’d notice but I thought, what the heck.

  10. Hey, I’d watch it! Always fun to see a bunch of “heavies” function in an ensemble piece. Hard to picture Cate matched up with any of the available options, though. Eva Green + Gerard Butler = swoon.

    1. Glad to hear it, Sam, and I’m honored! Cate can play against anyone IMO, well maybe not Channing Tatum, but I think anyone on my list would be adequate. She’s part of the 3 love stories, but I’ll reveal whom I’ll pair her with next week.

      Btw, you should pitch your movie to Castor with RDJ and Russie together 😉

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