Inception International Teaser Trailer (English version)

A new International teaser trailer for the upcoming Christopher Nolan movie is here, showing a lot more footage than the original teaser back in August. Unfortunately, it’s in French right now. I saw the exact same version in English when I saw Sherlock Holmes yesterday and I literally jumped off my seat when I saw it. It’s The Dark Knight meets The Matrix, with Leo as Bruce Wayne/Neo perhaps? Nolan sure knows how to ruffle our feathers, and for the first time in a long while I’m actually psyched to see a Leo DiCaprio movie. But then again, I’ll watch anything Nolan does.

See it below courtesy of before it’s yanked off. I’ll post the English version when it’s available.

Here’s the English version of the trailer:

Again, I’m glad Nolan keeps the plot kind of obscure in the trailer, I mean the purpose is to tease us instead of revealing the entire synopsis! I’d say the less we know about this flick, the better.

4 thoughts on “Inception International Teaser Trailer (English version)

  1. Yeah, me neither, but he’s not too bad given the right concept, which this sounds like one. Besides, the rest of the cast — including Mr. Watanabe — is awesome! Can’t believe we have to wait for 6 months for this!

    1. I think that’s the idea, Hatter, and I for one don’t mind not knowing much about it until I see the movie. Too much info and clips and/or overly-revealing trailers can ruin the movie-going experience. And yeah, what eye-candy indeed, and I’m not talking about Leo 🙂

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