Golden Globes 2010 Highlights

Hello all, I was going to do a live-blogging of the Golden Globes, but since I’ve never done this before, I’ll just give you the next best thing, a play-by-play (sort of) and highlights of the event. So here goes:

Ricky Gervais’ best bits in the monologue:

His shameless self-promo on the UK-version of The Office whilst poking fun at Steve Carell. Carell mouths “I will kill you!” from the audience.

“Imagine life without actors… ” quips, and that jab about Jolie & third-world country children is hilarious.

“I better stop before NBC replaces me with Jay Leno.” Ba da bing!

  • First Award: Best Supporting Actor: Monique for Precious
    Her moving speech is such a tear-jerker. Glad to hear she gives her first kudos the ONE who deserves His due but always overlooked scoffed at in this biz
  • Glad to see the super talented Toni Colette wins Best Actress in a Musicals/Comedy TV Series for United States of Tara. She’s a classy actress
  • John Lithgow wins for his stint at Dexter. Nice to see cancer-stricken Michael C. Hall in the audience. Still looks good even under a wool cap.
  • UP wins Best Animated Feature. It’s all right I guess, but I’m still on team Wall-E.

Commercial break: The Wolfman trailer looks pretty darn terrifying… but I doubt it’ll make a dent on Avatar’s B.O. come February

  • Kate Hudson presents the first nominated musical NINE. I’m still curious to see this one but given the reviews, I’ll save my money and wait for the dvd.
  • Neil Patrick Harris & Jane Krakowski presents Best Actor in a Drama TV series to Michael C. Hall for Dexter. Wow this is the fourth time he’s been nominated, I didn’t know that. He didn’t say anything about his condition though, I respect that.
  • Sixth-time nominee Juliana Margulies wins Best Actress in a Drama series. WOW, didn’t The Good Wife just come out the same time as Three Rivers?

Commercial break: Arnie & Sigourney Weaver seen chatting. Is Drew Barrymore & Justin Long back together again? Oh who cares, I don’t exactly keep up with gossips.

  • A rusty-looking Harrison Ford presents the first nominated Drama series Up in the Air. Is the guy nervous? He could barely read the monologue. But it kinda makes me like him more.
  • Odd couple Cher and Christina Aguillera presents the award for Best Original Song and Best Original Score. That dreadful Avatar song I See You is nominated??!? Seriously people! Glad it doesn’t win though. Anything but that one, sheesh! Crazy Heart wins Best Song and UP wins Best Score. Yeah, I quite like the music in that movie, but then again no surprise there, it’s Pixar after all.

Commercial break: Sorry, must’ve dozed off as I don’t remember seeing anything worthy of note.

  • A very pregnant Amy Adams and Josh Brolin presents Best mini-series/TV movie. Grey Gardens wins. Never heard of that show, but Jessica Lange, Drew Barrymore and Jean Tripplehorn are in it. A bit of a struggle finishing the acceptance speech there, but they made it!
  • The always affable Tom Hanks takes a jibe at Stanley Tucci who looks aghast in the audience. Boy that man is so comfortable in front of a bunch of people. presents nominated Comedy Julie & Julia.
  • Colin Farrell presents Best Supporting Actress in Musical/Comedy award, he doesn’t look drunk to me, Ricky, what are you talkin’ about? 😉 Darn, Meryl is nominated again, TWICE no less!! Well at least there’s NO WAY Julia Roberts is gonna win that undeserved nom for Duplicity. Well, Streep beats herself in It’s Complicated to win the award for Julie & Julia. She was ultra fabulous as Julia Child, so no qualms from me there. Her tribute to her mother is funny and moving. Shows how much clout she has in this biz that she isn’t rushed at all despite her longish speech.

Commercial Break: James Cameron goofing around, I thought I saw him saluting someone jokingly? Hmmm, maybe he’s looking at a mirror 🙂

  • Dame Helen Mirren looks sensational in a black, form-fitting dress, she even gets applause before saying a single word. She presents Best Nominated Drama Precious, one I have to check out soon, this is one of those movie that’s hard to watch but definitely can’t be missed.
  • Sam Worthington looks awfully short compared to the tall and lovely lady in red Zoe Saldana. No time for small talk, Sam just marches on with the noms for Best Actor and Best Actress in a miniseries/TV-movie, that includes Chiwetel Ejiofor & Jeremy Irons. Kevin Bacon takes home the award and is showered with kisses by his wife Kyra Segdwick. Drew Barrymore wins for Grey Gardens, beating Joan Allen and Sigourney Weaver, wow! She looks genuinely shocked to win it and her speech is sweet and down-to-earth.

