Clip Spotlight: Brett Favre in “There’s Something About Mary”

In honor of the Vikings’ playoff game today against Dallas Cowboys, I thought it’d be fun to post this classic scene from There’s Something About Mary where Brett Favre played Mary’s (Cameron Diaz) boyfriend.

I’m still working to embed this video but
you can watch the clip here

This movie is such a riot. “What the hell is Brett Favre doing here?” Ha! And I love how Ben Stiller’s character pronounced his name “Fa…” towards the end.  The funniest thing is how Favre never even bothered to act, I mean the dude was smirking the whole time! I know he’s playing himself, but come on! It’s also amusing to see how ginormous he is compared to the rest of the people in the room, as he seems like an average, even smallish-built on the field surrounded by those massive defensive players twice his size!

Go Vikings!!!

4 thoughts on “Clip Spotlight: Brett Favre in “There’s Something About Mary”

    1. I had no idea who he was either, my hubby just said ‘oh he’s a famous football player.’ He definitely should keep his day job as ain’t no way he’ll be hired as a real actor 🙂 Yeah, this movie is a hoot!

  1. Yesss!!! I actually told hubby at church today if the Vikes beat Cowboys, they just might win the Superbowl!! A gutsy prediction, eh? But hey, you never know with Favre on our side!

    Btw Castor, you might want to check back here tomorrow 😉

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