Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Knight & Day

Well, this is something I’ve never done before in my blog, feature a Tom Cruise movie! I used to like the guy back in Top Gun time (well who wasn’t?), thought he was good in Minority Report & Jerry McGuire and terrific in Last Samurai. But his couch-jumping antics & all that scientology stuff are just too much. Then his last two flicks (Lions for Lambs and Valkyrie) bombed, though his hilarious cameo as a fat, balding, foul-mouthed producer in Tropic Thunder was regarded as ‘scene stealer.’ No doubt he’s in dire need of a hit, and judging from this Knight & Day trailer, he just may get one this Summer.

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First thing I noticed though, how in the world would the 5’9″ Diaz look up when she bumped into Cruise who’s 2 inches shorter??? Now that’s some notable camera trickery. I haven’t seen Vanilla Sky so this’ll be the first time I see the Cruise/Diaz duo on-screen. Anyhoo, I thought it looks like fun, even if it’s basically Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets Mission Impossible with Cruise kind of reprising his Ethan Hunt role with a touch of whimsy. I kind of dig the teaser poster, too. Again, in a silhouette, Cruise can look as tall as any guy 🙂

Reportedly Cruise passed on the revolving door that is The Tourist to do this movie (it was rumored for a while that Sam Worthington took over his role, but now Johnny Depp has been cast). With James Mangold (Walk the Line, 3:10 to Yuma) at the helm, this could be more than a check-your-brain-at-the-door type action flick, too. I’m not a huge fan of Diaz’s one-note acting though, it might have more edge if a different actress is cast (on the top of my head I’m thinking Emily Blunt or Rachel McAdams perhaps?). Peter Sarsgaard, Marc Blucas, Viola Davis and Paul Dano round up the cast.

In any case, perhaps the “impossible” mission here is going against the third Twilight installment on July 2nd. Wonder if the actual movie will be at least match the excitement in the trailer.

5 thoughts on “Conspicuous Trailer of the Week: Knight & Day

  1. Mike B.

    Let’s see, Cruise as a spy that the women are all hot for, how novel!

    Are you getting any kick-backs for pumping this thing!?!?! Has your blog sold out to the powers that be 😉

  2. Kickbacks?! Hey, it’s not selling out if I thought the trailer looks like fun. In fact, I post this DESPITE my aversion to Cruise & Diaz. Come on Mike, I mean you thought Max Payne was a great movie, LOL!

  3. This movie really doesn’t seem appealing to me at all. I don’t like Tom Cruise and find Cameron Diaz mostly boring (she was fun in a couple of films but she is always the same). As for the difference in height, I always thought the pics of Tom and Nicole Kidman looked hilarious!

    1. I’m not a Tom Cruise fan by a loooong shot, nor Diaz for that matter, either. But I thought the trailer looks like fun, which most likely end up being more fun than the flix. I shouldn’t pick on his height, I mean so he likes tall girls, more power to him I guess 🙂

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