FlixChatter’s Weekend Roundup

I guess I was one of only three people who skipped the 2012 disaster flix that grossed $225 million worldwide over the weekend (including $65 million in US & Canada). According to Reuters, Columbia, a unit of Sony Corp, said 2012 recorded the highest worldwide opening ever for an original film not based on an established franchise, brand or best-selling novel. Ha, that made me chuckle, well more like a snigger. Original? Hardly. But hey, this is the logic-defying, originality-be-darned, popcorn action/comedy flix that people go see to simply be entertained. Here’s my friend Corinne’s quick review of it:

I went to the movie “2012” this last weekend with the expectation that it would be over-the-top with fabulous special effects and short-on-intellectual-script-but-fun kind of movie. And for me it was everything and more. The special effects were indeed fabulous. John Cusack’s hair did stay in place throughout all of his great escapes. I loved how nothing seem to go wrong for John and his family while they escape one horrible destruction after another. Like, how their plane could still fly even while engulfed in thick, black volcanic ash. Or how their “Russian” bomber plane could fall into a giant hole as the earth floor kept cracking but moments later managed to fly right back up.

But the best part was how everybody still had bars on their cell phones and could call anyone, anywhere on earth despite the fact that all the cell towers where already destroyed. Yes, it was alot of fun for an end-of-the-world story, but you have to leave your brain at the door, relax with your popcorn and you too will enjoy this wonderful doomsday flix… and John Cusack’s hair.

Ha! Exactly what I’d expect from the maker of Independence Day. Sounds like it’s probably worth seeing on DVD or pay-per-view, but I’d rather save my 10 bucks for Avatar and Sherlock Holmes next month.

It’s DVD weekend for me as I finally saw The Ugly Truth. Well, it was Gerry Butler’s birthday on Friday so my girlfriend Becky and I decided to get some Thai take-out and watch it afterwads. Well, it’s not as atrocious as I thought, but it left much to be desired. This is not GB’s shining hour as he looked so bloated most of the time, but at least he hasn’t lost that sparkle in his eyes. Those aren’t as tricky to retain than a 12-pack abs =) His Mike Chadway is generally obnoxious and vapid through and through, but of course the movie has to ‘redeem’ his character by the end to make us root for him getting it on with Katie Heigl’s character. I guess the biggest problem for me — amongst many — is how predictable the whole thing is. I mean, I know you can’t expect too much plot-twist from a rom-com, but just a teeeeny shred of mystery can’t hurt. The Ugly Truth salsa dance sceneThere’s not much spark between Heigl’s and Butler’s characters, either (save for the sassy dance scene), which is another big letdown from this flix as I hardly ever find Butler lacking chemistry with his female co-stars. Heigl did manage to look beautiful even in her sillier scenes though, but mostly her scenarios are just so over the top and absurd. Overall, I’m just glad I didn’t pay 10 bucks to see this at the cinema, but it’s still worth watching on DVD, especially for an avid GB fan. The hot latin dance scene is easily the highlight of the movie for me, GB’s naturally a sexy dude, and boy does he have some manly hands… always a plus in my book! =) Looks like Julianne Hough from Dancing with the Stars taught him well, I imagine the two of them could easily win that competition hands down IMO.

On the other end of that spectrum is an oldies-but-goodies flix that never fails to amuse me: Gods Must Be Crazy. After a sumptuous Indonesian dinner with friends, we watched the early 80s comedy — some for the first time —and I was in stitches once again. This movie will remain one of my top five favorite comedies of all time, it’s hilarious, poignant and amazingly timeless. There’s nothing crude or contrived about it, a rarity in today’s flix. Just check out some of the memorable quotes on its IMDb page and tell me if that doesn’t convince you to rent it straight away. There’s a scene that earns a spot in my Top 20 Favorite Scenes, but there are so many others from this flix that deserve to be on the list, including this one involving a Land Rover they fittingly dubbed the antichrist =)

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