Update on Ben Hur TV remake

Happy Good Friday!

Last night as I was watching some clips of the classic masterpiece Ben Hur, I wondered whatever happened the the Ben Hur TV remake that was supposed to air this Sunday. As I searched on Google, apparently this blog is also wondering the exact same thing. As I said in my post of the project back in February, this TV miniseries is produced by the 1959’s director William Wyler’s son David. But now it’s peculiarly missing from ABC’s Sunday schedule, though they’d still air The Ten Commandments on Saturday which has become an Easter tradition.

HBO’s Rome director Steve Shill is at the helm for this project based on the script by Rob Roy’s screenwriter Alan Sharp, so it still might be a decent show. Though judging from the trailer, this one definitely would NOT live up to the original. This quote from Montreal Gazette isn’t exactly promising either: “This new Ben Hur is a younger, sexier, more action-packed take on the story that spawned the multi-Oscar-winning 1959 film.” Younger, sexier? More action? That sounds good if you’re describing Lethal Weapon or The A-Team remake, but Ben Hur?? Seriously!

Still, I’m kind of curious to see it, especially on how they’re going to handle the chariot race scene. Alas, we’d have to wait indefinitely for this. I thought maybe they’re not finished with filming but folks in Canada would be able to see it on CBC Sunday night so obviously that’s not the case.

In any case, I just might reach out for my Collector’s Edition DVD of the classic instead this Sunday. The ending scene – of Judah coming back from witnessing Christ’s crucifixion – illustrates the message of Easter beautifully when he said, “I felt His voice take the sword out of my hand.”

Have a blessed Easter, everyone!

3 thoughts on “Update on Ben Hur TV remake

    1. Thanks Castor, it was very nice indeed… and the weather was absolutely gorgeous, wasn’t it? Hope you had a good one, too!

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