LAC and Clash of the Titans Featurettes

I love behind-the-scenes stuff, those are almost as much fun as the movie itself. It’s also a great marketing tool that big studios are obviously aware of. That’s why Law Abiding Citizen director’s uses Twitter to send links to making-of videos, including the latest one on the scoring session with composer Brian Tyler:

If you look closely, you could get a glimpse of some of the scenes playing in the background, albeit a bit fuzzy. So far, I’m impressed with the score and how involved F. Gary Gray is with the entire production.

Cinematical revealed the final poster, which is a rework from the teaser posters but with some added grainy effect and a splash of color. The site also said some good things about the vigilante story, “…the sheer breadth of its explosiontastic search for justice – which looks like Die Hard: With a Vengeance swallowed Ransom, Death Sentence, and Se7en – is enough to draw a new line in the vigilante sand.” This definitely makes me even more pumped to see the movie!

I also found Clash of the Titans set-visit featurette from MTV news that gives a glimpse of the filming in Wales (in the rain!), as well as interview snippets with main actors Sam Worthington, Mads Mikkelsen and Gemma Arterton. One of my top ten anticipated movies of next year, it could be the next Gladiator in scope and popularity. Greek mythology is always an interesting subject matter, and I for one loves swords & sandals flicks that promises lots of action and dramatic scenes.

The video offers a brief glimpse of what director Louis Leterrier (Hulk) has in store for us. It’s cool to see the actors goofing off and seemingly having a darn good time on the set, too. Take a look:

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