Prince of Persia ‘Courageous’ Posters

If there’s a Razzie award for posters, these Prince of Persia movie posters should take the cake!

Boy, I thought the trailer was terrible and now this. Is this supposed to be a motivational poster with that humdrum blocky Helvetica (or is that Arial) font? Yeah, as if that’s supposed to convey Arabian adventure or just adventure per se. As for the one-word sentiment, perhaps Disney has to absolutely convey that despite the melancholic expression of Jake G’s face, their hero definitely has COURAGE. I mean, he’s got that mean sword, ultra-buff bod that can defy gravity leaping around in the dessert, what’s not courageous about that? Ha! Oh wait, maybe the only courageous thing about this flick is that it’s bold enough to go against Iron Man 2 that’s also out next May.

The other two in the series featuring Gemma Arterton and Ben Kingsley (yes, THAT Ben Kingsley who won an Oscar for Gandhi!) don’t fare better, either. Kingsley is peering menacingly so he’s definitely vengeful. And Arterton’s could pretty much double as a cover for DESTINY new-age magazine!

Ok, enough with the rants. Folks, any of you even remotely interested to give this one a chance?

4 thoughts on “Prince of Persia ‘Courageous’ Posters

  1. Wow those posters are really bad! Lets take a picture of the actor in character, put the title on and then add a big red word at the top . . .

    I am not really sure if I even want to give this a chance. May is not usually a brilliant month for cinema.

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