31 Days Movie Meme Day #10: Movie I ended up loving

A movie you thought you wouldn’t like but ended up loving:
Inglourious Basterds

The marvelous IB opening sequence

When the buzz for this movie started even months before it opened, I had no interest whatsoever in seeing it. I’ve never been a Tarantino fan and though I enjoyed Pulp Fiction, I’m not familiar with his work. Plus, Brad Pitt’s mug all over the poster isn’t what I’d consider enticing. But then a girlfriend—whom I thought are more into chick flicks—said how much she enjoyed this movie. My guest blogger and loyal FC reader Mike also raved about it, I mean rave with a capital ‘R,’ marveling about QT’s masterful filming style and how spectacular the opening sequence was.

Needless to say I was intrigued and you know what, they were right. I loved the movie! If you read my glowing review in five parts, clearly I was pleasantly surprised by it. Despite some of the violence and highly suspenseful scenes, I was blown away by the story and the distinctive way it’s presented.

The lethal beauty Shosanna Dreyfus

Though Pitt got top billing, the movie really belongs to Christoph Waltz! He deserved all the kudos for his bravura performance, a perfect mix of menace and whimsy. I just wish French actress Mélanie Laurent had gotten her share of nods as well as her performance was equally amazing. The always-watchable Michael Fassbender also delivered a memorable performance as Lt. Hicox, an English soldier who goes undercover as a German Captain.

In any case, I’m glad I gave the movie a chance. In fact, I was rooting for it to win Best Picture, alas, another movie that didn’t blow me away walked away with the Oscar. Oh well, I stand by this one and out of the 10 Oscar nominees last year, Inglourious Basterds is definitely one I wouldn’t mind watching again.

18 thoughts on “31 Days Movie Meme Day #10: Movie I ended up loving

  1. PrairieGirl

    Oh I so AGREE!! When you told me how good it was I remember giving you a very puzzled look and said, “Really?”, and firmly decided no matter what you said I wasn’t going to see it. But I finally gave in and wow, it’s one of my favorite movies of all time now. And you’re so right about Waltz, too, an amazing performance from him, and is top billing in my book, too.

      1. He..he.. I was quite persuasive, wasn’t I? But I’m glad you gave it a chance like I did, as watching Waltz was really worth it. I agree, the name turned me off too, but then again it’s expected from QT.

    1. Cute how you always call me sir 🙂 That’s always nice when a movie meets your expectations, especially when you expect a lot! I like Inception a lot, but come to think of it, I probably like IB a tad better, which is something coming from someone who doesn’t like violent movies.

  2. Julian

    Yeah it was a awesome movie. And i happened to like The Hurt Locker to be honest, but art is subjective after all

    And btw, not to be annoying, but i responded to your comment in the noteworthy actress post, and i was wondering if you saw it. Again, i am not trying to be annoying, but i appreciate your feedback. it is very difficult to discuss movies on the internet without one side resorting to insults and flaming i’ve found, and your one of the few people who i’ve never seen insult somebody for having a different opinion from yours

    1. Yeah art is indeed subjective, that’s why I don’t go up in arms if I disagree with what another person’s view of of all things, a movie. THL is ok, not terrible by any means, it’s just not memorable IMO. Basterds left much more impression on me on so many levels.

      Oh no, not annoying at all. I welcome a cordial discussion and really appreciate the thought you put into your comments, that’s like I’d like to do the same. How fun would the blogosphere be if everyone agrees with you? 🙂 Ok, I’ll definitely get to it sometime today, Julian.

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  5. Ted S.

    You’re not a QT fan huh? Well I’m a big big fan of his since I saw Reservoir Dogs back in my high school days and love all of his films, well maybe except Death Proof; nothing was really going on in that film.

    I’ve been waiting to see Inglorious Basterds since he mentioned it way back in the late 90s and early 2000s, it was actually meant to be his version of The Dirty Dozen. He wanted Sly Stallone, Jim Carrey, Eddie Murphy, Adam Sandler, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger to star in the film. Arnorld would’ve played the Col. Hans Landa role, could you imagine Arnold in that role?

    Yeah I agree, this film should have won best picture last year.

    1. No, not really. I did see Kill Bill vol. 1 after I saw IB. I liked it too despite my aversion for slasher flick, but I’m intrigued to see the second one, but haven’t got around to it.

      WOW, how about another From-vision-to-film post with this one Ted? 🙂 That sounds like The Expendables with nazis… well, almost. Heh, not sure Arnie would have the nuances that Christoph brought to the role, plus Arnie is so larger than life it’d be hard to concentrate on the character himself.

  6. Richard

    I agree with you here. I think QT is vastly overrated, but I found myself enjoying Inglorious Basterds. Definitely his best film. Which, admittedly, wasn’t difficult. I swore after the dreadful Kill Bill movies and the truly awful Death Proof, that I would never watch another QT movie. But I’m a sucker for WWII films. He hooked me, damn him.

    1. Hi Richard, welcome to FC! I often think the same way about QT but this movie truly blew me away and made me think the guy really is brilliant. I’m not even a fan of war films, WWII or otherwise, but yet I could see this movie repeatedly, that’s how much I like it.

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