Poster of the Week: Never Let Me Go

Upon seeing this lovely poster, I just might make a weekly Poster Feature post from now on. There is always a new being released every day and it’s fun to look at them. But every once in a while, a poster catches your breath away, not so much for how it looks—though it’s indeed gorgeous–but for the evocative tone it sets. Where a lot of posters tend to want to jam everything in, not to mention the floating head syndrome that bug the heck out of me, the simplicity of this poster is just striking. It feels blissful and innocent, yet somehow you know there is more to it than meets the eye. The fact that the lower part of the word GO is cut off is like a little clue.

Per Wikipedia, Never Let Me Go is based on a novel by Japanese-born British author Kazuo Ishiguro. It was shortlisted for the 2005 Booker Prize (an award Ishiguro had previously won in 1989 for The Remains of the Day), and was named best novel of 2005 by TIME magazine.

The movie stars Carey Mulligan (An Education), Andrew Garfield (the young Brit who’s recently cast as Spiderman), and Keira Knightley, as Kathy, Tommy and Ruth, respectively. The three of them live in a world and a time that feel familiar to us, but are not quite like anything we know. They spend their childhood at Hailsham, a seemingly idyllic English boarding school. When they leave the shelter of the school and the terrible truth of their fate is revealed to them, they must also confront the deep feelings of love, jealousy and betrayal that threaten to pull them apart. – description per Filmofilia.

Its trailer’s just been released also, I’ll post that sometime later today here it is below:

I said above that ‘…there’s more than meets the eye’ in the poster, well, the trailer definitely alludes to the fact that this isn’t an ordinary school, the kids aren’t who you think they are, basically, this movie isn’t a typical coming-of-age story at all. Those who’ve read the book or familiar with the story already knew this, but I absolutely had no idea what it was really about until I read Wikipedia and some reviews about the book. Whoa, suffice to say I was flabbergasted. Kudos to Ishiguro and the filmmaker in keeping it so enigmatic and ever so subtle. I guess I should’ve guessed when it’s billed as a sci-fi novel, but nope, didn’t see that one coming.

Yeah, I’m definitely intrigued.

16 thoughts on “Poster of the Week: Never Let Me Go

  1. Vince

    Wow – this sounds incredibly interesting. I loved Remains of the Day (the book as well as the movie). I might give this one a read. I’m looking forward to seeing Mark Romanek’s version too. I loved his music videos for AIR and Blonde Redhead.

    1. Well, after reading the novel reviews, I’m definitely intrigued. There is something so eerie and sad about the poster and the trailer, I teared up just watching it. Yeah, I just read about Romanek being a music video director, I like the understated-ness of the trailer, very promising.

  2. Whoever ad agency/department made that poster was really in tune with the trailer/possibly the whole movie itself.

    I have mixed feeling for the trailer, but I love how Keira Knightley is playing second fiddle to Carey Mulligan and not the other way around.

    1. Yeah, I bet the filmmaker has a lot of creative input in making that. They’re all very enigmatic and mysterious.

      Yeah well, we know who’s the better actor, so I’m glad Mulligan’s movin’ up.

  3. I’m really looking forward to seeing this film as it looks like another good British drama about growing up and breaking free.

    1. Hi Caz. Well, the poster is quite deceptive obviously, that’s what I thought the movie is about but well… it takes the meaning of ‘more than meets the eye’ to a whole new level. Check out the trailer, it might give you a bit of a clue, but if you don’t want to know more, DON’T read the Wikipedia article.

    1. I’ve only seen Mulligan in Pride & Prejudice, which wasn’t a memorable role for her. I have yet to see An Education, but hopefully soon.

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    1. I do like the cast… this Andrew Garfield kid is almost too good to be Spiderman. Oh well, hopefully he’ll continue to do complex roles in the future.

  5. Mike B.

    A total tear jerker, rare for sci-fi! Anything to do with kids and death, as a parent, is a tough thing to watch even as a story that’s sort of out there …

    1. A tear-jerker is right, I teared up just watching the trailer! The more I see people’s comments, the more amazed at Ishiguro’s ability to keep the ‘real’ story under wraps and make this look like something entirely different.

  6. Oooh! I didn’t realize this was a sci-fi movie, this definitely perks up my interest. Sci-fi for the guys, romance for the gals, everyone is happy! I will be looking forward to this 🙂

    1. “Sci-fi for the guys, romance for the gals, everyone is happy!” Um… I don’t think this movie can be easily pigeonholed as either sci-fi nor romance, Castor… but yeah, it’s VERY easy to think that way looking at the trailer. I’m still intrigued even after I found out about the twist.

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