Confession of a tuckered out blogger

Since FlixChatter debuted in June, I’ve written 139 posts, 5 days a week, one post a day — or sometimes two on a good day. It’s November the 17th, and this is actually the seventeenth post of the month.

Tonight though, I’m faced with what they call a writer’s block, or a blogger’s block in this case. Or perhaps I’m just worn to a frazzle keeping up with my labor of love.

It’s quite providential that I came across this post from a fellow movie blogger The Mad Hatter as  I’m feeling exactly the same right now.

What makes this even more bewildering to me, is the fact that I saw two new movies all month. Dos. Deux. Due. makes it a bit tricky to write a movie blog when you aren’t watching movies! I did watch the odd dvd here and there, but all of ’em were movies I’d seen before…

So pardon me for slacking a bit, folks. I do have a few drafts in my dashboard, but allow me to recharge for a day or two as I keep up with this thing called life… in and out of the blogosphere.

All I want to do right now is be blissfully snoozing with no care in the world. And as Truman Burbank would say, “Good morning, and in case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

8 thoughts on “Confession of a tuckered out blogger

  1. mcarteratthemovies

    You’re not alone in this predicament — I imagine most (if not all) of us “hobby bloggers” suffer from occasional writer’s block, which leads us to exclaim deliriously: “WHY AM I DOING THIS AT ALL? DOES IT MATTER?”

    Whoops … sorry about that. My peace got away from me for a minute, but it’s held now.

    Anyway, I just wanted to say that your blog is phenomenal and your readers appreciate all the time and effort you put into it. Keep writing and we will (gladly) keep reading!

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your comforting and encouraging words! Nice to know I’m not the only one feeling this way… I guess we bloggers are toughest on ourselves, aren’t we?

    Yeah, I’ll keep plugging away at this for sure… I love doing this too much to stop. Your solace means so much to me, M… more than you know.

  3. madhatter21


    Just noticed some traffic coming to my blog from here, and thought I’d see what was up. Little did I know, I was being quoted…by a blogger I hadn’t even read before…!!! 🙂

    As per your predicament, I say don’t force it. Every once in a while, you’ll go through stretches where the witty thoughts just ain’t comin’. During those times, I suggest one of two things:

    A – Take the better part of an hour and browse through as many of your fellow bloggers’ work as possible. Someone out there is likely to have written something that will spark a reaction.


    B – Turn off the monitor and call it a night. There’s no shame in it, no harm, no foul. I mean, we all have lives right? We can’t be expected to watch and write about movies all the time (Though that would be cool!).

    So yeah, keep up the good work…and thanks for reading my stuff!

    1. Hello madhatter! I’m honored to have you visit my wee blog! Thank you for inspiring me to be honest, and for your eloquent words in admitting what we ‘hobby bloggers,’ as Meredith calls it, often feel.

      Sometimes I forget that in order to give out, one must take in… so yeah, it’s tough to write about movies when I hardly watch any myself! =)

      Thanks for your thoughtful advice, I’m constantly inspired by fellow bloggers, such as you are, so I’m truly grateful for the encouragement!

    1. He…he… yeah I know, I put the pressure upon myself to blog regularly on weekdays. But I learn my lesson now that when it starts to be a ‘burden’ then it’s time to step back and figure out why I’m doing this in the first place! So thanks for your constant support, Becky, you are a true friend!

  4. Mike B.

    Yes! Get back to seeing flicks! Even the bad ones – as there’s often more to write about a horrible train wreak then there is a masterpiece …

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