31 Days Movie Meme Day #12: Best Soundtrack

I wrote a post around the same time last year called Favorite Movie Music, where I made two different list of my favorite movie soundtrack and scores. Well, I’m going to highlight one from each list that I never grow tired of listening to:

Fave film score: Somewhere in Time
An unabashedly romantic film about love that travels through time starring a young Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. The music by composer John Barry truly makes the movie with it’s haunting and melancholic theme, it moves me to my core every time I hear it. They say it the best love story is the unrequited ones, and it doesn’t get any more heart-wrenching-ly tragic than this.

Fave soundtrack: Moulin Rouge
I love the inventive way the songs are used throughout this movie, and the soundtrack truly complement the Bohemian and vibrant sensibilities of the movie. It makes old songs sound and feel new again, and make me prefer them over the original on some songs. Baz Luhrmann let the main actors Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor sang their hearts out in this movie, and boy did they deliver! It’s hard to pick which scenes of their duet are my favorite, but this wonderful Elephant Medley is definitely one of them. I fell for McGregor’s brazen charm and gorgeous voice!

14 thoughts on “31 Days Movie Meme Day #12: Best Soundtrack

    1. I pop the dvd in once in a while when I’m bored, mostly just to see the duets between these two. I also LOVE the Roxane sequence, so beautiful, sexy and powerful. I LOVE Ewan’s voice in that, contrasted with the deep, gravely voice of the fainting Argentinian guy.

  1. when I saw the tittle of your post over in my blogroll, I was like – OH, MINE WOULD BE MOULIN ROUGE, and now I see it’s in your list as well :)))
    ELEPHANT LOVE MEDLEY, ROXANE, RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT, YOUR SONG, COME WHAT MAY, CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION, LADY MARMALADE … all stunning songs … Whenever I watch the movie I always sing loudly myself especially with ELEPHANT LOVE MEDLEY and RHYTHM OF THE NIGHT. Ewan’s voice is the most mesmerizing male voices I’ve ever heard – so strong and crystal clear but yet innocent, a bit naive and kind.
    I also adore when my dearest Jim Broadbent sings MATERIAL GIRL with Richard Roxbourgh, that’s just precious :))

    1. Wahooo… high five, Dez, along with so many others we agree on 🙂 It really is hard to pick a fave music scene from Moulin Rouge, they’re all awesome. Oh speaking of Broadbent, I also LOVE his ‘Show must go on’ rendition… absolutely brilliant and sad as well, considering what’s happening with Satine. Ewan really should record an album, seriously!

      1. Ewan doesn’t have time for recording an album with all his kids, Mongolian adventures, motorbike driving ….. 🙂

        Broadbent is absolutely amazing in all his roles, probably my favourite actor from older generation along with Peter Ustinov.

        1. Yeah, you’re probably right, plus he’s such a prolific actor too.

          Btw, you just gave me a blog list idea. I’ve always wanted to do a Top Ten Seasoned Actor list, so look for that in the next few days or next week. Thanks Dez! 🙂

  2. Fantastic choice! I agree with you and lol’d when you said that you “pop the dvd in once in a while” to listen to the songs…I do that too! Matter of fact, I’m gonna put it in right now as I begin to work on my own page! Thanks for paying homage to a great soundtrack! Soundtracks are often overlooked, I find, by movie bloggers! Just another testament to your awesomeness! Keep it up!

      1. Why thanks Scarlet! I just voted the second poll 🙂 I’ll leave a comment later.

        I really appreciate your support and kind words. Yes I agree that soundtrack is an essential thing in any movie, even in silent films, the music always helps tell a story. When used properly, it elevates and complements the movie, but never overpowers.

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  4. How funny that I feel so strongly about both of your picks. The Somewhere In Time soundtrack is also one of my favorites. The music is gorgeous and rich and lends so much to the emotion in the film. On the flip side, Moulin Rouge’s soundtrack is the main reason I couldn’t watch the movie past 20 minutes. I felt the songs were tacky and I hated them singing some of my favorites. That was a film that totally did not work for me.

  5. Kevin

    In part because I love Simon and Garfunkel, in part because it was one of the first to use popular music and in part because the songs advanced the plot I choose The Graduate. For instrumental I’d go with Mark Knopfler’s work for Local Hero.It is gorgeous,

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