Upcoming Project Spotlight: ‘Paul’

The Cast of Paul – clockwise from top left: Pegg/Frost, Weaver, Bateman, Rogen, Hader, Wiig & Lynch

Originally this was one of my most anticipated flicks of 2010, but it turns out this road trip comedy is delayed to 2011. Via Twitter, the prolific Twitterer Simon Pegg wrote this last February: Due to an extensive post production schedule you won’t be seeing our little desert caper any time soon. Rest assured it will be worth it.

Well, it does sound like it’ll be worth the wait. I’m a big fan of Simon Pegg/Nick Frost duo, and the storyline sounds like a hoot: Two British comic-book geeks traveling across the U.S. (to attend the San Diego Comic Con, no less) encounter an alien outside Area 51. As if the Pegg/Frost combo isn’t enough, looks like some of the top Hollywood comedians have joined the cast: Seth Rogen (as the voice of the alien), Jason Bateman, Kristen Wiig, Bill Hader and Jane Lynch. Oh, there’s also Sigourney Weaver! She might be known for kick-ass or dramatic roles, but she’s proven her comedic chops in the underrated sci-fi comedy Galaxy Quest, as well as the TV pilot satire The TV Set. What a cast! I’m really excited to see Weaver and Bateman here, and Wiig and Hader are definitely the funniest SNL regulars of the current season.

First Look from the movie, photos courtesy of Collider.com

This project will mark the first time the two real-life buddies are working on the screenplay together, though Pegg is no stranger to screenwriting. Per IMDb, he also penned the script for Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and Run, Fatboy, Run (I’d recommend all three of these fun comedies if you haven’t seen them).

Instead of Edgar Wright, who’s a frequent collaborator with Pegg/Frost, we’ve got Greg Mottola (Superbad, Adventureland) at the helm. He’s also directed a few episodes of Arrested Development, which is probably how Jason Bateman comes in.

Check out this clip of Pegg and Frost introducing the story, cast and crew:

Nice tees, guys! It’s always fun to see them together again, I’m definitely looking forward to this next year. What about you, folks?

14 thoughts on “Upcoming Project Spotlight: ‘Paul’

  1. Cannot freakin’ wait for this. Been looking for an excuse to review Hot Fuzz, excited for when that day will finally come. Had no idea Sigourney was gonna be in this. Double Awesome!

    1. Yes I know! When I first heard about this, it was only Pegg/Frost, which is enough for me. But then the cast just got better and better, especially Sigourney. YAY!

  2. another pegg and frost movie…yeaaaai.

    Their icecream and blood trilogy is going to be released this year. I wish Indonesian Cinema will play it but I doubt it.

    It means that after The World’s End there will be Paul. I can’t wait 😀

    1. Hey, glad to hear you like Pegg/Frost combo as well, high five!! I’m not familiar with the icecream & blood trilogy, care to elaborate Novroz? I’m guessing it’s horror related as you’re into that genre?

      I’m excited about this one even just from the storyline alone, it looks like fun and with Sigourney on board it’s even better. I love her in comedies like the ones I mention. She’s just super talented!

      1. The icecream and blood trilogy are Shaun of the dead, Hot Fuzz and The world’s end. These are the colaboration of Wright-pegg-frost. 1 thing we can be assured of this trilogy is Gory and bloody!! Pegg is quite about The World’s End…but people think it will be about allien. The release date will be somewhere in September.

        Yeah I like Sigourney too 🙂 she is really good as strong woman and quite funny too. I’ve watched Alien over and over again.

        1. Well d’oh! I’ve watched the first two, I just didn’t know it was called that. Yes, they’re both bloody I agree, my friend was quite taken aback watching Hot Fuzz because he thought it was a comedy. Then I told him, have you seen ‘Shaun’? Well, then you know it’s to be expected 🙂 So another alien-themed movie from Pegg? Interesting.

          Yes and yes about Sigourney, though I don’t have your nerves-of-steel, so I’ve only seen Alien once.

          1. They call it like that because you can be sure that there’s Icecream in every movie and of course, blood. I dnt know who has the idea of eating ice cream in every movie 😉

            I’m not sure yet, it can be alien, it can also be something like 2012. Hehe both alien and natural disaster will create so many bloody scenes.

            What?? Alien is not scary, you don’t have to have steel nerve to watch it. You know, talking bout alien makes me want to write about all my fav trilogy/tetralogy

  3. Marc

    Is it too early to bet that this is going to be a sure fire success?? This has WIN written all over it:)

    I simply cannot wait!!

    1. I was bummed out that the release date is pushed to 2011 but with Sigourney on board, that kinda makes up for it. Can’t wait to see the trailer, this sounds so much fun.

  4. mcarteratthemovies

    Pegg and Frost are a match made in heaven. Where would the world-o-comedy be had they not met? I can’t even think of such things.

    Seeing Lynch and Wiig in the cast is getting me all jived up. Now I have to wait one whole year. Ugh. I hope it won’t be a “Shutter Island” kinda deal.

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