This Just In: Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’ Teaser Trailer

Wooo hooo! This is just what I need to cheer up a dreary Tuesday! Robin Hood is one of my top ten most anticipated 2010 flicks, so I’ve been impatiently waiting for this. Let’s just say the kick-ass, rockin’ trailer doesn’t disappoint!

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Obviously you know the gist of the legendary hero of Sherwood, but here’s some tid bits about the casting and production of the movie. The trailer is what I would expect from the likes of Ridley Scott, it looks like Gladiator gone medieval, with the same grit and valor of his Oscar-winning movie. I also adore Cate Blanchett who’s a perfect choice as Maid Marion, and my fave character actor Mark Strong once again plays a villain as Sir Godfrey. In this article, Strong explained his role’s transition from Guy of Gisborne to Godfrey, and that his character is ‘a bit of a bastard,’ “I play King John’s right-hand man who is a bit of a bastard – there’s lot of horse riding, lots of threatening people with enormous swords.”

The rest of the impressive cast include Matthew MacFayden, William Hurt, Danny Huston and Max von Sydow. Post Avatar, this will surely be one of the most hyped-about flicks next year, along with Inception and Iron Man 2, which is released a week before Robin Hood comes out in May 14th. Can’t wait!

7 thoughts on “This Just In: Ridley Scott’s ‘Robin Hood’ Teaser Trailer

    1. pixelcrave

      hahaha!! I was actually waiting for him to say, “what we do in life, echoes in eternity.” But wait… he was a thief!

    1. I’m jumpin’ up & down with you, Sam! Boy, Russell and Mark squaring off against each other, what could be better? I wonder if he’ll make a meaner villain than Joaquin Phoenix’s Commodus.

  1. Gladiator 2: Maximus of Locksley 😀

    I had completely forgotten about this one, so this trailer kinda sneaked up on me. Ridley can make an epic with his eyes closed. This looks like it’s gonna rock my socks off! BRIIING IIIT OONNNN!!!

    1. Ha! I guess everyone’s reminiscing on Gladiator after watching the trailer, but hey, it’s about time Scott/Crowe duo brings back the glory of that 1995 flick. I just might dust off that one of my shelf before I see this next year.

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