Wet Blogathon: Jane Austen’s Beautiful Rain Scenes

Andrew at EncoreEntertainment is conducting yet another movie meme blog-a-thon and the topic is an irresistible one: Great rain scenes!

I love rain scenes… not only are they usually beguiling and beautiful, rain undeniably adds drama/romance/terror/suspense to any given scene, depending on how the director frames the scene. One thing for sure, as Andrew said, movie rain is just plain lovely.

Well, since the first thing that came to mind was from 2005 Pride & Prejudice, I decided to list three of my favorite rain scenes from three other Jane Austen movies:

Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice — The proposal in the rain

Beautifully-filmed, the mood right from the minute Elizabeth Bennett crosses the bridge is just perfect. I wasn’t quite sold on Matthew MacFayden initially, but by this point I thought he captured Darcy’s brooding nature believably. All the angst, repressed feelings and sexual tension reached a pivotal point in this ravishing scene, both MacFayden and Keira Knightley couldn’t have looked more alluring framed by the damp surrounding. Never has the sight of cold rain been so smokin’ hot!

Ang Lee’s Sense & Sensibility — Brandon rescues Marianne in the rain

Oh how I love Alan Rickman as Col. Brandon! Forget the young ‘uns Willoughby (Greg Wise) and Edward Ferrars (Hugh Grant), Brandon is without a doubt my hero in this movie. The scene in the clip of the heartbroken Marianne (the astounding Kate Winslet) watching Willoughby’s estate from a distance is downright heart-wrenching, but the scene that follows is one of my favorites from the movie. Brandon’s profound love for Marianne is all the more evident in his face as he carries her lifeless body back into the house. It’s such a dramatic contrast from the first ‘rescue’ scene of her by Willoughby in the beginning of the movie. Instead of two people being smitten with each other, they are now both tormented souls stricken by a lost love.

BBC Version of Sense & Sensibility — Edward’s chopping wood scene

Unfortunately the previous clip has been removed but you can see a glimpse of that very scene in this fan-made video:

The latest BBC adaptation certainly is no match to Ang Lee’s award-winning masterpiece. However, I was quite moved by the performance of Hattie Morahan and Dan Stevens as Elinor and Edward. Stevens might share the same haircut as Hugh Grant, but his less stuttering portrayal of the principled Edward trying to repress his feelings towards Elinor is much more poignant. In this scene, Edward is relieving his frustration by getting a bit of a sweat in the rain, it’s a bit reminiscent of Colin Firth’s Mr. Darcy’s famous lake scene. From the way Elinor looks at him, I think she’s quite um, taken by the sight of Mr. Ferrars with his drenched white shirt and flyaway hair. Well, she’s not the only one 😉

So what’s YOUR favorite rain/wet scenes, Austen-related or otherwise?

25 thoughts on “Wet Blogathon: Jane Austen’s Beautiful Rain Scenes

  1. you could also make falling unconscious list – that happens often in Jane Austen’s books and films as well 🙂

    My favourite period British piece is the amazing mini series CRANFORD with the stunning cast including Judi Dench and Simon Woods.

    1. Ahahaha… that’s so true, Dez, good one!

      Hmmm, I have to look that one up, never heard of Cranford before. But yeah, with Dame Judi Dench, it’s gotta be good. I’m sure you’ve seen Mrs. Brown, right? One of the best period dramas out there.

        1. Oh I must’ve missed him in ROME, Dez. Maybe I was too busy ogling James Purefoy 😉 But my fave characters there are Lucius Veronus and Titus Pullo.

        1. Simon Woods was the emperor who takes the throne from Ciaran Hinds at the end of the show. The second season was all about him 🙂
          My favourite was Atia Balba :))

  2. I was waiting for someone to cover Kate in the rain in Sense & Sensibility…though the first scene with Wickham in the rain always leaves me happy (which is weird considering where it leads) but that scene with Brandon at the end is just so sad and lovely. Kate is so great.

    (Strangely enough I covered the P&P rain scene months ago and now I realise it’s kind of perfect for the blogathon.).

    1. Well, it’s hard not to think of that scene whenever someone mention movie rain. Yes, it is such a jubilant scene, full of hope… alas… Kate is amazing in both scenes. I think the scene where she mustered up just enough courage to say thank you to the Colonel just breaks my heart! It was so unexpected and it’s obvious Brandon was overjoyed inside even with that little smile he showed. Oh dear, the Brits are masterful in concealing their emotion.

  3. You must watch CRANFORD, it’s from BBC, you might find it on DVD or download it from TOrrents. I promise you’ll never see such an amazing acting as in that short mini series with all the classic British actors and actresses and some cute young ones as well. And it’s also heartwarming.

      1. Basically if you like period stuff…watch all the new period mini-series from the BBC. They’re all great. Others to mention, Bleak House, Little Dorrit, Tess of the D’Urbervilles, Jane Eyre.including yes Cranford, which the second part was recently released on DVD too. The last adaptation was Emma. I do hope they come up with some new stuff very soon…I’m running out of things to watch.

  4. PrairieGirl

    Favorite movie rain scene of all time, from In a Savage Land: Rufus Sewell (Mick) sitting hunched up outside Maya Stange’s (Evelyn) hut getting soaked to the bone in a storm until she finally realizes he’s there and insists he come in out of the rain. Once inside, he proceeds to strip off every stitch of wet clothing he has on, but alas, uses a blanket to keep his modesty, as they are still only friends at this point. RTM, you must check out this scene, at least, on the DVD I loaned you, even if you don’t watch the whole movie… 🙂

    1. Oh sorry I haven’t had a chance to watch that movie, but heck now I definitely have to ffwd to this one 😉 Lucky miss Stange!

      Btw, now that I think of it, one of the very few memorable scenes in GB’s soccer flick Miracle Match is when they’re playing in the rain, with GB as the goalie all soaked in slo-mo 🙂

      Here’s the trailer in case you’re curious: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1H2fRn8PStw

  5. Kate Winslet is so fantastic in that scene!
    And I love how the rain gives a certain eroticism to that moment between Keira and Matthew. The “almost” kiss gets me every time.

    1. Hi Jose! Yes, she is! Even all drenched she is still so luminous, too.

      He..he.. nothing inflamed two people attracted to each other more than a heated argument 😀 At first I thought what a tease Darcy was, but he actually got carried away in the moment and really was going to kiss her before he restrained himself [fan oneself] 😀

        1. Well I think the jury’s still out on that one 🙂 Doesn’t matter, it was tantalizing… this is what I found lacking from the BBC miniseries version. Spare me the wet-shirt Darcy, ‘almost’ kiss is much, much sexier!

    1. Yes it is, isn’t it? Who doesn’t love movie rain? Glad to hear a fellow Rickman fan… he’s sooo much more than just Hans Gruber!

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