Commercial Break: Tabloid regular Jennifer Aniston & Gerry Butler sit side by side but Butler’s busy talking to someone else with his back against her. Hmmm.

  • Cameron Diaz is lady in red, presenting Best Motion Picture Comedy/Musical nom It’s Complicated.
  • Butler & Aniston get cozy for a photo op

    Ricky Gervais’s sarcastic dig  against for writers is priceless, love British humor. He then introduces Jennifer Aniston as Friends‘ star and Gerry Butler as “that bloke from 300,” darn I thought he was going to poke fun at Butler’s completely unSpartan-like paparazzi photo at his recent vacation! In any case, I thought the dude looks good, he always cleans up nice (surely a tuxedo is far more forgiving than a swim trunk), and he certainly has a great laugh. Would love to see his name called out as one of the nominees one day though. I find it interesting that they presents the award for Best Screenplay as both of them could use a some good screenwriters for their movies IMO. In any case, Jason Reitman wins for Up in the Air.

  • Ashton and another Jennifer (Gardner this time) presents an award next, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it is.
  • Samuel L. Jackson fittingly presents nominated Best Motion Picture Drama Inglorious Basterds, which he calls the ‘feel good’ movie of the year, ha! He then introduces a real legend Sophia Loren who arrives to a standing ovation. She still looks pretty darn good. She introduces Best Foreign Language Film award. And the Golden Globe goes to The White Ribbon from Germany.
  • Zach Levy and Amy Poehler presents Best TV Series Drama. Zach is so darn affable, is it any wonder I love Chuck? His goofy expression is just so adorable!!! Um, sorry … (compose oneself)…  Mad Men wins.
  • Beefcake teenwolf Taylor Lautner looks surprisingly confident (for a 17 year-old!) presents Best Musical/Comedy Movie (500) Days of Summer. Great movie, I won’t be surprised if that one wins.
  • Some guy from Gossip Girl & Kristen Bell presents Best Actress in Drama TV series. Chloe Sevigny wins, wearing a long ruffly dress and frets when someone steps on it. Not crazy about the dress color though.
  • Halle Berry is so utterly beautiful she’s almost inhuman. She and her model partner Gabriel Aubrey is definitely the best looking couple ever on the face of this earth. She presents Christoph Waltz with a Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture award to an enthusiastic cheer from Tarantino and Eli Roth. Haven’t seen the movie but movie blogs/sites are all abuzz with his performance. That’s some speech he makes, I don’t quite get everything he says but it sounds really genuine.
  • Robert De Niro and Leo DiCaprio comes on to present Martin Scorsese with the Cecil B. DeMille award. Funny jab from De Niro about how much Marty loves movies that there are youtube clips of him sleeping with film reels 🙂 A series of clips of his movies are shown. Though I have some foundational issues with some of his movies, especially one in particular, I’m not going to deny his significant contribution to the art of film-making. His speech is surprisingly compact considering such a huge accolade. Not complaining though… movin’ on swiftly.

Commercial break: That banal Valentine’s Day trailer is on. Despite the all-star cast (or because of it?), I can’t be bothered with that one. If a preview doesn’t even impress me, I doubt the movie will.

