Word of the Week: Sequelitis

Image courtesy of hollywoodsigngenerator.com

Bonus Friday post, people, but I just couldn’t resist this one. This word so perfectly sums up the condition Hollywood’s been suffering for quite a while now.

Per UrbanDictionary, sequelitis is:

A disease capable only of infecting Hollywood movie producers. Symptoms include uncontrollable greed and a complete lack of creativity. Once the illness has taken hold, the producer will eventually unload a steaming pile of crap which he will then box up and label with the name of a successful movie plus the number “2” after it. The load of crap will be then be sold to the idiot audience, who gladly forks over money to take a peek at what’s in the box, based solely on the name on the label. In extreme cases, gratuitous sequelitis has been known to create many such boxes of turds, with sequential sequel numbers reaching into the double digits.

Ha! Talk about hitting the nail straight on the head. For some reason that definition brings to mind this image of this hilarious-albeit-repulsive foul-mouthed character in Tropic Thunder for obvious reasons. And perhaps also because the superstar with the megawatt smile himself is also afflicted with this dreadful disease. Case in point: the never-ending Mission Impossible franchise.

Anway, this disorder is particularly rampant in the horror/slasher genre (Saw, Final Destination, Scream etc.), which doesn’t stop at two or three, as well as superhero flicks. Last year I posted how the well of creativity has completely ran dry in Tinseltown, so obviously this dreadful illness isn’t slowing down anytime soon, if not actually getting worse.

Well, at least it inspires for some delightfully funny posts. I love i09.com’s suggestions on the cure for rampant sequelitis. I guess you could say the state of mind of Hollywood isn’t too different from those of teens with uncontrollable puberty urges.

What do you think folks? Do you think Hollywood will ever be free of this disease?

15 thoughts on “Word of the Week: Sequelitis

  1. I doubt it!! I think this disease not only infecting Hollywood, some Japanese Horror Movies also doing this same thing…the more the number thay put the flatter the story becomes

    1. Ah, apparently it’s contagious too! It’s almost a guarantee that a sequel can’t live up to the original, only a select few can beat that ‘curse.’ So far Pixar is one of them.

  2. Tom Cruise always feels to me like he desperately wants to be loved by people. The Len Grossman is not technically a sequel but a spin-off as Darren would tell you 😉

    1. Yeah, he’s definitely got an insecurity complex. I didn’t even know that Len movie was a sequel or remake, I just put his pic up there as that character embodies the worst of the worst of studio execs.

  3. PrairieGirl

    Unfortunately, no. It’s like a virus that will never be stopped. And speaking of a related disease, how about Remakitis? Mentioned by you just yesterday, rtm, another A Star is Born in the making?

    1. Remakitis, yes, that too. I haven’t been following what’s happening with that remake, I’m not that interested frankly. I’m still hoping one day GB will comply with his promise to make ‘Burns.’ Oh well…

    1. I believe Ju-On has reached number 5 and Ringu, as far as I can remember, is 4 (1 one of them is prequel). Ringu is my number 1 horror movie but only the 1st one, the second is bad beyond believe. the prequel is quite interesting.

  4. Ruth you should check out Darren’s (the M0vie blog) post on sequels, remakes and spin offs, it’s good. http://m0vie.wordpress.com/2010/06/10/are-sequels-the-new-spin-offs/

    For my own part I think it’s indicative of a consumer culture that Hollywood appears content to feed our insatiable attitude for bad movies that we pay to see anyway, a sad though inevitable result of profit margins and market research. Our survey says: ‘You keep watching it and we’ll keep making it.’ Or is it the other way around, I’ve lost track.

    I’m hopeful for an unexpected surge in creative originality, as opposed to original re-manufacturing. Time will tell.

    1. I just dropped my comment. Yeah, spin-offs rarely work for some reason, and the Len Grossman thing is really the worst of it so far.

      I don’t know if I’m hopeful about the surge of originality, but they tend to be low-budget. That’s why I’m psyched about Inception as at least it ‘sounds’ original from what I’ve been seeing/hearing, but like you said, time will tell.

      1. Darren

        Cool, thanks for the mention and for popping over. And I’m sadly too jaded to believe that there’ll ever really be an upswing in creativity with summer tentpoles – even the “original” films are the same plot and ideas and characters handily recycled.

        Except, hopefully, Inception.

  5. I feel like MTV/Tom Cruise should quickly retract their decision to make a Les Grossman movie. It would have been a bomb even before the massive sequel backlash of summer 2010.

    1. Well the Cruiser is far too self-absorbed to realize that obviously, but let him make this and have it fall flat on his face.

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