Gerard Butler on SNL: Fun despite some lame skits


I got an extra dose of Gerard on Saturday nite after seeing him in Law Abiding Citizen on Friday. It’s always great to see the funny side of him, but it’s extra amusing after watching him play a furious and brutal character the night before.

The show opens with The Rock Obama skit. I don’t typically watch SNL so this is the first time I’ve seen it. Not bad, but I was kind of hoping Butler would open the show and hear him say, ‘Live from New York, It’s Saturday Night!’

Here are some the highlights of his skits:
The SNL folks must think highly of Butler’s singing (and rightly so), as he’s got not one, but three skits that involves him belting out a tune. The first is part of his monologue, where he pokes fun of his ability to play shirtless tough guy (300) as well as sensitive hero like the Phantom. He proceeded to sing ‘Music of the Night’ whilst intermittently having to fight off attack from warriors and ninjas. Kristen Wiig as Christine suddenly appeared and started singing alongside him, but all of a sudden took out a knife and threatened to take his shirt off. It’s a fun skit and Butler definitely pulled it off. But you know what would really kick this up a notch? If she had somehow managed to, um, rip his shirt off … hey, why brag about it and not have anything to show for it! =)

Gerry ditched his Scottish accent as a guest on the Randy & Greg the alien, but Bill Hader absolutely stole the show with his hilarious extraterrestrial antics. The last part when Butler started playing with his tail had me in stitches!

My favorite skit is probably the Beauty and the Beast, where Butler sang again — and sounded pretty darn good — in the Beast costume. It’s quite hilarious as the Beast actually thought Belle is the one who’ll be transformed when the curse is broken. And the bits about the ‘big @$$es’ are hilarious, it played on Butler’s ladies man reputation somewhat and it worked.

His guest appearance on Weekend Update is not bad, though I’ve heard his Scottish brogue so often that I didn’t find it as amusing. The SNL folks seem to milk his Scottish-ness like there’s no tomorrow. Nothing wrong with that per se, but Gerry is so much more than that. But it’s nothing compared to the dreadful and extremely pointless Ad-exec skit with Wiig as his assistant Trena. I kept waiting for the punch-line on this one, but ended up wishing Butler would just punch that annoying secretary already! I’m also curious why they keep using Wiig on every skit, isn’t there any other female actresses they can use instead? Nothing against miss Wiig, but it’s kinda overkill to see her again and again.

The 300 skit is a given when you’ve got Butler as host, and it’s a hoot to see how the previously buff and perfectly sculpted actor didn’t look quite the same as he did a couple of years ago. Yet he’s still in the best shape compared with the rest of the SNL regulars though. The skit poked fun at Obama’s planned removal of the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy, which is spot-on given the movie’s arguably gay tones. I love how Butler’s got a healthy sense of humor and has no qualms about making fun of himself. Is it any wonder I adore the guy?

His funniest disguise is during the What’s Up With That? skit, with his white suit, afro and big sunglasses, it’s a hoot! He’s got that goofy dance moves and any GB fan know he likes to revel in his dorky side, which is always welcomed in my book. He’s not threatened by it, so more power to him. But what’s up with having James Franco (the REAL James Franco!) and not let him say a single word the entire time?? I’m completely puzzled by that, why bother having him there at all.

The Daveheart skit is another Scottish-related skit. He’s pretty funny but this kind of joke is wearing thin. I mean, his real-life story GB told Jay Leno a couple of years ago was a heck of a lot funnier. It’s the one where he wore a kilt for one of his siblings wedding. It was in a huge church in Scotland, and after doing a reading, he sat down with his legs far apart, completely oblivious of the fact that he had nothing on underneath… with his mother sitting right in front of him! The dude never seems to run out of crazy stories like this.

Anyhoow, here’s an idea, why not have a spoof on his Dracula 2000 role, perhaps tying that somehow with the popular Twilight series? GB makes for a seductive vampire, so it could be both funny AND sexy, how ’bout that?

Overall, it’s an entertaining show, but it could’ve been much funnier, especially when you’ve got someone like Butler who’s pretty much game for anything. I still think he’s much more amusing as himself in the talk-show circuits. All those Budweiser commercials are downright annoying, too, and kind of ironic since the host is a former alcoholic who no longer drinks.

You can watch the rest of the SNL clips here. Hope he’ll be back hosting again in the near future!

8 thoughts on “Gerard Butler on SNL: Fun despite some lame skits

  1. Samantha

    Love the B&B! I saw it earlier and wasn’t sure if it was him or not. Off-topic, I was just looking at your sidebar (love the Crowe trivia!) and noticed your “Movie sites I love” links. Do you check out ‘Cause you should…

    1. Yep, that’s definitely him. I can recognize his voice from anywhere, I thought he sounded pretty good. Oh, I thought nobody noticed the trivia =) Guess what, I just learned this about Crowe from IMDb also:
      Ridley Scott offered Russell Crowe the role of Sgt. Norm ‘Hoot’ Hooten, the Delta squad leader. However, Crowe had to turn down the role due to scheduling conflicts with ‘Ron Howard’ ‘s A Beautiful Mind (2001). Crowe, a huge fan of the film Chopper (2000), strongly recommended ‘Eric Bana’ for the role, in his place.

      I did check out Pajiba, pretty funny… though a little too sardonic for my taste.

        1. He..he.. so we both are IMDb groupies =) Sarcasm is fine to a point… but I can stomach negativity only so much. You can disagree without resorting to foul, but I guess that’s just me…

  2. PrairieGirl

    Loved GB on SNL, and he sure looked like he was having fun. But there was no point at all to the office sketch, except to see Gerry in a gorgeous suit and tie!

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