  • Jodie Foster comes on. Haven’t seen her for a while. She presents The Hurt Locker, nominated for Best Motion Picture Drama. Another must-see I haven’t had the privilege of seeing. Yo, that trailer looks intense!
  • “I like a drink as much as the next man…” Gervais quips with a glass of alcoholic beverage in hand, “… unless the next man is … Mel Gibson.” Ha! Of course Mel is such a good sport he just laughs it off and presents awards for inglorious basterds, referring to directors, ha! And the winner is: James Cameron for AVATAR. Oh darn, does this mean we have to listen to that song every time this blockbuster win something? His acceptance speech is surprisingly quite modest, giving kudos to Kathryn Bigelow who’s a fellow nominee for The Hurt Locker. He thanks pretty much everybody, including his tearful wife.
  • Wow, that Olivia Wilde is gorgeous… and she makes 24‘s round-the-clock hero Kiefer Shutterland looks kinda diminutive. Anyway, they present Best TV series Comedy/Musical. Glee is the winner.
  • The cast of The Hangover, including Mike Tyson(!) presents their own movie as one of the nominees for Best Motion Picture Musical/Comedy
  • Then Reese Witherspoon presents all the nominees in that category. The Hangover wins so the cast saunter back to the stage with director/producer Todd Phillips. Had no idea Heather Graham is in it, too.

Commercial Break: Mickey Rourke’s gal pal is a beautiful young blond. Ah, the price of a Hollywood comeback.

  • The Governator Arnie takes a break from governing California to present AVATAR (or AvaDar as he says) … even taking a jab at the peacock network in the process.
  • The comeback kid of the decade Mickey Rourke presents Best Actress in a Motion Picture Drama. Sandra Bullock beats Helen Mirren for Blindside, wow! But she really did put out a great performance there, she made the the movie work IMO. I like her understated speech, she quotes Michael Oher and speaks a bit of German to her German family. Even her tough-guy hubby Jesse James looks a bit emotional.
  • A very skinny Sally Hawkins presents Best Actor in a Motion Picture in a Motion Picture Comedy/Musical. Robert Downey Jr. wins and the dude could’ve won the Best Acceptance Speech category if there ever was one. He thanks his wife Susan Downey who I’m sure contributes a lot to who he is today. I read an interview with her recently and boy, she gives a whole new meaning to ‘behind every great man, there’s a great woman’ phrase. Good for them both, I wish them a lasting marriage and defy the Hollywood’s curse.
  • The great Kate Winslet looks lovely as always, presents Jeff Bridges with a Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama statue for Crazy Heart. The dude’s got a standing ovation followed by a heartfelt acceptance speech. He thanks his wife of 30+ years first, that’s cool. Close up of Gerry Butler during Bridges’ speech is always a highlight, for me anyway… not sure why though, they’ve never worked together before.

Commerical Break: Anticipating who’ll take the award for Best Picture. Two bald guys chatting with each other, they’re Sam Jackson and Stanley Tucci.

  • Leggy beauty Julia Roberts presents the last award for Best Motion Picture Drama. She takes her time revealing the winner… and it’s AVATAR! Wow, I’m glad for him but sheesh, that song again. Cameron invites the cast up on the stage.

    The Cast of Avatar on stage

    “Thank you for believing in blue people!” producer Jon Landau says. Cameron says that “… people in the entertainment industry have got the best job in the world.” Kind of pompous, you say? Well sure, but at least he’s honest about it, I’m sure he’s not the only one in that room thinking the same thing. Truthfully I’m a bit surprised Avatar won, but you won’t hear me complaining that it did. Now, is this a harbinger for things to come Oscar time? Will the blue people take home the golden bald guy statuette? I guess we’ll see.

So that’s about wrap things up folks. Phew, I survive my first Award Event blog post, it’s quite fun actually, just have to type a bit faster than usual though 🙂 Well, I’m sure people will be talking about who gets snubbed. My gut says they’ll be buzzing about Mirren being snubbed of Best Actress award for The Last Station and of course, gripes about Avatar winning Best Picture. For the full set of nominees and winners, visit the official site.

What do you think folks? If you have thoughts about the winners/losers, let’s hear it.

3 thoughts on “Golden Globes 2010 Highlights

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  2. Great post I done a similar thing.

    I didn’t think the show was as good as last years, and I have a feeling the Oscars are not going to live up to last years either.

    I was quite suprised at Avatar winning, I wonder if this will have an impact on the Oscars?

    1. Cool, I’ll check out your post, too. Believe it or not, this is the first time I actually watch the event from start to finish. I might do that with the Oscars this year and try to do another play-by-play post. Yeah, I didn’t think such a blockbuster like Avatar would win Best Pic but now anything can happen. WOW, if it wins an Oscar, that’ll be a record for Cameron. Say what you will about him but dedicating over a decade to create such a considerable project deserves some kudos!

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