London, here we come! The inevitable Britastic blog series begins today

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Counting down to our London trip in less than two weeks, allow me to be a bit indulgent and in celebratory mood for a bit. From now until our departure Friday, May 7, FlixChatter will feature British-themed posts, whether it’ll be a British movie review or scene spotlight, featured posts on British filmmakers/actors, or whatever UK-related random item that comes to mind.

Hope you can stomach 10 days of all things British, there are so many British actors in Hollywood and tons of iconic scenes are set in the UK, specifically London, so the possibilities are endless.

Just for fun, here’s a scene from The World is Not Enough where the River Thames, as well as other London iconic symbols, are on full display. Surely it’s a preposterous scene, heck the entire Bond flick defies common sense (Denise Richards as a Bond girl? ’nuff said). And why in the world is Pierce Brosnan is adjusting his tie as his watercraft dives under water??! Granted it lacks the whimsy of Moonraker‘s gondola chase in Venice, though both are equally ridiculous, but it’s still pretty fun scene to watch.

I can’t wait to get on a boat tour on the Thames!

12 thoughts on “London, here we come! The inevitable Britastic blog series begins today

    1. Hi Katie!! I definitely will try to get to at least one main cinema in London, is this the one near the Odeon Theater where they held movie premieres. Man, I really can’t wait to go, hopefully Eyjafjallajokull doesn’t cause too much more travel havoc!

    1. I know Castor, hard to concentrate just thinking about it… especially given all the hurdles of getting our visa, then the volcanic ash fiasco… we almost thought we’d have to postpone our trip!

    1. Thanks Ross & Katie for the tips! Yes, I’ll definitely take a boat tour on the Thames, we’ve got 6 full days so hopefully there’ll be some sunny days. That’d be cool if there’s a premiere happening whilst I’m there, I better google that. I’ve heard about Prince Charles cinema, that is pretty cheap to be able to see some old classics. I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am, boy I bet you miss London, it’s such a fascinating place. Let me ask you this, what is an absolute must-visit movie location in London? I will go to the bookstore in the Notting Hill movie, etc. but I’m still looking for other tips. Thanks Katie!

      1. I think it would have to be the big cinemas in Leicester Square. If one of them is showing something you really love then it’s just awesome. Plus there’s the chinese theatre style handprints all around the square.

  1. Yeah they do Premiere’s at the Odeon and the Empire. I’ve been to both, but the empire is much bigger and swishier so if you can only afford one (and they are expensive) then go for the Empire. But I guess it all depends what’s on.
    If you want to go celeb spotting while you’re there, most of the premiere’s happen on Sunday evenings. You have to be in the Square from about 3 to get a spot where you can see teh red carpet but if it’s a big movie then it’s worth the wait. You can usually find out what’s going to be premiering from a quick google search.

    For a cheap alternative, around the corner in Leicester Square is the Prince Charles Cinema which shows older films and some more underground stuff with really really cheap tickets (like, £2 and sometimes that includes popcorn)

    I’m getting all excited for you now! Can you tell I miss London?
    If you want to know any other good places to go let me know. Leicester Square is an absolute must though. My second favourite place in Central after Trafalgar Square.

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    1. Hi Vanessa, yeah I really hope we won’t get delayed as the volcanic ash is shutting down Irish/Scottish airports now. I can’t wait to go, it is a great country, so much history & amazing architecture, etc.

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