31 Days Movie Meme: Day 5 » A Movie I Loathe

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Today’s meme is an easy one but I’m going to keep it short as I don’t feel like wasting too much time thinking about it. There are countless of bad movies, but Ghost Rider stood out even amongst them. It should’ve been re-named Ghastly Rider.

Ok, now why do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways:

  • Nic Cage’s horrible haircut (ok now, you might argue that it’s his ‘trademark’ but I still!), not to mention the same, tired expression he’s recycled too many times. I guess when you want to star in every movie you could possibly fit into your schedule, you’re going to be running out of ways to express… well, anything.
  • Not only is Cage not scary or even menacing at all as a ‘hell-blazing vigilante,’ he doesn’t seem to be having much fun doing it, which obviously is contagious to people watching him!
  • Peter Fonda’s sleepwalking throughout the whole movie. You think Nic Cage was bad? I don’t think Fonda even bothered to make an effort that someone paid him to y’know, act when the director yelled ‘action!’ Don’t even get me started with Eva Mendez, who’s aware (perhaps too aware) of her sole purpose to be the eye candy for the fanboys.
  • This atrocity gives ‘a movie based on a comic book’ a bad name. What’s even more shameful is a sequel is reportedly in the works, ugh!
  • Preposterous, ludicrous [insert similar adjective here] plot I can’t even begin to list ’em. The idea of a comic book superhero movie is for you to cheer on the hero when he appears on screen, but when the flaming skeleton-headed thing-y shows up with his damned chain whip, you wish he accidentally chokes himself with it. That just might be the saving grace of it all.

I’m not even sure why we had rented the movie, but if you’re lucky enough not having seen it yet, consider yourself warned. Nic, oh Nic, I used to like the guy, and despite what people say, he’s really not a bad actor. But sheesh, even amongst a bunch of his other crap-fest he’s been churning up the last decade, he stoops super low with this one.

21 thoughts on “31 Days Movie Meme: Day 5 » A Movie I Loathe

      1. Ahahaha… it’s THAT bad that you blocked it out eh? I wish I could’ve done the same! I normally don’t mind miss Mendez but it seems like her chest was doing much of the acting here 😀

  1. Ted S.

    This was one of the first Blu-ray discs that I bought and after I watched the film, I wanted to burn it. I can’t believe I spent $24 on this piece of turd and I can’t believe Sony greenlit the sequel. Hollyweed I tell you.

    1. Why in the world would you buy a movie BEFORE you know you like it?? I have another friend who does the same thing, that’s mind-boggling! I only buy movies I know I LOVE, instead of renting it over and over, might as well buy it. Hollyweird is more like it… but hey, Nic’s gotta get the funds for all his mansions!

      1. Ted S.

        Well Blu-ray was still new so I couldn’t rent it yet, I just bought a bunch of movies so I can watch it on my Blu-ray player. The price of being an early adapter.

        1. Ah, I see Ted. I’m hoping to get the Blu-ray player sometime this year yet, I guess you could say we’re the super late adopter 🙂 One day you should have a private viewing party in your mini-theater!

  2. Mike B.

    Saw that flick on cable. It wasn’t worth watching FREE!

    I did see a movie last night with Cage in it that I actually loved. “Kick-Ass”. Nic is good in roles where he’s a goof-ball or a strange guy which is exactly what he was in that film.

    Bottom line for me: his mug falls flat when he’s trying to be a stud with his toupee and hair plugs. But as a quirky character he’s all good …

    1. PrairieGirl

      Mike, your right about the roles Cage should stick with. He was absolutely fantastic in The Family Man, and the entire movie is good to boot.

      1. Yeah, The Family Man was good PrairieGirl, but then again I like Tea Leoni. And because of you, I saw Adaptation. Great Nic Cage performance but not too keen on the movie.

    2. LOL! Your comment always cracked me up, Mike. I don’t know why he doesn’t just go bald, but then again not everyone can look good bald like Bruce Willis 🙂 I’m curious to see Kick-Ass as everyone seems to love it. I normally don’t mind Nic even in his over-the-top roles, I mean Castor Troy in Face/Off? Love him! In fact, it’s hard to find him NOT being over the top, but in this one it’s soooo bad it’s not even guilty-pleasure as there’s nothing pleasurable watching it!

      1. Mike B.

        I think he’d be AWESOME bald! Good call.

        Kick-Ass is a bit on the violent side. It had a “Pulp-Fiction” vibe to it at times. Very much influenced by Tarantino I’d say. Which made sense because the movie was about how being a super-hero isn’t all that great in reality. Violence isn’t glamorous. An anti-superhero movie in that respect.

  3. well, honestly speaking, most Cage’s movies are easy for loathing :)))
    I generally don’t loathe nor despise any movie, and I’m even known as a person who would watch a movie till the end even if it’s horrible, but even I have two movies which I find absolutely unwatchable – DARK KNIGHT and I’M NOT THERE (even with Cate’s stunning role in it).

    1. Yeah I’m that way too, Dez, even if the movie is horrid, I still wish that maybe, just maybe the ending would redeem itself. Nope, this one is just rotten through and through. I know where I stand on The Dark Knight, but I’m Not There is still on my must-see list. I still think a movie with Heath Ledger, Christian Bale AND Cate Blanchett playing the same character should at least be intriguing enough, even if it isn’t stellar.

  4. God this movie…This movie…I hated Ghost Rider. As a comic lover it completely tore apart and destroyed a great series. Nic Cage phoned it in, and everyone else did too. It had bad action, bad puns and the whole “Stare into my eyes” thing just made me cringe. The closest I ever came to walking out of a film.

    1. I feel for the comic book fans who love the story. Sorry to hear you actually saw this in the theater, Travis, boy I’d be so mad for wasting my hard-earned cash on such a turd.

  5. Ghost Rider is one movie I would not mind seeing a remake for. Of course, that’s probably why Hollywood won’t make one. It’s too bad because he is such a cool comic book character but they totally screw it up.

    1. Oh I don’t know Castor, it’d still be hard for me to go near it. But then again, my hubby said the other day even Daredevil is actually a decent story if done properly, so who knows, maybe one day. At least it won’t be hard to improve when you already start from such a low point.

  6. Haven’t seen this. Nic Cage is like Samuel L. Jackson in a way that he’s a whore for the money. Unfortunately, Nic is more of a lead actor than Sam, so Nic’s descent is much more public and embarrassing.

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